University of Oregon Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I dislike the environment and student body. Everyone is a bit too stereotypical and there are way to many students. The school focuses too much on athletics and the food is the typical gross dorm food. Eugene is a really good area, especially for the hipster crowd. It's small, not much to do, but has really good places to eat! I'm transferring out to find a better fit for myself.


The University of Oregon is an all around great place to be. The faculty on campus are always friendly and helpful. It is the perfect size college town, with a campus that is large enough that it does not seem cramped but not so large that it takes too long to walk to the other side of campus. Being located in the Pacific Northwest, there are plenty of rainy days. It would be nice to have a few more days of sunshine throughout the year but if rain is not a huge concern it is an amazing place to be. There is always something to do here; from the popular sporting events to weekly parties. Campus is also located close to downtown Eugene which allows access to even more things to do throughout the week. University of Oregon takes pride in who they are, if you want a school with tons of school pride this is the place to be!


I love Oregon and especially it's campus. I think everyone's school spirit makes this community close and exciting. I would change the quarter academic system. I think it conflicts with schedules and makes it difficult for students to transfer to and from UO. Eugene is definitely a college town and the whole town is enthusiastic about UO.


This school is a great place to be. The campus is so lively and well taken care of. School spirit prevails at all times, but students take their academics seriously. Everyone is here to have fun while getting a good education. It keeps a healthy balance between the two, and there are many opportunities to get involved in school and the community. Also, the location is convenient, and only 2 hours away from Portland, OR! The professors are amazing and I feel like I am learning a lot. When I first applied for colleges, University of Oregon was on the bottom of my list. Around April, something drastically changed my mind after visiting with professors and visiting the campus and soon it became the only school I wanted to attend. It has been the best choice I have ever made. University of Oregon is the place to be.


My overall opinion is that this is a good school. It has some bad qualities, like allowing smokers to walk around campus blowing their "death smoke" in other peoples faces and giving student athletes bigger privileges than the rest of the students but I like the University of Oregon.




I absolutely cherish the University of Oregon, the environment is friendly and there is a lot of diversity on the campus. All of the professors and staff are very supportive and friendly and for the most part actively participate in making sure students succeed. My favorite part about the school is that there is a lot of school spirit not only on campus, but around the entire town. I've never felt so connected to the people in my area. Another thing that is a favorite of mine is that there are so many opportunities to do what you love and stand up for what you believe in. There are many clubs and there are always protests or surveys that are open for participation.


My overall opinion of the University of Oregon is a very high one. The University's campus is absolutely beautiful with tall trees, greenery at all times of the year and an easy campus to get around. The only thing that I would change about the school is the amount of rain that we get in Eugene. It does not bother me all the time but every so often it can get tiring. The spring term here is amazing though, with tons of sunshine! Another great thing about the University of Oregon is that it is on terms instead of semesters. In this setting, classes go by very fast with only ten weeks of class and one week of finals at the end but it allows you to take more classes. If you do not enjoy a particular class as much as others then the class goes much faster which is always nice. The U of O is a pretty big school with around 20,000 students but it does not seem this way at all. I see many of the same people everyday and the campus is small which makes it seem like the population of the school is smaller. But if you do want to get lost in the crowd, you have the opportunity to. Around the University is the city of Eugene. Eugene is an interesting city. There are many nice parts to it but there are also some down and out parts. I mostly stick on campus or around because I like campus much better than the rest of Eugene. But if you want to get away on a weekend there are plenty of places to do it. The coast is about an hour away as well as the mountains if you head East. Portland is a mere two hours away, too. If you're looking for a school that has a lot of school pride, University of Oregon is it. Football games, basketball games, baseball games are all very fun! And our football team has done really well the past couple years. People at the University of Oregon are really helpful and friendly. If you need help in a class professors and graduate students are there to assist you and if you need tutoring, the University offers programs. There are many ways to get involved on campus which makes everyone feel like they have a place here. It's a wonderful University and I would recommend it to anyone. I have loved my four years at the U of O and would not change anything about it.


