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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have learned to be very self sufficient and i have gained alot of confidence in my abilities as an individual. My experience in college has taught me how the world works outside of highschool and its tough, but rewarding. College has been a wonderful opportunity for me so far. I know that it will better my future in so many ways. I am proud to call myself a Sooner!


Attending college has always been a long-term goal of mine. I think college provides a person with many of his/her "firsts". This is the first time many students are living on their own. The is the first time many students have financial obligations. This is the first time many students have to prioritize and choose between extracurricular activities and academics. Not only does college provide an enriched academic environment, but universities have various clubs and organizations that allow students to express their interests. In my college experience, I have learned how to become a well rounded individual. I have had to balance all of the activities that I want to participate in and those that are require to retain my academic scholarship, as well as my academic performance. I have been able to discover where my true interests lie; have been able to explore possible career options and determine which are more plausible for my future.


I have learned that, you need to be focused 100 percent of the time. I've also learned that you need to be responsible with everything that you do. College professors don't take any excuses.


9/19/2010 I am going for network support and it is a career that I have chosen on consideration that I like to fix computers. I conflict on wether I should fix cars or computers. It is valuabe information that I plan on using now and in the future. Its a hobbie and a career that I love to do becuase I also get to help people that I know or dont in both the Automotive and technical field. No matter what your learning I would have to say that its all valuable and all can be used as a career. I chose to take the network support program to begine a career in that field and will do what I can to see it through. I will do all I can to pay every cent that I can back to the lenders, I live on my own having to take care of myself and have no relatives but have done everything I can to go to school and now I have a chance to become something and hope this scholorship will help me achieve my goal and help me pay for school. Sincerly, Austin N Simpson "Rex"


My college experience gave me a confidence I had never had before. I was raised in a sheltered environment among people who all looked and thought the same, and college introduced me to diverse groups of people, including faculty and other students, who I interacted with and learned from. I stepped outside the life I had at home and figured out what my own personal values and beliefs were, distinct from tose I was raised with, and altered or kept them according to my new knowledge and understanding. This new experience gave me confidence in my own thoughts and ideas. I think that, besides the academic and professional goals that college helps people accomplish, college also exposes students to new people and ideas they may never have encountered at home. However, to truly evaluate and put into practice any new knowledge or ideas encountered in college, students must open themselves up to the possibility of change. A major purpose of college is to challenge students to critically evaluate and possibly change previously held beliefs, and if students wish to use their college experience for all its worth, they must allow themselves to embrace the idea of change.


College was about educating and preparing myself for my future career. Once I got to college at OU I quickly discovered college was about discovering who I am, what I want and where I want to go in life. This experience came in layers, not in any order or planned schedule but slowly over time through relationships, experiences, moments in time and through a classroom with wonderful professors I discovered more about myself and the world around than ever before. I wasn't finished learning but I had the best possible foundation set underneath my feet. It was hard, there is no doubt, but standing on the stage shaking the hands of the men and women that got me there I have never felt better about life. I was confident that what was ahead was going to be a challenge but also a remarkable journey. My degree isn't just a piece a paper it is years of hardwork and the commitment to myself I made to go out and make my dreams possible. My journey has only just begun, and there is so much more left to do. Without college, I don't know if it would be possible.


College has been an extremely valuable experience for me. I dropped out of high school and struggled for 10 years to make ends meat doing various jobs. In December 2008 my daughter Stella was born. She changed my outlook on life. I decided to get my high school diploma and applied to school to become an automotive technician. Once I graduate I will be off to a whole new life. The life that I dreamed of having.


Not only have I been able to attain vast amounst of knowledge from the several classes that I have been, but the knowledge that I cannot be taught by any class is the knowledge of living life on my own. The friendships and relationships that have been created by coming to college are things that I will never be able to put a price on. Throughout the stresses I have had new friends to help me, and throughout the good times I have also had new friends to share them with. Without coming to the University of Oklahoma, I would not have been able to venture into such an interesting and educating chapter of my life. These sorts of adventures are the things that cannot be replaced nor recreated, and will stay with me for the rest of my life.


