University of Phoenix-Columbus Georgia Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice that I would give myself is to keep my GPA up even if college is far from my mind because one day you may end up going and your GPA is important. Most of all I would have listened to my counselor when whe qas trying to help me make preparations for college. Instead, i waited years later and it is twice as hard.


Do not do online classes! You are a visual person and easily bored so you need to be in the classroom where you have interaction with the teacher. You also need to work hard for scholarships and keep your grades up so you are able to get more scholarships. Do not take out a loan for all the money you can but just enough to cover school costs becasue in the end you are lossing a lot more money then you got. Study and put your work before everything else.


I did not gradute high school but I did obtain my GED but I wish I had graduated with my high school diploma. If I could give my high school self adivce I would say never give up. Being a college student now has taught me that no matter how hard it gets I have to keep trying. I was much younger and less wiser when I was a high school student and I beleived that education was not important. Now that I am older I know that education is essential in life. Having a higher education open doors to opportunities that I may not have if I give up like I did in high school.


Get all you can while in high school, work hard to get good grades. Don't worry about your boyfriend he will not be there forever. Join the marching band, have fun. When you graduate there will be no time for games. Start being more responsible, help around the house. Keep your room clean. Start reading more books and practice math problems. This is what I would tell myself if i could go back in time.


I have gotten a lot of support from the staff to be successful. I receive a call from my academic advisor and financial aid advisor monthly. The instructor's will give you their personal telephone numbers so that you can be able to reach them if you have any concerns about assignments or other students. The learning team allows you to get with other students who have the same goal as you do and help each other succeed in each class. I am able to attend college full time and work full time with the one day a week meetings for class. Overall, I think University of Phoenix is a great school expecially for the working class people.


My college expierence is has given me a new found confindence. I have recieved an A+ in my two first classes, and it gives me motivation to continue getting successfull grades.


That college is a great way to further my career and future for my children. That school is a place of learning the career that you want to success in life. And that it is a great opportunity to start now then later. College is the key to success in life.