University of Phoenix-Central Florida Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Stay focused dont lose site of your future and make wise choices and remeber that every actions has a reaction


I dont think i would like to go in the past, the reason while i stilled here and was able to become the person i am today was due to part that i need to learn everything and be who i was. Those mistake i did, those made learn truly about what to do next time.


The advice I would give myself is to take more college preparation classes in high school. I should of also played more sports and done more activities, so I could try to get scholarships to help pay for my college. I should of done more research on colleges and what different colleges have to offer that will fit my budget more.


I would give myself the advice I will take clep test and Dantes test while I am in high for the sake of having ahead start in college. I would have looked at the national accredidation and regionally accredidation ato make guide line of which college I would want to go with the Nationally accredidation being the guideline for a carreer with stopping at a bachlor's degree and keeping in mind the Regionally being the guideline I love this filed I would like to go for a master's degree someday. I would look into working for a company in whom gives employee tution reimbursment or sponsorship. I would at college as an oppurtunety to meet new frieds, college is better than high school, in several ways examples ( with is not about a popularity contest, I can choose to go during the day or at night, high school for me at public school was only during the day and there was not online high school and the days are more in my controll of when I do things.) This would be a golden oppertunity and I can live on campass. Think of countless oppurties and think positive.