The U of O is a great school, and a great place to learn. It's big school but there are many opportunities to join different organizations to experience being part of a smaller community. Eugene is the ideal college town with lots of outdoor activities and great restaurants. The biggest recent controversy on campus was the firing of President Lariviere. There is also tension regarding how academics and athletics have been prioritized.


If you're looking for a school with a strong sense of school spirit, UO has more than enough. You can find the Oregon logo and images of 'Puddles' the mascot all over the Eugene area. There are many business that offer student discounts and cater specifically for students which creates the perfect 'home-town' feel for a complete 'college- town'. No matter what you feel extremely welcomed! The school itself is good medium-sized campus and there are so many opportunities available. Whether you have a specific department or major in mind...or you're looking for something interesting to do on the side. You will not be disappointed! The campus has some of the best dorm/campus food around and there are plenty of cafes near and on campus. If you're looking for something to do in-between classes, I recommend visiting one of the two museums on campus which are free to students (free to the public on some days). There's the Museum of Natural and Cultural History on the east side of campus- it has everything from fossils and rocks to cultural artifacts- You have to check out the World's Oldest Shoes! On the west side of campus there's the Art museum- it's galleries rotate quite often so there is always something new to see! Other than that, our school has an excellent athletics department and the Student Gym is huge! There's so much to do. The professors are welcoming and the staff are extremely helpful. If there's anything you're interested in or you want to volunteer or become a part of something usually all you have to do is ask and send a few emails. There have been a few major events/ controversies concerning the campus in the past few years. Right now, the school is in search for a new president- you can check out the school's website and state board for information on recent updates. This upcoming fall the University of Oregon will join many other schools in becoming a "smoke free campus." There was a Freshman Riot last year (you can find it all over youtube) and since then the Lane County Sheriffs Dept. has been upping surveillance during the weekends.


This school is beautiful, energetic and diverse; so many attributes a student is looking for. It may rain a lot but when the sun comes out, it is FULLY appreciated; bikes everywhere, people out jogging everywhere you look, frisbee, soccer, etc. Another exciting part of the school is the football atmosphere we have. I cannot even describe how fantastic it is to be a part of the University of Oregon Ducks student section at a home game. It is amazing. People screaming, sheering shaking their keys, making the infamous "O" with their hands; it is really something. When I tell people I go to this school the first two things they say are: "Oh so you're a duck, how about that game?" "It is really pretty up there, huh?". But those are not the only things are school has to offer. It's a college town full of support from the members of its community, even the homeless. I'll never forget all the ridiculous homeless people that yell "Scooooo DUCKS!" and support our team, though it is a little unusual. The one thing I'd change is rain, and as I've described it above, it's not that big of deal. So in other words, this school is pretty great just the way it is.


The University of Oregon (UO) is truly a great school. No where else can you find such an interesting melange of unique people. All kinds of people come from all kinds of places to study all kinds of things! Want to study zebra fish or worms? The UO has some of the leading research happening with some of the most renowned professors in these areas. Prefer the arts or entertainment? The UO is home to Beall Hall, a beautiful music hall, a traveling marching band, as well as its very own Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum. If you're into sports, you probably already know that the Ducks teams are among the best in the country. The UO is loved by the city of Eugene. Many Eugeneians end up attending the school themselves, or spending their free time there to eat, drink, lounge, see a show, saunter through the art gallery, or attend a lecture. The campus is mostly near downtown Eugene, with the football stadium, Autzen, and other sports buildings on the other side of the river, East of the central part of campus. The entire city seems to have the Ducks spirit, so much so that we even have a song entitled "I Love My Ducks" (youtube it). The UO is not considered as prestigious as some, but that doesn't mean it's not a good school. In fact it gets more and more competitive each year, and is now one of the top-ranked universities in the country. As far as the administration of the school goes, it seems to work as a well-oiled machine. I decided to attend the UO for summer term on a Thursday, registered on Friday, and was in class on Monday morning. With any problem I've had, such as financial aid questions or registration questions, I have been able to simply call the appropriate number, and they usually pick up quickly. The office clerks know what they are talking about and typically, can answer your questions. The UO duckweb system can be hard to use at times. For example, if you expect to receive financial aid, you need to check and double check, because if there are any holds on your account you will not get aid, and you may not necessarily know if you have a hold. However, that is my only complaint about this school. It is easily remedied by simply talking to a staff member. One thing I will always remember about my time at the U of O are not only the friends I've made, but also the street markets. In the spring, vendors of food, clothing, art, ornaments, you name it--line the main drag on campus. The smell is so wonderful that it's impossible not to be drawn in. You can sample any kind of ethnic food imaginable, made by the hands of people who actually know how to make it. Once I bought a bar of woolly soap--a bar of homemade soap wrapped in colorful wool. Overall, the UO is an awesome university where you can study anything, meet all sorts of people, and get into the Ducks spirit!


