University of Phoenix-Columbus Georgia Campus Top Questions

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I reallt have not found anything to be unique about the school. You do the same thing in every class you go to and your mind is not active becasue it becomes numb from boredom.


My school unique because the teachers are nice and they go out their way to help you reach your goals.


What is unique about our school is the learning team. We have to complete learning team assignments in each class. That ranges from powerpoints to papers.


Right amount of people in a small group of students. Love the facts its once a week and 5 week per class. It fits my schedule for work and at home. The hours they provide for a full time student is great. Alot of the professor are doing a very execellent job of teaching. The environment is clean and the staff are always on duty. Doing more work, doing reserach, and reaching out to students of becoming a better person. Everything is great and well perform at the ground campus. Thats what unique about this school.