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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Do your best and study. It is hard to adjust from high school to college if you are not focused and do not have plans for what you want to accomplish. Education is the highest honor a person can have.


I would tell myself that I needed to be more motivated and do my work over the time provided instead of procrastinating and doing it at the last minute.


I would tell my high school self to not wait. Going back to school after nearly 20 years was so much harder than if I had gone right after high school. Also, put in the extra effort to get that "A" on every assignment, employers expect you to work hard too. Ask questions, do not blindly follow the advice of your peers. Finally, use every resource available to you! Find the scholarships, use the teachers as sounding boards, find a study group to help you actually study, make the most of your education and the experience you will have. You have plenty of time to party and it is a lot easier to enjoy a party if you do not have finals the next morning!


Knowing what I know now about life as a college student, I would definitely advice myself as a high school student to start as soon as possible and not put a hold on education. Learn as much as possible and do the best you can so that it reflects in your GPA and future employers will look at as a big plus. Your future depends a lot on education and the more you learn the better life gets! Never give up on your education even if it seems impossible to do.


I would tell my high school self “Take college seriously. It is much more important to focus on doing well in school than it is to plan your personal life. Getting engaged and having a baby is not the way you want to waste your first few years as a young adult. It is so important to find a college you love, no matter where it is or how much it cost and attend it for all four years. I also recommend starting as a psychology major so that you do not need to bounce around with majors. Your life in four years will be so drastically different than you can imagine at this point in time that you just need to listen to me and do what I say.” While it is possible I might not listen because of how stubborn I was, I think that hearing it directly from myself will cause it to make a larger impact than when it come from someone else.


If I were to go back as a high school senior, I would definitely give the advice of preparing myself to be much more independent than I was. Being in college, I have now learned that I am responsible for everything I do. It isn't as easy as it was in high schools where I can rely on the teachers to help or complete tasks for me that I could do myself if I knew how to. Now, I have to try to learn everything on my own and discipline myself to make time for my studies, work life, and personal life. So it all falls to having good organization skills with managing time well to be able to do everything. I think now I am doing excellant when it comes to making sure that I have enough time to do everything, and it has set my mind set to a much more maturity level to be able to manage everything well without stressing. So, I would definitely note to myself to prepare for dealing with so many things after high school.


I want you to know that you will regret not going to college when you are young and have the money to pay for it. The learning really isn't much different from high school. You will have to learn in a few weeks instead of over the year but you are smart enough that you can do it. You are good with people so find something that will not only help others but will also make you feel good at the end of the day. Be happy find peace.


If I could go back in time and tell myself as a high school student how important college is I would first emphasize how getting a college degree puts me in a better position for a higher paying and potentially more satisfying job. I would use encouraging words that would have prompted me to go to college like fun, exciting, meet new people, and successful. I would also tell myself how proud my family would be of me if I received a college education. High school was a struggle for me so I would emphasize how much easier it is to go to college because of the resources that are available to help with any demands that I may be going through. Life would be much easier for me if I would have gone to college sooner.


The advice I would give myself if I were a high school senior again about college, is to make sure what career path I would like to pursue my degree in. Also I would tell myself to choose the college that will best fit me like how much tuition and the quality of education that I will receive for the best price. Another thing I will tell myself is not to give up on school if there is an obstacle get in my way. I will also let myself know that am continuing my education to better myself and have the career that will better support my family in the near future. This is the advice I will give myself if I were a high school senior again.


I can remember being very hesitant to work online for school. I do not go to a campus, I do not see my classmates. Everything is captured by my work on a computer screen. I would have to tell my younger self not to be scared. By allowing myself the opportunity to continue my education online, I freed up my time. I was able to take care of my daughter without worry of finding a babysitter. I was able to work while going to school. I would tell myself that although the road looks scary and untrodden, I will succeed like I have always done. I will conquor the unexperienced trail and come out on top. Before saying goodbye to my younger self, I would tell myself to pick a program that means more to me. My degree program was not my first choice, but rather a choice I made to support my family. Perhaps if given another opportunity, I would try a degree more meaningful to me. I would then give myself a hug, wish myself the best, and tell myself that even though things will get hard, there is happiness at the end of the path.


I would tell myself to finish college when you first go to the campus and do not wait 18 years to go back to school to finish my degree. I would also advise myself that online classes are not as easy as you think and to make sure I use my time wisely when I am in school because you never know what will come up to slow your progress in class.


