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I don't drink. Will it be hard for me to go to parties?

I don't drink either. I go to parties sometimes. I don't always find them to be the best night I've ever had, but its not bad. Sometimes, some funny stories come out of it too. You'll be surprised how many people do not drink. Don't worry, you are not alone. Drinking or not, if you find the right people, you'll have fun at a party. :)

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I dont drink either, however I also do not go to parties either so I cannot say for sure if there are parties with out alcohol. But when I do venture out into the town at night I notice that all the houses that I pass have alcohol, among other things as well. If you do plan on partying and are trying to avoid houses with alcohol, you will have a difficult time finding one. During the first year of college, when you are staying at the dorms, the dorm housing tries to hold a few parties and dances. But if you plan on going off campus, the schooling has no control over what goes on.

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