Overall, I love the University of Oregon. However, I did not come to this conclusion until my second year of school here. My freshman year was a struggle because I did not get put in a very social dorm, and I came to this University not knowing anybody. A mixture of home sickness and loneliness caused me to become distant from others. So if I would change anything at the school, it would be making sure all dorm experiences are favorable (having said that, the majority of my friends had better dorm experiences then I did). It wasn't until I went home for the summer before my sophomore year that I realized how much I missed the University. My favorite part about the University of Oregon is the athletic events. The town of Eugene is quite hippie-like, aka it has a lot of people who you would not expect would enjoy football games, track events, etc. However, it is quite the opposite. Everyone in the town of Eugene loves the Ducks and come game day (for football) the town goes absolutely nuts. If there is a five o'clock game, I will hear people yelling outside my window "Go Ducks!" at seven in the morning. The excitement is unbelievable and quite unique, making Eugene a great college town. I love the size of the school, it is large but not so large that you feel swarmed. Majority of the teachers that I have had here are passionate about their subjects, and love the ducks as well! The greek life here is just the right size in that it is large enough to be competitive but you will know many people in multiple houses. The campus has a wide variety of protests, public speakers, and events for many different subjects. I love my Ducks!


My experience at U of O has been amazing so far. The school pride the comes with being a Duck is an amazing feeling that can't be replicated or beat by any other school. The size of the school is perfect for my liking, there are about 20,000 students that attend the University of Oregon. I love that the town of Eugene is very in touch with the university and that the school is supported by everyone around it. Walking around in Duck or University of Oregon apparel is the most amazing feeling and I couldn't have more pride being a Duck.


The two things you first notice when you set foot on campus are lots of school spirit, as well as our gorgeous campus. The University of Oregon is very much undergrad-driven, so there's not as many graduate students around as, say, a UC. Eugene (where the U of O is) is the quintessential college town, which means there's no shortage of student apartments, restaurants, and bars. My biggest concern about the University of Oregon is that the school doesn't place enough of an emphasis on academics - instead, the school heavily promotes athletics to possibly the detriment of students. It's a very complex and polarizing subject, so I won't go into too much detail about it.


My overall opinion of my school is that it is a great school, especially for those interested in Business. The Lundquist College of Business school is very up-to-date and provides a great educational experience through lower students:teachers ratios, innovative technology, and very qualified professors.


People associate the U of O and Eugene with hippies and pot, not professionalism. People here did way too many drugs in the 60's and 70's, and they are still teaching at the U of O, 30+ years later, producing the same crappy dances and calling it art. Ever here of a dancer from Oregon? Thought not.


I had fun there, but really, I hate hippies. As soon as I left the state, I needed to shower a lot.


The best thing about UO is that it's not located in the middle of a big city and has a nice campus infrastructure. The school size is just about right. Usually people do not know where is the UO so I have to tell them a little bit more elaborately. I spend my time mostly at the Lundquist School of Business and the Mills International Center located at the EMU.


I don't know how most people feel about this, but what I miss most is fun fancy dances. The kinds from high school where you'd dress up in nice clothes and go to a nice venue to dance. Here, unless you are in a sorority or fraternity, there aren't any dances like that. Some bars are fun for dancing, but not everyone is 21 when they first come to college. Otherwise, U of O is a lot of fun. If you live in the dorms your freshman year, they have various activities going on there and "Common Grounds" (cafe in hamilton) is open until 2am everyday. Living off campus is nice too. I lived with 4 other people my sophmore year in college and it was great. It's like having your friends over all the time. Although, now that I only have one roommate, studying is definately easier to do since there are less distractions.


