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Do you feel like you changed a lot?

Not really. I feel like I'm still the same person, just now around people that like me better. I might have become more mature, but that is just part of growing up. I have not changed for the most part.

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I do think that I have changed, and for the better. My first year I found the College experience and being away from home to be hard and somewhat frightening. However after my two quarters, I found my third quarter to be manageable. My second year of college has been great. Living off campus and having my own room is amazing, and I have the system down. I also feel that because I know my major, I am finding it even more manageable and not overwhelming. I would have to say the biggest change that I went through after my first year at college, and the University of Oregon, was adapting to the different rhythm of college. After getting my system down, I found it to be helpful and less overwhelming.

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