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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back now and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself that I should apply for my scholarships and get more money because I need that money to have enough classes. I also would tell myself that I need to not rely on my parents so much and be more responsible for myself because thats what college is about. I need to get more organized and more involved in finishing school. If I knew then what I know now I think I would have had a smoother transition to college.


I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships. Accept that life after high school is very different. Everything is on your shoulders to make something out of your life. Apply to more colleges and be more wary of complex situations.. Be aware of the papers you are signing because you are obligated to any comments you make. And unusally, the parents can't necessarily bailout you out. Pick and choose the best college that fits your needs. And of course complete a set of volunteering hours. And definitely get a job, if anything.


I would tell myself to get a jump start on college and to not wait. Each day that goes by you dont do anything, is one less day you have to lose


If I were to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself don't be so nervous because you are not the only new person there. I would also tell myself to be more open and break out of my shell because I can be very shy at first. Also to be more open to all that college has to offer because you only get one chance to go to college and once you're done you can't go back, so experience everything you want to experience. I would also tell myself to not stree so much on the little things that happen; to take things as they come because in the end everything happens for a reason. But also that college and high school are complete opposites and that although it's a hard transition, you'll get use to it and learn to love it. So don't stress about finding your classes, making friends, or grades; take things as they come and always remember to have fun.


Ashley,Even though you have several chances to try something, give it your best. No one knows what the future will be like in the next 2, 3, 4 or more years. The economy could have financial problems, where schooling would be difficult to fund for higher education. Higher education degrees do offer a wide span of opportunities for students to excel and succeed in life. While you are young, continue to educate yourself with knowledge and understanding. Think about it, if you finish school between 5-10 years from now, depending on your major, you would still be a young adult. It would be a great time to start investing into your future. Do not give up on yourself, you are finally graduating from high school, going into college right out of high school will keep your brains generated to grasp more knowledge and understanding. You have the rest of your life to work, if you strongly disagree and want to work, try to work and go school. You will learn a lot of values. Values to be responsible, independent, and industrious. Keep your head up, follow your dreams, and live your life, like there is not tomorrow.


To try hard and not get involved in the social life and to focus on what my carrier goals are and to strive to complete those goals.


My advice to myself is to go ahead and get a bachelors degree to begin with. Enjoy every moment and make sure you get all the education you can before LIFE gets in the way. Study more but make some time to make good friends. When deciding what career choice to make try to pick some thing that you think you will love doing. Going to work is a lifelong thing and picking degree just because you can make a lot of money could turn out to be a very hard thing to deal with. Also, I would say keep the books. You never know when you might want to refer to some thing a professor once said. Or just to remember a time when learning was the main goal of your life. I can only hope I would listen to myself.


My college experience has given me the education I need to excell past my peers in my chosen career. Although I had plenty of experience, so did many of my peers. It has been my college education that has given me more of a competitive edge in career advancements. Furthermore, I have been able to apply what I have learned academically to my personal life as well. My education has helped me become better at time management and prioritizing. Before college I believed I was a fairly responsible adult, but I have learned so much more since I have been in college that I feel I am just now learning what it is to be responsible and reliable. Outside of my professional and personal life, though, the greatest attribute I have gained from my college experience is being a better role model for my kids. I want to see my children excel even further than I have in life. My college experience has helped me achieve the goal of being a better role model and example for my children.


Well, I literally have just started at University of Phoenix. What I have gotten so far is simply the motivation that I need to realize my full potential. Also a good idea of how this education is going to be extremely valuable when I complete it. The grad team they assigned me has been a wonderful support during the enrollment process. After finishing the 3 week orientation, I now feel confident that my future is bright and furthering my education today is exactly what is going to help me accomplish my goals in business and beyond!


Right now my college experience has been a few years and it seems that people do not like to higher people with only an assocaited degree so so far it has not helped, but I am going for my bachelors hoping that will give more of an edge for a career.


My college experience has given me more independence along with a greater sense of awareness for the world around me. All of my life I have felt sheltered, safe, and protected. However in college I am finally able to be my own person and figure out who I really am. College is helping me to figure out what I would like to do with my future and meet more people then ever before. In addition to this it is going to help me provide security for my future. College is one of the most valuable things I have done so far and I am excited to finish school. It has done everything from giving me lifelong friends to showing me how much there is out there and what fields I have left to explore.


