University of Phoenix-Online Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who need flexible schedules


The person that should attend this school are peolple that want to better themselves. They want to have a great educaion that will lead to a great career. They are willing to work hard and putting many hours in doing their school work. The person that should attend this school should also know how to use the computer very well, because the class are online. In all hard working and goal setters should attend this school.


People who are working. If they are parents. People who like to work at their own speed.


Anyone who is considering an online program, needs to be prepared for late nights and early mornings. The MBA program is academically rigorous, and requires effective time management skills, a resilient mindset, and plenty of moral support.


The UofPhoenix online campus is best suited for the person who can not commit to a brick and mortal school. This person must have a strong self driving base to get work done. The school work at the University takes time and is a daily commitment to get everything done. Students must have the ability to learn on their own through reading and research. The ability to ask questions exists, but examples can be harder to understand in the online world when there is no body language to convey misunderstanding or doubt.


Any kind of person should attend this school, it is fully open to any and everyone. The best kind of person who should attend this school is one who is self-motivated, organized, internet savy, and is ok with being on an online campus.


A commited and determined person is the type of person that would do well at this school, a self motivated person.


Anyone who isnt good with social environments and prefer to be alone when doing assignments.


The kind of person that should attend this school is a person that is extremely self suffiicient at managing his time for school work and a dedicated student to finish on his career path.


U of P online is for any student that finds the traditional classroom as difficult. Knowing exactly what you have to do each week for 5 weeks with only one class at a time had worked great for me. As a father of three and a full time working adult, the flexibility this class room setting gives me has helped make me sucessful in the classroom for the first time since high school.


I think this school is for everyone and anyone. Every one can grow by attending this school.


Any individual who feels the need to better themself through education should attend the University of Phoenix, as they offer a variety of options for learning locations and majors. Those who do not have the time, resources, or just want an alternative to the traditional classroom should utilize it's online campus.


The people that should attend University of Phoenix should be people thats ready for a change in life and willing to make the extra step.


Any kind of person should and could attend the University of Phoenix. That's another thing that makes it great! This diversity in learning type, experience, exposure, and other diversities help to enhance students' academic experience and easily prepares students for what the "real-world" will look and feel like. So, working parents, seasoned-professionals, recent high school graduates, and all other types of people should attend the University of Phoenix.


A student that is able to self-motivate and complete tasks in a punctual manner would succeed at The University of Phoenix. A person should be able to have good communication skills, as there are group projects required weekly as well as a fair amount of reading. The feedback I have recieved as a student there, via intructors grading my assignments has been detailed and incredibly thorough. I would reccomend new students complete all the free workshops to have a good foundation for use of the ecampus.


I think anyone who is willing to work hard and excel. Also someone who wants to have the career they are dreaming of.


Someone who is able to juggle work, home life, and school. Since classes are online, time management and working independently is crucial. One must be able to set goals and stick to them.


I would reccomend indviduals that are self learners and have the ability to manage their own schedule. This school is good for persons that are focused on the academic portion of college rather than the community atmosphere and athletics. This school is good for individuals that have full time jobs , parents, or other commitments that make it difficult to attend standard programs. This program is also helpful for individuals that prefer a fast past environment and want to complete their degree soon.


Anyone who is ready for at least a 2 year commitment. It takes hard work and it is not always easy. But it is worth every day. Be prepared.


There are no particular requirements as this is an online enviroment.


Any one that wants to excell in learning


The person who needs flexibility in their program to juggle work, school, home, and family is going to find this school the best fit. A person who has drive, determination, and discipline to remain on track. A person who has run into brick walls in society in every attempt to find a better way of living is always wecome with mentor, team, and faculty support through the entire process. A person who wants to make a positive impact on the world is the best candidate for this college.


A goal oriented one.


Future students of The University of Phoenix Online should be strong independent learners with the ability to problem solve individually, strong reading comprehension and the ability to succeed with little or no instructor involvement.


Anybody that is pressed for time, and just doesn't have the time to get to a campus. This campus is perfect for stay at home moms, full time workers, anybody looking to pursue a higher education from the comfort of home. This school would also be a great option for high school students looking to get a start on their college education.


A successful online student requires certain specific characteristics that are not necessary the same as those of a traditional college. The 'ideal' prospective student has clear goals, a proactive approach to school work, and a thorough method of study . Without a long term strategy to sustain one's effort the short term difficulties of distance learning can be overwelming. Online students don't experience those factors that keep traditional students on track such as physical attendance, traditional lectures, real time answers. Without traditional support any omission can be potentially catastrophic for those seeking high standards of academic achievement.


