University of Phoenix-Maryland Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Study hard, Invest, and Save


In high school, most students do not know what to expect in college. When they get to college, they are often confused and overwhelmed with the college experience. However, if I were able to go back and give myself some advice, I would tell myself to avoid procrastination at all costs. Doing your work early allows you to go back and proofread the rough draft before turning it in. Also, I would recommend to stay away from all the chaos that happens on campus. When I went to a different college, there were many activities on campus and plenty of parties. I avoided those because it seemed like too much of a distraction from my work. College work is difficult in itself, and adding parties and all these other events seem like a distraction from my ultimate goal, which is my degree. Overall, the advice I would give my high school self, would be to stay focused on my goals, and to take the workload one day at a time.


Dear Goldie, Be prepared to experience a different world. College life is going to be exciting and everyday is going to be a new experience. Each day is going to challenge a new brain cell. Don't be afraid and think you can't do it, you can. Never say " I can't do this"! Erase the negitive thoughts from your mind. Life has negitive sitiuations in it, but the more you tell yourself yes I can, the further you move ahead. The future is everyday,be ready to learn something new. You are going to meet many new people and learn about many job oppointunities. Change your mind about your career choice, because you're going to believe you can learn anything, and you can. Keep looking for more knowledege everyday, Goldie. You are going to make a difference in a lot of people life. You're going to meet a lot of teachers whom will believe in you and soon you will also. Hang in there, Goldie, reach for the stars because you can grab them. Don't forget to help others along the way! See you there.


Assuming that I was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, there is substantial advice that I would give myself pertaining to the transition for college life. The initial advice that I would give myself is to be focused, intuitive and diligent on the possibilities that one can acheive from a college eduucation in the future within their career and life. As a college student, one should focus on their studies while maintaining a stable social interaction with other people within their school. I would advise myself to look for different avenues in obtaining financial aid or funds in order to further my education; and to not become discouraged when various doors may close in obtaining the finances needed for school. I would advise to take advantage of the benefits from work and organizations; as a means to continue my college education. I would advise myself to never become complacent with life and to know that an education is possible; no matter what endeavors and difficulties that one may experience within life. I believe that this advice would be pertinent in assuring that I will be motivated in receiving a college degree.