University of Oregon Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I attend the honors college within UO and it is a great fit for me but I think prospective students who struggle with being independent learners can have a very difficult transition because of how large the school is. You have to be self-directed to be able to succeed and be willing to explore the hundreds of clubs, organizations, and events we have to offer so you can find your people. I originally planned on going to art school and I found my community of artists and writers but it took time.


An antisocial person shouldn't attend University of Oregon because the college is more of a community. With the teaching staff that is ready and willing to support the students needs with office hours to answer any student's questions, as well as the surronding area supporting the athletes and school itself.


Everyone should attend this school! University of Oregon is great for everybody.


Someone who is not willing to work hard, and self-motivate to do study and read. Someone who is uncomfortable with friendly people who want to help.


The UO is a larger school with much to offer, but if you are the type of person who learns better in smaller classes or enjoys knowing more of the people you pass on campus throughout the day, I would not suggest attending the UO. For those who want to live in the warm sunshine would also frown upon the idea of more precipitation throughout the school year. The UO is a largely populated school, which means that it takes some adjusting for those who come from small towns. I know people who would not excel in such an environment.


A person who does not have an open mind and who is not ready to learn more about themseleves and other people


Someone who gets easily depressed with rainy weather.


The University of Oregon has a vastly diverse aray of students but I would advise people that aren't willing to work hard and adapt to the Pacific Northwest climate would not enjoy this university.


You should not attend this school if you are not outgoing or have social anxiety, as this school is huge, but other than that, people from all walks of life seem to enjoy the U of O.


all people


A person should not attend the University of Oregon if they are inflexible by nature. University of Oregon has a reputation for being quite liberal, but speaking as a person who tends to be more conservative, I can safely say that regardless of your political or cultural views, you can be happy here (I know I am) if you are willing to listen to others and respect different perspectives. This requires inner flexibility. You have to be the type of person who is open to change when the situation calls for it and relishes new experiences when they encounter them.


A student that lacks self initiative and an interest in a thorough education should not attend UofO.


Anyone who is not open to new ideas should not attend the University of Oregon. The campus is so diverse that if you are not comfortable with or completely oppose ways of thinking that differ from yours, then you will feel extremely out of place. Even though people may not agree 100% on everything, everyone is given an equal opportunity to express their thoughts, opinions and ideas. Though they are free to express these things, they are also prepared to accept and contemplate differing views. If you are not willing to be open-minded, then UO is not for you.


Anyone not looking to end up $50000 or more in debt, or any person who doesn't believe athletics are superior to academics.


I think that any student should attend the University of Oregon. We are a very diverse and accepting school. We have programs for the studious, artistic, social, and again "diverse." The university has groups, organizations, and programs for any type of student with any desires and goals. I think that the only person who shouldn't attend the University of Oregon is one who doesn't have or want to have any school spirit or be proud of the school that they attend.


Someone who does't care about the environment, doesn't want to have school spirit, or does not like to go outside and do things.


People who love the city life.




I think this school is good for almost anyone. There is adequate variety and quality of all the programs. Both art and science majors will find classes that are excellent. Other schools may specialize in science or arts more, but this school has it all. Maybe if a person disliked a school with a friendly and enthousiastic atmosphere, helpful professors and staff, large and diverse student populations, variety of class and social options, and green attitude, then maybe this school isn't for them.


Someone who is more academically inclined.


Well first of all I really do not like to be a person to judge who comes to this Univerity and who doesn't, but I would not want to see students who are not willing to commit and work in their studies to continue on. In addition other students who just want to party all the time and mess around with other students to distract them from their studies.


People who enjoy political and philisophical discussions and people who are really into saving the environment. A majority of the school is liberal democrats and we could also be descirbed as hippies. The people on campus are really friendly and open to new people


Someone who is goal oriented and hard working, but also wants to have fun.


Super conservative, close-minded


None really come to mind, its got just about something for everyone


Very conservative in life and politics. City-loving people. People who are racist, sexist toward women, homophobic


I think anyone would enjoy this school. It is large, but not too big. There is plenty of activities to do on and off of campus and you are short drives away fromt the ocean and Portland.


a person who couldent get into a better school.


I don't think there's anyone who "shouldn't", but there are types of people who probably wouldn't fit, like someone from a really conservative background, close minded, extrememly Republication and radical, country-folk mindset, someone who's racist, ect... UO is very liberal. People say we're "hippies" and "tree-huggers" and mostly Democrat. (I work for the student newspaper and we stuggled to find one Rebulication to speak about the election. There's one small group of students). This isn't true for everyone, but that's the mentally you get on campus.


Someone who doesnt like the outdoors or the rain, also someone who is very conservative I believe could feel out of place on this campus.


Really conservative or easily offended people shouldn't attend this school.


A conservative person who is intolerant of diversity and the lifestyle that evokes a liberal mindset.


there is room here for everone.


Someone who likes a smaller community and small class sizes. U of O is a large school with large class sizes and if you don't take the itnitiative to get involved it can be easy to get lost in the crowd.


People who want to be engineers


The person who feels that they can just drink and slide through class and graduate.


The kind that wants a university with a large enrollment, but individual colleges within that university that are small communities. The student that wants to feel connected and included, and is also for helping the environment. The student that wants to live in a city just the right size.