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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Continue with all studies, no breaks. Finish all education before considering marriage or any serious relationships.


Don't stop being yourself and don't take that one year off from school, it will get to you. Do your research and beyond because there is so much to learn. Read as many books as you can and remember high school is much different from college.


I would have prepared myself a little bit more for college. When I was a senior in high school I was just the normal 17 year old. I knew that I wanted to go to college I just couldnt figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Right out of high school I rushed myself into a school for Massage Therapy and paid all this money for something I wasnt very sure about. Well come to find out I didnt want to do that with my life. I wasted my time, my money and other peoples time. I am going back to school now with more information about schools and finanical aid. Completely different outlook on picking the right school for me.


The best advice that I can offer is to not let temptation get the best of you. Don't skip class because it's more fun to be with friends. It's a costly and time consuming mistake that only hurts yourself. I have learned to put my education before my friends but I need the knowledge to move up in life and the grades to prove that I have what it takes. Take the time to study and don't wait until the last minute. Lastly, take the time to meet others. Make an investment in yourself by getting to know others. Making friends helps to keep you motivated to finish school and stay driven.


The advice I would give my high school self, is to start college right after high school. To get out into the world and experience all that I could before I got into a career and start my adult life. I would tell myself not to be afraid, to be myself and not worry about what others thought about me. Knowing what I know now about college life, I would tell myself that it’s only as hard as I make it. There is always help available, if I ask for it. I would tell myself to make friends because friends are some of the most important people in your life, next to your family. Most of I would let myself know that if I want something better for myself I have to work hard to get there because life isn't easy.


My advice to my high school self would be to seek a mentor who understands the difficulties of having undereducated parents who didn't complete highschool and didn't understand the value of higher education. Seek sororities or fraternal organizations that have outreach activities if there are enough programs to nurture college applicants, especially disadvantaged youth. I got a scholarship to a school in Boston, but being from California, it seemed a world away, and became a missed opportunity. Seek out ways outside fo family and your highschool to bridge the gap between you and your educational goals.


I would tell myself to take high school seriously and use it to prepare for college. This will make it so much easier to do well in college and you will not give up. Don't wait to start college, because the longer you wait the harder it will be to start and you will have to learn how to study again. You may think all of the things happening to you in life are more important and you want to live a little, but before you know it you are forty years old and still don't have a college degree. I know you didn't have much growing up and you have a new found freedom because you have a job and are out on your own, but this freedom is only temparary. You will have bills and a family that will weigh you down, but you if you attend college now before all of that happens it will be much easier and you can provide a much better life for your family.


At the time I was supposed to be a high school senior, I had dropped out of school, and was in a bad place in my life. If I could go back, I would tell my eighteen year old self that it does get better, and no matter what choices I made back then, life can be turned around, and it is never too late to achieve my goals. Going back to school as a non-traditional student has been hard, but by applying myself and working hard, I have been able to achieve my first degree, and I am already enrolled in my second, at 32 years old. I would tell myself never to underestimate my ability to overcome the trials put in my way, because I can and I will achieve the goals I have set for myself. Lastly, I would say that no matter how hard school gets at times to never give up, because in the end, the feeling of accomplishment of earning a degree is so much greater than any pain that I experienced after returning to school


I would have prepared more while I was in high school. I would have found a way to talk to college students and obtain advice for success. I would not have quit just because things became a little hard academically.


Going back and talking to my high school senior self, I would have three words to tell him. Prepare and Work Hard, I would tell him these three words because it is something I found out in college that is really key to getting ahead of work before it piles up. I don’t think I would have him get ready and differently besides get a mini fridge, and especially order his books before getting in the school. Being the person I am making friends isn’t hard but I would tell him to make friends with people who are smarter then you so they can challenge you at what you do. The most important thing I would tell him is to have fun in college and stay on top of all of his work. Staying on top of his work and working hard actually we make the college life less stressful and more relaxing. So, going back to my high school senior self and look him in the face and say it is time to man up. Do things you haven’t done before and prepare to work hard, most importantly enjoy your time while it last.


