University of Phoenix-Hawaii Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could back and give myself advice about the college life and making the transition, I would start off by explain why it is so important to be patient. Being Patient will bring many opportunities, and it can also help guide you through situations. Secondly, never let other put you down no matter the situation. Listening to others with negative thoughts will only cloud your thought process, and influence bad decisions. Also, make sure to be a few steps ahead on classwork, readings, and assignments because you will regret it in the long run. Lastly, always remind yourself that you can get through anything if you put your mind to it.


If I go back to my senior days in high school I would tell myself to take math class more serious. Yes, algebra does matter! In the future business are constantly reinventing themselves and are looking for innovative ways to grow. One way businesses are transforming themselves is by applying Lean six sigma, process improvements, and statistical analysis, to improve areas of shortcomings or increase their organization. All these business improvements could be traced to mathematics. So dear self, put down the video games, stop wasting time at the mall chasing girls, and concentrate more on studying mathematical formulas. The Distance Formula: d=rt A car is traveling at a rate of 49.5mph for a total of 2.5 hours. How are did the car travel? d=(49.5)(2.5) d= 123.75 miles The car traveled 123.75 miles. Self, math is important because it is used for everyday life such as banking, shopping, sports, eating out, and tracking personal finances. This class is not boring or hard, you just have to apply yourself.


i woluld like to first tell my high school self to stay positive and you are heading in the right direction. Next, I would tell myself to do research on all the colleges offering a nursing program and research what they have to offer academically and financially. Then, I would tell my high school self to apply to my top pick colleges. Also, I would advise to apply for financial aid, scholarships, and grants. I would also advise myself to go school full time while living at home. Lastly, I would say surround yourself with positive people and wait until after school is done before you get in a serious relationship. NEVER GIVE UP!!!


I would tell myself that the best way to get ahead in life would be to continue my education right away. Do not procrastinate nor wait for a few years to do so. The sooner I complete my degree programs the easier it would br to provide for my family. Also, it would be a lot cheaper to purchase a home for my family and I.


The advice that I would give myself, would be to follow my gut instinct. I was so worried about pleasing my parents, that i pushed my dream/wants/desires on the side to please their wishes. I would sit myself down and tell myself," Chelsea, what do you want to do with your life? How can you make that happen? Who has to do the planning in order for this to happen? Who can we depend on? " After getting all the answers to these questions, I will tell myself to write down all my answers and say them to myself everyday. The next advice would be to look for a school that is not on the Island of Oahu so that I may move away from family and become more independant. This advice would help me become the person I am today, without going through all the trials and tribulations that I had to go through before finding the University of Phoenix. I would have been down with my schooling by now.


My advice to myself is, I should have studied harder when I was in High School. I should have taken my education seriously because being in college is not very easy. It itakes alot of motivation, dedication, and time to finish the required assignments. As a college student and a working mom with family is very difficult. It is also harder to comprehend and concentrate because there's alot of responsibilities involve other than just studying. My biggest regret is, I didn't really enjoy my kids growing up or attended most of their activities. I was just too busy!


I would tell myself to keep an open mind and to have patience when considering a career. I would also tell myself to work toward achieving better grades and to focus on my studies and that although it does not seem like your education is important right now, it is the one best thing you can do for yourself. I would encourage being inquisitive about the things that I don't understand and try harder to grasp it rather than think that it is too hard and avoid it. The last thing that I would tell myself is to stay strong and keep my eye on the prize which is higher education which will allow you to live a life that is rewarding and fulfilling to be self suffiecient and satisfied.


My advice I would give myself is that I should have attending online courses right after I graduated high school. I try to give all my nieces and nephews that are in high school about the college that I attend, and give them the information that I have learned and enjoy all the great knowledge that I have learned while attending online courses. My instructors have been very supportive with questions that needed to be answered if needed. I'm very glad that I get along with all my instructors and fellow classmates very well that I enjoy attending my courses and so far I have a 4.0 GPA.