University of Oregon Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There are very few things I consider as negative at the University of Oregon. I feel there are many opportunities for students to get involved in the community, an area that will help in their career pursuit, and outdoor extracurriculars.


The lack of lights around campus at night is the worst thing about this school. In the fall, it gets dark early, so when you are walking to your classes or to library it does not feel safe.


The off campus housing, while being in great proximity to the campus, is very expensive.


Currently the worst part about my school is the construction underway for a new building. Though the school requires a new builiding for the abundant student population, the construction is often quite loud and causes a distraction for the student body.


I think the hardest part about attending University of Oregon was how large it was. The class sizes can be very big and you may not have a chance to talk to a professor all semester. For this reason, I think it is important to be an independent learner in order to thrive at a large school like UO.


Sometimes certain students make poor life choices and get away with it because they are involved with sports, which reflects badly on the school as a community.


There really is not anything that is the "worst", just certain areas need improvement.


This year it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be, but the rain, is just way to excessive. I hate how I just leave my dorm for a few minutes and I am drenched. Definitely not a place to come if you dont like the rain.


The tuition for out-of-state students is quite nearly double what in-state students pay.


The worst thing about the University of Oregon is the lack of career focused degrees. Outside of Business Administration and Pre-Law, the undergraduate degrees are very generalized liberal arts degrees. Many students that love the campus and facilaties choose other schools over the University of Oregon because of the lack of pre career degrees.


Most people would say the worst thing about the school is the weather. No matter what anyone says - it rains a lot, and when it doesn't rain, it is generally cloudy. This can be tough on a lot of the kids from southern California who come here to school. I, on the other hand, came from eastern Washington, so I'm just happy it doesn't snow, but the rain can get old after a while. The good news is that on sunny days we have a beautiful city, gorgeous campus, and great outdoors to enjoy.


Some of the older buildings have poor heating and cooling. The buildings are beautiful but need to be updated. On the otherhand, the newer buildings (library, law school, business school and upgraded science buildings) are amazing. The architacture school of University of Oregon has done some amazing work.


I would have to say that the worst thing I've experienced here would be having to deal with the financial aid office because they are unorganized and have made my situation worse than it should be. They don't service the students or help them unless you pry it out of them and I don't think that is productive for either the university or the students.


There isn't enough time to participate in all the activities I want to be a part of! You have to learn how to budget your time and be extremely selective about the number of clubs or organizations you join. I joined too many!


The worst thing about my school? I do not see such things at UO. This school offers great learning environment that anyone can easily adapt to.


The University of Oregon has monotonous standards for the average student, requiring classes that are repetitious, expensive and unhelpful for their career and major goals. The generic requirements that provide little creative outlet are not supporting a generation of students who are likely to drop out or take a fifth year. If the University allowed more wiggle room, and the option to test out of the generic freshman requirements students would be more engaged in their education. At such a large school as this it would make students feel as if they are not fading into the crowd.


The student body could be more diverse.


The worst thing about the University of Oregon is the lack of political activism. Eugene is known for being a "hippie" town, but the students at the University of Oregon rarely do much to create social change. They often complain about the political situation in the city/state/country or about the actions of the administration, but are rarely moved to organize to do anything about it.


The worst thing about my school is the environment it is in, especially the weather. It rains a lot and having all the rain can be very depressing. Along with the depressing weather the dorms are not the nicests and they can be very small. It is hard going from living in a big house to a tiny room that feels like a closet. The worst thing about my school is the size of the dorms.


The worst thing about the University of Oregon is Blackboard (the online system students/teachers use to get/give information for classes). The system is not very clear and can be glitchy. Many students experience problems with the system such as: system failure, login issues, page timeout, etc. The way classes are listed on the main page are also very confusing and unhelpful since many past classes are listed on the same page.


The worst thing about the school is walking to class in the rain, there is not a lot of parking


I don't love the quarter system too much. It moves really fast sometimes and i feel rushed in my studies. However, after about 10 weeks of school I am ready to end the classes I am in and start new ones! In addition to what I have said, it takes about 3-4 weeks to kind of figure out how the class works and how the tests work but by then the term is already half way over. I sill love every minute of it though. It drives me to work harder every minute that i have.


