University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I am actually an incoming transfer this semester.


I wish that I had known that studying is a habit, not just something you do every now and then. In highschool I only studied the week of the exam. Where as in college, I study constantly. It's almost as if I study more than I watch TV or get on social media sites. I also wish that I would have known that what people think of you does not matter. Not a person on campus judges you for anything you do, and I wish that I would have known to just be myself, and never change.


If I could go back and tell my high school self anything, I would actually say two things of equal importance. First, I would tell myself to learn how to properly study. College is not like high school, where you can simply listen in class and maintain a 4.0. Studying is absolutey necessary. Secondly, I would tell myself that it's okay if you're not the best at everything. Still study hard, but don't make yourself miserable by pushing yourself over the edge. All you can do is work hard and know that you gave your best.


How hard microeconomics theory is...forreal this class is rediculous!


It is best to apply to this school early to ensure an early decision. There is not a whole of on-campus housing and if you get accepted late you will not get on campus. Off-campus housing is far too expensive and it will drain you of all of your money.


Oklahoma University is a beautiful campus with a diverse student body. It is a top rated university in both academics and athletics. There is a lot of pride in the sports and art programs on campus. Coming to Oklahoma University will open your world for possiblity.


Get a bike! This place is big, and I wake up ten minutes before classes at times. Get a bike, and you'll be on time for everything.


I wish I had known how important the sorority scene is, if I had known I would have gone trough rush week.


I wish I would have known how easy it would be to become over-involved and overwhelmed with extra-curricular activities.


Although I love the school I wish I had known about all the academic help they have to offer, if i had I know my first semester would've gone so much better.


What I wish I had know most is the quality of the departments here and how important that is to not only my education, but also to my enjoyment of my time here. Some of the departments here are not so strong, with teachers who probably shouldn't be teaching, but other departments probably deserve greater praise than they get. The Honors College here is, sadly, very poorly underestimated. The faculty of that college are some of the most intelligent and truly helpful and caring people I have ever met.


I wish that I had known more about the many different organizations on campus. It seems that a day doesn't go by that I don't hear about another activity being hosted by another group. The many activities students can partake in, are numerous and eclectic, there literally is something for everyone. Unfortunately, I feel that many of the smaller organizations go by the wayside and the average student is blind to what doors those groups are capable of opening. By simply helping students find clubs and organizations to join, less students would get overwhelmed and more would join.


I wish I had known that class sizes were huge (up to 500 in one classroom). I wish I knew that most professors just do not care and some do not even speak English very well.


Before attending the University of Oklahoma, I wish I would have known how to better handle the number of scholarship, service, and other types of on and off campus activities that are offered on a daily basis. However, I believe this sort of knowledge cannot be attained before coming to college, but must be experienced for one's own self.


College is only what you make of it. If you don't apply yourself you won't succeed. If you don't put yourself outside of your comfort zone, you will not experience what is awaiting you. If you aren't open to meeting new people, you will be lonely. College is a new world that is at your disposal. If you don't put an effort forward to make it a good experience, it will only drag you down.


Although I realized some of the classes at OU would be large, I did not realize how it would feel walking in to a class with 2-3 hundred students. I also didn't realize how competitive things would be to get into some extra curricular activities. When you go from competing against 3-4 hundred people to competing against 20,000, it is very different!


I wish I had known how importan it is to apply for all the scholarships one can to avoid unwanted stress on you or your family. The imprtance of studying consistently instead of cramming the few days or nights before tests would have been a good thing to know as well.


That I could have gotten credt for my advanced high school classes-I am in the honors program and I didn't receive alot of information about what of my advanced placement classes in high school would transfer and I am still searching to find if it is too late to test out of some of the basic general education classes that I know were college level in high school. Also I wish I could have met with my advisor over the summer and had a definite plan for classes and time to look over the fall offerings .


I came from a small school, so entering college was a big step in many aspects. I was bombarded with so much information from different colleges, including the one I am attending, that I was unable to absorb all the details. I wish I would have gotten my parents and teachers involved more, since they understand the whole process. The process in itself is overwhelming--down to the basics, like where I will live and how much I will need for food. I think I would have chosen to be more organized and prepared .


I wish I had known better study skills. It is very hard to find an effective way to study.Also learning how to manange my time would have been useful to know because college has so many distractions and you have to learn when to priortize.Another thing I wish I would have known is how to handle the financial aid part of college. The expenses would have not been so shocking if I had understoof how it all worked.


