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University of Oregon

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Describe the dorms.

Dorms are widely varied. You can kind of pick the experience you want. Some are new, and big, and expensive. Others are smaller, older, and cheaper. You can pick a dorm that houses people with similar majors, like science, arts, etc. There's an international dorm too. Most of the buildings have some floors of each gender. Like most campuses, there's a personality test that you take when you apply to get into dorms, which helps them pair you with someone you'll get along with. The dorm buildings tend to be East of campus, though there are a few on the West side. There's a lot to do, and a lot of places on campus to eat with your dorm 'food points'. The dorms provide other services too, like movie and video game (and console) rentals, social events, and more. Living in a dorm is a really good way to meet people when you first get to campus.

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You make a lot of friends in the dorms and the dorms are really nice, with new features

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