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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Know that no matter what school you end up at it is what you make of it that creates the college experience. Take advantage, meet new people, strive for excellence, and learn a lot.


There is no right answer. You or your student could most likely be perfectly happy at multiple campuses, so choose the school that just feels right. Look for academic or extracurricular activities that excite you and simply a campus that feels a little bit like home.


Find a college that will have all of the resources you will need to pursue your degree. Meet the faculty of your degree department, make sure they are friendly and helpful. You need to find a college environment that will make you feel comfortable and motivated to work hard. Also, find a college that has great financial aid plans because it's always good to be prepared.


GO OUT AND MEET PEOPLE!! Follow your gut when choosing the right school. It will work out for the best. And if you don't like where you end up, then switch! Have fun and do things outside of your comfort zone. Skip class to go play tennis on a beautiful day. Go to symphony concerts and football games. Experience EVERYTHING!


While it's imporant to think about the academic programs available at your school, you should really think about what the social experience will be like there. Visiting a school is important, but it's also good to talk to some students (those who AREN'T leading your campus tour, because they will likely have a scripted answer) about what life is really like there. And consider the size of the school you want to attend - OU has wonderful opportunities because of it's large size, but it's really easy to feel lost, and there's almost no personal connections with either professors or other students.


I would recommend really thinking about what you want out of college before deciding on something you may not end up liking. Once you narrow down your goals for college, take the time to visit a few campuses and watch how others interact. Being from the South, I love that the people on our campus are so friendly and always smiling or waving at others. It's a very inviting environment, and you should feel comfortable around the people you attend school with. I had no idea how much I could fall in love with a place that is not my hometown. I truly cherish this campus, and I only wish that others could find the same thing in the college they attend. Get involved, learn the community, show school spirit, and try things out of your comfort never know who you might meet or what you might learn about yourself. Afterall, isn't college about growing as an individual just as much as getting a good education?


Make a visit to campus, when you're "home" you'll feel it!


go to ou! its the best college


I would say to just choose a college that you think will accomodate your own learning needs. If you know that you cannot focus in large class sizes, then look into a smaller university. Also, apply to several universities to leave different options open as far as financial aid because you never really know the amount you will receive so if you have options open you can find the one that best suits your capabilities. Lastly, I would say to look at the implications your college choice may have on your future. If you go to a really expensive university where yo will have to take out many loans you will be paying for a long time afterward, and possibly delay grad school plans, and if you choose an easy school it may effect your ability to get a job after college.


I would urge each and every future college student to look past the power of grades.


Visit as many campuses as possible before deciding and try to spend some time there on a normal school day. This will help you get a feel for what the atmosphere is like and help you decide if you'd feel comfortable here. Talk to faculty, staff, and students about the classes, curriculum, social life, etc. Get involved in social activities as soon as possible. Getting involved allows you to make life long friends and will ultimately help you with your entire college experience.


First of all, whereas I understand parents who are paying for their child's college tuition really want to have imput in where their kid goes, it is completely unnecessary and can even hinder the kid's chances of going to a school they will genuinely love and appreciate. In my situation, my parents wanted me to go to a very small, religious school. However, this does not at all fit with my personality and I would have been miserable. Fortunately, I was able to convince them I could handle a large school and had the luck of them approviing OU. When it comes to the student who is trying to find what's best for them - Visit! I visited all of the colleges I applied to and that made my decision a million times easier. At times, it was almost too easy to cross a school off my list because their campus just didn't feel right to me. Then, when I visited OU, it really was love at first sight. From then on, I have truly appreciated every moment I've spent here and wouldnt give it up for the world!




College is often one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Find a school that allows you to follow your own path whether it is a technical college, a state university or even a community college. Big names can be flashy, but your success ultimately depends on your own efforts. College is supposed to help you transition from a life of dependence to one of independence. If you know what career path you want to take, find a college located in a city that has opportunities for internships or jobs doing what you love. I cannot stress how important job and internship experiences will be for gaining friends and understanding real life. College can only do so much because you are surrounded by idealistic, hopeful students just like yourself. Real world training is essential. Search for scholarships early and if you need to maintain a certain GPA, aim for a little bit higher. There is a great sense of personal pride and confidence in graduating from college and you get an extra lift knowing you did your very best to learn all you could about your major subject - and life. Enjoy the ride, but take it seriously too.


I would tell them to find a college that fits in with what their passion in life is. If they do not know, that is okay to. Take as long as you want in finding out what drives you to do something. In college you get that wonderful opportunity to explore and make friendships that will last a lifetime. Lastly, do not be afraid of doing a study abroad or exchange program through your college. It will be a different and exciting experience you will never forget.


