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How often should I phone home? Is once a day too much?

Phone home as much as you feel appropriate. Most students start off similar to once a day and eventually get to a point where its once a week, or maybe just a text message once a day and a phone call once a week. I typically call once a week, but its not set in stone. Just whenever I feel like I should call. And I always text so that my parents know I'm doing well.

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I mostly call home every day. This way I feel like I am still there in some why and do not feel as though I am far away or am missing out on something. However when you do call every day, the consecrations might not be as long. I find that if you call once every two days the conversations last longer, and both my family members and I have more to say. But when you feel like you need to call home and talk to someone in your family you should do it.

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