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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If i could go back in time and talk to my senior self I would tell her that you can not procrastinate. I am a big procrastinator and because I got comfortable being that way it has caused me unnecessary stress. I wait until the very last minute to get things done and I usually don't have enough time to complete those things. I would have made the change to do things as soon as possible in high school so that in college things would be turned in ahead of time and not the day of or the day after. Being on time is important not just with school but with life too. Youdon't want to constantly be late for work or you will get fired. This is also true for constantly late for doctor. They will dismiss you as a patient for such things as lateness. The saying "the early bird gets the worm" was not been in vain!


The first thing I would tell myself is to stay in school. I dropped out of high school in the 11th grade. I received my GED at the age of 19. It wasn't until I turned 32 that I decided that I didn't want to be just a Medical Assistant. If I would have stayed in school and applied to colleges in my teens I wouldn't have this struggle of being a single parent that works full-time, and attend school full-time for my Bachelors degree. The message would be go to class every day, come home and do your homework; study for that math exam and forget about partying every weekend. Go away to college and experience life outside of these projects.


My advice to myself would be to join the military as I did. However, I should have stuck to my plan to go to college while I was in the military. I could have had two Doctorates by now.


First I would talk some sense into myself. Discussing the importance of a college degree and why it is important to stay focused education and understand that there will be plenty of time for other things after you finish college. Giving advice about the importance of always going that extra mile when studying and finishing school work with the best quality. I would tell myself to never give up on school, do not quit and go now a different path that does not better yourself. Always try to improve yourself with everything you do. Never settle for just okay. Try to do the impossible and make improvements to yourself every chance you get.


If I could go back in time and give my high school senior self college advice, I would insist she complete her degree right after high school no matter the challenges or obstacles. When working full-time while attending college full-time get too weary, I would give time management and life balance advice, such as rest when possible, organize your assignments, take advantage of any down time by putting yourself first. When her social life seems to be lacking, I would remind her good friends understand how important this degree is to a first-generation college student who dreams of a better life other than the meager provisions the minimum wage jobs of her parents and grandparents provided. When it seems paying for college is an impossible task on her own, I would suggest she take out an education loan because it is the best investment she will ever do. When her busy schedule and obligations seem to get the best of her, I would encourage her to keep her faith, hope, and dreams alive because one day she will graduate with a four-year degree that opens the door to a bright and better future.


Go to school young man. This is the best advice I could give anyone, not just myself. I waited 30 years to return and should have gone back a long time ago. The experience of college is not just fun, the learning that is done without effort makes it worthwihle. The educational benefits are secondary to the abililty to give back to your community. Through blood drives, roadside cleanup, or helping Habitat for Humanity build a home, learning to give back gives one a feeling a accomplishment that cannot be acheived in any other way. These benefits make the learning in class more palatable and fun.


The advice I would give myself knowing what I know now is to first make smart decisions about picking times for classes. I would tell my self to register early so I could get the best pick of the hours that I would want to attend. After I secured my hours that I felt comfortable with, I would tell myself to develop a schedule and a plan. I would tell myself to go to every class and if I missed a class not to hesitate to make up the work. I would tell myself that I will get out what I put in and time goes by, just stay focused. I will tell myself that an education is much needed out in the real world. I would tell myself to try and secure graduate degrees as well, A bachelordegree these days will not bring in much income but it is a definite start. I would tell myself to have fun take lots of pictures and stay focused.