I want to give you some wisdom that will help with your journey in life: • The world is full of opportunities! However, you may see it as a lot of locked doors. Take the time now to create the keys needed. Your education is like a master key that will unlock many of those doors. Don't take the ability to pursue an education for granted. • Life does not slow down and tomorrow is never promised. Invest in your most valuable assets, yourself and others. In the words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” • Go find Glenn! He’s got blonde hair, green eyes, and he knows lots of popsicle-stick jokes. He’s the love of your life and will one day be your husband. Don’t waste your time on anyone else. • “Don't ever let somebody tell you, you can't do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period,” (Pursuit of Happiness).


As you are approaching graduation and preparing for the rest of your life, focus on your college education. Do not take time off. Do not wait to get that education or life will get in the way. Jump right in and take the bull by the horns. Buckle down, focus, get good grades, and graduate.


Make more of an effort to fill out as many scholarships as possible and take as many core classes near home as possible. This will help reduce your student loans. Also, take those AP classes you chose not to take. They give you college credit without paying for them. This also will decrease the amount you will owe in student loans as well as reduce the amount of time you spend in college. Oh, and leave that jerk of a boyfriend you have. He only sucks up your money and uses you. You need someone who is willing to support you and help you succeed. Having that support will help ease the stress of starting and completing multiple degrees. P.S. DO WHAT YOU LOVE, NOT WHAT OTHER WANT YOU TO DO. Changing degree programs is expense and you will regret it later!


I would tell myself not to give up and keep mving forward college is something you need to accomplish. My high school self slacked off in high school and did try, now if I could go back and tell myself what to do it would be to stop being stupid and get your crap together.


Given the extenuating circumstances of my life my educational time line has always been abnormal. The advice that I would give myself back when I was finishing highschool would be: stay in school, immediately go to college and make something of yourself before you leave home because once you leave its all over from there. Take the initiative to be independent and do not be afraid to be a single mother. You can do this and if there is every any doubt in your mind, remove it right now because you absolutely CAN do this!"


Looking back over time I know exactly how I went wrong and what got in my way of my high school goals. I woudl tell my high school self to stay strong and determined to set out and got straight to college and complete my bachelor's degree as soon as I could. Enjoy meeting the friends that will pass by in life but do not let them deter you from your goal of graduation. There will be time later in life for the relationship or jobs but by consentrating on college and doing your best, numerous doors will open up for you in the future. Stay Motivated!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to not attend college until I was ready. When I was a senior in high school, I felt pressured to go to college, even though I still did not know what I wanted to do with my life. When I graduated, I did what I felt was the “right” thing to do and attended a community college near my home. The problem was that I was doing it for my parents and not for me. I had no direction and did not want to be there, and as a result my grades suffered. My attendance was occasional at best and the work I did was below my ability. At the end of the first year I decided to not go back and took a year off. That year was the best thing I could have done. It really gave me time to think about what I wanted to do and it was then that I decided what I wanted to pursue as a career. The following year I reenrolled at another school and graduated two years later.


Do not wait to start college, it gets harder to return to school once you graduate high school. You will have life experiences in college that you cannot have once you get older and have kids. Just wait on all of that, go to school first, it is important that you learn as much as you can before kids and spouses get involved. After that it is only harder to attend, and can be more expensive. Taking an online course will cost you two times more than an campus course because of the accessibility, but you may have to take an online course if you have kids or a spouse to take care of, as well as working full time.


Never stop!!! Keep your head up and your eye on the goal and just KEEP GOING! Once you start, do NOT fall for that little voice in the back of your mind that whispers "just take a little break, you have been going to school for years now, and there is no harm in taking off for a semster to rest and take time for yourself." IT'S A TRAP! I fell for that trap, so, young me, please, please, please listen when I am telling you that it will turn into far more than a smemster off, and so many things creep up to keep you from finishing school when you had planned on fisnishing. It is not worth is, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to buckle down and keep trucking along. You make good grades, your intelligent and you can succeed at anything you set your mind to, so do not fall for the take-a-little-time-off trap and just keep at it! Trust me, if you do fall for it you will find yourself 30 years old and struggling to finish out your bachelor's. Stay in school!


I would tell myself to make sure to do all of the school work that is assigned on time and study hard to make sure your grades are great. I would also tell myself to take advantage of any scholarship that you could possibly get because college is expensive. I would also tell myself to figure out what college you want to attend and start right after high school because it feels like starting all over again.