If I could go back, I would tell myself to take the ACT as many times as possible to get my score higher. I would also tell myself to apply for more scholarships. I would tell myself to study harder and make better grades.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to stay motivated. College is fun and can offer many choices. It is easy to get distracted by easy classes and social events. As a student you can become overwhelmed and look for the easy path. That easy path offers no challenge and can become boring. When it becomes boring you lose interest and motivation. Without motivation your grades can suffer and you may want to quit before you reach your goal. Keep that motivation and look for something to challenge you. Do not stop until you reach your goal. Do whatever it takes to stick to your plan. It is much harder to go back later to finish what you started. Do it now and do it well. It will be worth it.


I would advice myself to focus more my financial needs for college. I had everything in place academically but finacially I was clueless. I would have adviced myself to focus on grants and scholarships. There are many different ways to go through college without collecting a large amount of debt. I would have also told myself to really focus on what I loved the most. I thought that I loved to bake the most. At that time I wanted to own my own bakery. Now I realize I want to be a teacher. I love to teach more.


"Why didn't you apply for colleges ahead of time?!"


If i could go back in time as a high school senior I would make more effort on going to career services and organizations that would help expand my knowledge on difffrent career pathways. Moreover, would research further through all the majors to see which best describes my interest of study. This was an issue for me as a freshman in college because I did not know what major to obtain. The major I decided to achieve in college was chemistry because I had always thought chemistry was fun and was interesting. It was not after the two years of studying chemistry in college that I found out it was not for me. I clearly knew I had not done enough research to understand my interest of study. This led me to begin a research and found out now what major to acquire, that is respiratory therapist. But because of this now I am ineligible to receive finacial aid funds due to exceeding the amount of hours. With the experience I now have I could not only give advice to myself but give advice to others to prevent them from having the same trouble.


If I could go back and talk to my high school senior, I would tell myself " look, it's not far out of reach, you can to it. Keep your mind focused on graduating high school without getting into any trouble. Stop being that rebel that wants to do everything her way. If you attend college right away, you can start the career that you love sooner then later. Colleges want you to succeed and make a good career for yourself. Do not put it off like I have, get your butt out there. NOW!!!


I would tell myself the following: end your adolescence now. Learn and memorize 1 Corinthians 13:11: "When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish things." Don't remain a boy who can shave. Live as and be a man. Stop playing video games - period. Take as many AP classes as you can and ace them. Get a full-time job that will help pay for college. Do not waste your time wondering who will be your wife, coach yourself on what kind of woman you want to marry. Go to a 2-year community college and get an Associates then move on to a 4-year school to obtain the Bachelor's. You'll save a lot of money this way. Learn what it means to run a household. Instead of finding out how many games you can master, learn how much responsibility you can take on. Find godly responsible men who are older than you. Disciple younger men to be leaders. Finally, in the words of Soren Kiekergaard, "Define your life forward, and live it backward."


The first thing I would say to myself is do not be a moron snap out of it overcome this depression and shyness that has been hitting you and holding you back not letting you unlock your full potential. Remember its not how hard you hit but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward how much you can take and keep moving forward thats how winning is done!!! Apply to all the scholarships you can all year long. It doesn't matter how much, how hard, or time taking it is. Also go ahead and do sports Football, Soccer and Swimming even if you are not the best one on the field give it your all, but most importantly enjoy it. Remember colleges are not neccesarly looking for the best, but just being involved makes you a great candidate for many universities and scholarships. Get involved in school and make more friends. Have the guts to ask Kallisa out she liked you and was second runner up for Ms. teen Bakersfield, what more could you have wanted. Its better to have tried and failed than to look back with regret and sadness for what was not done.


I would tell my self to be more motivated. To go to school and to get a degree.


