University of Oregon Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The UO is somewhere change and discovery happens as much as higher learning.


The University of Oregon is absoulty beautiful.


My school is staffed with remarkable instructors who take the time to help the students understand the presented materials .


The University of Oregon is everything a college experience should be; there is such a diversity of majors, student clubs, faculty and students, that whatever your interests are, there are others engaged in that activity.


The University of Oregon is a large school full of many students from many backgrounds, with some superb academic programs, highly praised athletics, and feel of community that you won't find at other schools.


The campus is very green, there is a lot of grass and hundreds of different species of trees. Most of the buildings are old and beautifully constructed, but then there are some buildings that are very new and futuristic, such as the Lillis Business Center, which has a huge wall completely made out of glass.


I got a world-class education, loved the campus, and made great lifelong friends.


The University of Oregon is a laid back school where academics come first located in the beautiful town of Eugene.


The UofO offers many opportunities for all types of learners.


The University of Oregon is a fun, school-spirited, environmentally-friendly, facilitating academic institution that helps you achieve career goals and pushes you to become an open-minded, progressive, and compassionate citizen.


The University of Oregon is a beautiful campus with school spirit that surpasses all other schools and the community is extremely friendly.


It is a very green campus. It is also very friendly. People are constantly helping each other out in anyway possible. The professors and professors assistants are really helpful in the course work they are giving us. University of Oregon is a very inviting campus and a place anyone should look forward to visiting.


The University of Oregon is not only a beautiful green campus, but also a great school for students who may be uncertain of what their major is because it has a large variety of majors that student's are able to decide from and can enjoy the wonderful professor’s teachings.


The University of Oregon has encouraged me to learn, to succeed and to grow both as a student and as an individual.


University of Oregon is full of students who are diverse, intelligent, accepting, fun and full of school pride.


The University of Oregon is the biggest "salad bowl" of students imaginable, ranging from leftover hippies from the 60's to your southern bells and valley girls, while all groups transcend their titles and avoid passing judgement to create one unified student body that prides itself on its diversity.


The University of ORegon is beautifully laid out on a campus containing 400 different types of trees, an art and a history museum, as well as an impressive library all easily accessed by students living in the dorms.


The Univesity of Oregon is known for being located in a diverse, liberal town which makes it one of the most accepting schools which has so much to offer people with all varieties of interest and/or career goals.


An active, vibrant, beautiful campus with a strong set of programs and services (provided by student fees) that combine to create a good sense of community.


My school is a place to not only learn about your self, but also to experience new and different cultures while learning academically at the same time.


The University of Oregon is a college geared towards creating successful and well rounded students. The professors and teachers assistants make themselves readily available at all times. With the great sports reputation and large campus you get the best of both worlds, the whole college experince as well as the tools nessicary to reach ones goals.


My school is very accepting and a place that I feel gives me a lot of opportunities I didn't have in high school.


My school is extremely open minded and is always trying to make things better for people in the community.


A home away from home, where people meet new friends, strive for a better education in a college town surrounded by Duck loving people who not only take interest in the school but the students academics as well.


My school is providing for me the ultimate educational and social experience.


My school is really helpful because it provides anything that a student might need and everyone is really friendly and enjoy helping others.


A highly focused educational and personal experience geared towards helping people beginning new careers or advancing in their pursuit of knowledge.


Green, progressive and future minded.


The University of Oregon is a school pertaining to the perception of developing a students skills to succeed in life as long as that student stays one step ahead.


A great place to grow.


My school is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals.


Open minded liberal arts school in a nice small community with a little something for everyone.


University of Oregon is very tolerant, but not racially diverse, and is located in a fun college town.


Benedictine College is quite possibly the friendliest, most awesome, Catholic, academic, and community-oriented school on the face of the Earth!


A nature-loving, sporty, techy, hippy, accepting, and comfortable campus.


Practically as great as the movie Animal House but not quite.


Univerisity of Oregon is a school full of spirirt, reserach, education, excitement, upbeat people that love the area and expanding their minds


The University of Oregon environment consists of a growing, but small Greek community; students who support athletics and each other; and a sense of relaxation and enjoyment for the outdoors.


The University of Oregon is a wonderful place to continue your education, because if provides its students with the tools required to be successful in where ever your life takes you.


Large, liberal, laid back, fun, green.


The University of Oregon is an open-arms community, welcoming different people from all walks of life.


Liberal hippy, green campus


Academic, school spirited, artistic, exciting, new, enlightening, welcoming, beautiful.


It's awesome, people are friendly, social life is great, and the classes can range from great to boring.


Nice campus but socially revolves around alcohol


My school is green, not as ethnically diverse as it would like to be, full of interesting people and inconsistent across the departments about the difficulty of the different class levels.


It's a great campus ... provides a lot of opportunity for students to learn..


A melting pot of cultures overflowing with school pride.


environmentally friendly with tons of school spirit.


It is a good school