University of Oregon Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The University of Oregon has a variety of groups based on various interests. Some of the groups are based on multicultural and environmental interests. The university is a good option for someone who is interested in attending a school that has a wide variety of activities and groups.


If you're an outgoing person who likes to be involved on campus then this is a great school for you. If you also love quality food from every part of the world, then there are plenty of great options here and friends to go eat with. It is also a blast attending athletic games because our fans are nationally known as some of the best out there.


Anyone who attends the University of Oregon should be open to a diverse environment where ideas and opinions are exchanged without malice towards opposing sides.


Someone who is open to different kinds of people and opinions.


I would say the kind of people who should attend this school are the people who like racial diversity and have school spirit. People at this school are usually pretty open about their views. The person who will attend the school needs to remember that it is a liberal arts college. Put an emphasis on the liberal. The kind of people who should attend this school are those who are not only looking for a good academic program, but someone who is also looking for social interaction.


Anyone who is not stuck on the big city lifestyle.


School-spirited, hard-working, motivated, responsible, well-rounded, diverse, and extremely open minded to enjoy the many opportunities the University of Oregon has to offer.


Anyone who isn't too high-strung or focused on their own money. U of O is about being relaxed


Someone who enjoys big schools and is adamant about expressing themselves. Our school is full of free spirits who strive to better themselves and the community around our campus.


A student who wants to be engaged in the school. We have very strong school spirit and the whole University makes everyone feel engaged. This is a school with an EXCELLENT Public Relations program. We are the only school that works on a campaign with real clients in our final class of the sequence.


Likes good education, friendly place , and rain.


Somebody who really loves and has passion for their school and school teams. Most people at University of Oregon are dressed in UO clothes every day and don't miss sporting events. You should also be ready for a lot of people around you all the time!


Since the University of Oregon has a big population of students any kind of person should be welcome to attend this school. It fits the needs of anyone since it offers many different classes as well as many different times to accomodate to anyones schedule. It is known as a college town so there are a lot of different activites to attend too but at the same time there are many students from the ages of 30 and up. There is also an on-campus day-care for parents that are students with children.


Anyone who loves to feel like an individual, but a part of the crowd at the same time.


An open minded student who is willing to learn and explore new cultures and backgrounds. They should be open to trying new things and meeting all kinds of different people. The University of Oregon is essentially a melting pot of diverse people. The professors here are all open minded and have a passion for teaching and care deeply about their student's well being as well as their academic performance.


The type of person that should attend is someone who is up for a challenge, someone who loves to have fun, and likes laid back places. The school work is tough so you should be able to manage your time well and be prepared for a lot of studying.


liberal, social, friendly


A Catholic wishing to make friends for life, as well as the chance to grow immeasureably in their faith.


Anyone interested in a liberal arts education such as an English or Journliasm major should attend this school. Combined with the Robert D. Clark Honors College, this campus offers a great education for a lot less than other schools.


Someone who is a big football or duck fan. Someone who is interested in attending a "green" college.


Anyone who loves to workout, go to sporting events, wants to make friends become a business major or education major, new deparment being built. Anyone who doesn't mind a little rain will love it here in the spring with the trees and birds, squirels etc. it's very beautiful here easy to enjoy


There is so many different types of people at this school that anyone could attend.


Someone with an open mind.


People who want educations.


Any kind.


A person who is open minded, wants to learn, and is accepting of people.


pot smoker, college football jock


Someone who is open-minded and interested in the humanities.


An artistic, liberal individual. This campus is all about liberal arts. Environment is a huge focus, and arts culture. There are always musicians busking on campus or a speaker at the outdoor amphitheatre.


The important thing one should always keep in mind when thinking about the University of Oregon is how open it is to its students. Every year, the U of O welcomes thousands of new students from many different backgrounds, varying ages, and ethnicities. Diversity is held very high in recognition by those who work at and attend the University of Oregon. It offers amazing courses for many subjects of interest, and anyone is welcome if they seek to better themselves through learning. I recommend the University of Oregon to anyone; it is my home away from home.


Someone who is interested to meet new people and be able to accept and try new things and ideas. Also, students should be aware that you are incharge of your success; you have to be independent.


A person who is open to new experiences and diferent kinds of people, someone who likes to be out doors and doesn't mind a little rain.


Someone who is an accepting person wanting to participate in a socially diverse community and someone who is a spirited football fan. A person who attends this school should be able to split their attention to both academics and social life because both are essential to feeling great about being on this campus.