From my college experience so far, I have received knowledge and responsibility. College professors are different from high school teachers in a way that can broaden your verizon of opinions. Professors are allowed to speak their own opinion instead of what the textbooks state. This past semester I had taken US History Civil war-present and my professor had told my class stories that I would never have heard from a high school teacher. It had then expanded my knowledge. College also teaches responsibility. Most college students live on their own and have to balance school, work, sports, etc. A college student does not have their parents remind them of what they have to do; it is all relied on what the student chooses to do. A responsible college student attends class, does their work, and studies hard. Attending college is able to teach all of that.


The University of Oklahoma greatly impacted my life this last year. I just finished my freshman year of college and I learned a great deal about my studies, people, and ultimately about life. College is the place where you are on your own for the first time in your life and it really test both your moral character and mental toughness. At OU I became involved in a great greek organization of guys who soon became friends. These individuals impacted me and challenged me to think and act in ways I hadnt thought of before. Socially OU became a second home for me. Academically I was in the honors college both semesters of my freshman year and I hope to continue on that same path for the years to come. I became an ambassador to the Mass Communications College at OU, which I was very proud of. College tests everyone in different ways, but I feel it is up to the person to look within them and challenge themselves to become better and work harder at everything they do. The University of Okalhoma taught me this and so much more.


My first year of college wasn't truly rigorous on an educational level. However, it was very hard. This stress brought on by college wasn't because of the hard work I had to do for homework or tests, it was trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I had it in my head of what I wanted to do for my career and it was something in the medical field. After taking the required classes in high school and then starting them off in college, I questioned myself as to whether or not this is what I truly want to do. For now, I have set my sights high, as I always have, and so far that goal is just to be successful. This requires hard work, sacrifice, and a little me time in order to figure out what I really need to get from this life that I have. We only have on life to live, and I wish to be proud of the person I am and will become. How I am getting to that point is just one step at a time, and living each day at a time.


College to me is where i've learned to be an adult. In high school I had little motivation, I moved through life adrift and void of any decision making capabilities. Yet, now with a stroke of luck I found something that focused me immensly, a purpose. I found that field of medicine to be intruiging on a level I would not have ever thought before. However, also I now have learned often how much sacrifice is required to achieve your dreams. When your a child they always tell you that you can be what ever you want, the your options are only limited by what your mind can imagine. What they forget to add is that for anything worth doing, that you will have to show effort to match the level of your comittment. So I move foward prepared to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure my future. What is life without challenge and how much sweeter will the reward be after struggling and striving for so long.


I have had such a great experience at the University of Oklahoma. Ihave learned so much in my classes and through my perrsonal experiences. I have amazing friends that are there for me and will be there for me for the rest of my life. There is no where I would rather be than attending this school.


I am going to college, working on a psychology degree and then on a forensic science major. I also feel the need to do this for my mother, who passed away. She has always challenged me to do the best I could and to strive to do better. I believe that going to college , I not only could make my mother proud of me, but also I would be doing something I love and enjoy, and I can obtain a job to give back. Hard working skills, and the motivation of making my family proud of me, all make me, for what I believe, want to attend college. Also, I have a cousin who was emitted into the hospital about to receive chemo in order to receive a bone marrow transplant. She is like my older sister, always making me feel like I can do anything. Going to college, can actually prove to her that what she has always told me is possible and that she should never be discouraged and stop what she does. Things may seem hard at times, but with a little helping hand (motivation), people can truly do remarkable things.


I have not yet attended college. I am very interested in attending and am having financial problems. This scholarship would help me out very much. Thank you.


I thoroughly enjoyed the memories I have of campus. I love Norman, and would move back in a heartbeat. The education I received was top notch, and the professors were very caring about me as a student. While I have not pursued a career in the field I majored in, I have been able to use the experience I gained from my time at OU to pursue success in my current career. The good experience I had in undergrad also encouraged me to take that step forward when deciding to pursue my masters degree.


