University of Phoenix-Online Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Phoenix is modern, helpful, and very supportive.




The school is very interested in making sure the students are sucessful and are always willing to help with any questions we might have.


My school is an online based college that offers many different degree programs.


The Univesity of Pheonix is geared toward helping students succeed.


The University of Phoenix makes me feel like I am really learning to the fullest potential.


UOP is an awesome school! It provides everything a stude would need to start school and earning their degree. I think that's the most important part about attending UOP.


UOPX is a great school and is very helpful in furthering your education.


My school alows people that have busy schedules to continue their education.


Interesting to say the least.


University of Phoenix online is flexible, supportive, and exactly encouraging!


The best school ever.


The University of Phoenix-Online is convenient and has many resources to ensure every student's success.


My school is a great alternative to brick and mortar schools for those that do not have the finanaces or the availablity to be able to go to a physical campus.


Really think over your options before attending.


The school I currently attend is an online school. The tools and software that is used is very easy to learn and understand. I enjoy taking classes online becasue I can do them on my own time, and with working a full time job it is the most convient, and I really feel that I am learning a lot more through this online program.


This school is amazing.


University of Phoenix online offers students with families and full-time jobs to complete the requirements for a college degree while maintaining responsibilities at home and/or work in a way that is relaxed, professional, and extremely educational if approached and attended correctly.


University of Phoenix is an oppurtunity for a flexible schedule, and allows me to work from home.


My school is very informative, helpful, necessary to be self-disciplined and a great opportunity for growth.


This school program is offered online and in classroom. I personally am attending the online classroom. There is help available at all times. Everywhere from Technical support to help with financial aid. So far the professors I have had have been amazing very helpful and I am able to get all of out of my classes.


An online college.


My school is calm, caring and makes sure students reach every goal they attend to achieve.


I have found The University of Phoenix to be an excellent place to earn a degree, an education with them has meant expanded critical thinking on my part, and although requiring consistent effort has been incredibly rewarding.


Great college with awesome spiritual view and a environment to grow.


The school is very well organized, the online-enviornemt is easy to use and the professors are excellent at pushing individuals to have large discussions.


Fast paced learning with a steep learning curve that depends on self motivation and strong determination.


A place where those that have a desire to succeed in both personal and professional worlds can soar to their full potential.


Very accomodating as it is online exclusive. This school works for everyones schedule.


The University of Phoenix is an excellent choice for people like myself who need to obtain their degree on their time.


Artistic and understanding.


The University of Phoenix Online is a campus full of complexities which requires constant observation, quick adaptation, and the ability to understand when no explanation is given.


University of Phoenix online is the best online campus I have ever come across, everything is easy to follow and easy to find, and the staff is incredible.


University of Phoenix has a very profesiional manner and the staff really seems to care about your eductation!


My school is a great place that not only provides great education but they also provide people who care and don't mind helping.


The best thing since sliced bread.


The University of Phoenix is a great opportunity to get a degree for those who work full time and need a flexible school schedule.


My school was beyond AMAZING!!!


This school is flexibile and allows to work on your time table.


Funtional, not the greatest at communicating things like financial aid info


The University that I attend is very academicly orientatied, encouraging, diverse,and enlightening; encouraging me to expand my ways of thinking and take the initiative to control my own education.


University of Phoenix is extremely helpful and does everything possible to see thier students achieve their goals.


The University of Phoenix maintains cultural competence and allows many diverse students to achieve their career goals by advising them through admission, financial,, academic, and career counseling.


My school is convenient for military life.


This is the most academically encouraged online school that encourages students to move to the next level.


My school is very friendly, assuring each individual student is taken care of and able to do the best they possibly can.


An excellent opportunity for someone who does not lead a very busy life outside of school.


I feel that this school is a fantastic choice for anyone needing flexibility in schedule. The method they use in setting up your courses is student friendly. However, you are still given options that accomodate for "life" situations. The resources that are available to you give you all the tools and motivation you need to succeed. This school is really a great online option that your life can improve from.


University of Phoenix is designed to accomidate working individuals looking to earn a degree.


My school is a great place to get an education for anyone, but especially if you have a busy life, like innovative new ways to learn, and want to earn your degree without distraction.