University of Phoenix-Northwest Indiana Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give my self is to work harder. I would make sure that the school I attend is right for me. Iwould apply for more schlolarships and I would not let family influence where I should go to school. I would make sure I have enough extra credit activites on my transcripts so that more colleges wouls review my application.


Dude! Economic cycles greatly impact individual behavior. The balance of careers, income, spending, investments, and debt bring a harmony of pride, stability, and philanthropy to our families and community. An imbalance of these factors can manifest a figurative black hole creating uncertainty and double digit unemployment that sucks income, spending, and investments down like a child with the final swizzle of a Slurpee. From income to outcome...challenge yourself in every class to deliver the greatest effort possible, focus this period of your life on the future by keeping your doors of opportunity open, and walk through the threshold of your choosing by following the dream that ignites the imagination. Finally, go long in the financial sector when the market hits 6800, and be patient.


I would go there and slap myself so hard. Then I would say to pay attention to what the teachers have to say. I would let them know how hard college and you need to do the work to papery of the future. Also that everything is not handed to you nad that you need to work for things.