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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in to time, there are a few advice that I would give myself as a senior in high school from what I know now about college life. Seeing that college life and personal life can cause conflicts, I would advise that I practice being more organized in investing in a good daily planner as an aid to stay on track of school work and other business that need to be taken care of. College tuition is very costly and with that in mind, I would strongly suggest applying to as many scholarships as possible and not relying on grants and loans to pay for my college education.


I would say step back and have a critical thought about what you want to accomplish in life. Then set your goals and start college after graduation, and get as much knowledge as possible. Always remember nothing is promised to you and you have to earn everything in life, nothing is free. College is a wonderful thing and will help you advance in life. An education should be your main focus in life because you will not succeed without it. Never let anyone or anything stop you from accomplishing your goals and always have a positive outlook on life. You can do anything you set your mind to and I wish you all the luck and success in life.


Knowing what I know now I would tell myself to not take time off and just continue with school. After completing high school I decided to take some time off to spend time with my daugher and save some money up. Time off eventually became working a full time job and providing for my daughter, so school was automatically placed on the back burner. Now that I am starting school back up again and transitioning back into the school life I regret those not going back sooner. I have to rearrange my daughter's and my schedule around, which we don't mind but I feel like it would've been easier had I done it when she was younger. If I could go back in time I would definitely tell myself that starting school would never become easier and that jumping in right after high school would help me transition into college life easier.


I would say to my high school senior self, "You should go check with your counselor about the different scholarships you can apply for." I would then tell myself to fill out as many scholarships that apply to me because right now I am struggling to pay for college and I want to transfer somewhere better that costs more. If I would've spent more time filling out scholarships in high school, I wouldn't be so far behind and I could've even started out at a University instead of a community college. I would also tell my senior high school self to look more into loans and financial aid. I was clueless then and now I am just beginning to learn about the different ways to help pay for school and I feel like I am alread behind. I would tell my old self to stay focused and study more because it's never too late to change yourself for the better.


The advise i would give myself, would be first, it is okayto not know what you want to do in life; take sometime and figure it out before you comment to something. Second and most important think about going to a community college for two years to get the experiece of college life, it is less expencive and it will give you time to see if college really is for you. Thrid, just enjoy being a student; do not rush to grow up so fast. You have plenty of time for that. Signed Arthurine (you at 42)


Time flys! I graduated in 2006 from Trimble Technical High School. If I could talk to my younger self now, I would advise so much! But concerning college. I would have started early and taken advantage of the opportunities. In high school, I was a good student but I could of taken advantage of A.P. courses. That would help a lot now. I could of gained college credit and get a headstart for myself! My conversation would sound something like this; "susana! wake up! please listen to your older self right now! That's right, I'm from the future! I know, you look great huh? ha-ha. Anyways listen, I need you to know you have to take advantage of the A.P . courses woman! yes, I know you don't like extra work, but trust me! You need this! It will make your life easier. Also, do not buy ford as a vehicle of choice. Honda is better as a college car! ha-ha I know you don't like hondas susana, but listen I did not come back to the past for no good reason! Do not be so hard headed and take the advice woman!" :)


Ramsei college is not as easy and carefree as it may seem. There is no parental guidance therefore you have to be responsible for yourself. No one is going to wake you up when it is time for class and no one is going to remind you to get your work done on time. There wil be parties and plenty of social activities to partake in, but you have to be disciplined enough to know when to stay in and study. It may seem hard at first and you may get home sick but never ever give up. Learning and furthuring your education is far more important than any thing else. Knowledge equals success and it is going to take a lot of hard work in order to be successful. College is the best opportunity available to you, take advantage.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is the knowledge that, ?I can do it?. When I first thought of starting college I had my doubts about being able to do the work required. I was concerned with not being able to do homework, read texts, and specifically fit into college life. However, for the first time in my life and after being part of college life, I feel comfortable and successful. With tutoring, professor?s support, and the adequate tools available to do homework, I been able to have a great experience. I believed I was able to go the extra mile studying required and did so. My college experience has been very valuable. I have learned that attending college and getting a degree is worth making the effort. College offered me a well-rounded education, as well as leading me into a work force that will help me earn more money than most people who do not have a degree. It has also offered me a better quality of life with greater work opportunities. I now understand that college is the most valuable experience a person can experience, I am happy I took the chance.


