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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't procrastinate. Now is the time to look at your future. You will have time to have fun with friends. You will have time to have a good time. Right now you should be looking at universities. Right now you should be filling out applications for numerous schools that you dream of. You can do it. Putting things off will only lead to last minute decisions and choices that will slowly reflect opportunities that you never wanted. Be courageous and give it a try.


I would most certainly tell myself to suck it up and go to a four year school right out of high school and finish while I could still live with my dad, and then get a good job right out the gate, instead of messing around for a couple of years and living hand to mouth for far too long.


I will tell my self not to wait for 10 years to go back to school, that it was possible to do it sooner.


Be ready to work, this is not free education so get your money's worth. Its not a joke


The first advice I would tell myself in high school would be to not wait to go to college! Fifteen years and three childern later trying to get a degree is not easy. It well worth it, but do it while you are young. The next advice I would give myself is to try and get every scholarship and grants you can. College is very expensive and you do not want a large student dedit when you leave school and began your career.


If i could go back to senior year and look at myself in the face, I would tell myself to shape up. I would tell myself that its time for the real world and to get my act together. Although the grades were great, the money was not there to attend school. I would tell myself to look under every rock to find the money that I would need. As that kid, I thought time wouldnt go by so face, so telling myself to not waste time and use every second of that day to do something productive.


I would tell myself to better prepare myslef and take education more seriously. I would tell myself to put effort in school instead of partying and messing around. I could be so much furter by now if I had my act together at that time.


If I had the opportunity to go back and give my high school self advice it would be this; Stop worrying so much about what does not affect you and focus on your own future. During my time in high schoold I did not spend much time on myself, I was too involved with working and helping to support my mother and sisters which in turn made me lose focus of myself and what I needed to do for my future. I slacked in certain areas and didn't give college much thought. Now that I am older and have spent countless hours at jobs I would rather not be at, I have developed the motivation and confidence I need to return to school. I want to be able to have a career I love rather than a job I hate. So, to my high school self, Please focus more on your future and getting the information and skills you need to further your education and become the woman you deserve to be.


If you have a dream of going to college do not give up. Just do it!


Cindy, stay in school and work hard to get good grades. Get involved with school activities and volunteer within your community. Be aware of your grades and aim for perfect attendance while you are in high school. This will give you great habbits that can stay with you throughout your lifetime. Learn what type of person you want to be and what type of people you want in your life. This will give you the strength to go through your adult life with positive people in your life. Always think of yourself as an important piece of society that will make a change. Do not look down on others and always try to help your peers in anyway possible. Enjoy life while in high school, enjoy athletic games, meetings, friends, dances, and other activities. Learn from your mitakes and live to be a better person always. Strive for success and never forget that you are important.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to not give up and to pursue a college degree sooner. Life gets in the way of wanting to wait for a better time but honestly there is no better time that the present. I wish I had enrolled in school years ago and it has been the best decision thus far. I will not lie it has been a struggle trying to keep a home in order and working full time, but it is not impossible. I would tell myself to just go for it because the work will be worth it at the end. I would advise myself to take your time and research the schools and make sure that it is the best fit for what you want to study and to make sure to manage your time wisely because that is one of the biggest reasons for failure, time management is key and determination to get things done.


Well, the advice I will give myself will be that you always suppose to put a hundred percent effort in all assignments and work giving to you. And complete anything you may start in life, and to never give up. You should also always take notes and review all work giving to you when needed whether it's in college, job, or your day to day life.Keep a schedule to do list to assure that I will keep a schedule of all my goals set and satrive hard to accomplished them. And to never be afraid to accomplish what I want out of life. I would of also gave myself advice to use time management, and to stay consistant with it. Time management would of been able to help me to be able to manage my time accordingly, and It could of allow me not to overwhelm myself. Being able to manage your time is very important in college and in life. Managing my time help me now be able to complete all my goals, and that's very important. These are a few things I wish I would of knew back in high school as a senior.


I would tell myself to not be to concerned about not being able to get into the Navy. My carreer focus was to stay in the Navy for 20+years and not getting in threw off my life plans for a long time. I would tell myself to get over it faster and refocus on a new path. The lose of one path forward does not mean that there is no way forward, you just have to look harder.


