University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I am actually an incoming transfer this semester.


I wish that I had known that studying is a habit, not just something you do every now and then. In highschool I only studied the week of the exam. Where as in college, I study constantly. It's almost as if I study more than I watch TV or get on social media sites. I also wish that I would have known that what people think of you does not matter. Not a person on campus judges you for anything you do, and I wish that I would have known to just be myself, and never change.


If I could go back and tell my high school self anything, I would actually say two things of equal importance. First, I would tell myself to learn how to properly study. College is not like high school, where you can simply listen in class and maintain a 4.0. Studying is absolutey necessary. Secondly, I would tell myself that it's okay if you're not the best at everything. Still study hard, but don't make yourself miserable by pushing yourself over the edge. All you can do is work hard and know that you gave your best.


How hard microeconomics theory is...forreal this class is rediculous!


It is best to apply to this school early to ensure an early decision. There is not a whole of on-campus housing and if you get accepted late you will not get on campus. Off-campus housing is far too expensive and it will drain you of all of your money.


Oklahoma University is a beautiful campus with a diverse student body. It is a top rated university in both academics and athletics. There is a lot of pride in the sports and art programs on campus. Coming to Oklahoma University will open your world for possiblity.


Get a bike! This place is big, and I wake up ten minutes before classes at times. Get a bike, and you'll be on time for everything.


I wish I had known how important the sorority scene is, if I had known I would have gone trough rush week.


I wish I would have known how easy it would be to become over-involved and overwhelmed with extra-curricular activities.


Although I love the school I wish I had known about all the academic help they have to offer, if i had I know my first semester would've gone so much better.