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This school is designed for adult learners who are already in the field of their choice or need the education to reach their prospective fields. There is limited social interaction such as fraternities or clubs . The main focus is to become degree complete. You definitely must be disciplined enough to balance a work/home/school life. There is no hand holding here but the faculty and staff are extremely helpful and equip you with tons of resources to ensure your success. If you are seeking a quality education that fits your schedule than UOP is a great choice!


I am able to go full time and take 1 class at a time. It will be year round and I will be able to graduate in 3 yrs and 10 months and they helped narrowing down what I really wanted to do. They also have teachers or counselors that are available for my learning disability. That was the most important thing. I really wanted to make sure I was in a small classroom environment and be able to have one on one time.