I have learned that this school has helped me to become what I wanted to become in life and to pursue my dreams.


I have recieved knowledge that I can take with me for the rest of my life in how to excell in the workplace. My self esteem has risen proving I am able to be a good student. It is something my grandchildren are proud of that Grandma is going to school like them and getting good grades.


I have received unique skills out of my college experience; it has equipped me for the possibilities of life and given me reasonable sources. My University of Phoenix experience has showed me that it is important to communicate and receive communication. It has exposed me to many ways of avoiding job-related barriers and convinced me to make it to the finish line. By experiencing University of Phoenix has only broadened my horizons. I value this experience every second, there are others who could only wish for this experience and are rarely given the chance to pursue it. I can give back to those individuals by taking this chance and utilizing my schools resources.


I am a 22 year old student that has completed an AAB, BSB, MBA, and in the near future an MSIS. The college education that I have achieved so far has given me a full charactered personality coupled with a superior analytical perception of life and its daily activities. The college education that I have had, and will continue to have, is something that everyone should be able to explore.


I have obtained a substantive amount of knowledge, work ethic, positivity, and gained many life long friendships from my college experience. I have learned to apply team work in the workplace and home life through my college experience from working in teams in the classroom. I am grateful for the oppurtunity to obtain an education and be taught what will help me to pursue a career in the future. I am happy for the friendships developed with my peers, faculty and the counselors. And last but certainly not least, I am overjoyed with the ability to learn and obtain my educational goals.


I have been able to better apply my education to my professional and personal life. It has enriched both equally as others now seek my personal guidance when considering the furtherment of their educations. It is difficult to put a value on the attendance of my university. However, without the guidance of staff and leadership shown by fellow classmates a strong grasp of the materials would be difficult to come by. The university has provided a vast opportunity to grow and expand my career within a field that is personally rewarding. With the education provided by the University of Phoenix, I feel responsible to work diligently within the accounting field to rebuild confience in the US economic system.


With my college experiece I have gained responsibility and motivation . I have learned how to manage my time by going to work and being a fulltime, online, student. After starting school at the University of Phoenix I have taken classes that have inspired me, to not only continue my education, but help my community as well. I have been with this school for almost two years and everytime someone at the school tells me how great I am doing it pushes me to strive for more! While attending this school I have made my family proud. Everyday I have class, I can't wait to sign on to my online classroom. I have taken amazing classes on culture, communication, and nutrition; all have improved my lifestyle. Not only has my lifestyle changed, I have also gained an inspiration to help our future generation. University of Phoenix has given me hope and determination to save someone's life. The next generation is our future, and I am a Phoenix.


I am always really to start a new class. I want to finish school and recreive my degree. I have work too hard to turn back now. My family are supportive with me going to school. They always tell me not to worry about paying the money back for school, get your degree, and thing will work out. I do not like to be around people who are negative toward me . Some of my friends I have to stay away from them because they was no help to me.


My college experience has been filled with discipline and doctrine; in addition, I believe that it has been valuable to attend because it has made me a better person as well as an understanding one with the ability to analyze situations clearly.


I could sit here and tell you some sorry made up explanation. Or just some kind of smart response just to win this scholarship. But I am going to be honest and speak from the heart. Allow you to feel my words that are typed across this screen. See the experience that I have gotten out of my college life is that I found who I am. See when I was in high school before then I always knew college was important and I knew I represent for the future, being apart of this young generation. But I have found myself because college makes you realize who you are. It helps you see LIFE in a whole different prospective through your classmates open minds to your professor. It is has been valuable to attend because without a degree to lean on. How can I help the younger generation behind me to succeed? Im growing to mature as a young adult from 21 years to be a mentor or an entrepreneur. These young children below me need my mind and my success to show them the positive ropes in life. It is valuable because it teaches you everything is not handed.


I have learned alot through online studies at Phoenix about communication and how its diffrentiates from an actual campus experience. Ive learned that critisism is'nt always a bad thing as long as it is constructive. The Phoenix experience has overall been a valuable one.


I have gained a new respect for others in the same position as me, being an adult learner. Being an adult learner is twice as hard since we all have full time jobs and families to care for. I have learned more about resources available to those who do have as much as others. I have also learned that money is not everything and this is why I changed my makor from business to human services. I want to be able to help those less fortunate get all the services that are available to them.


