University of Phoenix-Kentucky Top Questions

What should every freshman at University of Phoenix-Kentucky know before they start?


Well, I did not graduate from high school I recieved a GED. I was have been raising myself since the age of 14. If I could go back to high school and talk to myself, I would tell myself to first stay in school no matter how hard the situation my seem it will all pay off in the end. I will also tell myself to pick a University that will not only educate me as far as my studies but also educate me in some life skills. Due to the lack of parental guidance it was very difficult to find my way. I am now a casewoker for the state of Kentucky when all my life I wanted a career were I would be able to give back to young people that may experience some of the some issues as myself.


I would do things a lot different and tell myself to study harder, get organized and not to put college off for as long as I have.


I would have told myself to make sure to find a career that would be worth having, not something that I grew up doing. Focus on getting the education instead of dating. Grades actually matter, and to keep on top of my course work to get the good GPA.


My college exsperience has been great i was a student that only recieved cs and ds and fs in 9th grade ,then i recieved my ged in 1992 i have worked hard as a LNA in the medical field and love taking care of other people and meeting thier needs .I am now 41 i started school in sept 2009 went for it and did great ! My grades now are as , bs, cs, Alot better than what they were along time ago lol ,I am the only child in my family to attend college and i am very proud of my effort ,i am bringing up 1 child and my granson also ,i feel on top of the world ,i will become a nurse ,and going to school has helped me learn more and teach my family more ,i struggle being a single parent ,but school has helped my selfesteem and it has been a wonderfull time learning , i am pursuing my nursing and want to attend NHTI in NH with gods help i will be able ,the world needs more caring people that love to take care of the elderly .God put me on this path for a reason .


I showed up at the University of Phoenix beat up, tired, depressed, suicidal, lonely and with the hope that this might be what I need to keep alive. For me, I wias living physically, but had been dead on the inside for many years now. I was scared to start because my head told me I would fail agaiin. All I could here were all these people in my life that told me that I would never make it to school, much less get a job and stop getting a disability check. They had me believing that I really was not going to be anything. Something inside of me decided to look into going back to school and after talking to about 5 schools and nearly accepting a different one, that is when my life began to change. It feels as if Phoenix had taken me by the hand and held on and has never let go yet. They have walked me through so much, and they help me with anything they possibly can. Do you know the most blessed gift of all, that they have begun and am sure they will continue: How to start walking on my own.


If i could go back in time to my senior yr in high school, I would tell myself to go straight into college and don't stop until i have my degree. As an adult, I have to say that the choice not to go to college when I was younger was a big mistake. I didn't even actually get my high school diploma like i should have either. I dropped out of regular high school at then end of my junior year to work full-time to support myself because i was no longer living with my mother. I did go to an alternative school to get my GED though but I wasn't really big on the thought of going to college at the time because I just wanted to relax for a while without all the school stuff. Then after a couple of yrs of not making the money i wanted and not being able to go in the career i wanted, I wanted to go back to school. Now I know that was the biggest mistake I've ever made and that is what I would change if i could go back in time.