University of Phoenix-Online Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The most valuable aspect of my college experience thus far was being a member of The James W. Rouse Scholars program at Howard Community College. The program was named after the designer of the city the college is located in. Like Rouse himself, The Rouse Scholars express desire to go above and beyond what is required to graduate, in order to excel and be successful in the future. Rouse mixes rigorous academics, with leadership and volunteering, and social and cultural events not usually available to college freshmen and sophomores. Although attending a community college, we are guided into continuing our education by transferring to four year universities after Rouse. The most valuable part of Rouse however has to be Madre. Madre is the nickname for our Rouse Seminar Teacher. She plays many different roles, and truly becomes a mother to all of her students. She is a cheerleader, support system and sage advice giver. She remembers her college experience, and strives to help us be the best that we can be.


My college experience has proven to me that I am able to conquer any obstacle placed in front of me! I have become a stronger person, both personally and professionally, as a result of my college experience. I have learned how to integrate my college experience into my work life, making my career skills much stronger.


I've always been a person who likes to read and study on their own, especially if it is my passion, music. I learned so much in that way, so that in 2006 I was offered a scholarship to Professional Technical in Music Program with duration of 2 years in the Christian School of Music here in Mexico City. Was there where I really organized my knowledge and correctly applied everything I had learned. Those two years of musical training were really helpful, I learned to create, to express and teach others the invaluable knowledge I had gained. Now, two years after having completed this wonderful experience I received a scholarship from Berklee College of Music to continue my musical studies, however, the tution of the school remains inaccessible to my finances or my family, that is why applied for this scholarship because I know that a person with studies is more useful to their family, community, country and world where he lives. Thank you.


I have obtained a tremendous amout of knowledge by attending the University of Phoenx online. Not only from the instructors, but within myself as well. This college has taught me more discipline on meeting deadlines, taught myself how to schedule life around my college assignments. The knowledge in the online classroom is unlike going to an actual classroom; you feel more at ease and eager to learn by going online.


Five years ago I was involved in an accident and sustained Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Long-term effects of the accident are epilepsy, short-term memory loss, total deafness in one ear, and partial left side paralysis. The University of Phoenix-Online Campus offers an opportunity for acedemic success that I would be unable to achieve at a traditional college. I feel relaxed working online and seizures are easier to control with less stress. Short-term memory loss makes it impossible to pass muliple-choice tests; all online work is written. It is convenient to have materials close so that I can refer back when I forget. In a traditional classroom, I would need to find seating on the left side of the room in order to hear. I walk with a cane and getting around on a large campus would be time-consumming and tiring. Attending college has helped my brain heal. The more I use the remaining portion of my brain, the more connections are reactivated. My self confidence improves as I successfully complete courses. I am convinced that I will eventually complete my degree and find employment that is valuable both to myself and to society.


I have learned how to be more diciplined for the main part. Being an online student you so not have someone you can go ask after class for extra help, you have to find ways to make the material something you can understand. Attending the University of Phoenix-Online Campus has given me a sense of pride, knowing that I am doing this by myself, there is no teacher to turn to during class, since their are no actual class times. This has all helped me with my job skills as well, I am less reliant on everyone around me because I have found that no matter what I am learning, I can do it with little to no help. Yes, I am a very confient person.


I have received a sense of self-worth. Before attending college, my self-confidence was at a low point. I have improved the way I feel about myself with the advancement in my education. I have become a better person, mother, wife, sister, friend, and child. I have gained a better understanding of what I expect from myself and the people in my life. The most vauable thing I have received from furthering my education is a purpose for myself way beyond what I thought was possible. I never knew how much I had to offer the world. I always knew I was a good person and I have always done what I felt was right, I just never thought that my opinions were worth anything; I now know they are.