Dear Yvonne, Yes you do need college. In the years ahead of you, your decision to run off and get married skipping college will land you in a low paying job and when your husband gets sick from his kidney failure after working many hard hard to support your lazy butt you will be left with three kids who rely on you for finacial support and you will fail them. You will lead them to a non-college failure trend that will not do them any justice! Plan ahead now, go to college while you have the chance, work hard now and relax later, or relax now and work even harder later! Get it together girl and go to school. Your wonderful future self: Yvonne


I would tell my self to stay focused, study hard, and go to Sacramento or Sonoma State instead of going to the JC. The wealth of knowledge and freindship is well worth the extra stress during my senior year in highschool and freshman year of college. Finish strong and get it done.


Do not wait to go back to school. Apply for schools and scholarships while still in school. It is better to do it sooner rather than later because furthering your education is the best option in order to find a career you love. Try to get all the scholarships possible to limit the amount of debt you will have. Most importantly, always do your best and give it 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} no matter what you are doing. Even though it might be tough, don't let it stop you from taking the risks. It will not always be easy, but it is definitely worth it.


College is the opportunity for a large array of possible experiences. However, all of the most enduring are the ones which involve other people. Don't hesitate to make connections with the people around you. You've spent 4 lonely years in high school so far keeping to yourself and the more you continue to do so, the more you'll regret it. You'll regret it even more in the future if you keep it up in college, because it's important there for even more reasons than it is here. You have the opportunity to make some of the longest lasting friendships you'll ever have, and friends, especially close ones, may end up much harder to come by once you're out of school and devoting half of your time to the working world. These are also friends that could easily help you make it in that working world after the handful of years in which you'll be graduating from university. Connections are always important, whether for personal relationships or for professional ones that will help you advance your career. Also, do yourself a favor and don't let deadlines for anything sneak up on you.


If I could go back in time and meet my 17-year-old, fresh out of high school self, the first thing I would tell her is, "Ashley, get your act together!" My younger days I always used John Lennon's philosophy that life was happening when you were busy making plans. Now that I am 26-years-old, married with a growing family, and trying to get my degree, I realize that I could have done all this in my younger days when I didn't have real responsibilities. I would tell myself that getting an education is more important that worrying about work or what my friends were doing that weekend, and that I could have been out of school with a better paying job and a sense of accomplishment if I had just taken the time to go to school instead of delaying because of some excuse I was giving at the time.


I would tell myself to get serious and go to school everyday (stop ditching). Study for the exams and work hard on building my GPA up. Ask the teacher questions when I don't understand the assignment or problem. Put thought in what I really want to do with myself. Care less of what others think of me and focus more on school. Don't EVER pick up a cigarette!!!


Sennie, this is the more experienced you talking. Please find out if you could delay your college education for two years. That way you will not incur a large amount of student loans exploring a career path that does not fit your lifestyle. You have worked hard putting yourself through high school, volunteering for various charities, and inspiring people around you to be their best. I want you to begin taking care of yourself. You have a long life ahead of you full of dreams. What if I told you that you will meet people that are looking to inspire you? They will teach you how to speak up for yourself in a powerful way. Grandma and Grandpa will pass away soon. Your aunt will need to lean on your strength. You are a compassionate person, Sennie. Do not waste time exploring career paths that will sidetrack you from your goal of helping people in a big way. Yes, you will have a great story to tell yet deeper in debt. Follow your gut instinct, you will not go wrong.


Dear me, Bizarre as this may be, the future you has a bit of advice to offer. The first piece of advice is to do your research. I know that you have many interests and aspirations – you are a big dreamer after all (a quality you still possess in your future), but college is expensive. Decide what you want to commit to and stick with it. Trust your instincts and follow your heart when selecting your program. Know that, although college can be challenging, if you are passionate about what you are learning, you will be unstoppable. The second piece of advice I want to offer is to feel comfortable in your own skin. Know that what you decide is the right choice for you. Do not worry about what other people think- you cannot please them all. Lastly, enjoy every minute of your learning experience. You will miss it when it is over…… Best Wishes, Future You


The best advice that I could possibly give myself about college transition is, do it as soon as you finish high school. After living life for so many years after high school, I think that it was harder to get back into the flow of things. I think that it would have been easier to build my life around school rather than building my schooling around my life. Fortunately for me, I found the great University Of Phoenix online school.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to finish college while you're still young. Earn your degree now before you start having kids and start working full-time. Holding down a 40+ hour job, raising kids, and running a house is not easy. Even though you will have a husband who is a saint. Take advantage of your youth and get your education now instead of waiting.


