University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The University of Oklahoma is a wonderful college because the staff works so hard to make sure every student gets the help they need. There are multiple tutoring sessions, test preps, and review sessions available to anyone and everyone willing to give up some time for self improvement. All of the student outreach and study programs motivate students to work hard, but they also let students know that they are not alone in their struggles.


The freshmen programs they have because they really are made for freshmen to make their transition easier and also make them love OU.


The best thing about OU are the internships, programs, and opportunities offered outside of class.


I love our school spirit and the town. Individuals from Norman are proud to be there and love to support the college's events and organizations.We have rich traditions that are annually upheld. All the students love showing their Boomer Sooner pride as we pack the stadium for college football and basketball games. All the students truly want to be here and are always there to lend a helpful hand.


The well-kept landscaping, one of a kind architecture and art pieces, our focus on technology integration and friendly, smiling faces!


We have numerous support oppertunities for students and many premier programs. We also have a nice cafeteria and people are friendly. there are lots of activities to participate in and programs for needy students and first generation student support. Counselors are helpful and housing and campus are safe .


While walking around, you don't really feel like you are in Oklahoma. There are trees and plant life from all over the world. It is very picturesque, especially in the spring and fall.


President Boren. I recognize that he isn't technically a part of the campus, but he is a big part of student life, whether students know it or not. President Boren always has the interests of the students at heart. He is always willing to listen to the students if they have a concern and he is constantly making improvements to the campus, administration, and academics of OU. He genuinely cares about the well being of the student body and the students love him for it.


Something unique about OU is the campus layout. It has by far the best layout of any campus I've been on! (For more on this, checkout my description of how the school looks!) Another unique aspect of OU is our pride and tradition. No matter what day or time of year, you can't walk around campus without seeing someone is crimson and cream!


OU is a big university, but you still get to know half of everyone. All the people are really friendly and it's the kind of campus where you will get out of it what you put in, so if you want an intense academic experience you can create that, if you want to party away college, you can do that too. Whatever you want, you can create here.


I think the best thing about my school is the community of which it is comprised. From the moment I stepped on campus, I was welcomed, and I am still being welcomed by each new person I meet every day. Even though it is a very large campus, the people on it are generally from smaller towns, so they bring that sense of community with them, and are very open to meeting new people, and getting involved in campus activities.


The thing I most remember about my school is the pride people take in being an OU student. It would be hard to capture the one thing that makes it stand out for me, and it would certainly be difficult to capture everyone's opinion as to what makes it the best. But, whatever that reason is, it is the reason I wear crimson and cream proudly, the reason I hang my diploma on my wall and the reason I cheer loudly where ever I can! If I had any doubt, I would keep my mouth shut!


I think OU genuinely tries to make students feel like they are where they belong. I am quite involoved on Campus as are many people and that's what makes it great is because as students we're given the opportunity to make this school everything it is capable of being.


School spirit is top notch. I've never been a big sports fan before I came to OU. The football season is the funnest time of the year; the whole campus is in a constant party and everyone wearing a red shirt is accepted. There is a huge sense of family on game days.


The acedimics is the best thing about my school because people really learn alot.At this school they really want students to do well.They have lots of study labs and advisors to help the students suceed.


The best thing about my school is the feeling of oneness with each other. You might not know all of the people who are students there but you know that you all share a common goal, a common love for your school. Everyone on campus has an amazing pride and spirit for their school and it's an amazing feeling to know that everyone cares about everyone simply because they are a sooner!


I think the community feeling of the campus is the best part. As a freshman you are encouraged to try different groups, meet new friends and pretty much get involved. They do a very good jpb about making things known to the freshman as far as joining clubs, groups, and organzations. Then regardless of whether or not you care, this school relly rallies behind their sport teams, especially football. BOOMER SOONER!!!


My school has the complete college atmosphere in regard to making you feel a part of the university from the summer orientation to the dorm check in to sporting events to campus activities that everyone and anyone can get involved with. I am from out of state and I didn't know anyone going to OU but the school does an amazing job of starting in the summer of your freshman year with the Camp Crimson of getting you connected to friends who are freshman coming in from all over the country. OU made me feel like I belonged.


The best thing about the University of Oklahoma is the strong sense of community. It is more than just a school; it is a home. Instructors do more than just teach; they are there to help you succeed at the university. My feloow classmates are like family . We share a common goal and work together to reach it, while enjoying our time at this amazing school. There is a place for everyone here and no one is left out.


The best thing about my school is the help that is always available. Both students and faculty are always prepared to lend some assistance wherever its needed.


The best thing about The University of Oklahoma is the traditions carried out all year long. One big event is OU Football, there is nothing like the sound of the pride of oklahoma coming onto the field and playing our state and school song while marching drill that is 100 years old. Another example is the architecture of the buildings which still holds the traditional cathedral style that the campus started out with.