I graduated from a community college and obtained my associates degree. In the search of a better education I chose the University of Oklahoma to be the one to school to help me reach my goals. In less than a year, Im proud to say that I am a sooner. As difficult as my classes are, I enjoy going to classes and learning as much as I can. It feels like I am not wasting my money and I am getting the education I need and deserve. In addition, walking through a beautiful campus like ours, surrounded of old beautiful buildings makes it even better! Knowing that I can get breakfast everyday before classes, or being able to stay at the library untill 2 am is great. OU has everything I could ask for, the best education, atmosphere, friends, food, social events, housing, and did I mention that the univeristy of Oklahoma has one of the most unique collections in the world at our library? I am proud to say that I am a sooner, and I will always be a sooner. The Univeristy of Oklahoma is the college that will help me reach my goals!


From my college experience, I have learned the value of time management. It's amazing how much you can get done in a 50 minute break if you just sit down and do your work and then it might open up some time later. Procrastination only makes life more stressful, so it's better to be a hard-working student and to be dedicated to what you're doing. I've met some amazing musicians along the way and I've even had the chance to play with them in ensembles. I never would have had that opportunity if I hadn't gone to college. I've also had the chance to study under some amazing music professors. They are very skilled in the art of teaching, whether it's music or some simple task. These teachers have the experience and knowledge needed to help Music Education students go out into the world to become great teachers as well. I have never been surrounded by so many noble people in my life. Teaching is one of the most noble professions out there and I've had the chance to be surrounded by wonderful teachers along the way.


In college I have gained insight and an understanding of basic skills needed in order to be sucessful on your own. Put in the "sink or swim" atmosphere of a college education is almost like a forshadowing of the rest of your adulthood afterwards. I thought that being a Marine Corps reservist, there would not be much else about my life or self to learn. I was wrong. I have learned to manage my time, solve academic and life problems on my own, gained a greater sense of self discipline, aquired solid financial habits, experienced interaction with a very diverse spectrum of people, and how to deal with authority figures that are not there to just advance you from grade to grade or through training. I am not saying that one can not be sucessful having not gone to college, but the life experiences and lessons learned in college will put you well ahead of the curve. As opposed to trying to play catch up to the rest of your peers for however long it may take.


A college is very different from High School. It is an environment of greater freedom and greater responsibility. An environment where the teachers will let you sink or swim on your own and are not required to give you any more help than the next student. It's an environment of constant change, weather it be from one class to another, or one panic-induced all-nighter while studying on the day before a midterm. Looking back at the High School years, it seems so different. The schoolwork was a breeze, the classes were short, the homework didn't take that long, and the midterms were a walk in the park. However, not all is bad about the college experience. Greater diversity and larger student body makes for interesting encounters and fun new faces. Classes where the cirriculum assumes you are not an idiot gives a greater, faster and much more interesting learning experience. And as long as you are willing to put in the effort, you will get what you want. Weather it be a grade, a girl or a career of your dreams.


In my short time in college, I have gained an insight into who I actually am and to who I may become. Observing so many different aspects of thought has openned my mind to find out what I truly believe for myself. I am able to think for myself and say what I want here, it is an experience to go to a class where your theories are valued instead of simply learning a set thing. My heart has discovered that I am more dependent on friends than I thought. I am a social person, but I have a hard time finding friends that are as wonderful as the ones I parted with at the end of this past summer. The valuable part of college is finding out who I am. I now know that I can be independent, but that I still need people to support me in order to be happy. And I also know, that what I believe and stand up for will be the definition of who I am in years to come.


Having only completed my first semester of full time college there are many things I already wish I would have known. My two main ones being study habits and resources. In high school if you did your work and showed up to class you were golden. In college things are different. Studying the night before a test or quiz will NOT WORK. Something I like to say and practice is to take "sips" instead of big "gulps." Meaning if you study a necessary amount every night or a week before an exam you will do much better than trying to absorb it all in a short amount of time. Also, using the resources we as students are paying for! There are so many available to us that are free because it's included in our tuition and many students do not use! This is a important tool for me now that I plan on thourghouly enjoying the rest of my time at OU. Not only are you getting what you are paying for, but you're GPA will thank you as well.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself when I was a highschool senior and give myself advice about college I would fill myself in on a couple different things. The first being that scholarships are everything. As a highschool senior I thought money grew on trees, but you really need to get to work on those scholarship applications. I would also recommend to myself that I should not stress over going to a school where you know absolutely noone. You meet so many new people during the first week of school because a good majority of those kids in your classes also have to make new friends. The final thing I would talk to myself about is getting involved. You should always try and get involved as much as you can your freshman year and keep with it because it will not only help you make life-long friends, but it will also look great on resumes!


