University of Phoenix-Online Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are not interested in learning, you will not be happy to learn that is exactly what you signed up for...


People who have a difficult time with time management skills and self-study habits should not attend this school. This school relys on the concept of having a guided lesson plan but leaves students with their own responsibility of self-studying and self-learning. Students must participate in online discussion threads and complete numerous research papers and reports. A lack in proper grammar and writing skills greatly impact grades and success within the school and program, which can be difficult for some.


A person who has the ability to attend a school in person should do so. The online classes should be for those who work full time, and/or do not have the ability to travel to school.


A person that is not looking forward to learn.


The type of person who should not attend this school os one who is not ready to be serious about their education. The online lcassroom takes time and effort but is perfect for people who want to get an education.


Anyone seeking to further their education, but needs additional flexibility in their schedule should attend the University of Phoenix!


A person who has a habit of procrastination and is not a self-starter should not attend an online school. Unlike a traditional campus, online school has a flexible schedule. A student may log in any time of day that is convenient, instead of having a set class time. While this is a huge benefit for someone in need of flexibility, it can also be a great detriment to an unorganized, non-motivated student. In the education program at the University of Phoenix, it only takes five days for procrastination to affect a student’s grade.


The only kind of people that shouldnt attend Phoenix are people who do not try and people who do not want help. When i first thought of online schooling i had no idea that they would offer so much help to me ; its as if your truely not just a number but an indivual that faculty and staff are always there. If you do not want to graduate or if you don't want a second family that will always be there to help Phoenix isnt for you.


someone that is not dedecated to getting there degree.


The online division of University of Phoenix requires a disciplined schedule and the ability to be malleable with learning styles. Therefore, if you have trouble focusing or you have a hard time conforming to different ways, this school environment may not be the best for you.


You shouldn't attend University of Phoenix if you aren't truly motivated to achieve your educational goals, or if you really don't have any goals. Classes are fast-paced, so if you can't keep up, I wouldn't try to continue after the 3-week trial period that's offered to see if it's right for you.


Anyone who does not wish to learn.


Anyone there is no on kind of person this school is for everyone. It works around your schedule, so you don't have to worry about daycares and having to quit your job to attend classes. Your class are all online and you can get your degree without leaving your house. So anyone could attend.


Anyone unwilling or unable to exercise self-control to ensure he or she can dedicate the time required to complete classes online. The online classroom is easily achievable with self-discipline and proper time management, but it canot be successful for someone who cannot or will not check into the classroom on a regular basis.


If you cannot devote time to do schooling everyday, I wouldn't recommend it. I believe you need allot of self disipline for the online program. You are responsible for getting your participation and attendence requirements. This requires the ability to set goals and follow through with them. If it isn't something your even willing to do then the online program probably isn't for you.


I think someone who needs a more of a hands on approach would not do well in the online campus.


Someone who cannot work independently or is unable to manage their time wisely, since classes are solely online.


I would not recommend this school to a person that is not very self disciplined. It takes a lot of self control and dediction to be succesful in on-line school.




You should not attend this school if you are not ready to do research, work odd hours, and learn on your own. Many things you may need to figure out on your own. You have to listen to our read lectures and videos. You have to work in teams, make phone calls, email and text class mates etc. If you are not ready to do this and keep in contact with them this is not for you. Not every student on your team works your schedule so you may need to get up early or stay up late, adapt.


Someone who is very sheltered. Someone who doesn't understand crimes happen all the time regardless of police presence.


This kind of school is not suitable for students who want a social experience in college. This school is focused on learning and interaction between students is all online.


Students who are not ready for the commitment. College is not a babysitter. If someone is not ready for the commitment that college requires I don't suggest going. Wait until completely ready. I waited until I was sure about what I wanted to do before I enrolled in school.


In order to attend an online school the student has to be very disciplined and organized. Taking courses online requires just as much time as if you were attending on campus classes. You have to set a schedule and a goal then make sure that you stick to it because you can get off track if you don't. A student must also make sure that when they decide to take online courses that they have a quiet place to study and while they are online interacting in their courses.


The kind of person who should not attend this school is one who is not self motivated and self disciplined. The school is almost entirely online, so if one does not want to log in they do not have to. If one is not motivated to learn or disciplined enough to log in and check assignments, they would not do well at this school.


