University of Oregon Top Questions

Tell us about your professors.


I have had all positive professors for the most part at University of Oregon. I am a Sociology Major with a concentration in Crime/Justice and Family. So far I have liked all my Sociology teachers. Although big classes seem discouraging, which can have a big effect on the way you view the teachers, it is best to go to their office hours. This way not only do you get to know them better, but they get to know you too. Some professors can seem a bit difficult, and you will probably come across a few during your stay. Form what I have found throughout the courses that I have taken, the professors that seem most caring are the Social Science teachers. However, teachers can come across as great or horrible depending on the subjects you are interested in. Being interested in a subject also plays somewhat of a role in deterring how you view the teacher. In shot though, I have had mostly positive encounters with teachers here at University of Oregon.

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