There are a number of mistakes I have made during my college career, both tactfully and financially. First, I would recommend renting textbooks or buying them from Barnes and noble. The bookstore is too costly and the money you earn back is horrible. Second, do your fasfa every year as soon as possible. That year that you'll forget... That's going to lead to a hecktic and horrible week, don't let that happen. Finally, get out there and meet people. Too long do you just sit back and watch life pass you by; college is a place of finding experiences: you can't just wait for them to come to you.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would reinforce myself for the decision I made to take AP classes and a harder class load than many of my friends who were wanting an easy senior year. The more difficult classes were good preparation for college. I really did feel prepared when I left high school because I had taken these types of classes and taken them seriously. I would encourage myself to take the SAT and the ACT writing portion tests. I did not want to take these test, but found it would have increased the number of colleges I could have applied to. I would also tell myself to not settle for the "easy" decision of staying in my home town, but to apply to several other places, find out more about the other colleges and visit them. I like where I landed here at OU, but I will always wonder what it would have been like had I spread my wings and flown away from my hometown.


Upon seeing myself in reality for the first time in retrospection I would seriously tell myself , "Everything will work itself out." There is no need to live in fear about being homosexual. People do horrible things everyday, because they fiend. Well. being homosexual is what I lived in fear about and I only wish that I wasn't so intimidated by culture and its effects. My enculturation has caused me a lot of spiritual hurt, but I have recovered a lot of that low self-esteem. I now understand that I may become overwhelmed by anxiety or fear, but most of the nightmare is over. I can breathe and freely commit to who I truly am, regardless of negative exterior influences. I can be who I am. I can love me for me. I will do myself that justice.


I would say make sure i start at a four year college or if i go to a junior college first make sure my classes match up with the college i want to go to.Another thing is before i go to the four year university make sure i know how much everything is going to cost so i will have my financial situation ready to go. Also go in school strong and work as hard as I can to make good grades and dont let alot of things hender that such as working to much.Also be friendly but dont easily trust everyone.


If I could turn back the clock and talk to myself about preparing for college, I?d share the following. First, be realistic about your GPA goal for the first semester. Chances are you won?t be making a 4.0. Consider you major. Technical Theater is time consuming. Finding solid blocks of study time will be a challenge. Secondly, if you have a paper due, three tests will be scheduled that same week. This is a given and the norm. Create a study plan and stick to it. Third, e-mail professors or look online to see what books are needed and to get them ahead of time. There?ll be a quiz about chapter one your second day of class. Four, since you plan to join a sorority, prepare for an emotional overhaul. Yes, you are confident, but the selection process challenges your self esteem. Establish your support network before Rush begins. Next, get organized. Look for creative ways to store everything. Living in a dorm is optimal, but space is minimal. Finally, have fun. Don?t limit yourself. Set your sights on expanding your world view and learn about yourself along the way.


For starters, I would stress the fact that college is so much easier if you go straight after graduation. (As I have waited 4 years to start school.) You do not have as many financial liabilities right out of highschool, therefore, less worries. Also, you never know when the economy will turn, and having a degree will help guarantee, or find a job, easier than without schooling. The college life right out of highschool helps you learn ups and downs of life before the real world. Where as going straight into the workforce, you miss out on a lot of that lifestyle. But I'd also tell myself, that life is tough regardless. And I have no regrets. So I'd suggest doing what makes ME happy, no matter what anyone else says.