The first thing I would tell myself is to not be afraid to ask more questions of my teachers/ advisors and other students. I had to grow up with a lot of independence and always felt like asking for help meant I failed and could not do it on my own, which is not the case. Seeking advise sometimes can be the smartest decision of all. I would also remind myself not to stress as much as I did over anything, but especially the social aspect of high school. Most importantly I would tell myself that taking a couple years off after high school to NOT jump into a degree or school to go to is THE BEST decision I have ever made! I took on a lot of pressure and criticism for my decision but have come out of it knowing what I want out of my life without wasting time or money in a field of study that really did not suit me best. I have learned to never let the words of others make me scared to do things that I really feel are best for me, even if it may be different or unconventional.


After I was done with high school, I tried going to community college, taking a single science class. Either I took the wrong class, or I was at the wrong school, or maybe it was just the wrong time for me, but I failed that class. It took me 6 years to get up the courage to apply at University of Phoenix. Speaking with my younger self, I would have told her to stop procrastinating due to the thought of failure, but instead, move forward with thoughts of success. Instead of worrying about how broke you'll be going through college, use the thought of being the only woman in your family to get a degree, to keep you motivated. Not only will this propel you through the challenging moments of college, and give you something to look forward to, but it will also be viewed as your stepping stone to becoming successful, and ultimately, happy in life doing what you love. Keep your chin up and stop worrying. Just do it!


Do it now, don't wait and think that your current job will be your carreer, it won't. You eduaction is the most important thing that you should focus on, you don't want to be 35 years old or older when you make the decission to get a degree. Life is a compitition and it is fierce. Take advantage of your youth, and listen to your parents. They may not be educatied in any formale sence, but they have life experiance. Your dad is highly intelligent and you don't have to protect him, he is far more capable than you believe. GO TO COLLEGE on your own, you can do it without feeling guilty for leaving them.


Paying attention is key. Listen when you get feedback from your teachers. The advice they give you today will help in you in your future classes. Also keep a positive attitude. Do not think college is out of your reach. It would be nice to start earlier but there is a level of self-awareness that is needed. It is different than high school. The instructors are not going to hold your hand to make sure you complete the assignments. Stay focused on the task at hand and less on who may or may not be better than you. You are your own competition. You do not have to be the best in the class as long as you try your best. Good luck in the future.


If I could write a message to my college-bound self, I would say "stay focused". Write a letter to your future self about why you want to go to college and what you want to accomplish. College offers a lot of distractions and choices. You will forget why you are pursuing this degree and your dreams. You will get tired. You will become weary and it will seem like graduation day is a million miles away. You must not give up. Find a therapist because fears and anxiety are valid and real responses to growing up. Seeking mental health care is not a sign of weakness, but rather courage and bravery. You need a trained voice to help you separate fact from fiction. At the same time, try to relax. You will make excellent choices and have few regrets in the future. Trust your instincts. Please remember that finding a husband is not the purpose of college, even though that little voice keeps telling you that you are incomplete without a husband. And finally, take more pictures. You will enjoy looking back at those pictures and treasuring your memories. You can never have enough pictures.


I would tell myself to start college sooner rather than later in life as I did. I would also remind myself how important furthering my education is, not only to myself, but to my future children as well as the rest of my family. I would remind myself that nothing in this world is just given away, that I must do my best and work hard to achieve my goals.


With the knoweldge I have now, I would go back in time and till my younger self that I am far stronger than I had ever believed. I have faced trials in my life that I never thought I would, and I have come out so much braver. I would tell myself to always fight for what I believe in, because what I know in my heart to be right, is, and it won't ever let me down. I would tell myself to never give up on myself, because what may seem like a set back, is only a small step into something better. I would tell myself that I will become the person I want to be if I continue working hard and believe that I am incharge of my future. I would tell myself to love me, love my family, make friends and build myself up to know that I am somebody. I am an acheiver of life.


I would tell myself to study smarter and harder. Know to pay attention to all your assignments. Work with your better judgement. Ask questions if you are unsure of the answer, asking questions will give you a better score than a 0 on a paper or any assignment for that matter.


If I could go back in time to when I was a high school senior I would try to urge myself to look at the world from a less narssicistic point of view. When I was that age all I could focus on was my friends, my wardrobe, and finding fun things to do outside of school. Academics was not my focus, and I wish I could go back and tell myself to work harder in my classes so that my GPA would have been higher, then I may have been eligable for a scholarship. I would also try to tell myself that I do not know nearly as much about the world as I think. I would show "younger me" that I still have so much to learn, and I need to keep an open mind about how to approach college and my personal life. Showimg myself then just a glimpse of what I know now may have helped me to focus on things that were more important, like school and my family- not parties and my friends.