I would tell myself that it is important to stick with it. Do not be afraid to attend college, everyone is nervous about it at first. I would reassure myself that I will find my groove, and thats I would rather get started on my path to my career now, rather than in twenty years.


I would say: Brandy you need to pay more attention in class and challenge yourself to learn as much as possible. You need to try and take as many college course in high school that you can for free to save you some money and help prepare you to be sucessful in college. Build good study habits starting now because it will better prepare you for the work load that is up ahead. Brandy, don't be afraid to ask for help, the worst thing you can do is try to do everything on your own and then fail. The most important thing to remember is time management. You don't want to have 3 or 4 classes with homework and papers due and not have time set aside to complete each assignment on time and correct based off the instructions. Brandy, your future is brighter then what it looks right now, even though you are a single mother in high school, look at you, your about to graduate, your best is yet to come. Stay focused and keep your eye on the prize. Remember: challenge yourself, ask questions and master time management. See you on college graduation Brandy.


I would tell myself to hold onto my dreams. Obtaining a college education is hard work, but anyone can do it if they put their mind to it. Although you joined the military at 17 you could still be attending college. Waiting until you are in your 40s to obtain your degree can cause difficulty. If you wanted to be a medical doctor you should have reachd for the stars. Waiting until you have children, are married, and have lifelong injuries will keep you from attaining your childhood dreams. You can still become a doctor, and you can still enact change. You are a smart person with strong leadership skills. Apply this ability to every aspect of your life and go after that degree. Don't wait, don't make excuses because when you look into the future you will find that you overcame obstacles to suceed. You have the ability to be a 3.96 GPA student. Don't cut yourself short, read, study, and get that degree. You don't have to be the welfare kid who follows in your mothers footsteps. You can break the mold, you will break the mold. Don't give up.


College is a great experience to learn any field that you want to learn about. Go to college right after High School dont wait a few years. This is so that everything you learned in high school will still be fresh in your mind.


I would tell myself to make better choices and to be more involved in my academics and extra-curricular activities because it not only makes you a more well-rounded person, it gives you more opportunities and outlooks on life.


My high school had a program to earn college credits through high school classes. I would tell myself how expensive college is, and you have to in high school anyway, so why not knock out two birds with one stone. College is expenisve, and student loans never go away, so get the most out of free classses as possible, and never give up. Push yourself farther than you ever thought you could go.


Now that I have made it through the hardest part of my college career, I would have told myself to study hard and stay focused on your goal. Create a goal for yourself that is reachable, and strive to follow the steps needed to succeed that goal. Study more than 3 days a week and keep notes of all important topics or even questions you have. Be open in class and do not be too shy to ask those questions because someone else may also need the answer to them. Work hard, but also remember to take breaks for yourself and to recharge your energy. Enjoy time with new friends and make your college years memorable!


Definitely go to LCC because deciding to go to a community college first will save you a lot of money and it'll be a great experience for you. Also while you're there, get involved! Join a club and don't wait till your last year there to do so. You'll meet great people and become very resourceful. Never think that you only have one option for anything. You will always have a choice and you need to find out what those are. Communicate more with teachers and everyone on campus. Lastly, when times get really stressful and you feel like you don't belong there and you feel like you should quit, take a breath and remember how hard you've worked to get where you're at and think about the future you being successful. Good luck!


I would tell myself to NOT STRESS OUT. When I first moved to college it was also my first time moving out, and I only had a couple hundred dollars in my pocket. I was constantly worried about my financial situation (would my financial aid come in?) and I was very miserable for the first month and a half of my first quarter. But things always have a way of workin out, and they did in this case. My financial aid came in fine and my tuition was covered, and I had some money left over to get things that I needed. So the number one thing I've learned, and therefore would tell myself as a high school senior, DON'T STRESS. Everything will be fine in due time.


One thing I always wish I could tell myself is that it's perfectly okay to not declare a major right away. I started at a small college as a theatre major because that was what my guidance counselor made me think I should do because I went to a small high school and spent a lot of my time in theatre. A big part of college is change and learning new things. I spent a year at that school with that major but never dealt with having a job before that and that made my schedule a little more difficult. I then changed my major to elementary education because my advisor then told me I should just teach theatre instead if I didn't have the time for it. But I also longed for a bigger school. So I transferred to a large university and went back to being a theatre major but I ran into the same work problems. After being confused and not knowing what options I had left, I started at University of Phoenix-Online as an English major because it works for me, I study what I want to, when I want to.