Dear Former Self, You've almost survived your last year of high school and are nearing your time for higher education! One piece of very important adive that I will give you is that you should NOT stress about your life right now. Enjoy every second you have with your high school friends. Life as you know it will change when you start college, but don't worry! It's going to be amazing. However, you have GOT to stop your procrastinating! You have so many more responsibilities in college so you cannot just glide by like you are in high school now. There is a lot more outside learning here in college. No more simply listening and getting the material down. It's going to be a lot of hard work but you can do it! You will make lots of new friends that you will be able to count on for any help you need. Enjoy life as a senior and be ready to start the ride of your life. Love, Your Future Self


I would stress the importance of staying strong in my relationship with Jesus Christ. During college it is easy to get swamped, or get behind in your work. Before you know it, you're in dire need of time, and more often than not, one of the first things to go is the time you spend with God. But, in reality, continuing to give God that time can cause it to not only seem like you have more time to accomplish what you need, but also allow you to do a better job with it. Along the same lines, I'd also tell myself to be sure and manage my time very wisely. Not fill it completely, just make sure everything is in order (first of course, making sure there is time for God). This would allow me to succeed much better in college, and be a shining light to all who wish to see it.


Ask why. In all things, I would stress, pull the curtain back one more layer, revealing honesty and truth and integrity. There is so much knowledge to be gained, so much understanding to be sought, and pursuing it helps bring understanding and clarity to an increasingly fractured, discomforting reality. Throughout my life, I have had recurring problems with mood and anxiety disorders, and I wish that as a high school senior I would have been more focused on trying to make sense of them instead of losing myself to the culture and habits with which I had grown up. I didn't understand why I would want to learn things in school; I was more preoccupied with my own problems that made my life difficult to live. Not until college, when everything was turned around and I was stripped to my core, did I realize that I could only understand my problems by pursuing understanding in all things. I would stress to my senior self that to seek out a lifestyle based on learning is helpful, compelling, and above all things,i necessary.


If I could ever have the lucky opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself, "Get ready because things are about to change!" I would elaborate on this by telling myself that college is going to be so different than what I have been used to for so long. I'll have to be ready to take care of myself because I'll be on my own. I'll have to learn to balance everything - class, friends, a job, studying, and everything else necessary to live on my own. I would have to learn how to study differently because college classes are so much more different than high school classes. I would especially stress the importance of time management because if I did not know how to balance all of my activities I would not be a successful student. I'd tell myself that it won't be easy and that it will be stressful at times, but I would reassure myself that it would ultimately pay off in the end and that I would have a blast doing it!


Dear Paige, Next year is going to be awesome. There are so many people that you are going to meet. You should really try to get to know them a little better. The relationships you make in college are more about quality than quantity. You will use some of the people (friends, RAs, classmates) you meet during your freshman year as a networking platform for the years to come. It is really important that you cherish the people around you. Also, you should make an effort to get to know your teachers. There is so a lot of really cool research projects going on that you can easily be apart of. Getting involved in these projects gives you experience to put on your resume. It also helps you to narrow down what you want to do with your life. Plus, getting to know your teachers really comes in handy when you need a letter of recommendation for a job or a scholarship. I know that next year can be boring just taking general education classes, but they still count for your GPA, so work on them. Most importantly, have fun and BOOMER SOONER!!! Thanks for listening, The futrue YOU


I would advise myself to follow some of the same strategies that many people told me to do such as visiting the campuses you are considering as much as possible and partake in any senior days and sporting events and campus orientations and really see where you are going and the city you are going to live in. I was lucky enough to follow this advice and I didn't miss out in touring all the campuses I was interested in and really seeing up close and personal the school and the city where I was considering going. I think that that is very vital and I was glad I did there prior to choosing a school. I also was auditioning for a special team at the university I was considering and taking the time to go thru the audition process was helpful in spending more time at the university I ended up choosing. I also knew that I needed to attend the summer orientation-summer camp at my school and I was really glad I pushed myself to do this even though I live quite far away and it was great to meet fellow new freshman.