If I could go back and talk to my seventeen year old self about college I would tell him to not wait ten years, jump right in and get it over with so you do not have to worry about it later. I went through many different jobs that I hated before I found one I enjoyed. Bite the bullet and get right into school so you can get a degree and not have to worry about money again.


If I could pay a visit to 17 year-old-me I would say "Explore your options now." As a teenager in her senior year of high school I only looked forward to two things: turning 18, and graduating. I thought that opportunities would present themselves out of nowhere--once I was out on my own. The truth is you have to seek out opportunities, but that is hard to do once you're an adult. Having a job, and paying bills in order to gain independence consumes most of your time after high school. Life can also happen, kids, marriage, death etc. You wake up one morning and wish you could return to more simple times--like high school. You wish that you can start all over again, and then you realize you have to, but when life happens (kids, marriage, and deaths) opportunities are harder to take so explore your options before life really starts happening.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice, I would say to be patient and finish your schooling because it is important to your future. I would explain how going to college when you are young instead of waiting would save you lots of pain and agony. Do not wait until your mid thirties to go back to school and get your degree when you could have done it when you were young. I would explain the importance of an education and how it is easier when you do not have a family to support and a full time job while earning your degree. Do not struggle through dead end jobs when you can go to college and eventually get the type of job you want.


I spent time after high school in a top university for engineering, a community college in Texas, and online schools out of Phoenix. There are many things that I learned during my journey after high school that I would tell myself going back before I completed my senior year and embarked on my college journey. One of the first things that I would tell my self is to not join a fraternity until after my freshman year. The fraternal system is a good one, but get your feet under you the first year and slowly build up your extra activities once you are confident with your life as a college student. To the online student that I will become I will advice myself to keep a steady schedule. I believe that the online world of education requires a more strict schedule than that of a brick and mortal school. Online students also need to read more and research more than other students because they do not have the option to raise a hand and talk as openly as students in a classroom. Never forget that the online student is still a college student, and never quit.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself that my first attempt at college is going to be the biggest struggle you will ever face in your life because you are going to commit suicide twice, the first time kicking you off campus even though you live in another state 8 hours away, and the second time being a couple minutes short of successful thanks to an EMT. You cannot run away from your problems, you must face them head on, but it will only benefit your future. You score a job working in the mental health field as a youth advocate, inspiring youth that recovery is achievable and help change the system with the voices of the youth, and especially your own voice. You will end up attending college online and it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make because of your mental health conditions and living circumstances. Everything will work out.


To my high school self I say "stay in school". I beleive now that youth are not told it is alright to think of themselves, first! Especially as a woman I needed to know I do not have to worry so much about everyone else, I wish I would have known to fight for my desires and to look for a future of independence. I need to tell my high school self to finish school, to chase that dream of being something great. Go to college right after high school and do not stop until you have everything you want, keep dreaming big and chase it! You will change lives and you will be the example for many other people so do not cheat yourself, do not be the one who tells yourself "no you can't" let someone else try and stop you!


Dear Casey: When you make that decision to go to college, it's going to be really confusing. The first thing I would suggest you do is make sure you ask as many questions as you can about the Financial Aid and what's included. Also make sure you start off with your Associates Degree first. Don't jump the gun. Get all of the education you can so that when you start your Bachelors it will not be hard. You're going to run into some problems here and there but know that you can always get help. Lastly yes do expect the great deal of loans you will have to pay back. Through paying these loans know that it will all be worth it once you earn your degrees and get the ideal job that pays well. Best wishes to you in the future. Love Future Casey


I never made it to senior year. I was pregnant and I got my GED. I didn't go to college until I was 25. However, if I could go back to before getting pregnant and dropping out of high school, I would tell myself to stay in school and go to college because it will make your life so much better. I would tell myself of all the opportunities that are out there in the world. I would tell myself that college life is fun and that you learn so much, not only academicallly, but you learn so much about life and about yourself as a person. Transitioning to college isn't as hard as people make it seem. As a teenager, college seems like a fun, but big and scary world, which makes it seem like it would be hard. College is only as hard as you make it, but you really can do anything that you put your mind to. I would tell myself that I am not alone at any step of the way because colleges have so many resources to help you along the way if you need it.