If you want the full college experience, then you shouldn't attend this school. Also, if you are interested in liberal arts and the humanties and want to major in the field, you shouldn't attend this school either--they are very limited in this department.


Students that are not self motivated and disciplined, should not attend this school. It takes hard work and dedication to follow through on your assigments when no one is asking you for them or reminding you they're due. It is not an easy task to go to school online.


You shouldn't attend this school if you are not serious about going to school. Just because it is online does not mean it is easy. You need to be structured and want to work.


To attend the University of Phoenix - Online Campus, one must but very disciplined. There are numerous assignemts due on certains, an required amount of class participation, plus quizes, test, and research papers. Having a strong ability to write well helps in expressing yourself in an online setting is a must. The better a student can communicate via written word, the better the students comprehends and makes good grades.


The kind of person that should not attend my school is a person that is not motivated or unable to focus. Somebody without goals or a dream of making a better life for themselves would not be suitable to attend the University of Phoenix either. People that would not want to pursue a career or drastically improve their quality of life would also not be welcome in my school. These qualities along with others are quintessential in earning a degree and furthering my education.


Anyone who is not self-driven or noncommital should not attend this school. Online courses do open a person up to being misleading or distracted. It takes a focused, determined student to take away the most from an online learning environment.


You should absolutely NOT attend this school if you are lazy, unmotivated, or have zero knowledge of computers. You have to be able to set time aside to work on school and study, with out the school saying "Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays at 2 p.m." Another requirement is that you are knowledgeable enough to use a mouse, keyboard and the internet to complete the curriculum.


Anyone who isnt dedicated, and isnt willing to work in a timely manner


Someone who is tight on time and needs the flexibility of an online learning environment is best suited for this school. Also, someone with high willpower who can use self-discipline to get work done.


Everyone should be given the opportunity to attend school. You have to be motivated and organized to complete your degree and to optain a good GPA. The school can work with students to achieve their goals.


I think that a younger person may want more of the college experience and not just the education aspect of it. I work and I have a family so I want an education and I am not interested in the extracurricular activities.


Any person that is not dedicated to changing their life, and future, for the better should not attend this school. Also, if one is not self motivated they should not attend this school.


Someone who is not focused on what they want to do with their life. They need to figure out what they want to do before they can do it. And they need to make sure that they are committed before beginning


A person that should not attend this school is one who is not proactive. All assigned work is usually due the following week. To keep from cramming, you should be able to schedule time to work on your assignments without being told. Also a person that is not great with reading shouldn't attend this school or the online campus because I do a great deal of reading with the discussion boards and the assignments.


The person who should not attend this school is someone who does not like to be in front of a computer for approximately 4 hours a day; 7 days a week. Also, if the person does not like an online college setting, said person should not attend University of Phoenix-Online Campus.


it dont matter everyone can attend in this school


University of Phoenix is not for everyone though. A person that is lazy when it comes to doing school should not be attending University of Phoenix online or on campus. The kind of person that does not work well with others would be wasting their time even signing up for this college. It is a college where you have to be the one that makes sure you go on and participate.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone who is not interested in bettering themselves or their family. I say this because you have to have a lot of dedication to be able to be in control of your classes and school work because you are the one who has to remember to turn assignments in on time and do all the required work. There is not someone reminding you daily about what needs to be done for class.


If you a person is not disciplined enough to log-in to attend class at least 3 days this is not for them.


anyone can attend there


A person without self-discipline should not attend the University of Phoenix-Online. It is crucial for success to be able to commit yourself. It is not high school, so you will not be reminded to submit assignments. There are deadlines to meet and the assignments can be difficult at times. It is challenging.


This is a very fast paced program that the student would really need to be prepared to work very hard and take very seriously.


A person who has a very demanding work life and personal life might find it difficult to schedule time to complete individual assignments as well as participate effectively in team assignments. It's very important to check in often with team assignments to ensure everyone understands their portion and is on track for completing it.


People who aren't self driven and are prone to procrastination shouldn't attend this school. When you are enrolled in an online school you need to have self discipline to complete class taks and assignments without direction from an instructor. It takes dedication, motivation and self discipline.


People who cant stay focused, have little time for school...