I have really grown since I began my college experience. I think that it has made me more of an adult and more responsible for my actions. I know that in high school school was easy and never felt as if it really mattered. Once I began college and realized my studying actually mattered, I had to become more responsible. Now that I have I know what degree I want and I am headed in to the direction of graduation I feel like I am really accomplishing something in my life being the first one to go to college. I will be so proud of myself once I have my degree and I will do whatever it takes to ensure I receive my degree of my dreams and feel accomplished so that once day I can show my children and encourage them to accomplish their dreams. I belive anyone can do anything that they put their mind too.


My college experience has furthered my drive to succeed in my education, and life in general. When I stated my college career the classes were not easy for me, they called for my full attention which was something that I was not used to. In high school the knowledge from the classes came naturally but now, in college, it involves me to study and pay close attention to every aspect of the class. College has improved my organization and study habits as well as my time management skills because I have to manage a full school schedule as well as a job. College is valuable to me because it betters me as a person, not just academically. It is the gateway into the life that I will lead when I complete my education and I know that the skills that are required of me now will also be required in the world after college.


Out of my college experience I have gained knowledge and responsibility. I have learned many different aspects of psychology and am able to understand why people think the way they do, why they act certain ways, and why they do the things they do. I can now read a person and pick up on personality types without one word being spoken. I have learned responsibility from my college because since the courses are online I have had to make sure to complete my assignments and turn them in on time. There is no extra "make-up" work, for assignments missed. There is no one their to hold your hand and walk you through it. It is up to me to learn and make something out of my college experience. I have and will continue to do so. Like a professor once told me, "What doctor would you prefer, the one that looked up the answers and passed with an A or the one who took the time to read everything to try to absorb as much possible and passed with a C". I want to be the doctor that got the C.


Attending college further's a person's knowledge and and helps them to set goals in their lives. It gives people the oportunity to gain a since of accomplishment as well as to further a person's career. College has taught me self discipline as well as independence and gives me the courage and ability to take on anything I set my mind to.


Been the first generation that is able to go to college, with an Hispanic background and not speaking English as my first language has been a big challenge on my life, for me enrolling has been one of the greatest thing I was able to do, I never thought or even imagine one day it was going to be possible to even attend to an American university. I am more than happy because although I was a little bit afraid, I have found support on my counselors, the university itself and my classmates. I have learned a lot in the academic field and in my classes week after week, but I have learned from also that no matter how impossible you see dreams, they can become real if you never lose your determination. The experience and knowledge I keep acquiring through my path to college is more than valuable, all I hope, is to have the opportunity to obtain my degree and finish my career to be able to pursue my Bachelor's degree, and with help of scholarships I hope that would be possible.


I have obtained my Bachelor of Science in Business Management. This has opened up many career opportunities for me. I am now in my Master of Science Program for Criminal Justice. My experience has pushed me to learn research skills and team work. Team work is vital in the corporate world and I am extremely thankful for the different teaching styles of the instructors. The instructors have careers in the business world and in the field that they instruct in which is valuable to my career. College is more that just tests and memorization. It teaches me how to work with others, meet deadlines, and pushes me to levels that I did not know I could accomplish.


In my year so far i have gained alot of knowledge not just in my carrer choice of web design but in other topics as well, that have come in to play and Ive benefited from already. I realize that time is money and its not cheap but the values Im gaining from this experience will change my life, Ive gained much respect for responsabilities and taking it for myself, its up to myself to get the work done and its up to me to walk away with a usable education not just finish!


I have not currently began my college classes. I am currently signed up for classes and begin in two weeks. It will be very valuable to attend my classes once I begin because I am trying to get a degree so that I can find a better paying job.


College has opened all of the doors of opportunity, and I have grown immensely from my learning experience. I've pushed myself to learn as much as I could from each course, and be open-minded to any opportunity. I've met a lot of people on campus that I can relate to, that are also working full-time while pursuing their degrees. My writing skills have improved ten fold, which has transferred to my work environment making me more efficient at my job. Each instructor has different teaching styles, and I'm learning more about my learning style as well. The overall culture of the campus is positive and motivated, and gives me more momentum towards my ultimate goal. Whenever I have the moments of doubt, I am reassured by the time my class is over. Two years ago I was stuck in a nine to five job, and never thought I would ever have another opportunity towards my education. Now my education is all that matters. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and can't wait to finish my degree and begin working in the medical field.