The most significant thing that I would tell my younger self would be to not worry about the small things. I took a non traditional approach to my career and schooling and started my career while I was still in high school. I then took a break from work to go to college. I had spent almost 4 years working in a professional high tech field and the idea of being treated like I didnt know a semiconductor from a sharpie was very difficult to swallow. I would tell myself that college is about paying your dues in life just as much as it is about the learning. It is about putting in the effort and learning how to learn. I would tell myself that the challenges I face in life after school are far larger than anything college can throw at me. I would tell myself to stick with it and get it done the right way.


I know that you always wanted to go to a campus and have the "college lifestyle" but it wasn't want you really wanted... Not really. You wanted to have the intellectual conversation without the crowds, you wanted the interaction between instructors and students that meant the most, not something that the instructor was trying to rush through. When it comes time for college, look at online universities. It will give you the opportunity to live in the real world and complete your education. You will get the best of both worlds this way, trust me! By the time you finish school, you will have the experience needed by the companies you want to work for and the education to match it! Definitely look at online campuses for universities, look at University of Phoenix because the schedule works the best for what you want to do with your life!


Advice to my High School self If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, the first thing I would say is, "Yes, college is worth it." Sit down Tracy, let me explain. You need to plan for tomorrow, today. Do not wait until tomorrow, and wish it were yesterday. Don't just listen to what I am saying, hear me, and understand this. College is a way of finding and expressing who you are and leads you down that path, guiding you, teaching you, showing you the true reflection of yourself, and who you will become. It is discovery and excitement. It is apprehension and anticipation. It is friendships, academic and personal bonds that will last a lifetime. It takes time to mold a perfect sculpture, but once complete it can endure; it can succeed. Moreover, when you hear your name, receive your degree, and know you are the first in your family to ever earn such an honor; it is a sense of pride and accomplishment like no other. Knowledge is power; it changes the world. Grab the opportunity, secure the power and you can change the world!


Oh to go back in time would be great. I would find my young, unknowing self and sit down and have a very strong conversation about what i should do with my life. I waited almost seven years to return to school and i kick myself in the behind every day. Everything is fresh in your mind when you are a high school student and I would be sure to mention that I could spend my time more wisely than I did. The transistion now is more difficult because I am older, and almost have to learn everything over again. Do it while you are young, take the challenge, do better for yourself while you have the chance. You are going to enjoy college, it will not be as difficult as you think, you are smart.


Advice I would give myself if I could go back in time would be to finish out school and not just settle for a GED or online high school credits because they diploma is more valuable then you realize at that time. I would also tell myself to listen in class and do less playing around because education is important as an adult.


If I was in High School I would have study more and get my life on the right path make sure I have every thing i need to start college and save money for school and talk to people who in college now. This would help me in life


Be patient and take your classess serious. This school has significanlty helped me continue my education without having to stop with my responsibiities.


I would give myself time to figure out what I wanted to do career wise. I hurriedly went on to college after I graduated high school so that I could make a good living for my son who I had in high school. I now have a degree that I dont use because there are not alot of job opportunities in my city that would make my associate degree useful. If I could go back, I would've taken the time to figure out which career path would be more useful and which career path would help me better myself and my community. I wish I didnt get the associate degree in the field I have it in, I would have given myself time to discover the interest in the health field that I do have now.


I wish I had this opportunity. I was totally unprepared to go to college when I first left high school. Even though I graduated with a 3.8 GPA, I took things for granted in college. Since homework wasn't graded I rarely did it. While I studied, I was never prepared for class ahead of time. I was never serious about my education. Now that I am 50 and going back again, I am taking a totally different approach. If I do not understand, I ask questions. I know what I have to do so instead of playing golf on Sunday afternoons, I do my school work. School work is just as much of a prioirty as everything else. I have lost so many opportunitues because I did not finish in my 20's. I wish I haad the discipiline I had now back then.


My advice would have been to do better in high school. I really struggled in high school and I didn't think it really mattered but when I started applying to colleges and scholarships I wasn't getting accepted to the school's I wanted to and the one school I did want to go to and got accepted I couldn't afford because I didn't get many scholarships because of my grades. My advice would have been to work harder and study harder and do the best that I could have so that I could have gone to the school that I really wanted to.