The only scholarship I was able to receive was one for my grades and it was very small. I came to this school having no idea what college life was like and no advisor helped me. My parents don't pay a time for my schooling but that meant nothing to the school. The faculty does not care about students individually. I started in one major and was driven out of it because the faculty didn't think of me personally.


There hasn't been anything that I absolutely hate about my school.


The classrooms and buildings are not all up-to-date. The largest lecture hall on campus (about 500 seats) is falling apart, has terrible acoustics, and uncomfortable seats. Many other classrooms are small or uncomfortable. They mostly have adequate teaching equipment, but have old desks and sometimes no control of room temperature. Many buildings could use an update or makeover. Other than that, I love this school and everything about it.


For me, coming from a smaller college, the size of the school is probably the worst thing. I was used to smaller classes, with more one-on-one interaction with the professors. Those are available here; just harder to find and get into.


The campus is amazing but there are a few limitations to it. Often much of the money that gets donated to the campus goes directly to the business and sports facilities. Some of the other buildings could use some maintenance. While this is not hugely detrimental it is rather annoying that money usually goes first to those two (sports, business) and whatever is left over goes to the other parts of campus. There are parts of campus that bring the old colonial mixed with the modern. Unfortunately, in order to continue to maintain those colonial buildings they require funds.


the worse thing about the school is the older buildings on campus, they really need to be renovated but that would cost alot of money.


The area that it's located in.


I have worked so hard for my grades, and the classes in which I have worked the hardest I have earned B's because of unfair grading. I have literally gone to see several different proffessors 12-15 times during a term while having trouble or questions and have not gotten into his/her office hours or the prof does not answer questions or 7 trips later does not remember my name. It is absurd.


My school can be a little too large so if you are taking general classes its easy to slip under the radar and not get individual attention.


So fast passed, since we are on trimester system, classes start and end SUPER fast


The worst thing about my school would have to be along the lines of perhaps scheduling and obtaining the classes you would like. This is simply because the oldest get to pick first because they need classes to complete their major requirements. Class availability would probably be the term to use here. It is not all that bad however, I moderately still get the classes I need.


The worst thing about the University of Oregon is that I feel like a lot of the professors that teach 100 level classes and upper division classes treat their lower division classes as if they are thee upper division which is not fair to the students at all.


The worst thing about my school is the huge lecture halls, sometimes 400-500 students. At times its very hard to communicate with the teacher because there are so many students. Other than that I believe this is a great school.


The weather can be horrible in eugene in the winter and fall terms, which makes school depressing.


That it rains a lot and is very cold during the winter.


The parking. There is one main parking area and that is pretty much it and it is a little walk from most classes.


classes fill up fast. cant get into classes sometimes.


The fact that players of popular athletic teams seem to be ably to cheat in class. Obvious reasons as to why this is the worst thing about my school.


The worst thing about this school is the dorm situation. Most of the dorms are either old and uncomfortable, or new/remodeled and nice. This year some of the freshman class had to live in apartment complexes right away, and have to take a bus to campus.


Little racial/ethnic diversity


The weather can definitely 'dampen' many people's spirits but if you put a positive outlook on it every once in a while it won't be as bad. The rain is a GREAT excuse to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie or read a book. I love to crack the window near my bed and listen to the rain. Or you can go mud diving and puddle jumping, then warm up in the shower. It's also a free car wash.


The weather is the worst thing about the University of Oregon. It is cold and rainy most of the school year which isn't pleasant to walk to class in or be outside in at all.


The worst aspect of my university is that fact that I have to pay out-of-state tuition. I enjoy most everything about this school accept the cost.


The main social activity is drinking and partying.


The worst thing would be the ethnic conflicts at the school. Many minority students are such a small minority they feel that they have to go over the top to get their voice heard. This creates a tense and unwelcoming enviornment. Steps are being taken and the situation is improving.


The counseling, and availability of classes.