University of Oregon Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Yes indeed.


Unfortunately, yes.


Not really but we have accepted an award regarding building a "green" business school.


No. UO is so big that you have many different students attending the school. UO is about as diverse as any other college.


Nope, but more people are hippies here than most places I've been, and a lot of us are politically active.


For the most part, no. We have just as many Abercrombie, football loving, Coors drinking kids as the next big university...perhaps too many. OSU overflow I guess...


answered above


Mostly. We do have a lot of hippies and the city is very eco-friendly, but there are also a lot of people from diverse backgrounds. There are also a lot more people from California than I thought there would be. We are slowly moving away from the ?dirty hippie? stereotype more towards an environmentally friendly growing city. There are tons of outdoor activities when it's not raining and everyone loves getting involved. It?s a nice mix. I keep my political views to myself though, unless you're a democrat, you probably shouldn't speak up too much if you don't want to debate. I am also told that the summers here are very nice, but I'm always back in California and have never experienced this rumor.


Though I personally don't own a single item of tie-dyed clothing and am a Reagan Republican, and have never smoked marijuana, I would say that yes- for the most part, those stereotypes are dead on.


Hippies? Well the school is definitely a bit more liberal, but I am a right wing, gun-slinging Coloradoan, and I fit in just fine. The girls really are ok, and it's funny, because when the rain stops, it seems like the babes emerge from hiding. They come with the sun! :) It does rain, however, the worst part is winter break, and everyone goes home anyway, so you miss the worst of it.


No, not at all. UO is not just a single group of people, our school is extremely diverse. Having groups of students from the business field to psychology, we have it all and are represented by these different groups on campus.


Nope! The population of hippies is definitely here, but it's a part of the Eugene culture, not a reflection of the student body. UO is a school where students definitely want to achieve academically, so partying is prevelant on the weekends, but rarely anywhere in between. During Dead and Finals Weeks hardly anything is going on...everyone is in the library!


The school has an inflated reputation of being dread locked. Although there certainly are a lot of outspoken and colorful hippies, there are also tons of clean cut regular students. At a school this large, there is a diverse representation of all types of people. The reputation of dope smoking is accurate, we are a very NORML student body. After all, everything in Oregon is greener.


Maybe not everywhere...but if you have a working nose you can find some.


Who knows, I haven't met everyone on campus.


somewhat. Lots of hipsters, great clothes, fixed gear bikes, strong organic coffee


Mostly no, I know plenty of people who don't do drugs. Just about everyone does drink though, but compared other college visits, not nearly as much as some of them.


Somewhat, but at the UO there is a lot of diversity. Not a hippie school by any means, so if that's what you're looking for, go to Berkeley.


Well, there ARE a lot of hippies and greeks. But I think it's just because they're the most visible on campus.


Well, some people fit this stereotype pretty well. Things around campus do seem to favor the liberal point of view. The majority of the student body aren't hippees, haha. But there are a few interesting ones...


There is an overall feeling of environmental conscientiousness in Eugene. I know quite a few vegan people, but there are definitely meat-lovers here, and they get along just fine. I'm not sure about UO's ranking among other Oregon colleges, but I know it is one of the best and am glad to be here.