Education was my first priority as an incoming freshman. I thought that a high school degree solely reflected academics and that other things were not as important. Years later, I still hold education as my number one concern although I have warmed up to other areas of high school life. Student organizations take a great deal of my time these days, but I would not have it any other way. I struggled my very first semester of high school with finding motivation for school. These organizations have given me that motivation and also a feeling of familiarity that was present in my high school. The only thing I wish I could change about my involvement with these groups is joining them sooner. I do my work so much more efficiently having to budget my time to keep track of meetings, projects, and outings with friends.


There is so much possibility in this world to discover and, in truth, so much time to do it. That does not mean you have to wait to discover them; run to them arms out, head up, and with a smile on your face. However fearful things can get, rememeber, it will always be momentary. There is always and will always be a sun on the other side of the clouds. Keep moving and everything is going to be alright; as overly cheerful and optimistic as that sounds, it's the truth. Trust your insticts and trust yourself. And most importantly, fight for what you love and don't let anyone determine for you what is realistic and what is unreachable; nothing is impossible. As Henry David Thoreau said, " Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." And last, but definitly not least, be happy.


I started off high school, i would say, above average.Having won an Essay write-off award in the 8th grade for AVID class I felt I was on my way to a successful four years and on to the start of a new career in college.As time went on i went downhill along with my grades.By senior year i found myself barely graduating from the same four years that i thought were to be a success.So here i am four years after graduation, married, and working in a warehouse.The best advice I feel I can give myself is to stay focused on education because high school could be the red carpet to your future.I only wish now that i would have pushed myself harder and set higher expectations for myself.Its never too late to go back to school and that i know now.


Simply put I would encourage myself to attend college immediately after high school and not to wait almost 20 years. I feel like as much as I am getting from the experience now, I could have gained much more as a younger person. At least when it comes to social aspects. I also would encourage myself to take a variety of subjects and to diligently search for something to be passionate about, not just a career to get me through.


I would tell myself to always focus in class and to do assignments early. I often procrastinate and there have been a few times where it has hurt me. Most believe that college will be easy, but it isn't. I never was a party person, and I would continue to advise myself not to be because I have seen the damages it has done. Partying can hurt your grades and end up getting you kicked out of school. Going in to that first college class is scary, but the professors actually are there to assist. So I would tell myself to always seek advice when it is needed. College is the time to shine and to show your abilities so don't be afraid to ask for help and to help others if needed. Your education is very important, and without college and good future job is slim.


I would have sought out the advice from my teachers and parents more, and relied on the fact they had some information to share about expectations and preparations. I was bombarded with information from so many colleges that I really didn't focus on some of the important issues like I do now being a college student. Though I believe that I made the right decision about where to go to college, I would have prepared more about how I would pay for college, and that means taking the time to apply for more scholarships. I think I would have talked more with friends who had already gone to college to find out more of the differences between high school and college. I would have been more prepared!


I would advise myself to make sure I knew how to study and say no to all the distractions that come with college. I also would tell myself to definetly be on top of any kind of scholarships that are available because the financial part of college will really shock you. I would also tell myself to not be a procrastinator because that will set you behind in everything that you are trying to get accomplished in college.


I would tell myselft to take studying more seriously and also to save financially and to open up a bank account.


If I were to be able to go back in time to talk to myself senior year, I would stress the importance of money, notetaking, study time, and time management. Being in college is far different from high school. In college you do not have your parents and teachers standing over you explaining every detail on how to do things if you don't understand it. You also must manage your time wisely and make time to study you don't have your instructor giving you extra time because you forgot to do the homework because you went out the night before. Money is one of the biggest issues of all. The one piece of advice about money I would give is save as much money as you can. Instead of going out to eat for 20 dollars with your friends, put that 20 dollars in your savings account to pay for books or some of your tuition. If you do these things it will be easier on you and not so stressful when things get bad.