I wish I would've known that so much social life revolved around greek affiliations. I also would've liked to know how bureaucratic the whole university was.


I walk into my high school and see a girl with many friends, who seems so sure about herself. She is going off to college. It's my past self. I wish I could tell her, "Don't worry, if the college you are attending doesn't feel right, you can change schools. You are allowed to feel uncertain. You have amazing parents who want you to be happy. Do your best, and you can make it."


I wish I had known that my Business Calculus class was going to be really similar to my high school Calculus, and if so, I would've taken Engineering Calculus. Without the drive to succeed in a class that I took, I didn't go to class, and I developed a really bad habit and I'm working this semester to correct that.


I wish I would have known the amount of time, hard work, and effort it requires to be successful at a large university. I never realized that school is a full-time job in itself. I wish I would have been told that the entire first semester is one long adjustment period. Furthermore, prior to attending the University of Oklahoma, I was unaware of the many different student organizations and groups. Most groups are quite accepting. By joining many different groups, I have gained many new friends and experienced a variety of cultures.


I wish I knew how to manage my time better in studying for each of my class.


that classes fill up very quickly and they expect you to take summer courses


I wish I had researched similar experiences in other states.


The key to succeeding at OU is finding your niche. There are hundreds of groups and activities on campus, so the best thing to do is just jump in and find what suits you best. Student organizations are a great opportunity to stay involved with the things you love that may not be included in your major.


I did know it was going to be expensive, but my dad wanted me to go a school I would really love. I do wish I had known that we wouldn't have been able to get any finanial aid before I came to this school though. We thought they would help, at least a little bit, and they didn't.


It was pretty much what I expected.


I wish I had known more about the financial aid opportunities. If I had known, I would have been able to apply for more scholarships and that would have helped me pay for the expenses rather than having to come out of pocket and relying on loans.


That I would not be elligible for much financial aid, since I'm a non-resident.


That I was more educated about the types of scholarships available.


When I came to OU, I soon realized that I didn't really know how to study! I wish that I had been taught how to study in a collegiate setting. Also, college was a little overwhelming for me because I moved from a tiny town to a place where I had more sorority sisters than people in my high school. While both of these situations required some work and adjustment, I quickly felt at home at the University of Oklahoma, due to a great staff, committed professors, and a welcoming environment that allows you to make friends quickly.


People suck just as bad here as they do in high school


I wish I knew to join a campus group like a fraternity, sorority, campus club, or sports team right away. It helps you meet people and get involved with new people right away.


What I had wanted to major in.


That you don't have to buy all the books they tell you to... and there are cheaper places than the bookstore. Also, all of the "fees" that are added on to tuition.


I wish I had known how friendly the President Boren was/is! He is incredibly accessible and ready to help!


I wish I had know just how important sports and Greek life are to socializing at OU. It's really hard to get involved if you aren't Greek, and I feel like you have to go out of your way to meet people, because people in sororities/fraterities tend to spend all of their time together.


The huge emphasis on the greek system. I did not pledge a sorority and felt very left out as the entire social life and student government is run by the greek system. I also wish I would've known more about the scholarships available and how to get involved in the honors system. I quickly learned these things once I arrived at college, but it would've made my college experience a lot better if I'd known to take advantage of these things early before it was too late.


I wish I had known what I wanted to do. I received two degrees and I am now only pursuing one. of those subjects.


That I should be more engaging to fellow students and organizations.


I wish that I had known how the education program is structured before I came to OU. I also wish that I had known how often plans and policies change. If you are going into early childhood education make sure you can go full time once you get to your sequence or you will have a lot of trouble graduating.


I wish I had known that OU does not care for its students, but rahter likes to focus on graduating people to make money off of them. The football program, typically, rules campus life, and getting wasted is more important than your work. People's lack of motivation and knowledge from the begging makes it difficult to achieve positive things at OU, unless one gets involved in the greek system or off-campus activity. Going to school here, one's priority lies not in the classes but what happens outside of them.


Unemployment is low in Oklahoma. It is difficult to find a decent part-time job.


I wish I knew more people before coming here, but I met a lot of cool people and I've made friendships that I hope will last forever.


Growing up in a poor, small town, I knew nothing about fashion or expensive things. I would have fit in faster had I known what was "in". I figured it out pretty fast, though.


How to prepare myself better for the department I am in. I wish I could have done a little more research before entering in the classes I am enrolled in.


Where all of the coffee machines were at and the bathrooms.