First off, I knew I was going to attend The University of Oklahoma when I was five years old. I've been a diehard Sooner fan forever, and the choice was a no-brainer. But for those who are still undecided, let me give you this advice. First, visit every school you are interested in. The best thing a student can do is check out each prospective universities. Find the one that fits you best and has what you are most interested in, whether that be academics, night life, extracurricular activities, greek life, or sporting team, like me. Then, when you choose your favorite, GET INVOLVED! It makes the experience much more enjoyable. Next, parents, listen to your kids and talk with them about their possible school choices. Talk to them about your financial situation. The best gift a parent can give, besides a college education, is child with little to no debt when leaving college. My parents have always been upfront and honest with me when it comes to funding for my education. And finally, don't stress out and have no regrets. These are the most important elements of college. Take risks and enjoy your college experience!


Research different schools and choose the one where you feel most comfortable!


Parent please look at the whole package the school offers not just the price. Student don't attend a school for the friends, but choose it because of the experience you can gain.


Take your time choosing and visit a lot of schools, you will know when you find it!


Be sure to know how much a credit hour costs, how much student housing will cost. Be sure you go to a college of the size that will fit you, if you don't want a class with 300 people in it a state university will probably not be for you. Make sure that the requirements for graduation are made clear and that you will be able to succeed in the classes that you must take. And be sure to go to class!


College tours may give you more insight to how the campus actually looks, but personal research speaks miles about the University. Look in the academic success and activities avaible to students. Check out coarse loads and average GPA's of the students on campus. Also, have a career/degree program in mind and look at the sucess rates of those programs to help ensure quality education for you or your child's career choice. When it comes to certain degree programs and graduate school, some Universities are just better than others. But as for the best overrall, that is a very individual decision very much dependent on individual factors.


Research - Do you research. You want a school/campus that is just right for you - and for what you want to accomplish. Just because a college has a big name does not mean it is the right school for you. Does this campus have what you need for your major. What outside activities are you interested in. You don't want to waste time or be miserable when you are away at school. Get the best fit and this can only be done by reasearch. It's never too early to start your research either. The earlier the better - it gives you time to really look at all of your options. Narrow down your options, and if possible make some visits. Decide on weather you want to be on a big campus or on a smaller campus. It's going to be a long 4 - 5 years if you are not happy. So do the reasearch and make the visits.


Make the most of your college career, you only get to do it once (hopefully)! Remember that having fun is important, but so is studying -- it doesn't help to pay lots of money for bad grades. Pick a university/college that is strong in your area of interest, this will become vital in getting a good job out of college. Also, employers look for job experience when hiring, so find school whose career placement office is held in high regard. Internships are also important! Pay attention to statistics like: student/professor ratio, class size, and returning freshman rate: these are all reasons that most people list when if they decide to transfer. Don't feel rushed to pick a major. If you don't know, that's ok -- that's what the advisors are for! College is awesome, it's truly the most fun I've ever had!


Look into what college has to offer to the students and rank those offers according to their importance to you to decide whether that college is right for you.


Do your homework and find the best school to fit your financial, social and academic needs.


For the student in search of a university, find the school that best suites your academic standing and needs above all. Check into the academic focus of the university and see if it connects to what you are looking for. Next, find a school that makes you feel comfortable and at home, especially for those students who are thinking of going to school far from their home town. Go to the school, tour the campus, stay with a student or friend currently enrolled at the university to get a feel for the campus life! Check out the housing and food offered at the university. Granted, it is not a huge issue, but that is the student's home for 9 months out of the year! You want to have an atmosphere that you feel you can relax in and connect with. For the parents , be supportive and offer your opinion and advice. When your child asks, "What do you think?" give your honest answer! Go and check out the campus with your children! Check out the university website. Talk about the school together and decide what would be best for your child and most reasonable.


The college experience is about so much more than what happens inside the classroom. What we learn in our classes gives us the necessary tools to perform our tasks outside the classroom, but there is more to it than that. College should give students the opportunity to experience new things, get to know different kinds of people, and learn what the world is like outside of thier hometowns. Involvement in extracurricular organizations helps to develop desire to succeed in students. Many groups that are primarily social in nature also give students the opportunity to network, develop their social skills, and volunteer. Leadership organizations are great for learning how to work in teams to accomplish real tasks, rather than imagined ones assigned in the classroom. They are great motivators because although many times it is hard work to put on events, organize meetings, and perform other tasks related to an organization, there is an intrinsic motivation that comes as a result of passion for the group. It's a responsibility that the student chooses all on his/her own and there is a real sense of fulfillment in that freedom. This is a very important aspect to consider in college choice.


Honestly, it does not matter what college you attend. Your college experience is what you make of it. IT IS HOW YOU USE THE RESOURCES PROVIDED FOR YOU that make your education of value. There are tons of kids at my university that just take what they can get and let things happen to them. I have found that by making my own opportunities and letting the university know what I need to fulfill my educational goals, I have had experiences that will benefit me far more in the long run. The education you recieve is important, but the connections you make at your university are even more so. The networking you set up while still in school will be the foundation for the rest of your professional and private life.


