University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Honestly, the only issue that tends to frustrate me is the lack of consideration for students. During the week prior to final examinations each semester the work load is supposed to be light or non-existant so that students may properly prepare for said exams. The issue is that, generally, the professors tend to cram as much information into that last week so that the students feel "prepared." This ultimately adds to the stress of trying to study, especially when the students are juggling working and going to school full-time.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be the parking. Now, I know a lot of people probably complain about parking here and they are working on fixing problems in the near future with more parking garages; however, that does not help the people in the present. I think with the schools increase of the Freshman class they should also increase with the places for people to park and make a complete housing parking permit instead of priority and just the "regular" housing permits. They get enough money through citations anyways.


The campus dinning is not very good. Most of the food is processed or fast food and there are not many healthy options.


The most frustrating thing about the school is the crowds of people in the morning. It is very difficult to find a parking space if you do not get to campus early enough. Eventually, you figure out where you can park for free and how much time you need to walk a greater distance to classes.


Oklahoma University is great but its a fairly large community. Unlike community college, instuctors do not seem as invested in helping students succeed in their course. Also, it is difficult to resolve issues one might have because it is hard to find the right person who can help you with your problem and when you do find the right person, they aren't answering their phone or they are not in their office.


Living in the dorms is frustrating for me. Being an out of state student the tuition is expensive and it is important to me that I study and get good grades. Many people that live in the dorms don't think that same way.


There are a lot of people so you have to make an effort to be known and stand out.


It is in Oklahoma. I would much rather be in Texas with my family and friends.


The most frustrating thing I have encountered is the cold, harsh Oklahoma weather. Imagine that! Being from Beaumont, Texas, we have cold days in the winter but I have never experienced freezing weather where the temperature drops below 40 degrees and it actually snows. Thought it may be exciting to see snow that remains on the ground for over a few hours, I no longer look forward to it because so many students have complained about the horror of being snowed in. Now, the true meaning of "windchill facto" is crystal clear. Sadly, the worst has yet to come.


OU is amazing. Enough said!


I could probably complain about the poor roads and water drainage (the civil engineers here need to go back to the drawing board), but I think the most frustrating thing is probably the food. For students on a meal plan, options seem very limited. The main cafeteria has lots of options and the food is good, but it gets old quick and closes completely on weekends. The best food, in my opinion, isn't purchasable using weekly meals until after 2 pm and is unavailable on weekends as well and closes around 6 pm. Only one option left now.


The most frustrating thing about attneding my school are student websites. We are forced to use these websites for everything from enrolling into and dropping classes to checking grades and emails. Often the server is down for maintenece, or the system simply has a glitch making it impossible to use the website. To check grades and syllabuses students must go to another website that is unfortunatley hosted by the same provider. Therefore, at the end of the day if students desires to stay connected to the campus they have to cross their fingers, hope for the best and click login.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Oklahoma is that they hire many foreign professors which some may have different accents and dialects from having English as a second or third language.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Oklahoma is the online site where we register for classes.


The most frustrating is the parking situation. I should not have to arrive 30 minutes early to search for a parking spot. And when I do find one, I am so far away from my classrooms that I have to rush to get to class on time. There are only two parking garages and they are very small. One is designated for commuters only, but people that live in the dorms park there as well, when they are not supposed to.


It is a large university..Also have to be on top of your game and make sure you enroll each semester to get the classes i want and with the professors i want. My first year did not realize professor often times have their understudies teach the class, often from a foreign country and heavily accented, made it difficult to understand, especially in a class like physics, that is already hard.


My dorm room. I have really bad allergies and it kills me because I live in the oldest dorm on campus.


Fitting into the pace of things, understanding the university culture and how things work, and learning to live with other people in dorm situations where everyone is living in tight spaces, and do not share your view of separating social and academic activities within the dorm. The so-called culture shock you experience going from living at home in highschool to living on your own in college affects everyone differently. Some people cannot handle the freedom as well as others, and use it as a time to party, penalizing the more serious students around them.


Probably the most frustrating this would be the fact that you dont know what clubs and activities to participate in because there are so many to choose from.


I would have to say, how far it is away from home. Its hard being away from my family and friends.


The most frusturating thing about my school is the money. The tuition is much like other colleges tuitions, however, the fees we pay are unbelievable. Living in the dorm is almost triple the amount it would be to live in a house off campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how much it cost.


I can't say I find any thing about my school particularly frustrating, except, perhaps, that it's hard to make friends, but that's probably just me.


advisors do not advise well. plan out your schedule according to them and not you. puts students in stressful situations.




There are long distances to walk between classes with short amounts of time between the classes.


The most frustrating thing at this school is the expenses and the bilss that studenst have to pay in order to enroll into their classes.


Overbearing President Boren. Too many legalities for students, from being a dry campus to a lack of parking. Course fees are ridiculous, and tuition rises every year.


The quality of computers that are in the computer labs on campus.


Most clubs and organizations write meeting information on the sidewalks in chalk, so sometimes it is hard to know all of the activities that you can participate in or when meeting are if you miss where it is written.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that sometimes parties really invade the idea of a social life. All too often, a social life depends on drinking and partying, when most of the time I would prefer to stay away from that lifestyle all together!


Having to walk pretty far and often to class. No parking!




not sure


I dont know


All anybody cares about is football and partying.