Kelly, Kelly, Kelly please hear me and hear me well. I know you think you have it all figured out but do take this key pointers as you enter into your first summer session of college. Do not complete any credit card applications as enticing as they are to have a little extra cash remember you only have a part-time job and they will be looking for payment. Actually take the time to study and go to class. Tape recorders may seem like an easy way out to hang-out in the court yard but your GPA will prove different. Relationships are great but take your time they will be there later in life if they are meant to be. Yes, your parents can be pill (I do understand!) but they have your best interest, take what they say and use it to grow as an individual. Cherish moments with your family, they are precious and short. Lastly, you’re a very smart individual and creative use these skills to the best to your ability…YOU CAN DO IT AND BE GREAT!!!


Stay in the books stop with the parties because in the next 10 years most of the kids in this school will have done something in their lives and took full advantage of their education and the party kids will be scraping gum.


Dear High School Andrea, Take a deep breath. It may be the most horrendous four years but bear with me, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in the middle of high school, being feared, being made fun or, and being disrespected, will pass. Those emotional wounds will close and your life will move past the mundane drama and regular hospitalizations away from school. It will be extremely tough to keep up with school and to monitor your mental health; you have to be vocal about how you're feeling and please do not take Oscar back, EVER. Bottling up your feels will do not good and Dan, the guidance counselor is the sweetest man ever, so please, trust him. After high school, college will be the breath of fresh air you need. Even though it's community college, it will be the academic and serious environment you've been ready for. Everyone's in the same mature head space as you are, believe me, you belong here. You finally belong.


You will fail and face extreme adversity; whether it be in school, relationships, or personal life. It is inevitable, so do not be afraid. By the skills that you have unconsciously obtained throughout your education and by the mistakes you have made will help you rise against any adversity you may face. The circumstances of your hardships may test your will to fight. It may even "kneecap" you, if you will; but you will not be judged by your failures, you will be judged on how you rise to be a stronger person, a more loving son, and a more devoted student. In conquering these hardships you will find those who really love you, and those you really love. You will hurt so bad for those relationships lost, but before long you will see that those remaining attain more love and care for you than you will ever need. You are stronger than you seem and braver than you appear; so I say again, do not ever be afraid to fail! For it will only enable you to jump higher for the next hurdle.


Good morning, It is February 5, 2011 and you are now going to clock in your part time job at the school as a receptionist. Can i mention that life is great in 2014 as you have just finished earning your Assosciate's degree in December. A Bachelor's is the next step in education so let's make the best of it. However, there are some things I need you to keep in mind before getting excited about the success you will have or should I say we! There are some troubles financially in regards to keeping up with the payments of classes, books, extra fees, and even food! Our parents are helpful, but they have enough bills to deal with so it would be best if you can apply for as many scholarships as you can. It will benefit us in every way possible. We could probably get a better car than the Honda Civic we ended up purchasing in 2011. To my 17 year old self, Nathaly Castellon


There are a lot of opportunites out there in regards to scholarships, grants and financial aid. Just because you don't have money saved up, doesn't mean that you can't go to school. There is a lot of leg work to be done in regards to grants and scholoarships, but it is worth it to put forth the effort. Scholarships and grant money don't have to be paid back, but loans do have to be paid back. Be wise about how much you borrow in regards to loans. You don't want to over extend yourself with payments once you graduate. Check with your financial advisor as to whether you can start paying on your loans early. Even if it is a just a little at a time, it will be less you owe by the time you graduate. You don't have to go full time either, there are many options and it would be wise to speak with an academic and financial advisor at your school of choice. They can be a plethora of information and advise. They are there to help guide you. Don't worry, there is always help and support.


