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My school is unique because not only is it online, but it makes you feel like you are in a classroom. Teachers and faculty reach out to you and help you through your academic journey. Being at the University of Phoenix Online Classroom I can also have a job and be a mom because with online learning the schedule is flexible.


What was most unique about the Phoenix ecampus is the fact that you don't have to be online at specific times, how an actual classroom setting is like. As long as you meet attendance requirements, participate, complete the individual assignments, and stay in touch with your team, you're good to go. Since I also work full time, I'm able to focus on school during the weekend instead of over the work week.


What is unque about this school is that you can attend online only for all course work.


The other schools that I considered didn't have live tutoring available 24/7. University of Phoenix also has other life resources available to students if they need them, and the other schools that I considered didn't have any services like the ones at University of Phoenix. Some services include hotlines to speak to somebody if students have stressful situations interfering with school and online community support groups. University of Phoenix online also has Phoenix Connect which is a social site integrated in the online campus where people can socialize.


My attended at University of Phoenix online is great for me. I was not sure I wanted to start school because I havn't been back to school for a long time. I start talking to the school Academic Representative they help me see I will get help if I need it . I like if I don't unstand something I can call someone to help me .


I attend an online university, and the class schedule is very accomodating for my circumstances. I am a single mother of two young girls, and I work full time. The classes are taken one at a time over a six week period, and the flexibility is extremely beneficial.


Ability to take classes when I want, how fast I want, etc.


that they are the best school by far with what i am going to school to do and they seem to take an interest in what the kids are doing and that they care for peoples education


Univerisity of Phoenix-Online is a great way to obtain your degree. Attending the University of Phoenix allows you to work full-time if is it necessary, and still concentrate on your studies. This online school gives you weekly deadlines in order to give you enough time to complete your assignments and sumbit them for grading. When working as a full-time employee and being a full-time student, it is best to pace yourself and plan out your assignments and study time after work to ensure that everything is completed and submitted on time.


Discovering what school was best for me seemed like the most difficult thing to do in my entire life. Somehow, University of Phoenix stood out the most. I can't tell whether its the amazing staff they had or the reviews i had gotten from many of friends. Being a military family, we move around a lot and knowing that there are many online colleges available to me, University of Phoenix seemed like the right choice. I am still happy with my choice and hope I go a long way with my future degree.


University of Phoenix Online really works with my schedule. I knew that I wanted to get back into school and get in fast, and I knew I wanted to attend online classes. The convenience of applying for University of Phoenix and the ease of the help you get from your enrollment and academic counselors is amazing. They really take the time to know you and know what will help you obtain your goals. I knew that there was no other choice for me but University of Phoenix and I would recommend it to anyone else.


It is a great school if you are a student retrning to college or a student working while attending college. The school is incredibly supportive and does everything they can to support your success as a student. Very flexible but intense learning program.


The instructors are always there to answer any questions you have or when you need help with anything. Also the academic advisors connect with each student one on one and make them feel good about themselves, as in always giving words of encouragement when we feel down or upset.


We get to do our school work on our own free time. It makes it much easier for students with a job or family to still feel focused enough to continue in school and get their degree. It makes school not feel so overwhelming.


It is not really unique to me in terms of being different but there were good teachers who made learning new subjects fun.


What is unique about my school is that I can go to school at my liesure, when it is convenient for me.I dont have to change my already busy schedule to accomodate school. I can adjust my class time to fit whatever might be going on in my life.


The most unique thing abou my school is the 100% online program. The ability to complete my program all online and not to have to attend any on campus meetings was a benefit to me. In addition, the pace of the courses is also unique because you only work on once course at a time and they are only five weeks long.


My school is unique because we cram whole courses into 5 weeks. The rate at which you can obtain a degree depends solely on your motivation and how much of a work load you are able to handle. My school was also unique because they allowed me to register at my own pace. They were not pushy like the other schools I was looking into.


Since all classes are online I was able to attend class without having to hire a babysitter for my newborn while receiving a quality education.


the most i like is the dedication i get from the professor even when i take my clasess on line i fill like i have a better approach to the professor .


Unlike the other schools I looked at, all of my classes are online. It's a new thing for me, but it gives me a better chance for looking for part-time work than when I was attending a physical campus.


I can attend when I have a chance to. I am a father of five and work a full-time job, upto 84 hours per week, so time can be restricting. The instructors are very helpful and thorough. They also give me great feedback everyweek, showing me where I need to concentrate more.


This particular type of environement is great for me becuase I can "go to school" whenever I want. I'm not limited to only certain times the professor is avialable. I'm going to school on my time. I work full time and have four kids, I can not afford to work around someone elses's schedule.


The ability to provide supplemental resources to at any time! I always have 24 hour access to tuturs, advisors, ebooks, and class forums!!


Phoenix online provides a security in checking your assignments for plagiarism and grammar, so you have a worry free submission for a better grade each time. For me, this takes any guess work out of my way and allows me to feel secure.


The great unique thing about the school I am attending is that there are workshops online that you can attend to help you understand the online system, or improve your english grammar.


At my school, I only take one class at a time for five weeks. The work is fast paced, but it suits my anxiety because I don't have to focus on five classes, just on one. Also, there's not tests.


The courses at the University of Phoenix are designed to be completed in 5 weeks as opposed to 8 or 16 weeks at other universities. You only have one course at a time during those 5 weeks and then you move onto the next course. Everything is done online with course material presented via textbooks and videos. Online courses require you to be very focused on what it is you want to accomplish and you must be able to manage your time to fit everything that needs to get done into your schedule.


