University of Phoenix-Online Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for the online classes that it offers to students. Im from California and work the the county and within the workforce of our community it is so hard to go back to school, especially when you have small children and life happening and have a full time job. Most people who decide to go back to school use the University of Phoenix due to the online ease of use and the bachelors programs that it offers as well.


The flexibility of classes which enable students to work full-time, raise a family, and attempt to have a social life outside of school. Professors are always available and willing to help in any way that they can.


University of Phoenix I would say is best known for its state of the art online program. The online program allows working people the opportunity to further their education on a schedule most conducive for them. This univeristy is also known for a great success rate of completion of AA and BA degrees. They also offer post graduate degrees as well.


My school is best known for focusing on the student to help them earn their degree.


The online programs it has to offer.


My school is best known for their commericals on enhancing your education, while still being able to have a career and a family.


University of Phoenix is best known for its online curriculum and diversity of curriculum. This allows many people the opportunity to go to college that could not attend a brick and mortar school.


My school is best known for helping people further their education when they have many other things going on in their life. My classmates are parents with multiple children and work as well. Many people are trying to get a higher degree, so that they can be payed more at their current job. I wanted to go to this school, because I needed to be able to work full-time. I am enrolled in the University of Phoenix, because I need to further my education to do what I want with my life and to help others in the process.


I have heard a lot of education graduates, becoming teachers in my home town.


Quality education from leaders in each field of stud.


University of Phonix is best known for team work. The school have the students when in the classroom or online to work in team. I found that working in teams can be benficial and also teaches the student responsiblity.


For having one of the best online courses in the United States, which is one of the reasons why I chose it. The school itself and their instructors have excellent credentials. Also they are affiliated with my current employer and I am allowed a discount on my tuition. This goes with their willingness to assist students with their finances. Also they have a twenty-four hour help labs which can focus on a student's problem areas.


Producing career ready graduates.


My school is best known for being there for its students and if a student needs help they are a phone call away. I think it is great for colleges to be online so that if there are people that want to go to school, but have to work to support their children.


My school is best known for online classes and allowing people with a busy schedule to get a degree.


The University of Phoenix, is best known for their ability to work with students who are employed full time. Their online campus allows for employed students to work towards a higher education will maintaining a job.


My school is best known for helping students reach there goals to become successful. They provide advisors to help with personal and school problems.


Offering an online degree in less time than it would in a traditional college setting.


My school is best known for working, older adults to finish their college education.


Take courses online on your own time.


They are best know for being able to earn you degree online.


Universtiy of Phoenix is one of the first and biggest online colleges.


For appropriate and neccessary reading and information pertaining to one's degree. A wide variety of choices within the courses and type of degrees offered. In addition, well known, and a faculty staff who supplies support to their students, putting their students first.


University of Phoenix is best known for the online education and degrees set up for the adult student. Their classes are set up in an Associate program as two nine week classes at a time until the degree is completed, then in the Bachelors program one five week class at a time until the degree is complete. Not having to take the typical four classes at a time allows working busy adults to obtain their degree.


My school is best known for flexibility and working in a self-paced environment. It is ideal for working people or stay-at-home moms. It allows people to have a schedule to their own and the ability to engage in classwork at times that best suit their schedule.


I am not sure


University of Phoenix-Online Campus is best known for providing non-traditional students the opportunity to earn a degree. Many students are employed full-time with families; therefore a traditional education is very difficult to obtain with the commitments and responsibilities of this demographic. UOP provides an excellent alternative to students who want to better themselves and increase opportunities regardless of their current circumstances. Students take one class every five weeks year-round, allowing for full-time enrollment and completion of their degree in a normal time frame.


My school is best know for having a huge on-line study program. This allows busy, working people, like myself the ability to continue their education without having to physically attend classes on campus. I really enjoy being able to complete my course work at home at any given time of day.


From what I have heard, it is best known for its outstanding programs and rate of success of its students.


My school is best known for making it possible for working parents to attend school without having to go into a classroom.


My school is known for being the best online college in America. The University of Phoenix, stundents call themselves, I am a Phoenix. They are known to have the most online graduates. University of Phoenix is credible and show they care for thier students.


The convenience of being able to go to school full time while working or raising a family. The flexibility of being able to obtain your degree without sacrificing other important aspects of life.


Online and campus education.


It offers online courses


TV commercials


It is best known for pushing their students to do well and achieve their goals. I have never seen such a supportive team as I have with my program.


The online courses and th flexability that they give to the students. The flexability is only as much as the instructor my give though.


In my opinion, I believe University of Phoenix is known for their fast-pace online courses and their access to class-specific online resources, which include an electronic library, textbooks, and other ancillary material required for a course. In today's fast pace world, student strive for a program that will allow them to work , take care of their family, and attend school at the same thing. Unversity of Phoenix also offers a wide range of online program that is easy access from anywhere in the world.


University of Phoenix-Online campus is best known for working full-time adults who would like to continue their degree and work full-time as well.


This school is best known for online convenience.


I dont know.


Structure, and determination


Online studies that offer the flexibility of attending class when it best suits the student. Greater flexibility in attending classes allows students to work around their careers and family life in order to be able to earn a college degree.


My school is best known for its convience since everything is online and a person can do that were ever they go.


University of Phoenix is known for its adult programs. Adults can still work a full time job and attend college to try and better themselves. They offer easy access to the classroom with books and materials available right at the click of a mouse.


The University of Phoenix, in my opinion, is best known for it's online campus set up and ease of use.


University of Phoenix provides campus learning and different locations in addition to online learning. UOP helps you through every process and makes learning as easy as it can be with the right instruction. UOP makes you proud to "be a Phoenix". Regardless of age, occupation, culture- we are all here to further our future. Anyone can be a Phoenix if you want to be a better person and anyone can do it.


My school is best known for the fact that there are more adults enrolled than younger students.


The University of Phoenix is well known for it's extensive courses available online and the ones that can be done online and on campus. Some courses can be done mostly online and going to the campus once or twice a week. The flexibility is really great.


University of Phoenix gives opportunites to those who are busy moms, dads, those with careers the opportunity to complete their education. It allows the flexibliy that's somewhat necessary with this past paced lifestyle. I know that I can go to work and also go to school full-time and get my degree soon. I do not have to worry about scheduling conflicts. It is very desirable.