The UO is the best campus I've ever seen. It's a perfect college town, has enough people in attendance to get lost if you want and not too many to remain that way forever. There's enormous school pride, and the vibe on campus is a positive one. I don't want to go anywhere else.


It's easy to find a community in Eugene and the University. It is nice that the community can provide so many great things for everyone. I wish the University wasn't so business-like. The large size teaches you quickly to be your own best advocate. I like the bike culture in Eugene and around campus; it is very easy to get around with a car. I like to spend time on the comfy couches in the Women's Center and Survival Center. The Craft Center is also a great resource for fun, different, inexpensive classes. Fronmeyer is in the pocket of Phil Knight. We have Knight Library, Knight Law building, and (hopefully not) soon Knight basketball arena. Good luck getting sweatshop free apparel.


Best thing about UO is the spring time. Beautiful campus and people very busy on campus. I wouldnt change a thing. I like the size of this school, much bigger and i would feel overwhelmed. I spend most of my time in club sports.


Eugene is the epitome of a college town. The whole city supports the Ducks and football games are possibly my favorite events to attend throughout the year. The fans are friendly, but still rowdy, and enjoy going out the night after a game still decked out in Duck gear. It’s definitely an atmosphere of school where sports are big and well supported. I mean, it never rains in Autzen and no coach wants to play us at home.


The best thing about UO is the willingness of people to get involved in the world around them. The other best thing, is Autzen stadium when we're having a good football year: standing there screaming with 60,000 other people in the loudest stadium in the county on an Oregon Autumn day is enough to make me glad I didn't go anywhere else for college. The campus is beautiful in Fall and Spring; there are a lot of outdoor adventure opportunities nearby; skiing, the beach, and a big city are all an hour-and-a-half away; the Greek community is great because it is so laid back and different from other state school Greek communities; the school of Journalism is great and nationally recognized. The one thing I would change, and the most frequent student complaint: the freshman housing is horrendous. Though it is a great bonding experience over how much they suck, I think we need to be more competitive with other schools. They have made strides to improve it recently with the new addition of the Living Learning Center, but- the disparity between that building and Bean- our oldest, most awful dormitory- is huge. The off-campus housing situation is a little frustrating in that they keep turning houses into apartments and its way more fun to live in a house than an apartment. One thing I'll always remember about UO is that ANY time the sun comes out, the main Memorial Quad on campus fills up with people and their guitars, and frisbees, and dogs and friends and the porches at local bars (Rennie's Landing and Taylor's) get packed.


The best thing about UO would have to be campus size and accessability. Its not too hard to find a house for rent that is close to campus as well. The sports are also very exciting and extremely competitive, a Mac Court basketball game is hard to top. It's an atmosphere unlike any other. I love how Eugene is so accepting, you can be a downright weirdo and fit right in. Or you can be traditional and fit right in just as well. Tons of school pride, the whole community is Duck friendly, tons of support for students. It could just be me, but I don't really see much controversy on campus. There are small rally's and such, but nothing huge that I have noticed. The school newspaper is also fantastic, and covers some controversial issues. Eugene is actually a REALLY safe town, for the low amount of Law personnel, which is actually what most college bound teens are looking for. A break from Johnny Law! Party scene is definitely good, especially at nearby college houses.


The best thing about UO is definitely our campus, looking out my window right now on to Hayward Field, all of our truly unique buildings, lush lawns and art works make our campus truly unique. The University of Oregon is situated in really an idyllic town for a college, large enough to offer things to do on our free time, yet small enough to be reminiscent of a neighborhood.


The best think about the UO are the advantages of a large research university, but in the small intimate setting of a great college town. No matter what your major you can be involved in different academic areas all across campus, in whatever interests you. The campus is amazing! I've never felt overwhelmed or "lost in the crowd" at UO. It's the perfect small "big university".


