University of Oregon Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?

Ana Laura

The quality of the teachers and the way that they really care about their students and really want them to succeed. I also like that they have heritage classes for latino students which helps them use their language with other students of their same background as well as ineract with them. It helps me and I am sure as well as others to feel at home because you are surrounded that are going through the same situations as you are whether it be finacially, culturally, or even family wise.


The best thing about University of Oregon is the sense of community. Students who attend University of Oregon will be Duck fans for life!


The diversity of people and cultures. The school is openly welcome to all races creeds, religions, etc. and in fact, encourages students to explore learning about people who may be considered different from themselves.


I consider the best thing to be about the University of Oregon, is the people and the diversity. Even with exams and finals draining you emotionally, everyone takes time to be pleasant to one another. We are a very welcoming school and love that there are people from other countries that are currently in attendance. There are judgmental people, of course, but for the most part everyone treats you like family.


At first, I wasn't sure I like it here but now I really enjoy it because there is always something going on and the majority of professors that I have encountered really do care about the students and are extremely passionate about their field of choice.


For me, the many programs that provide LGBTQ students opportunity to have a safe place to be themselves and flourish on campus are what I consider best about the school.


My school plans curriculum that leads the students to their career goals by including marketable competencies that give students real experience.


Our campus is unique in the fact that it is kept very green all year round and is extremely beautiful. The climate of Oregon helps out with this a lot. Oregon is beautiful all year round and the proper care of the campus reflects this a lot.


Our campus is very green! We recycle almost everything if it's possible, even your food!


This is a great school because everyone is so spirited about everything at the school. We were voted one of the loudest football stadiums in the country. This just makes it a lot more fun because it's a way to get everyone excited about the school. Academics at this school are great as well, we have nationally acclaimed business and journalism programs and the other programs are fantastic as well, especially in the liberal arts.


I love the freedom to be whoever I want to be. The teachers are very helpful and so much fun to work with. Taking small classes is the best decision I ever made. Never attend a 40+ classroom.


I don't think that the University of Oregon is a good school for students who want to be critical thinkers or engage in a meaningful way with the material they study.


The best thing about the University of Oregon is the level of open-mindedness and acceptance. I was never made to feel like an outcast. I met all sorts of people with all different interests and each person was able to find their niche.


The food, people, friendships. experiences, learning, sharing, getting involved, and everything! The students that come here are the absolute best because we learn from eachother and create one of the best climates for acceptance I've ever experienced.


I appreciate the vast array of communities and activities to get involved with, such as religious groups/activities, sports, cultural groups/activities, community service organizations, etc.


What I really like about the University of Oregon is that there are so many interesting classes. The requirements require you to take two multicultural classes in order to graduate. At first I was unsure about taking Comparitive Literature (a multicultural class). But in the end I was really glad I took it because it was very interesting and it taught me how to look at literature as well as art in a whole new way. If it was not for the Universities requirement I probably never would have had that great experience.


The best thing about my school is that it has a lot of East Asian people. I'm extremely interested in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures and it gives me a chance to interact with them and experience some of their culture, when because of my financial standing I most likely won't get to visit all three places. I also have the chance to take Japanese and Korean which in Oregon is a rare opportunity to have at a university.


The best thing about this school is the location of all the buildings because it's very easy to get to one class to another on a bike. Also, we have a great athletic program and the Ducks are very successful in sports, including football, basketball and track and field.


I really like how diverse my school is. There are all sorts of different people to get to know and create friendships with. I also really enjoy how active my school is. There are always several different athletic activities going on no matter what time of day.


The tools it is giving me for life.


The best things about my school are the variety of classes, the beauty of the campus, the diversity of students, and the desire for students to learn and exceed and work together.




The community and atmosphere. Strong school spirit, gorgeous campus. There is lots to do and the professors are very approachable for the mot part.


University of Oregon encourages free thinking and liberal ideas. The professors and student teachers are open to all ideas and students feel comfortable stating their opinions. There is a great variety of classes, many departments are participating in cutting edge research, and many professors are well-established in their fields. Outside of academics. there are tons of concerts, cultural shows and social activites for all students to experience. There are always thing for students to do that aren't necessarily the "party scene", but there are also fun parties as well.


The school spirit. Everyone here is very into the football games, etc. I really like this because it makes the school a lot more fun, especially the weekends. I also like the campus because it is very pretty.


There are a lot of things that I love about my school, but I think that in my opinion the best thing is the overall acceptance of others. Everyone that I have met seems to be very friendly, outgoing, determined, and each individual has personality traits which I would deem as exceptional. There are such diverse personalities, yet individuals are so accepting of others that I feel like even when people differ substantially personality-wise, there is still a clear connection that one can hold with the other person, and people are able to get along.


The school does a great job, providing assistance to people with learning disabilities, there is a great amount of excellent resources (teachers, TAs libraries, peer led tutoring, advising), teachers are well educated in using technology (blackboard, email, PowerPoints are widely used and very helpful). The campus is very clean and overall student and teacher moral is very high. Teachers are very accommodating.


The best thing about the school is the campus beauty and the value of education (if you choose to accept it)


The honors college is the best part because it gives the opportunity to become part of an academic community with smaller class sizes and more intense classes within the larger university. You get both a taste of a small university and a large one at once.


The community because it is a great environment.


The best thing about the University of Oregon is the students' lack of judgement. I feel 100% comfortable in my own skin all of the time-- something that was not true for me in high school. No one cares if you wear make up to class, or what brand of jeans you have on, or if you wear baggy sweatpants everyday. People here really value each individual for who he is, and that is why I feel completely "at home" at my university.


Most of the professors do prepare for class and are willing to meet outside of office hours with their students.


The overall experience that you get here is great. The people that you meet are always friendly and welcoming. The professors or usually very helpful and very intelligent. The campus is beautiful and gives a strong academic feel.


Being a member of the non-Greek, co-ed service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega and the Kidd tutorial because the former got me really involved with the campus and helped me make a lot of friends, the latter because it is really helping to hone my skills as a writer.


The opportunities to experience other cultures through events and international students is fantastic.


The liberal attitude on life makes everyone seem welcome.


The Gym...


The extremely wecoming atmosphere created by students and faclty.


School Sprit. Everyone at my school loves being a Duck. We are proud to call ourselves ducks. When there is a football game or basketball game, or any kind of atheltic sport going on, we get behind our team and root for them. Oregon is a very well known school, and I can proudly tell people that I am a Duck.


The best thing about the University of Oregon is the acceptance and encouragement of all students regardless of their backgrounds, whether religion, socio-economic status, or sexual orientation. Everyone is welcome, and all are pushed to follow their interests.


attending the sporting events and the school spitit. Also the beauty of the campus in a major plus to the school. And the people at the U of O are super friendly.


School Spitit!!! GO DUCKS! and a beautiful campus