University of Phoenix-Online Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the one thing that I detest about school are the papers that I have to write every week. I deal with it just fine, but it gets stressful sometimes.


Promises of grants to finish school.


Well, I love University of Phoenix it's a great college. They have very good resources to help you with your class assignments.


The lack of job assistance post graduation


Working on a degree in an online environment leaves you devoid of some of the personal connections that you can acquire at a traditional university. The worst thing about my school is not being able to bond with the people that I take classes with and bypassing the intimate portions of higher education.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of communication the teachers give. This semester I had a professor who was not willing to help at all when we had questions about assignments and she was really rude as well.


I see nothing worst with my school .


There are a lot of team projects. As long a everyone does their part in a timely fashion, they are fine. But when some members delay in turning in their portions of the project, it can create an issue for the organizer that week.


I really do not have an issue with my school and the way that it operates. I have had a minor concern recently with financial issues. I was informed later on that I was not going to recieve the full pell grant and I feel like my advisor should have informed me sooner, but other than that I know that my school has no control over the amount of funds that will be awarded to be, but I still will like to be informed of any financial issues more promptly. Overall I feel that my school is awesome and supportive.


I can't say anything bad about my school. University of Phoenix


I have nothing bad to say about my school.


The worst thing that I have noticed about the University of Phoenix's online campus so far is the time difference with many of the staff, as there are often times occassions where I would like to be able to contact my advisors earlier in the day before I get busy but they are not available.


What i consider to be a fault for UOP is not having face to face interaction with those in the class including the professor. I find it difficult to communicate sometimes because of the time zone differences and the strange hours. I think this has been one of the main obstacles i struggle with because i'm so used to having someone their to ask for help and point me in the right direction. I also see it to be a blessing because i've learned to teach myself and rely on my instinicts.




Right now im attending the university of Phoenix online and the worst thing so far has to be the fact that it is an online course. It would be so much easier for me if the instructors could speak to me in person. When i get a car i do intend to switch my schooling from an online setting to one that is in classroom so that ill have more of the one on one discussions and the explanations that you get from going to class in a classroom setting. I think that will help me more.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of interpersonal relationships that you would find in a traditional school setting.


The hardest thing to deal with is the team work. I understand it has its place and it tries to teach us all how to work in a team environment but it's really difficult. Not everyone is as dedicated as I am to learning, therefore, I am working with different individuals that learn differently. Sometimes they don't do their work or do a poor job and this ultimately affects my GPA.


I am completing my degree online. I wish there were more campuses here in Illinois.


The worst thing about the University of Phoenix Online is the lack of face to face discussions. I enjoy human interaction and I like to pick up on non-verbal communication with my professor and my peers and I just do not receive it in online classes.


The cost to attend.


Too expensive


There is no face to face interaction which makes it hard to communicate well and stay on track all the time.


Forced participation. I am not a fan of fluff posts.


Financial aide and academis councelors change often, this makes it difficult to build or maintain a relationship with those who are available as support.


The worst thing about University of Phoenix is that there seems to be a high turn over rate in campus admin and facilities. I have had several different academic and financial aid counselors since I started almost three years ago. This can be frustrating and discouraging to students like myself.


they only allow us to take a limited amount of course by period , i wold like to take more sources at the same time.


The worst thing about my school would probably be the lack of face to face interaction.


I do not get to actually meet the team i work with


I wish that I did not have to attend college online.


I haven't been attending the university of Phoenix-Online Campus. I haven't really had any bad experiences so far. If I had to choose I would say that the worst part would be the learning team activities. I don't mind doing team work but it's hard getting everyone to work together.


I absolutely love my school. It is a school designed for working adults and it is career and goal oriented. I guess the worst thing about the school would be that there are not many community based activities for students that are advertised or made available.


Honestly, I have not found anything I hated about University of Phoenix. Everyone that I call always has a listening ear and helps me with the upmost efficiency. I love the fact that I'm not just a student #, I am Emily. The school I went to before were awful about financial aide, but University of Phoenix is so timely and efficent and does not get irritated when you call about your loan or grant.


Nothing at this time


When getting enrolled in this university your advisor is very helpful but the financial aspect is never discussed.


The worst thing about my school is the financial verification process, but I also feel like I have a unique case because I have had a death in my family that caused an income reduction.


It takes someone very dedicated to be able to go to school online because you do not have a teacher hanging over your head all the time telling you that "This must be done!" Students who take these classes must be self starters or they will not be able to do well in class. The temptation to put things off for later will always cause them to fail.


Not close to home


I have attended this university for a little over six months. During my time so far at this school, I have yet to find any aspect of this school to be bad. I do not honestly think that I could come up with the worst thing about this school, because this university has been there to help me every step of the way no matter how big the problem was.


Too many assignments and not enough time to complete them without being stressed out. Also I feel that they try to cram to much information in a short amount of class time. The courses should be longer.


So far, I don't can't say anything bad about this school. It's one of the very best I've attended and I really wish I had known about it before attending any other college. The teachers check up on us to make sure see if everything is going well, and my advisors are extremely helpful.


The cost of attendance is very high! I will be paying back my student loans forever.


The change in the classroom and campus seems to have made things more difficult to find and harder to follow the professors. The way the syllubus and books are now set up they are no longer easy to do off of the internet. You must be on the internet to be able to access both the syllubus and reading material now instead of putting them on a flashdrive to read off of the internet.


The worst thing about my school is the technology, many resources and digital books have errored and caused me to kicked out and have to retake a course because there was no record of my assignment. And the digitial books and webistes tools and reources alays give me problems no matter what computer I am using. Thankfully the staff was amazing and extremely helpful on fixing the problems and gave me extra services for my learning dissability and helped me figure out how to troubleshoot with the technological difficulty.


The worst thing about my school is there is no social interaction because I attend an online campus.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of hands on learning because it is on line, however the labs, gamescapes, and interactive videos and activities we use make up for this.


To me, the worst thing about UOP is that it's so far away from where I am. I would love to meet the awesome people who have helped me along the way so far, my enrollment representative, academic representative, financial advisor and my first proffessor. I would also like to meet my classmates in person.


I have attended online with University of Phoenix since August 2014 and I have not had any issues with them to this date. Everything and everyone is very supportive.


The finacial serviecs are unorganized.


That you do not get a physical book with the cost of tuition. This is the worst thing I can think of because tuition is high, but the physical book is not included with it.


The learning teams can be a hassle, because sometimes teammates do not get along or they are not timely with their portion of their assignments.