There is no single best thing about the UO, instead thousands of good things come together to make the UO what it is. The campus is incredibly beautiful and a walk can be inspirational to even the best procrastinators. The lush campus is nestled right into the bustling city of Eugene. Although its a bustling city, Eugene emits a certain feeling that everything will be alright. Nothing is rushed and everybody is super relaxed. The university has wonderful facilities for students to pass the time, and there are several incredible outdoor opportunities. The beautiful cascade mountains, abundant wilderness, raging rivers, and pristine coast all offer memorable excursions from campus. The university has several student run organizations which make getting involved super easy. There is a student art guild in the EMU offering everything from glass blowing to welding to a complete woodworking shop. The biggest source of complaint is the lousy dorms.


The abundance of costume parties and beazies. The Beazies. The school is just right. They usually figure I'm a liberal hippie douchebag. I spend most of my time on campus not going to class. College town (Eugene OR). The administration is tight by me, but Greg Gill is an asshole (lookout freshmen in the dorms). The senate is full of a bunch of bitches. School pride is prevalent in the air that each duck breathes. The UO's Greek life isn't very big, but they still ruin all of the local bars. I'll always remember trippin' on acid mid-day in the Fall on the Knight lawn. Class isn't cancelled enough.


-Best thing: The area surrounding the college makes for a nice small-town feel and I am always really comfortable on campus. I also love the activism that goes on both locally aimed and globally aimed. It's great to see so many people in the community advocating for what they believe in. -Change: I wish they'd get a more well established pre-health advisory program -School is just the right size. -Most people aren't surprised since it is one of two major universities in Oregon. -Most of my time is spent on campus in class, or in the three libraries of my choice (Law, Science, Standard) -COLLEGE TOWN -Definitely a lot of school pride. I'm proud...


I love how UO is 20,000 people so you meet new people everyday, but small enough that when you are walking to class you recognize and say hi to few people. If i could change one thing I would make art classes easier to get into for non art majors. UO is just the right size.People who know the journalism program no that its one of the highest rated programs... I went George Washington University my first year an i know some people that if you don't go to a fancy college like that they think you aren't challenging yourself. I spend the most time in the journalism computer lab. Eugene is small, but i like it. Good food and shops. Beautiful when its sunny and you have a bike. Don't really know much about the administration. There is lots of school pride in some groups... usually the non-hippies- especially during football season.


I absolutely hate the city of Eugene. The locals are absolutely crazy and there isn't a ton to do off campus. It's also very difficult to find a job if you don't have a work-study. I love campus during the warm months. It's so nice to lay in the grass and study. There is a ton of school pride. Everyone loves the ducks. Even if you're not a big sports fan you still wear your green and yellow. Football games are intense and bring the whole student body together.


I like the size of the school. I wish there was more funding for certain programs, like English. I wish I didn't have to pay for printing (business majors don't because Phil Knight gives them shitloads of money). I spend most of my time at Cafe Roma, when I'm not in class. They have good, strong coffee and a nice smoking porch.


The school size is great. You can stand out, get to know a small group of teachers or students if you want. Or if you're just into taking big lecture classes and not being bothered by all that, you can find that here too. It's a nice middle road.


Since I come from a small town, everyone seems pretty surprised that I didn't choose OSU instead. In very general terms, OSU is a more rural farming school while UO is on the opposite side of the spectrum. But it is an interesting learning experience.


The best thing about UO is the atmosphere. UO has a gorgeous campus all year round (especially when it snows), but I wouldn't recommend it if you hate squirrels. I am on campus everyday, and I never go an entire day without seeing a familiar face. UO is just the right size because it's not so big you'll get lost or so small you'll know everyone's name by the end of freshman year. Eugene also has a great atmosphere. It's definitely a college town - it's common to see small businesses with the O symbol or the Duck on their windows - but UO is not all it cares about. There are other colleges here, including Lane Community College and Northwest Christian College. When I tell people outside of Eugene that I go to UO, I get a few glares from Oregon State University fans, but otherwise people seem pleased. My parents are especially happy because it's close to the Portland area. (However, it's not too close, which is something I definitely appreciate.) One student complaint is the library not being open 24 hours unless it's during Dead Week or Finals. Another issue is with the distribution of student tickets for sports games, which currently involves waiting in line during school. Some people have to skip classes just to get tickets. The administration has been trying to find a solution, so hopefully this won't be an issue for much longer.