I have learned so much at the University of Phoenix - online campus. My experience has taught me to be more accepting of the opinions and ideas of others. I have always been a good writer, but the University of Phoenix - online campus has helped me acheive greater success in my writing skills, and this is such a valuable tool in any environment. I have the ability to attend college, work, and have quality time for my children. By my attendance, motivation, and determination to excel in college, I am showing my children through my actions how valuable an education is for the future.


Since going back to school in my 40's it has helped me to remember what I previously learned and it has helped me learn a whole lot more. I have completed my first two years and I am continuing next year with another university. I can learn and do anything with the availability of school and will do so. The confidence I have gained has been invaluable.


I have learned better time management and writing skills, since beginning college. It has been valuable to attend because it serves as a good role model for my children. When my children see me studying and doing school work, they are more excited about doing their own school work. It has also opened doors for me in my career. I can see great advancements in my future. The college experience has also helped me to be more organized and committed.


I have learned some vital keys in the business world. I am especially more knowledgeful in computer software. The knowledge I gained will contribute to my personal skills and help me to secure a position in administration in the healthcare field. I have also gained public speaking skills.


My college experience has provided me with a larger view of education itself. I have not yet completed my college experience but from what I have experienced, has opened my mind to just how valuable education is. During High School I wasn't even sure if I wanted to attend college, but my mother suggested I at least try attending a two year Community College. After the first couple of weeks I started to realize just how true that old statement was, that education really is a priviledge. My mind started to take in subjects like American Government, and government in general, telling me more about how our nation's government came to be and why it functions the way it does, and how my personal actions affect the government I live in. This is just one of many subjects I started to think more deeply about. Music has become so complex, there was so much I didn't know, I truly see music as an art now, and Roman Civilization was full of war, betrayal, myth, literature and discovery. College has been a value to attend because it has opened my mind to knowledge and understanding of the world.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience in the past year. So far, I have furthered my knowledge of the world and grown up more to see my surroundings as not just a place I will be living in, but a place where I will be cooperating with others as well as learning new ideas every day. It has been very valuable to attend college because I will be the first in my family to actually finish my degree and move on to bigger and better job opportunities. It would mean a lot more to me if I were to receive this scholarship, since it would aid me in my transferring to a more expensive school than the community college I am attending at the moment. I know that my time in college will prepare me for life outside of what I am normally used to, so I will continue with school until I am one-hundred percent completed and happy with what I have become. Thank you for this opportunity.


I have learned that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to reach your goals. It is important to stay on top of daily tasks and ensure you are maintaining balanced lifestyle between home, work, and school. I have also learned that it is important to include your family in your school schedule. My step-daughter and I have homework time together while my husband completes his work. It really helps to bring the family together.


I have learned that you can teach an old dog new tricks! Returning to school as an "adult" learning can be a very intimidating and daunting experience. Many of my peers have never used computers in school, and the thought of online learning is not something one would think is an optimal learning environement. I am very thankful for the online classes, and although I had some uncomfortableness in the few couple of classes, I adapted well to this nontraditional way of learning. Looking back on it now, I can certainly say that I wouldn't have done it any other way. With finishing my BSN, I became very inspired to continue pursuing my education, and am currently enrolled in a FNP program. I look forward to what the future holds for my academically and professionally, and I would strongly encourage anyone who has been thinking about going, to JUST DO IT!


My college experience has been valueable to me because its the start of my carrer, i have a little one on the way and college has givin me a chance to make an example of myself for my child. I am taking my associates degree in nursing and so far i like it. they gave me a class explaining what to expect form my carrer and what i need to do to make it in this proffession. i found it very useful. since i started my classes at arc it taught me how to do things on my own, whitch boosted my self esteem. it is very useful because you cannot get a good job without a decent education. this is one of the best things that i could have done with my life, and i would still be working at a low paying job that has no advances in life. i am very appriciative that i made it and i plan on staying tell im finished and even after.


