University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I decided to go here mostly because I'm a National Merit Scholar and they offer a really fantastic scholarship here, especially for out-of-state students like me. However, visiting the campus also kind of sealed the deal, because I really like the vibe that exists here. The campus is really beautiful and most of the people here are pretty nice.


I came to OU because of my scholarship and the beautiful campus.


I came to OU because of my scholarship and the beautiful campus.


I fell in love with the campus, the teachers, and the quality of buildings, education, and the fantastic food and dormitories!



I grew up in the area and I have been a Sooner fan since birth!


To get far away from the distractions at home, and attend a school with a Great record


I was first interested in going to OU largely because of the academic scholarships that they offered. I knew that it was a quality school and that they had a great journalism program (my prospective major at the time), but I couldn't quite decide. When I finally visited, I took a tour and fell in love with the campus and with the idea of going to school here. Although my idea of going to school here was certainly different than what I expected, it has thankfully been just as good or even better than what I had imagined.


My parents are both from up north and we moved to Texas when I was 3. So, going so far away from home to go back up north to attend one of their alma maters was definitely not an option for me! Since neither one of them had a preferance of where they would have liked to see me go, it was all up to me to decide. OU was the first campus visit that I made and I had to compare all the other campuses I had visited after to OU. Nothing ever came close. I loved everything about OU and I just had a gut feeling that this was where I belonged. I'm glad to say that I'm so grateful I trusted my instinct because there is absolutely no where else I would rather be.