Life is difficult and sometimes we as teenagers do not appreciate our opportunities. Now that I passed for those years, I have a better view of life and I will say I have a better focus to reach my goals. Now that I am on my second year of College I can be able to decide the best option for me and take it as an useful advice . So, if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior; I will just tell me to be focus and concentrate myself of what I really want. I would tell myself to enjoy my life in the best way not loosing time and moments of great opportunities. I would study every single decition I have to make, to later on be happy and proud of myself. I think like that now because I learned since you begin school you are cultivating the future you want to achieve.


Your college experience is what you make it. When you hear people say that it is important that you find the right school for you, they meant it. No matter what school you go to, there is going to be an adjustment period. It's up to you to discover what your comfort level is. Think of college as that path way into freedom and independance. It's a time to figure out who you really are and what you want to do with your life. There is no need to waste time. Stay focused, motivated, and smile. This is the begining.


Dear Me, This is you ten years into the future. It is now 2014, and you have began the road to success by going to the University of Phoenix! You are working towards your Bachelors degree in Health Care Administration! Who knew? I know you want to be a graphic designer right now, but you will find that you enjoy the medical field a lot when you're older. My advice to you would be: Lead yourself, don't let others influence your actions. Do what you want and need to do without thinking about what others may think. Be your own person. I know you met a boy, and you want to marry him, but don't lose your values! Don't drop out of school! If you do, I know that you will go back and get your diploma next year, but you are going to graduate early! Don't drop out with only four months to go! Put yourself first! Think hard about your future before you make any impulsive decisions. Start going to college once you've graduated. The economy isn't good here in 2014! It would be nice to have a degree already! ~Yourself


I would say that high school is not the end. College is something far more greater and can give you the necessary skills, knowledge, and prepare you for the world. You will regret it when you get older, so it's best to make the sacrifices now while your young.


If I could go back and talk to myself back in high school, I would probably not start by lecturing myself. I know that I do not respond well to that. I would start by making sure that I show everything that I went through because of my choice to not start right away with school. Although it has made me grow as a person, I probably would have my degree by now. I would have enphasised how important having a degree would be to have a better position in my career. I would have told myself that the UOP is a great school, that the perspective of people is wrong about this school. This school has a lot of different resources offered to the students. Making them better people and showing them how to be more professional.


The one piece of advice that I would give myself as a high school senior would be to work hard, but also have fun. During my senior year of high school, I was under much stress about college and my future. Most of the year was spent worrying about getting into colleges, advanced placement courses, extracurricular activities, and volunterering. I wanted to ensure that I got into college, and was prepared to succeed. Because of this, I likely missed out on fun moments that I could have cherished during my last year with my classmates. I wish I had taken more time to do fun things. I was on a committee for almost every school function during my senior year, including the prom. I wish I had taken a small step back, gave others a chance to shine, and enjoyed a few more relaxing moments. I still would have been high school valedictorian and gotten into college. I would have been just as prepared for my future, but I would have had a bit more fun. So, my advice overall to my high school senior self, is to work hard, but take time to relax and have fun.


I would give myself more time to do research about the college I would want to go to. I decided that I would go to community college to save money and I wish I had gone to a university right out of high school. I think more students tend to finish college entering in straight out of high school. I regret coming to University of Phoenix because of the high cost and if I could do it over again, I wouldn't have come here. I am now not able to live a normal life because of my high stress with my payments I will have starting in August.


First off, I would tell myself to remain in school because simply you cannot do anything without an education nowadays, don't go chasing girls, getting high, drinking. Keep playing football and any other sports that will help you stay out of trouble. The party scene will always be there even after you leave college. Do not worry about money now because you have your family to help support you during school even though its not the best things or what you think you may want, it would be the best thing for you to do right now instead of running the streets like you do. If you stay in school I promise you it gets a lot better, you just have to fight to get out of your present position. Long as you stay focused on school and sports everything else good will fall into place. Instead ,I chose a different road which was full of never ending detours and trouble. I was lost. But now I am on the road driven by the vehicle called education.


