University of Phoenix-Online Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The online option it offers.


For persons who are full-time workers, parents, or who are not able to attend classes on campus..


University of Phoenix is known for giving students the education they need in order to obtain thier dreams. With an education from this school nothing is impossible.


University of Phoenix is best known for their facilitation of on-line learning in addition to high promotion of teamwork in learning assignments. This type of learning is meant to be conducive to typical work environments the student would encounter within their chosen field of study.


Online degree studies to help the work force in the opportunity to obtain there education and pursue their degree.


Being advertised all the time on T.V. , the internet, and that slogan" I am a phoenix".


In my area it is best know for the easy top use online environment and friendly staff always willing to help you out. It is also known for the ability to assist working adults in continuing education.


My school is known for flexibility. I am really not sure since this is my first year going there online


Online classes


It's distance learning program


UOPX is best known as a university that provides students with the flexibility to complete a degree program in a quality on line education environment. UOPX is known for providing its students with the tools (such as math, grammar, and critical thinking labs) and instruction to adapt to an online education environment.


Adult Learning


Alowing for people to attend from home and catering to the schedules of family and working professionals.


For the best business degrees people can get.


It has the largest online library.


The school is only known for their advirtisong I am a phoenix. They are known for providing an education for the working. That is all I know.


My school is known for its diversity of students, from people all over the world, to celebrities, to people from all walks of life.


This school is best known for the ease of taking online classes


My school is best known for convenience. As an on-line learning school, it offers the convenience of doing the school work when it is convenient for the student. Even though there are deadlines, the student still has a choice as to when to log in and do the work. The student also has the convenience of doing the schoolwork from their home or anywhere else that is convenient for them. This school also allows the student to work at their own pace.


Everyone knows everyone.


Convienience of getting a degree in the comfort of your own home.


Flexability; many students have families and full-time jobs.


I grew interested in an online education by way of my sister-in-law. University of Phoenix is best known for having the largest student body enrollment in North America; with current enrollment of 420,700 undergraduate students and 78,000 graduate students, or 224,880 full-time equivalent students and was ranked 28 out of a possible 44 as being the best accredited Online University, in 2009 by the Online Education Database; according to the link I used to search for a distance learning opportunity.


The 5 campus locations. It makes it convenient for many students.


The great oppertunity to provide online classes for people like me. People with jobs and kids or people that never thought they would ever be in school.


University of Phoenix has helped plenty of working adults reach their educational goals. With online and on-campus degree programs, University of Phoenix is dedicated to building a foundation for your success. University of Phoenix offers several different oppurtunities such as: associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees to certification and single courses, University of Phoenix offers programs to fit your schedule and interests.


My school is best known for the convenience of getting a degree for your home. You can still work, spend time with the family and do homework without having to be so many places at once.


My school is best known for providing flexible schedules for working adults. Any person may attend the college, but the programs are designed to allow individuals to have family, personal, and work time while completing or starting a better education. My school is also known for the online programs available as well as the campus locations in nearly every state. University of Phoenix allows people to get an education without moving across the country.


My school is best known for its online campus, continuation school options, and letting you finish your first degree in less than two years.


The University of Phoenix is know best for revoloutionizing the online learning environment, brining educators and students from all corners of the world and all backgrounds together to learn from each other and succeed at life.


The school that I attend is known for its academics


Helping people accomplish their goals of achieving a degree in a reasonalble time frame.


Earning your degree via a rigorous online academic schedule and learning environment.


I am a military spouse and have heard from many others that online courses through the University of Phoenix transfer easily. This is nice because with my husband in the Army we never know when we will have to pick up and move.


University of Phoenix is best known for it's flexibility and it's focus on returning and employed students. It gives people a chance to start over in a degree field different from what they graduated in, or to finish that degree that they started years ago. University of Phoenix provides the support to make that change back to student an easy transition. The online campus has the same degrees as the regular campus, but allows you to work within your own schedule.


My school is best known for its online classes. They are nationally known for this. It allows those of us that go there to be able to do things at our own pace.


For its popularity and for the convenience to get in to class and the variety of courses and programs.


University of Phoenix is known for their online programs that cater to the working people. For those of us that live 2 hours from any 4 year college these online programs are wonderful and if you put into them at least 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of your effort then you will get just as great of an education as any college on-campus program. It's all about the effort of the student, not the school.


My school was best known for their convenience on a number of levels. It was in a convenient location and a low cost that made learning possible for a number of people that may not of been able to otherwise attend school. This is what really drew me to attend this school. Another aspect that they were best known for was their athletic programs. We were national champions in a number of different sports. This really made our school well known not only directly in our area but throughout the state as well.


University of phoenix is best known for catering to working adults and adults returning to school. Uop is great for students that are trying to transition back into a higher learning experience.


I have attended a couple different colleges. I like University of Pheonix Online Campus because I can attend class on my clock. I can go to class when I am sick or on my lunch break at work. I also chose this university because of the amount of resources they offer. Their online library is huge and there is many different tutorials and links to help students with what ever they need.


Very good careers


My school is best no for having a grexcellent online school programs.


I think the University of Phoenix online is known best for it's ability to keep students in line and on task with work. The school is made around the students personal life, helping the student maintain normalcy.


My school is known for its flexible schedules and helpfulness to its students. Especially those who are working and don't have time to attend classes on campus. Since it offers many online degree programs it lets students have class on their own time allowing them to work and take care of their families without missing any class time.


The university of phoenix online is one of the oldest and arguably the most successful online schools there is.


University of Phoenix is best known for their online schooling environment and their new football field.


Online classes it is class discussions and group assignments


My school is best known for having excellent and outstanding support from everyone. No matter whether it be an enrollment counselor, academic counselor, financial aid counselor or a professor, the student has the support from them. Furthermore, the student has support from their fellow classmates because they just as I would be as wanting to succeed in school.


This college has great instructors that teach their classes. They are have great academic and financial counselors. !