University of Phoenix-Online Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Online courses for working adults


Allowing students to balance home, work and school life.


The University of Phoenix is known for being a for-profit institution of higher learning, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. The University has an open-enrollment admission policy but very low graduation rates. The online school is convenient but it has been known for lawsuits, higher tuition resulting in students with higher debt from loans, having more negative than positive reviews and questionable Accreditation.


University of Phoenix is known for high education and for all students to strive to go where they want with their education. Online campus is very crucial and it allows the student to go to class from home. The online campus can help a student if they have a busy life they can still interact with students and instructors as if they were sitting in the classroom. All of the staff always encourage students to keep going no matter what that is what it is all about and not giving up on your dreams.


My school is best known for giving an online as well as a campus option for their students.


Sadly, the University of Phoenix is best known for accepting any applicants and for being a "For-Profit" school. The quality of education you receive will be very poor with very little effort from the facilitators, but you will be paying more than if you had attended a high end university.


Flexibility with students needs is probably the one thing they are known for at the University of Phoenix. the respect the adult learner returning to school.


My school is best known for its flexibiliaty and self paced programs. It's a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a quality and an affordable education that fits into their packed worked schedule.


University of Phoenix is best known for helping their students learn the information that will not help them enter the career they want but also help them excell in their selected field.


They have a great psychology program, one that concentrates on what you need to know for graduation.


communication, quality and excellence


How easy participation and flexibility is when working full time.


Providing high qulity online classes.


The university I attend is known for many good things. One is for the students who graduate and their success by doing so. Also by how they offer online and onsite classes. For me it is easier to do online classes. I can do them day or night and it makes things so much easier for me to do what I need. Their staff is very helpful as well. Always there willing to lend a hand when struggling. Also known for the great degrees they offer.


The classes are fast paced. There are a lot of individual and team assignments.


U of Phx is best known for their online classes which the flexibility of gaining an education for mothers and for someone who is always busy.


I think my school is best known for the accessiblilty it has to online schooling.


University of Phoenix online is best known for its facilitators who are professionals themselves. They teach while they work in the real world and share their everyday experiences with the class. This brings a lot more insight into what we are learning.


Graduating well educated professionals.


The University of Phoenix is best known for the degree and credit programs made for working adults. Classes are available in the morning, evening, and online. Schedules are flexible and there is a digital library. There is a graduation team that helps each student every step of the way so that they can succeed. Being convenient is the overall best quality that the University of Phoenix has.


University of Phoinex (online) is as far as I know well known it has students from all over the U. S. may even have students out side the state. I like them for all the help they have provided me and from what I have seen that comes from all the students I have had the opportunity to study with.


My school is all about flexability. You work on your schedule and you can work on the go. They also have a lot of support whenever you need it.


Having a good interaction with their students.


My school the University of Phoenix Online is known as one of the best online schools for its versatility and accredition.


My school is best known for it's public support, successful graduates, and it's flexibility to fit your schedule.


Providing a safe and honest atmosphere for both on campus and on-line students to get the education they desire.


Online courses. Allows you more flexibility with learning and time schedules. Also you are focusing on your career more so than useless courses you do not need.


The first and biggest online university. Succesful career opportunities are filled, and there is a success in students graduating, and finding a career that requires the degree or skill earned.


University of Phoenix is known for its online class format. It is mainly for the working adult who wants to go back to school and get their degree. I enjoy this format because this allows me to complete my degree all while taking care of my newborn daughter and applying for full time jobs. The flexibility of online classes really helps me stay motivated to complete my degree on time.


I believe the best thing Phoenix is known for is the ability to do your classes any where in the world. We are military and we travel a great deal. I have been able to complete my Bachelors and move with out taking large amounts of time off. This has been a tremendous relief!


being able to get you a job in a quility business


Known for rigorous academic standards and excellene.


Their online degrees which include learning teams so you can learn to work like you would in the career you are pursuing.


My school is best known for allowing students to be able to finish a degree even if it is online.


Opportunities for students to create a better future for themselves and their family while still living in the real world. Most students have full-time responsibilities with work and family. My shool allows for non-traditional students to excell and earn an education.


UoP is best knows for the ability to work at your own pace while hitting your deadlines and be able to attend college from the luxury of your own home. For a single mom like me, it is priceless!


Helping create opportunities for working people to attain their degree and further their career.


The University of Phoenix offers a wide range of degrees for working adults that would otherwise not have that opportunity to earn a degree. The students are giving a choice between attending an on campus traditional setting or an on-line program. Students at the University of Phoenix can earn Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorial degrees which can make it easier for working adults to fulfill their dreams of getting a degree and better careers.


I would say this school is best known for its diversity. The teachers as well as the students attend classes from all over America, so not only is there a diverse background but unique learning and teaching styles as well. UoP is also known for the resources they offer. I have friends who attend school elsewhere and they are constantly e-mailing me their papers so that I can send them through the University Libraries resources, located within the Center for Writing Excellence, such as WritePointe; which is a computorized "tutor" that checks for all kinds of errors.


The Unversity of Phoenix has one the best on line campus programs available. In addition to that, the advisors are outstanding in answering your questions. The resources are endless. They offer a wide variety of programs as well as degrees, ranging from Certificates to btaining a Master's degree.


Very accomadating to those that have to work or raise families. Most work is done independantly, on your schedule, but with specific to be done date.


My school is known for its black squirrels.


Getting people to their educational destination even when they have multiple personal distractions and hectic lives.


To make getting your degree easier and to make sure you get the classes that you need the most for the career you're taking up.




Educating working adults and helping these adults reach their professional goals thathelp them succeed in life.


Online University.


My school is best known for it's high quality online program. The school has great staff members who are very helpful and are quick with replies to any questions someone may have. My academic advisor checks in with me every week to see if I have any questions. They also have a very easy to use library that helps students with citing references for papers and also a lot of tutoring help.


Univeristy of Phoenix is known for the team work that is used to keep the students interested in learning and those who are completed finding their dream job.


UoP is best known for being an Online university.