University of Oregon Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


It is often joked about as "Nike University" because Nike sponsors the athletics and they have nicer facilities than the regular students have for learning.


The sports culture is disgusting here with our last President having recently been paid off to the tune of 900k because he covered up a rape scandal involving UO basketball players so they could participate in the playoffs. Phil Knight and the people who only come here because of our football team are the reason that academics have gone down as our athletic rankings have gone up. We also unfortunately have way too many unqualified wealthy international and out-of-state students here because they can pay so the gap between the haves and have nots is profound.




Like most state schools, my university has a very strong culture of partying on weekends, as well as weeknights. In addition, I often felt like my classmates were not taking their education seriously, while I was constantly studying and striving to succeed. This atmosphere made me sometimes feel like my education was worth almost nothing. I would have preferred to have a way of escaping from this atmosphere.


The parking situation was never a fun one. Parking spaces were few and far between, which was frustrating since I paid a lot for a parking permit.


The rain


The most frustrating thing for me so far is that they gave an amount for tuition, but didn't split that equally into trimesters. Now, I'm scrambling to come up with $682 for this term.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there is limited student acccess to sports functions and events held on campus or events concerning teams associated with the campus.


The amount of people petitioning their causes during rush hour foot-traffic can cause major detours for oneself like crossing the street, running in the opposite direction and chanting satanic hymns to deter the threat. The amount of school-pride can get frustrating if you don't believe in superficial connections just because you attend a school.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Oregon is the rain, you quickly learn to keep rain jackets and umbrellas in your school bag.


Sometimes large lecture classes can get frusterating because the graduate teaching fellows (GTFs) are not on the same page as the professor.


The most frustrating aspect of the University of Oregon would have to be its lack of diversity. Even though there are a lot of different personalities, there isn't much diversity in ethnicity or socio-economic backgrounds. I would have liked to have met more people that were from or had lived in other countries to gain more of an international perspective.


Its been so long since I was a student there I can't remember the most frustrating thing. I think it may have been registering for class by phone and having classes required for you major already full. I think you can regisiter on line now but I'm not sure if its any easier to get the classes you want when you want them.


Because UO has such strongly-opinionated students, faculty and staff, it can at times become overwhelming. Some organizations toe the line between presenting an idea to you so you are able to weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision on your stance, and forcing their idea of what is right on you. They will not accept no for an answer and can continue to badger you to the point where it becomes quite frustrating.


The most frusterating thing about my school is that I constantly feel like they are trying to rob me of my money. There are so many absurd over priced penalties for things such as losing my keys. I wish that they would realize I am already paying a heavy tuition and am having difficulty with that without them nickel and diming me. Times are tough as it is.


Eugene is a small college town, and it's hard to network, intern, or find jobs after college because there is not much in the immediate area. I looked hard but unfortunately could not find any internships related to my major in the area and had to relocate for a term. Even though my internship was with an accredited Fortune 100 Company including it's own university on site, Oregon's academic advising discouraged the internship because it set me back from my graduation date. However, I believe internships should be considered a step forward towards my career.


As a student at University of Oregon I am extremely frustrated with the special treatment athletes recieve in the classroom.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Oregon is definitely the payment system. It would almost be worthwhile to take a class on the nonsensical compilation of numbers and references to dates, cycles, and different renditions thereof. I would recommend sitting down with one of the school's financial advisors and getting explicit instruction concerning the payment system, unless you've got extra money to waste on surprise fees and interest.


Probably that it is a really political campus, and is easy to get distracted from school work and priorities and join a political cause. This can be a good thing, but is very distracting as an incoming freshman, especially when it is a good way to meet people. Consequently, there are always rallys and stuff on 13th street going right through campus, which is annoying when you are hustling to get to class on time.


How much attention student athletes get and how much out of state tuition costs.


The most frustrating thing about University of Oregon is not being able to take the classes you want to take when you want to take them.


I would say that the most frustrating thing about my school is that it lacks a sense of diversity, however as a native to the state of Oregon, I feel that the entire state lacks a strong sense of diversity, and the majority of inhabitants seem to be mostly caucasion. In contrast, I have never felt that at the University of Oregon there has ever been any form of discrimination or racial inequality in my own experience.




Everybody drinks or does drugs and the facilty doesn't seem to care about these problems. If you have a conservative mind-set, you are looked down upon by EVERYBODY-students, falcuty, staff. The fact that I am a Republican, and some proffessors knew it, significatly lowered my grades last quarter. It is SICK how this school pretends to be accepting, but in fact, is not at all. I had to transfer from UCSD because of financial issues. I would transfer back in a heartbeat if I had the money. UofO is nothing compared to UCSD.


I have had diverse teachers for very complicated classes, and i could barely understand them. It is hard to learn in a class where the teacher cannot speak fluent english. When it comes to the complicated classes, even though the teacher knows what they are teaching about, it should be a teacher who can speak fluently and the majority of the class can understand the material.


For me, the most frustrating thig is registering for classes. I seem to never get the schedule and classes I want/ need.


Academics are frustrating, especially coming from a small town, I'm not used to the big lecture hall type classes. The fact of trying to be a perfectionist academically. Trying to to the best for your family, and trying to graduate on time.


It is always raining here, and there is too much drinking


The most frustrating thing about m yschool is probably trying to find good affordable off campus housing.


That the classes go way too fast.


Not having enough student housing/ apartments close to campus. Within walking distance.


gym closes early.


I've gained tons of hands-on experience in the Journalism field, so not much specifically about my school, but more about the price of college. I wasn't super involved in High School. I had a good GPA, but since we have a large student body, I got no scholorships. Here I am my senior year and one of the most recognized students in the journalism school, and still all I've gotten is $1,200 from the school and I'm thousands in debt. It's rediculous. I should have went to community college for two years.


The unhelpfulness of the administration when it comes to financial aid and class-overload issues.


Study abroad opportunities are only granted after meeting the school's rigorous academic standards and not the abroad campus/company's standards. Since a year study abroad is cheaper than a year of out-of-state tuition, it seemed these school standards were created so that out of state students who have the possibility of not graduating in four years (lower GPAs) will be paying full price and staying in the US and missing amazing opportunities.


I was not satisfied with my experiences at the School of Music where I received my degree.


The most frustrating thing for me is when i need something from the adminstration, i feel like when i go there its hard to find the answers that i want. Most of the time it is easier if i just look online for it.


There aren't enough classes that focus on hands-on learning in this school. As a kinesthetic learner, I need classes like this to truly progress and gain knowledge. I would also like to see more classes taking advantage of student labor and intelligence to benefit the community (get some occupational tie-ins)


Expensive equipment fees, long hours, some oudated technology


The way peple are a little single minded about some things. Additionally, the way certain races idolize other race. I think it takes away from the academic ability or drive of the other race (me being one of the "other race" that is still driven)


nothing much