I've learned so much going to this small town college. I've learned so much from the small classes and one-on-one atmosphere, but even more I've learned about small town life. I've learned a completely new culture wher people care for one another and would bend over backwards to help eachother. I've learned how hard work can have major pay-offs (this lesson was most identified by the cotton farmers). I've come to discover that from my short time here at EAC I have found some of the truest friends anyone could find worldwide. The closness we share can no-doubtably be partially contributed to the atmosphere and the almost family like structure of everyone around. It's been so great and fun meeting these people who I know will always and forever have a place in my heart. And out times down at the rivers, hotwells, and blue ponds will never be forgotten. Nor will the lessons of life learned out at the bon-fires on cold weekend nights.


It gave me a sense of accomplishment after being told in Elementary school that I was a special needs child. As well as obtaining Government Jobs.


I have gotten many things from my colllege experience such as, growth as an adult. I have learned many responsibilities in college such as to take care of health and well being. To be responsible and take care of the important things like bills, family, friends. I've also gotten out of college to be true and honest to myself and others, and to never forget where you've came from yet remember where you are going. It has been valuable to attend college because, without an education you don't have much. Also, if you want to be somebody and go somewhere out of life to pay attention and learn all you can. The most valuable thing I have learned is that nobody can do it for you, don't count on anyone else, do it for yourself and count on yourself; you will be surprised how far you go.


Returning back to college is very imporant to me myself, I've always looked down on myself as I take look at all my graudating class of 2001, there are many doctors, lawyers, firefighters and so much more. I believe that i to can acheive great goals in my life as well. One of the many experiences I've learned in college is that you have to be prompt and motivated to sucessed through this jounery in college. There's a wide variety of people that you will come in contact with and will build friendships and make networks with through your jounery, that you will never forget. There are many resources avaible to around campus you have to get out there and research, no one is going to babysit you, me or anyone elses. Education is knowledge, without it I might as well settle for less, which I will never settle for average or limit myself.


I am a homemaker and mom who worked hard to put my usband through school and when we relocated I could not find work that suited my family in relation to child care costs. UOP has enabled me to further my career instead of working minimum wage and do this on a flexible schedule. UOP has made obtaining an education easier with the provided resources and programs made available. Every staff member is helpful and willing to help in any way possible and nothing is trivial. I have advanced my knowledge base and exceeded my own expectations and I still have a year left. UOP has provided me with the tools I need to reenter the workforce with a more promising future. UOP also made education reentry painless as I had been out of school for 10 years and had never attended college. I cannot imagine my future withou University of Phoenix and while I have not experience the traditional setting, I have seen and been impressed with all UOP has to offer. I will be singing their praises for years to come.


What I have gotten out of college is that I really want to keep going. I know this is a weird answer but I have learned that 's not easy to get the career path I want but I want to prove everybody wrong and keep going. I really do like all the new changelles and I want to keep going to get more.


My college experience has given me a more visibility of the world around me. I have been exposed to so many new aspects of the industry I have been involved in for so many years through this learning experience. I have found that I am much more disciplined and have more perseverance than ever before. I have excelled academically as well as professionally in my personal working relationships. The time I have spent attending college has become a valuable part of my life and I am grateful for the opportunity to do so. I have completed an Associate's degree in Healthcare Administration and am persuing my Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration/Health Management in 2011. I have come to be less judgemental and more open-minded to new philosophies and other cultures. Life is too short to waste and gaining any new knowledge is a gift and should be well treasured. Life is about dreaming and living to make those dreams a reality. Knowledge gained is a reality all its own!


I have grown a great deal through my courses. I have re-evaluated my organizational skills, dedicated more time and energy toward my studies, and realized my full potential in reaching my ultimate goals. I have gained valuable insight for my future endeavors. The realization of the importance of a college education has come late in life, but this experience has taught me to work hard and preservere. This experience has been valuable to my life and has enriched it as well. I am not only reaching my full potential mentally, but I have inspired my children to reach theirs.


I have been able to obtain the educational goals that I have set for myself so long ago. The University of Phoenix allows me to get my education while continuing to work and take care of my family because of the flexibility with the online courses. Instructors are available through email, online discussion threads, and by phone. The University of Phoenix also has many small classes available for those who want certificates as well. These are free for current students with acceptable grades. I have personally used this option to get some experience in Quickbooks since I am getting my Associates Degree in Accounting and Quickbooks is one of the most commonly used accounting software.