I would tell myself Nashira you need to work extra hard and get above average grades. This will allow you to possibly get a scholarship and be able to have a large number of colleges to chose from. I would also tell myself not to let college become overwelming. As long as I attend all my classes pay attention and complete homework assignments on time I will be fine. I would also tell myself not to let people discourage me because I was a teenage mother. I should use that as my motivation rather than a crutch.


Please take the time to fill out for as much scholarships as you can because it helps with the morale of students. Being a poor student can effect personal perspective and make the student feel like giving up.


Making the transition to college life after being out of school for 20 years was somewhat difficult. The work is very demanding, but it is certainly worth it. The learning experience is valuable and I enjoy every minute in the classroom. It is important to focus on reading and research. Having the know how to complete essays and research papers is a necessity. Overall college life is wonderful and I would not pass up this opportunity. The knowledge that can be gained is priceless and the degree you earn will always be yours. It offers proof that you are determined and success is a reality.


High school self, Academics are important in being a successful, productive individual. Hard work, determination, responsibility, and willpower are necessary to successfully complete rigorous academic courses that are offered in college. Boys will walk in and out of your life and are not worth spending time on while ignoring your academic responsibilities. You have wasted too much time goofing off with friends and thinking you have all the time in the world to get serious about what's truly important. Though financial aid is an option of paying for college tuition, part of that financial aid consists of student loans that you will have to pay back. Therefore, it's best if you work as hard as you can now and put forth all the effort you can into your academics so you can possibly win some scholarships. Also, don't wait to go to college. Enroll as soon as possible because it only gets more difficult to keep up with information from your academic courses the longer you wait to attend. You are intelligent and an excellent writer. I have long forgotten most of what I learned and regret waiting so long to finally decide to attend college.


Dear self, I know you don't know what you want to be "when you grow up", but you really need to think about your future and where you would like to see yourself many years from now. You never know what life will throw at you - whether it is an illness in the family, a freak accident that requires you to take on a role you never dreamed of, or just a completely different direction all together. One day, you will look back and think "if I knew then what I know now" and you may regret overlooking furthering your education. At 40 years old, being a mother of two beautiful children and having a now handicap husband because of that freak accident, and just starting out in college may not be what you think could happen. I am here to tell you that it can happen. Even though opportunities can come at different stages of your life, please don't overlook the importance of what an education can bring you. It will be the smartest decision you will ever make for yourself. Sincerely, Me


If I could go back in time and tell myself what I know now, I think I would have been better prepared. I would tell myself that I needed to focus on my schoolwork, so that my GPA would not have suffered. I would also tell myself to take the time to look into what I wanted to do after I graduated high school. I would advise myself to look into ALL the different option I could have had, and not to just jump into something blindly. I would tell myself to make sure that what I went to school for would be something I would like to do for a long time. And lastly, I would make myself aware of the job outlook after graduation to make sure I could get a decent job after graduating college. I just hope I would listen to myself, like I should have listened to my mother.


I would go back to my younger self as I attended Sam Houston State University and say that I needed to not party so much and focus on school. There is plenty of time after graduating to have fun and experience life. What you need to do while you have the opportunity to go to college at a young age is take advantage of that and get it done. The teachers are not there just for something to do between parties. So much of that first college experience was taken for granted and wasted. It takes along time to get back on the right track after letting it go, and most people never get it back. The second chance I was given to get my degree has been a life saver and I am going to be the first in my family to have a bachelor's degree, and go on for a master's. Stop just living for the moment and start living for the future.


The advice I would give myself would be to make sure I study as hard as I can and focus in class. I would want myself to take advanced credit classes to help when it comes to college. I would also tell myself to start applying for as many scholarships as possible and not slack when it came to schoolwork. I would want myself to know that college is not easy and takes motivation and dedication. I would make sure I planned ahead and not worry about what others were doing and focus on my life and future career.


After Dad died, I would not have dropped out of my traditional high school and graduated from an alternative high school. I would have focused more on college preperation. I would have not dated. I would have been part of a sport rather than cheer. I would have stuck with my AP classes instead of working full-time. I would have complied with my stepmother's rules and stayed home instead of moving out at 17.