Stay focused on education before all other things in life. Complete your entire education right out of high school. Finish Bachelors degree, and Masters degree before having children and a family to support. Volunteer and/or do an internship in your field of study, to get your "foot in the door," and have more to list on your resume. BE SELF SUFFICIENT. After receiving your graduate degree get a good job so that you can live on your own. Go out with girlfriends and enjoy single life. Travel a LOT. Make sure you will never have to be dependent on a man, or anyone else to take care of you. You make your own rules and pay your own bills, so you can do what you want to do. You have plenty of time in the future to be tied down, supporting and caring for family members, and putting others before yourself! Now is YOUR time to work on YOU. Be selfish now, study hard, and be proud of your accomplishments. Save a lot of money. Do not get pregnant young, wait until you are a grown up yourself. Work hard and enjoy life now! Make plans for the future.


I would have lived on campus at the University and gotten involved in more activites around campus. I feel that I spent too much time worrying about who I was going to be that I missed out on who I was at that time.


Do not wait until your in 40's, you will miss out on an experience and the beneits of having a degree.


Wow, you have made it this far just scraping by, not putting any energy in to making sure your work is done in a timely manner. Every time your teacher gives you some advice about your writing - make sure you proofread, take the time to study those vocabulary words, put thought into your projects before you submit them - take heed. Teachers have already experienced college, take their advice, buckle down, study hard, and most importantly read, these will all help in the long run. On top of all this work, take time out for yourself, take time to be a teenager, don't try to grow up so fast - that'll come in time.


My first thought would be to not wait. I waited a great deal of time before returning to school and although I am enjoying my time in college now I would have loved to have begun this journey right out of high school. Embrace change. Embracing the ever changing enviornment is important to keep yourself focused and working hard. There are many changes that will happen as the education evolves, don't hesitate embrace the challenge. Be prepared to encage new activites, allow the time you have to yourself which is not that much, to do something fun or meaningful. Help in the local community, vollunteer with your peers and make a change in the commuity. Every small amount of help encourages others to do the same and before you know it a small impact becomes a great deal of change and welcomed help.


I would tell myself how important a college degree is in life. I would inform myself of how I should not wait untill I am 40 years of age to go back to school to further my education. I would advise myself as a high school senior to go to college straight out of high school. In addition to all of this I would advise myself to do research on a number of different schools in order to fully know my options. This way I would not be stuck paying $32,000 for my AA degree and still have an outstanding balance preventing me from moving forward to my BS degree.


I would have to tell myself to wake up and focus on school and my future. I should stay away from certain people and the bad influences that they had on me. There are times you should not be worried about everyone else and you should focus on you and you only. There is nothing that can stand in your way of accomplishing your goals. College life would be a much better pathway to take and learn that taking the long roundabout away to get there and to go through the unspeakable things I had to.


GO NOW! DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE THIRTY FIVE AND HAVE TWO KIDS AND A FULL TIME JOB! Go and enjoy life during college. Meet many people, have many loves, and learn everything you can. Don't take yourself so seriously and learn to enjoy being goofy. Stop worrying so much about what others think about you. The beauty of being in college is meeting new people and surrounding yourself with similar personalities, and with people who will appreciate you for you. Enjoy the days of freedom. Go travel and see all of the places you can before jobs and other obligations slow you down. And most importantly, don't fall in the monkey trap by filling your hands. You have many years to screw up, don't waste it all in four years.


I would tell the "high school" me, that you have what it takes to succeed in class, even when you don't think you can handle anymore school, you find this drive deep in side of yourself to keep going. You make a great student, and even though you lose focus occasionally, you always get back on track very quickly. You are smarter than you give yourself credit for, the harder something seems to be in your head, the harder you work to figure it out. You are so amazing working with teams, and helping others, you should continue to talk to others, they really will like you. Do not give up on your dreams and goals, you can accomplish them and you will. Your family are huge fans of yours, and they will continue to encourage and inspire you to keep moving foward. Never get down on yourself, because you can do this, and you will be amazing!