Being a single mother and with working full-time, I firmly believe that anybody like me, with a busy scheudle, should attend an online school. I work a lot and I also spend a lot of time with my daughter, so taking online courses is perfect for somebody with a busy work schedule and a family.


Every person that would like to obtain a better direction for thier future should consider attending Phoenix online. Education improvements makes perfect sense for everyone.


Those who need to work fuul-time and need flexibility


I would say only someone who is disciplined and able to work through frustration with being on your own for alot of the time


A person whom decides to attend an on-line college should be incredibily motivated. There isn't a teacher to tell you when do things or how to do them. It falls strictly on yourself to make sure the work gets done.


Everyone that cannot afford to dedicate full time hours to pursue a college education because they must work are great candidates for University of Phoenix online. Single parents, military personnel, and those who live too far from a college campus especially benefit from University of Phoenix because University of Phoenix allows students to attend school full time, without having to dedicate full time hours in person. For many, University of Phoenix allows them to get a college education that might not otherwise be possible.


The type of person that I feel should attend this university, is someone whom is self driven and determined to succed. This school offers many different ways to better you education and also supply you with more than enough resource for individuals whom are better suited to learn in a more one on one environment with no actual human contact so to speak.


The good thing about the university i attend is that anyone can attend. It is set up for people who desire to recieve an education in the mist of their busy lives. If you are a single parent and the desire to begin or continue your education, it is perfect because it is so flexible and the advisors really do their best to look out for you and support you in career and educational goals.


if you set a goal for yourself it will be well worth the accomplishment in the end no matter how hard it may seem at the present time.


A person that is focused, has a mind set geared towards success and a person that is well disciplined. The person should not be afraid to venture out on uncharted waters and know that whatever they set their mind to do, they can accomplish it. A doer and not just a sayer, a person who has the strength to take one more step to their vision even when the vision gets blurry. A Champion.


Anyone with the desire to get their degree should apply. It works well if you are a busy person during the day and night hours. It fits to your schedule so there is time to get your work done and keep taking care of other things that keeps you so busy.


This school is really for the student that has mastered time management because 100 percent is done online you have to be very disciplined and committed to furthering your education. It is also a great format for students that are working or have families but yet want to get the education that you want.


Anybody who wants more out of life, rather than just pursuing jobs endlessly. This is a perfect place for anybody who is wanting to start or pursue a career, while working full time and or raising children. Even if you are fresh out of high school and still don't know what they actually want to do. This is a perfect opportunity to add progress to your life.


If you are working a full-time job or a parent looking to further their education and just can't seem to find the time to attend a college and be on campus then the University of Phoenix is a perfect fit for a person with a busy life style.


Any person who want to further their career and achieve the goals they want for their future. This is a excellence school to attend, this school work hard to help people like me who had been out of school for over 20 years, and they have help me get out of my fear of my education. I have learned a lot from this school, teachers here work hard to help students achieve the goals they are looking for, and set examples on ways you can make a different in your life and in your family life for the future goals.


A person serious about education and being successful in life is the kind of person that should attend the University of Phoenix.


An individual that is driven to learn and good with staying focused while working independently.


University of Phoenix is a wonderful school that offers on campus or online classes. The kind of person that should attend this school should be someone that needs flexible schooling that is willing to work hard. Even though you do not have to follow a complete schedule does not mean that you do not have to work hard. The person should also be willing to work together with a team after the Associate's level. It is great to be able to work at your own pace. University of Phoenix is available for anyone around the world.


I recommend any and everyone to attend this school, University of Phoenix has many resources that will help you throughout your class and it even help you figure out who you are as a person and what you want out of life, so this school is for anyone who is trying to better themselves.


The type of person that should attend this school is a person that sincerly wants an education. One who attends this college should have time management skills, good study skills, and be a self starter as well. With out all of those one will not succeed.


If you don't have much free time or have a full-time job, University of Phoenix Online is a fantastic choice. They work with your schedule and you can do the assignments on your time. So don't worry about whether or not you're going to make it to class on time. As long as you can beat the deadline that the assignments are due, you're good. All you have to do to be counted for attendance is post two days in one week in the classroom discussion board to be counted for that week! Its easy.


Again, a very self-disciplined, motivated, determined individual should attend this school. You have deadlines that you have to meet, but you are the one who has a good amount of time to make sure you get it done in. It all comes back to you as the individual and being responsible.


This school is best for individuals who need a degre, but are unable to attend a traditional state college or university. It is also suited to full-time working individuals who need to further their education, but cannot devote time to attending traditional colleges.


Working mother or father that don't have time for long classes. The Online classes are great