As a high school senior, I had no idea regarding where I wanted to go to college, what I wanted to do, or how I was going to support myself. I was overwhelmed by the idea of making choices that might possibly dictate my future opportunities and happiness. If I could, I would advise myself: ?Don?t take initial decisions too seriously. Schools can change, majors can change? just dive in. Everything will work out. ?Utilize financial aid. Do not apply for multiple credit cards, and don?t work full-time; you?ll miss out on lots of great university opportunities. ?Similarly, get involved. Take risks. Make friends and explore interests- you never know where things will lead. ?If you declare a major, take electives outside of that major. Explore other fields, immerse yourself in diverse knowledge. ?Wherever college may lead, never lose yourself. Remember who you are, your friends and family, and what you believe. Be open to altering beliefs as needed, but don?t give them up to ?fit in? with peers, university administration or a potential employer. ?Most of all, take care of yourself, because there is only one you in the world.


College is a big place. It is something new, and it takes a little bit of getting used to, but don't be intimidated. Your college experience is only going to be as good as you make it. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Try new things. If you're interested in something, go try it out. Explore your interests. Your professors really do care and really do want to help you, so take advantage of that. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Go visit your professors in their office hours and try to get to know them, it will come in handy when you need letters of recommendation, which you will need a lot of. Make a lot of friends. As scary as it may be, talk to the people sitting next to you. They are probably just as nervous and afraid to make the first move to start talking as you are, so don't be afraid to make the first move. College can be an amazing experience, make the most of it. But above all else, remember what you are paying for, an education, so work hard.


I arrived at the University of Oklahoma, thinking I knew what it would take to be a successful college student. However, the expectations, guidelines, classmates, and instructors at a high school do not compare to those of a college campus. High school was a breeze. I ditched class when I could, I put off assignments until the day before they were due, and was dependent on my teachers and parents. My world was turned upside down when college began. I was treated as an adult and expected to make adult decisions. I carried on my bad habits of not attending class and procrastinating into college. I was overconfident in my abilites and nearly failed two courses. Based on my performance of my first semester of college, there is so much I would change about my senior year of high school. First I would tell myself to join clubs and become an officer. Leadership experience is imperative on a resume for the future. I would also tell myself to construct a flexible schedule to keep up with all of my responsibilities. Most importantly I would push myself to go to class each day and bond with my classmates.


If I could tell myself anything back when I was a senior in high school I would have said to apply for more scholarships. I would have told myself to relax a little more and enjoy my last year at high school. I would also tell myself to learn more about the financial aspect of school like buying books, groceries and cleaning supplies for my dorm, and buying a fridge and microwave for my dorm. I would tell myself it is a lot more expensive than it seems which would take me back to applying for more scholarships. Another piece of advice I would give myself is to visit the campus a lot more before to figure out where all my classes are going to be and to study more for the placement testing at enrollment. That is some advice I would give my younger self back in my senior year of high school.


I would take advantage of being involved in more clubs, civic activities and volunteer work.. And even though I had a 4.0 GPA I would have worked harder to get a higher ACT score. As it was I was right on the cusp of receiving academic and some local scholarships. The above mentioned items would have given me a better chance of receiving more monies for school. Just really did not realize how early preparation for college starts. I now have a younger sister who will be attending university in the fall and hopefully she has learned from my oversights. I think I transitioned pretty will into big university life, and would recommend to incoming students to use all the available resources and get involved in the activities university has to offer. Talk with your advisors when questions arise and never be to proud to ask for help. In high school gather up all available information for scholarships, financial aide, and if you excell in a sports, academics, or the arts, look for scholarships in those areas. Start early!!! Don't procrasitnate!! And find the school that fits your needs...and feels right to you.


If I knew what I know now as a high school senior, I would've advised myself to really think about why I wanted to go to the University of Oklahoma in the first place. I would list those reasons and decide how big an impact each would make on the direction of my life in 4-5 years. Sometimes family and money are not good enough reasons to hold yourself back from a place where you could truly reach your potential, be independent, and get out in the world. It's truly a shame that money has to be a deciding factor in making such important decisions regarding the discovery of what one is sincerely passionate about. However, my advice to myself would also be that I would need to make the most of my experience anywhere. I would've advised myself to try the university out first and if I truly could not thrive there, to transfer. I would've told myself that I could find something I'm passionate about if I made an effort and had an open mind.