If I knew then… the famous last words that mean so much when hind sight is undoubtedly 20/20. If I could go back and have a meaningful conversation with the high school me, I would tell myself to confront the unknown with a joyful heart and wonder and stand strong in faith despite the unknown. I would tell myself to focus on being grateful in the present because now I know that gratitude is the key to happiness. I would tell myself not to fear the discomfort of change because discomfort builds character. I would tell myself to face my failures as opportunities to grow and never settle for someone else’s best. I would tell myself that the grass is not always greener on the other side. I would relay my favorite Oprah Winfrey quote and tell her to repeat it daily: “When your life is on course with its purpose, you are at your most powerful. And though you may stumble, you will not fall.” I would tell myself to dance in the rain, even when it feels challenging, and one day it will feel like nothing when she looks at how far she’s come.


You are not going to have a hard time adjusting to college life. At its core, it does not really differ from high school. You will have more freedom and this is where people tend to go wrong. Do not squander your new found freedom doing irresponsible activities just because you can. It does not take hard work to turn your life into a mess before you really know what happened. It does take hard work to get out of that mess. Instead, do the hard work in the beginning and save yourself the heartache. Do not miss a class unless you are sick, do all your homework, and be part of a study group. This will greatly help you academically. Surround yourself with people who have goals similar to your own. This will make achieving those goals much easier. Education is a process not a competition. Remember that you are going to school for the knowledge you receive as well as the degree. If it takes you longer to finish than others, that is okay. You are going to get tired, frustrated, and want to quit, stick with it. You will be glad you did.


Life does not always follow even the best laid plans. We have to be able change with circumstances that are dealt to us, while at the same time keep our ultimate long term goals and dreams in mind. If you have something that you really want to do with your life; do it, don't wait as if you do you may question everything that you do from that point on. Live life to the fullest as tomorrow is not promised to us. Never give up on your dreams. These may all sound like cliche`s but many have applied to my life and if I had to live my life all over again,there is nothing that I would change.


I know it might be difficult, but going straight into college is so much more beneficial than taking a break. Your memory is fresher coming out of high school than waiting a year. Also, not knowing what you want to do is not the end of the world. Take some time and really figure it out. It’s better to have a better idea of something you want to do than just jumping into something and being miserable the rest of your life. You have time to figure it out, take some internship, shadow some careers that you think are interesting, and then make a decision. There are so many careers out there, and you could do well at a lot of them. Find something you are passionate about, something that you would not mind waking up for every morning, then commit to that, and do not look back.


Wow if i could go back to then i would say keep up the good work i know its eay to get distracted from your studies especially when their so many people around you having fun but after work there is always time for fun. Everything being taught to you in high school will be very vauable to you when go to college. Mainly stay focused and keep your eyes on future never fester in the past or the present.


If I could go back in time and inform my high school self about college life, I would have entered college soon after I completed high school. I would have also maintained a higher grade point average so that I could have recieve academic scholarships. This way I could have minimize my student loans. I would have informed myself of the many research papers and the challenge of being a working mom and attending college. I would let myself know how important a quality education is and why it is important to start your career before you start a family. It can be difficult at times being a single parent trying to provide for your children while trying to build a career. I would have also liked to experience the college life, things like living in a dorm and playing college sports. College life is exciting and interesting. You must remain focus and strive for excellence. College life like anything else can be a challenge, but the end result is much more rewarding. Although I have started a family before I have actually started my career, I feel confident in knowing that my career will be accomplished sooner than later.


that is hould have started fresh out of high school and that i shouldn't have waited this long to go i shoul have not waited this long to decide to go back to school


Hey Tiffany!


Shanelle, You are an i ntelligent girl. You can go to any college that you like, just be sure to be serious. Try to keep all grades up to help you qualify for scholarships and apply. This will allow you to access to more funds during college and it could help you assistance with other financial issues. I know that you are afraid of student loans but scholars is the easiest way to help. The only thing is that you must dedicated. I know that you are full time working ,so being online is okay. Once, you have finished your online degree, you are more than welcome to continue your studies. You can transfer credits. This helps with the transition from one degree to another. This also helps keep the actual degree cheaper. You are dedicated and what ever college you choose make sure that it is right for you. Thanks, 12th Grade guidance counselor.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior and give him advice on college life, I would tell him not to wait to discover your passion. I would advise him to look deeper inside of yourself and not attempt to go to college just for the sake of going because you will not become fully engaged if you're just going through the motions. You have to have a passion for what you are studying so that you can push yourself through the obstacles you will face. You may view ths experience as not necessary, just because you plan on majoring in an area that you already excel at, but that only means that you need to find something else that you love and study that. There is no wrong option for you except the option to quit. There will be difficulties, but there must be pressure in order to create the change you want in your life.