University of Oregon Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

Ana Laura

That we have awsome dining locations and the school is in a great location. There is also the fact that everyone is super nice and helpful and there is a realy sense of community here. There are also many events going on and you are never bored because there is always something to do.


When I brag about the University of Oregon I brag about the Ethnic Studies department. The professors and students in the major and minor truly and deeply care about you academic career and personal health. I would never have rated the UO as high as I did had I not been an Ethnic Studies major. The quality of people were amazing and the information we learned is very important no matter what career you go into.


You will meet some of the most friendly and ambitious people around and our sports teams are some of the best in the entire nation. On top of that, the dorm food is very good and there are plenty of healthy options that are always available. It is easy to get involved in just about anything and everything on campus is within a 10 minute walking distance.


The best thing at the University of Oregon is the positivity of the people on campus and the random events that follow. I love the days when it is sunny and there are random things going on in the amphiteatre. Sometimes there is music, sometimes there are large groups of children, and sometimes there are flash mobs. I acutally feel like a student, not just another person.


U of O has fantastice tailgating that is the pre -event to the award winning Football team. The campus is modern and has a strong sense of community.


College town, beautiful landscape, hippied out how I like it


That I got out as quickly as I could! My undergraduate experience was not a good one, as my department was not supportive of my interests.


Our school spirit! The school is great about making everyone feel proud and excited that they are a University of Oregon duck! We organize a lot of cool events prior to football games and other sporting events. ESPN Gameday has been three times in my time at the University of Oregon.


When I tell my friends about my school the first thing I talk about is the friendly atmosphere on campus. When walking to classes or going to office hours for a class both students and faculty are regularly greeting you with a happy smile and hello. The one thing I love about my school is everyone wants you to be successful and are there for you to support you in any endeavor you take. During my time at school, I have built a successful network of relationships that I will cherish for life.


The first thing that I brag about is University of Oregon's high acedemic profile. Both our business and economics program have been rated in the top 100 programs in the world. We are increasing our requirments to get in making it more of an acedimically focused learning enviroment. The Business school has a very nice facility that was recently built and is quite impressive. It makes you feel like you are actually doing something for your future when things are that professional.


Inside the University of Oregon I attend the Robert D. Clark Honors College (CHC). The CHC provides small classes, indepth discussion and a way out of the usual freshman requirements. I have the oppostunity to work one on one with amazing tenured Professors that even my friends in private schools are not experiencing as freshman. The University as a whole also provides an amazing aray of community programs, everything from lectures to concerts to impromptu soccer games. In both academics and extracurriculars the University of Oregon provides me with the big school events and the small school networking.


The school spirit! Every one at this school is always supportive of the DUCKS! We love our ducks! I love how festive it always is around here. I also brag about the variety of classes offered! I came into college undiclared and was able to take such a range of classes in different areas and be exposed to so many different things. It is such a great environment to be in during the week and the weekend and i love being in and around campus!


I would say that the campus here is one of the most beautiful in the country. Nestled in the Willamette Valley, one can look in any direction and see mountains. Many of my friends are constantly overwhelmed with the plethora of trees and lush colors all around. Even now when the leaves are floating from the branches the oranges, reds, and browns are vibrant and inspire awe. During the spring the trees will be every hue of green and, my personal favorites, the red, pink, and purple leaved trees will thrive and give bright contrast to bright blue skies above.


I usually brag about our football and track teams, they are usually exceptionally good. Also, when people ask me what my major is, I say architecture and I usually say that the University of Oregon has one of the best architecture programs in the country.


I would say that I brag most about how beautiful Eugene and the surrounding area is. And probably how liberal (for the most part) the student body is.


I tell my friends that the University of Oregon is a nice place if you are the type of an outdoor person. It rains like people had said before a lot, feeling the breeze is the most amazing thing. On the other side the sport are very cool because dedicated atletics work so hard when they are preparing for an event (or game) coming up. In addition I tell the opportunites they have when choosing courses they have a varitey to choose from especially if they want to explore other things. The enviornment is nice and wonderful place.


I brag about the school spirit and the beauty of the campus.


Eugene is a spectacular place to live. The heart of the city is the University of Oregon. The college encourages students to pursue any academic and recreational opportunities. In particular it is noted for its activist political endeavors, alternative lifestyles, recreational opportunities, and amazing natural beauty mixed into the old and new buildings that sprinkle the campus. This beauty is not limited to campus. Eugene brings together a wide variety of outdoor activities of a small town with all the amenities of a big city. There is hiking, canoeing, bicycling, inner tubing, rafting, and many recreational parks throughout the town.


I don't brag about my school. It is in a good location for outdoor activities though.


I don't brag about anything.


I loved the atmosphere in Eugene. The people. The mindframe. It's a liberal school with a keen intrest for bettering the world through sustainability and new thought processes. I graduated this summer from UO's Journalism school that is increadibly prestigious for a state school, and I was taught by professors that were very experienced in the feild. I'm proud of my education, and I have pride for the Ducks!


"My Frat party's harder then yours", "Our football team could beat yours any day of the week", "my campus has hotter girls then yours",


How involved I am and all the opportunities that have been presented to me as a result of my attendance.


The amazing education I have had, between two majors, my internship and the extra projects I have been involved with.


Probably our football team. They did awesome last year with Dixon.


Oregon is beautiful and green and relaxed. And there are lots of great breweries.


I brag most about student access to sport events and the faculty support to students.


Very challenging courses, career preperation, portfolio development, absolute training in crucial skills


I think that the UofO has as many people that believe themselves educated as it does people who truly are. Oregon has a way of growing on you, and UofO is like any other school wherein it has teachers who are helpful, teachers who aren't and teachers who are in-between. All the teachers use a range of techniques differ beween majors, rather than classes. It has groups of students, but the student population does mix pretty well, though, regardless of the "group" you are in. I have friends in almost every group, myself, regardless of our belief differences.


That we are home to the loudest football stadium in the nation and have one of the most beautiful sceneries around our campus.