Visit in person because you can never really tell with just looking at pictures or other literature.


Make sure that what you're paying for is up to the standards you're willing to put your child through. Also, look for a good football program that gives the school lots of spirit. A great greek system also is a must.


Students and their parents that are looking at schools should look at every school as if it was their only choice. In that way, each school is looked at objectively. I would not pick a school because they have a good sports team. A student should know what they think they want to go into and look at that particular department at the universities that they are considering. If you have not decided on a major you should look at all of the departments that you are considering. Parents should respect what their student wants, but at the same time students should remember that their parents only want what is best for them. Make the decision together and do not get upset if you have differing opinions. Remember that there are a lot of wonderful schools out there and that, generally speaking, everyone can find a school that is a good fit for them and their needs. Be critical and do not jump to any conclusions, remember that you will spend four or more years of your life at this school and it will dictate your future.


Make sure to attend a college that makes you feel at home, rather than a college that seems like a logical choice. It may sound crazy, but if you aren't happy with the choice you made for college, achieving within college is not only difficult, but at times can seem downright impossible.


Make sure you can afford it! I don't think it would be worth it if the education is financialy over ones head!


It doesn't matter the price, it doesn't matter where your friends are. Go where you beleive you can grow, where you feel comfortable, and where you get along with the locals.


It doesn't matter where you go, or how far your college reality is from what you anticipated. As long as you don't sell it short, you'll have a great time. There are so many opportunities to be had.


Take your time and really spend some time at the college you are interested in before you make your decision. Don't be fooled by how pretty it is or how much fun it seems to be to go there. There is a lot more to college than that, and it's important to be comfortable with where you end up going.


Visit the campus and get a good feel for the people .




Try to get involved and if possible live on campus your first year, dorms are not always the best places to live, but it does help you to meet people. Try to find a school that matches your personality, i picked the school I did because its the only thing in town, I did not want to go to a school in the middle of a big city, and so this school works for me.


Find a fun college with lots of opportunity and a great education.


The advice I would give parents and students making the college decision is to find a college that fits the student. My senior year of high school, my mom asked me, "do you want to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in an ocean?" For me, I had been at a small school long enough and wanted the experience of a larger one like the University of Oklahoma. This decision was the right one for, although it took some adjusting at first. I think it's a matter of personality. No close friends of mine were coming to OU, but that didn't stop me. I have never been one to shy away from something different and new, but some students may feel this way. If a student thinks he or she might feel overwhelmed when beginning college, then perhaps a smaller school is the answer. I believe the right school just depends on the student's personality and where they will feel most comfortable. Big schools aren't for everyone, and there's no shame in that.


Follow your heart


To research the campus before you apply, and rank the department you are entering. The department I am in does extensive research, involves the students in various lectures outside of class, and has a great student/teacher relationship, which were all things that I was looking for in a campus.


Visit the college you are wanting to go to along with others. I knew which college I wanted to go to the instance I set foot on the campus. I told my mom "this one feels like home." I believe that is the best way to know you are at the right school. Also, make sure the college has the degree fields you are wanting to explore.


The most important thing to do in finding the right college is to visit ALL of the potential universities you might attend. Once you are on campus you get a better feel of how the student body and faculty are. Pictures on the interenet are good but visiting the campus in person will best help you decide where you want to be. If you are not able to go to the campus then it would be best to ask a couple current students at the university about their experience. Once you are attending the college in order to make the most of your experience you must get involved. Whether it be in a fraternity/sorority, student government, or club. When you get involved in different groups you are able to meet different people and make life long friends, while maybe even gaining experience for your future careet.


Do your research. Pick based on your major and what the school can do for you.


Visit the college prior to enrollment and speak with various students in your major, ask them anything and everything you can think of.


Deciding on where to attend college is one of the most imporant decisions in a young person's life. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. Personally, I applied a wholistic approach on where I wanted to attend. I wanted to make sure that the university would statisfy my academic, social, and entertainment needs. If your desire is to bury yourself in books and only learn, then you are obviously going to weigh heavily on the academic quality of the institution. In the same way if you want to use college as a place to make friends and socialize, then you might consider a university with a strong Greek community. My choice was based on the quility of the department of my major, the location of the university, sports program, and the quality and amount of student organizations. I believe if each individual analyzes their wants and needs and simply apply it to their college search, it is inevitable that they will find a university that they will love.


Just pick the one that feels right to you.


Be sure to visit the college and make sure that the student enjoys the location. Most people who don't enjoy college, don't like what the college has to offer. Also, being active and participating in school functions help make great friends and the experience even more enjoyable.