University of Phoenix Online is user friendly. Many schools today offer online classes; however, students must still enroll in these classes in person, stand in line to buy text books, and hope that the schools online interface will provide them with the tools they need to pass the class. With the University of Phoenix, academic advisers, financial advisers, military advisers, and technical support are avaliable to answer questions, offer support, and coach students through the University experience.


The most unique thing about being a student at University of Phoenix-online campus is the flexibility of their online program which allows me to be able to work full-time and still be able to earn my education full-time as well. Without this option, I would not be able to pursue my dreams.


I accept the cost of the school, because it allows me to work full time and take care of my family full time as well. I truly enjoy how the professors in the classes that I have taken keep their class engaged. It still feels like a traditional classroom, just from the comfort of your home.


UoP stands out in the way it's online classroom is formatted. Everything you do, every school letter, every assignment, all communication is done electronically. Becoming a Phoenix gave me the opportunity to remain a full time mom while continuing my education. Who knew I could discuss with my instructor while changing a dirty diaper?


The online expierience is the most rewarding for me. I am able to study and complete my assignments in my home. The other schools were brick and morter which did not allow me to have my family time that is needed. This school allows me the flexiblity to do my full time job and school.


What I find very unique about my school, number one is that it is online. I prefer to learn own my own and at my own liesure and this school has helped me achieve that. What is also unique, is that this school prepares you in every way possible for your career. They provide online support for creating your resume, finding a job, how to have a successful job interview and more. If you feel that you need more help about something, they provide workshops to help you on the side.


Most schools did not have it so that I could take online courses from any and every where I need to. And the people I have to help me achieve my goal keep a check and call to see how I am doing and talk and have directed me to other sources that I believe will help me to meet my goal.


They are really interested in you and your success. I have never had a school that really walked you throught the process and then made sure that you were off to the right start and made sure you had all the tools to be a successful student.


The school classes are every 6 weeks and they go fast, I love it.


I feel that Universit y of Phoenix is a unique school because I am able to gain my education around my full-time work schedule. I am able to build my own schedule of daily hours for school due to me taking my classes on-line.


The uniqueness of my school is that I can work full-time, still have somewhat of a social life and continue my education. This allows me time to concentrate on other things besides school whereas when I attended traditional school and worked at the same time, I had no time to even rest on most days.


University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission which is a member of the North Central Association. University of Phoenix has been placed on Notice by the Higher Learning Commission. Notice is a Commission sanction indicating that an institution is pursuing a course of action that, if continued, could lead it to be out of compliance with one or more Criteria for Accreditation.


phoenix have alot of uniqueness about them, I like the team work, the 24 hours technical support service, the way the academic and financial advisors are there for you at a time in need. Information is available whenever you need it, with this team work you will not be a nusiance to them and they with you the whole time you are in school. My team ( Michelle and Samuel ) is awesome they call and check up on me and they treat me like family and when you are an online student you need comfort that is sincere.


This school is unique because of the online campus option, allowing coursework and class discussion with a diverse group of people from all over the country and even canada. I feel that University of Phoenix is also unique because they really seem to care very much about students' success.


What's unique about my school is that I can complete my assignments and work on my own time. Yes I have deadlines and dates, but I do not have to attend class on a set schedule and everyday! I have certain days that I log in and complete my work.


The University of Phoenix online degree allows you to take 1 course at a time and still be considered a full-time student. THis works great for the working student, a student with a family or anyone who cannot attend the traditional college setting.


There are several unique qualities that I enjoy here at the UOP. It has a dedicated team and learning enviroment. Every where you go there is encouragement and discussion that help keep you motivated. The learning center has also helped me be very successful during this process, especially the CWE. Also, my academic advisor constantly monitors my process whch continues the encouragement and she is there every step of the way. Being able to communicate with the instrcutor is also a plus because you are answered in a timely manner.


University of Phoenix Online doesn't discriminate. If you need help, all you have to do is send your instructor a private message, or a phone call, and your problems will be solved. You only have to post in the classroom discussion board twice a week to be counted for a full week of attendance and complete all the assignments that are provided. The instructors will also still take your assignment, even if its late. As long as you beat the deadline that the assignment is due, you have nothing to worry about.


Other schools I considered before the University of Phoenix were none that I have ever heard of before, or they were the typical schools that required an essay for why they should choose me for their school. This school did not require an essay, and it was fairly easy to be accepted in. Also, the commercials sold me on the fact that employers will like to see this school listed under the "Education" section. Another trait is that this is completely online so I have my time to do other things, like being a parent to my two year old.


The University of Phoenix has a broad support system. It is almost impossible not to be a successful student here. What's unique about this school compared to other schools that I've considered is the online class system. The online system is very simple and easy to understand. Other school's online systems were very complex. The University of Phoenix-Online Campus is very flexible. Other schools required live discussion boards at scheduled times. It was very difficult to keep up with this. I enjoy my online classes. I can attend my classes with the flexability that I need.


UoP is amazing if you want to do things on your own. It is all online.


I really did not consider any other schools but the one I am attending as of now. The reason is I do not have transportation and my school offers all online courses. I love that everyone I have spoken to at this University makes me feel like they actually care about my academic success. They offer so many different types of counseling, workshops and tech support.