The University of Oklahoma has such a broad and varied campus that anyone could find something to be a part of. This apect really helps create a small, intimate campus feel with all the benefits and diversity of a large campus. Many of my friends that also attend large colleges often tell me that they feel "like an ant", meaning that they feel as if they don't matter and are just another tuition check for the university. I truely feel as if I do matter and that the Univerisity of Oklahoma does care about me and my education.


wide variety of classes and majors


The best thing about the University of Oklahoma is that there is no single best thing about it. I think many high school students fear college becasue it presents a massive life change. We fear being lost in the croud, we fear the unknown, we fear not having a group with which to associate. At the University of Oklahoma, everyone and anyone can find people, places, and activities to love. We have great academics, great student clubs, great Greek life, great football, great professors, a great comunity, and all-around great people.


Once you get used the university culture, the social aspect of the university, especially within the sororities and fraternities, is very satisfying. Making that connection with other people, people who care about your personal success as well as their own, is very important to me. The support system offered by the greek system within this university fulfills that need completely. They create a family-type atmosphere similar to what you experienced while at home, and like a home environment, are very supportive of your needs, which helps tremendously with studying and grades.


Oklahoma University is very a great school. Although there are many things that make it great, the student life is one of the best things. The students are lively, energetic & dedicated. All the motivation comes from our professors & them helping school be such a fun environment.


I think the best thing about my school is the diversity. There are many different international students that attend my school which allows for an understanding of many different cultures. Also along with these many different cultures which allows for a melting pot of diversity, are clubs and organizations that allow one to better understand these different cultures.


The best thing about the University of Oklahoma would have to be all the study halls and tutoring opportunities. The university gives the students every opportunity to succeed. There is tutoring offered for every major class, and the tutors themselves are either teaching assistants or graduate students majoring in the given course. I have attended numerous tutoring and study hall sessions, and I have found them all extremely helpful.


The number of degree programs. This allows students to find the academic program that is right for them, and best fits the visions of their futures.


The University of Oklahoma is the best because it is considered to be a highly respected research institution with great professor or educators. It is the best university to go to in the state of Oklahoma and is also a good place to get started on your career. It isn't easy or even hard to get in, but it's a college right about the middle for just about anyone to enter to succeed in the right place for his or her future.


The medium size and the friendly attitude of the student body.


I believe that the best thing about my school is that is it very culturally -diverse. Everyone is accepted and individuals are encouraged to express their beliefs and concerns. I believe that it is important that our faculty (professors) acknowledges race, gend,er, sexuality, religion. and ethnicity because it often the meaning behind our responses to questions that are addressed in the classrooms. Our background and experience is what shapes our ideas and thoughts.


The best thing about OU besides the social environment is the fact that it's near my home and it's giving me the best opportunity, I believe to get into the med school I want to attend, which it also at the University of Oklahoma.


It has a great sense of school pride. Fun place to be, enough going on to occupy you but not overwelm you. Big (compared to town of 5,000) but still enjoyable. Big enough to where not everyone knows your whole life story.


The tradition, the beautiful campus and all of the friends I have made.


If you put a lot of effort in, you get a lot out, not only in the area of academic honors but also in plain learning. I have learned a lot here and have made tons of memories.


The best thing about my school is the people. I have really enjoyed most of my professors. They are very knowledgeable and concerned about their students' achievement. I have also made some great friends at this school, and I enjoy getting an education at a place where my fellow students are motivated and determined to succeed.


The best part about the school is the pride that comes along with being a Sooner. Alumni come back and want to help the school succeed so that means the students succeed as well. All of that makes this school a great place to be.


Rushing a sorority or fraternity. It's an awesome way to get involved.


The communiity both academic and social. The academic community because there are many distiginushed professors here and I feel like I get valuable insight into career opportunities. The social communitiy just because of the athletics.


Too many to say... Good people, good teachers, facilities, help... Just an awesome place to go to college.


Football, because we're going to the national championship. I also enjoy the community, I think there are a lot of great people here who are great to be around and tehre are a lot of things to do in town. Teachers are caring for the most part, and willing to help you out if you try.


I love that my scohol is diverse and allows me to interact with many different people from all over the world. I also love that there are many on-campus activities for me to choose from.


The numerous opportunites for everyone.


The best thing about our school is the students. We stick together and help each other survive insane classes.


sooner football, soriority living, compus corner, diversity


It's so big that no one ever really knows your business.


That most of the other students don't work hard, thus allowing me the freedom to work hard without pressure.


The campus is amazing. It is kept well trimmed and always full of flowers. Students spend their days playing outside, walking outside or studying outside. Some of my favorite memories include playing frisbee with friends in the open outdoor spaces of campus. There are benches everywhere and fountains constantly running. The Indian Gothic architecture is also stunning. Its just a beautiful campus.


The University of Oklahoma has something for everyone. Extracurricular activities, frats and sororities, athletics, and academics are all top of the line. The facilities and buildings are state-of-the-art, with technologies exceeding many businesses and corporations. It also has one of the greatest party atmospheres of any college in the country. If you come here, you will not be dissapointed.