College has been awesome so far. I have really enjoyed the learning experience and the independence that comes a lot with it. You really get what you give in college, which is what it's all about now! You pay now and play later! Life is about sacrifice and time and effort and with that being said, there comes reward. Nothing is sweeter then that! You earn every bit you deserve in college, no more no less!


I would tell myself as a high school senior to embrace the transition to college life. To focus on school as much as possible while still taking in the wonders that college life can bring. Good decision making and maturity will need to be at the forefront of your vision as well as financial saviness. Use all tools possible to find scholarships and grants to assist in not being in debt when your college education has come to an end. Make it a point to use your leadership and innovative skills to show insturctors and others that its not only about where you come from but also the strength and determination inside to move forward ,that determines your furture. I would tell that high school senior that she will take a road that was not in her plans, lose her mother and her way for awhile, and have major financial hardships. Yet through it all with strength and determination you must press on to get your degree .


College , this will be some of the most golden years of your life. As a high school senior I was terrified of the college experience. Now that I have been a part of the College Learning Experience I would advise that you start your scholarship searches as early as possible. Many people get in a bind financially when it could have already been avoided from the beginning. I would also tell myself to pace myself and take my time. You dont have to rush into things and try to have your degree in 4 years. Take your time that way you will know you are doing whats best for you. I would also recommend that you make lasting relationships with your peers. You may be rooming with the next Bill Gates or sitting next to the next Oprah Winfrey in your statistics course. Overall just make the best out of college and do what you feel is best for you. I certainly am!


With not completing my junior year of high school, I would want to go back into time and address the fact that with modern technology as advanced as it is, that I should really take a second look at my schooling and where is it that I want to be in twenty years. If I could explain how much has changed in the past 27 years and how it is so very important to take the time to try and grasp all that high school has to offer. I would tell my younger self about how technology has rapidly advanced and is still advancing at amazing speed. I would press the issue of recieving an education in written and verbal communications. I would explain how in twenty years, computers will be running almost everything that we incounter. The main thing that I would also stress, is to continue to believe in myself, that I can do anything I put my mind too, that to take chances with my education, and not to expect that life will give me what I need, it will but I need to fight for it. I would tell myself to set goals, and follow through.


Going to college is not as hard as you think. This is going to be the most important thing you can do for yourself to help you and your future family live a good life. Please go to college and try your best. You are going to get so much support from your friends and family. Just the feeling you get from being accepted to a college, or completing a course, is going to be the best feeling. You can do all of your coursework online and never have to actually go to a classroom. The school you go to will also help you in any way that you need. The professors and instructors and staff are there to make sure you succeed in what you are doing and will help you every step of the way. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to better yourself. Don't be afraid, just do it!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would say to myself to pay a lot of attention in English class. Focus really in the grammar, punctuation, and anything related to writing. I would also tell myself to focus on how to research information adequately. For example, when looking up for certain information to be specific in what context I find interesting to myself and for other to read. Pay attention in that when using someone else work how to reference it properly. Finally, I would tell me myself to go to college rigth after high school so when taking classes my knowledge if fresh instead of trying to catch up with the surrounding or with people who already have experience in attending school. Another thing, to pay attention of life and its surrounding because when having group discussions and talking about what is going on in todays life you can feel embarrased when being clueless of what in going on.


Don?t be afraid, be out going show confidents, ask for help, go to the libary online lots out side help to get you through to next level to get your work done. And don?t let your mind go to waste it be a shame. You can do any thing you sent your mind to do it mite be hard but most good thing in life come form hard work. And with today we have way so many stepping-stones to get up there and finish. Deborah Boyd 2010 aspen in garland TX 75044 469/366/4717


I would love to go back in time to make different decisions. If I could go back in time, I would enroll in college after High School instead of partying and having children. I do love my 6 children and nothing is going to change that. If I could go back in time, I would begin major in the health field and remain in school until I obtain my Doctorate. I know now that I would love to major in Health Administration. I did not know what I wanted to do in 5 or 10 years when I grauduated from High School. When I graduated from High School, I obtained a certificate as a Medical Assistant. I stopped going to school at this point. Not continuing my education was not a wise choice. I never received a job in the Medical field after receiving my certification as Medical Assistant. If I could go back in time, I would research which careers has the most potential not to downsize positions and which careers offer six figures as a salary. If I could go back in time I would definately make a wiser decision regarding my education.