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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I graduated high school early to attend college. After one semester I was unsure about it being "for me". I then attended a trade school. Obtained my license in barbering. I have realized that while I can support myself financially with this trade I have learned, there are so many more opportunities available to me with higher education. I've seen my parents struggle in the job field with no college degree and I want more. I have enrolled back into the university and will continue to enrich myself and my ability to do be more. I think it's important to make a life....not just a living. I am hoping that with my continued education I will have those opportunites to provide a life that will be amazing!


I have learned to become more serious about alot of things in life. Attending collage really helps put things in order.


Take education serious because it is going to be the key to success.