I would advice to myself to never stop learning and to put all my effort trying to be the best in order to get the best from my high school years.


Stay focused and if you have a plan to get a college degree, the best thing is to go ahead and get it done. The longer you wait, the harder it can be, and information gained can be lost. Even if you don't go to college right after graduation, and choose to experience life first; when the opportunity arises to go to college , take it and do the absolute best, and achieve more than expected goals. You are paying for your education and have chosen to go further, so get your moneys worth.


My advice would to continue my education right after school. Do not put off later what you could possible do now. It is important to continue your education to better your education for yourself and for your son. Never give up on yourself and never give up on your son. Education is the key to a successful life. Your son is the most important person and you need to better yourself for him.


Dear High School Self, Being prepared and ready for college is not just something your teachers and parents make up, come to find out it is really important! So take the time to research what you want to major in and what classes are needed. Do not overload yourself the first semester, learn the ropes first. Talk to a college counselor and make a plan. Have a good support system of classmates, parents, friends, and even teachers. Use the resources that are available to you and above all do not give up, keep working, and ask for help when needed! You are smart, confident, and a go getter. Stay strong with your head held high. Grandma always said, "that hard work builds character".


I would tell myself to start filling out for scholarships before graduating high school so that my financial needs would have been in better order. I would also tell myself not to wait to go to college, and not to take that 'break' after high school before applying. This would have allowed me to start my career earlier and be more experienced in the field by the time I hit my current age of 28. Another tip of advice I would give to myself would be to focus on what will make me happy and secure my future financially, instead of worrying about what would have made me the most money at that moment in time. Planning and preparation for both classes as well as finances are more important than I realized in high school. These would have been the main things I would have liked to have understood then, and not ten years later!


The best advice I would tell myself follow your dream, believe in yourself, and never settle for the word you cannot achieve it because you don’t have the financial assistance. As a high school student I was always told you need a certain GPA to go to school. And honesty depending on what school you want to go to that might be true, but other school look for helping the individual bring their dream to light. Providing the frame work that is need by outlining what is need, allocating a support system from the beginning stage to the end. Speaking from my own experience if I had someone that help by provide me with the tools of helping me pursue the dream I wanted. I would have enter college after high school and not later. The choice is life is what we make of it. As a mother of three I instill a belief system with my children. I show them what determination is and how dream come true by putting your mind to work and follow the path of the dream. Stay focus, energetic, and ready to on all the fast ball and curves that life throws.


Peer pressure affects many younger and middle adolescents and worries many adults. Friends are important in most children’s lives and without worry. Teenagers are less affected by peer pressure and usually make their own decisions. Power comes in numbers and adolescents find facilitation easier with friends rather than alone. Peers have been known to take risks for approval from other peers. Especially in violent neighborhoods, friends are more like family looking out for each other. Snapping is common among adolescents with little control over their emotions. Without guidance from a friend they are more likely to get into trouble. Most of them spend more time with each other than they do their families: at school, after school, weekends, phone, and internet. Some even sleep by their phones as if they were “on call.” Losing a friend like that is such a great loss it can cause depression. Parents need to find a happy medium between control and freedom while adolescents are discovering themselves in order to avoid role confusion.


Fate. Either it is a real experience that cannot be changed, or it is a coincidental phenomenon that randomly occurs to everyone. Although I am ever more susceptible to the idea of fate, I believe there are alternate fates for everybody. My life has occurred in such a sequence to allow me to be where I am. I’m concentrated, motivated, and determined to get an education. In high school, this was not me. If I could communicate to my high school self any idea, I would tell that kid to take pride in his school work. I would tell him to work hard and make a name for himself. I would describe the importance of a good education. And most importantly, I would tell him that no matter what happens, no matter where he decides to go, everything will work out for him. He will have many setbacks and hardships, but he will become better from them. A man should not wish for an easier life, but to become a stronger person. These are words to live by no matter what fate one has chosen.