What I have gotten out of my college experience so far is that I really found myself. I know what I want to do with the rest of my life and I know where to go and what to do to obtain it. My dreams are going to be acheived because of my college experience so far. This first quarter has really provided me an immense amount of guidence in what classes I should take the next 3 or so years so i can achieve my goals. I, who quickly adapted to the college life, anticipate difficulty. This is another thing that my college experience, thus far, has taught me. I could not have asked more a better route to learn than college.


My college experience is a book told over time. I initially attended traditional college and did nto finish, I instead went straight to work and never thought I would be coming back to school. As the economy went bad, I quickly discovered that work experience would not be enough and finishing my degree was the most important thing I could do for me and my family. I came back to school at the age of 30 and currently achieved a 3.98 GPA. I plan to attend a graduate program at a major traditional school and apply my education to my work experience, giving me the edge I need. I have gotten a strong work ethic out of school, one I did not have the first time around. My daughter is my top priority and being a role-model to her is very important, I'm sure that I've gotten that out of school as well. The biggest thing though is simple, I finished what I started and I never gave up; I proved to myself and the world that I could do it. Now I am ready for bigger challenges because I know I can do it.


I have gotten so much out of my current college expirience. Not only educational but also mentally. My mother passed away in 2009 and since then, I have learned to grow up as an individual. College really sets goals for each individual to achieve and I plan on achieving all my goals. College is the most valuable thing a person can do because it opens up so many more options in life. I want as many opportunies as I can get. People who go to college are there because they want to learn, not because they are forced to go to school. I hope with scholarships that I recieve, I can fullfill my dream to finish my college years and reach my goals.


I have truly been given the opportunity to expand my knowledge and learn new avenues of wisdom in relation to the business field. It has been a valuable experience because I have learned what I would not have had the chance to learn in the real world. It is true that most experience is learned on the job but at the same time, education offers much more in depth knowledge of the field. I am glad that I chose the route to continue my education and look foward to working in a company where I can apply my learned knowledge and skills and grow.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience because I have learned how to pace myself at my work and focus on one thing. I think it is valuable to attend because it will help you get a better job and have a brighter future.


My college experience is amazing. I have been given choices to perfect my background that has allowed me to continue with academic training. The decision to further my education was non-existant to me years ago. From getting pregnant with the girls and having to live from paycheck to paycheck. This simply was not the life I wanted for my children. I had to make a decision that was going to take time for me to become financially stable for my children. I respect any decision of a mother to continue her education. We are not promised tomorrow, so having a Plan B in effect is always good.


I have gotten a great deal of self confidance from this school becuase I am doing so well and really understand my subjects. I have also learned about self discipline and planning to make sure I am online the required amount of time and getting my work done on time. Patience has been shown to me becuase we have to do so much group work and depend and rely on other people. All of these skills can and have been applied in my everyday life at work, with friends and in continuing classes.


I will get a degree out of all of this and i will finally be able to change the future for our children to come.


I have learned that college is not as hard as I thought it was I was so scared and terrified I would be lost in the curriculm and at this point the only thing that is bad is the prices are extremly high and I am not able to have extra money between work, school fulltime and four kids


My college experience has shown me who I am and where I have come from. I was the student in elementary school who could not read and needed much assistance. I grew in my reading and studying habits over the years and developed a better understanding of school and it what it means to me. Upon entering college there were a lot of friends and family who did not know if I would be able to make it or finish. I was able to prove them wrong in my completion of my bacheors degree and the accpetance into graduate school. Attending college challenged me and molded me into a better person and student. It prepared me for real life circumstances as well as helped to propel me into graduate school I am very thankful for my experience as an undergraduate student and look forward to my next journey in graduate school in being able to prove to myself that I can be a successful student and complete all that I put my mind and heart to!


Academically, I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. Going to a community college in Gadsden, Alabama, there isn't much of an on-campus student life. However, that has given me the extra time that I have needed to hold two jobs, one as a youth soccer coach and the other as an Event Specialist at my college's Fine Arts Center. The most valuable part of my college experience is not only the job experience that I am recieving, but also the one on one instruction that I am able to reciev efrom my teachers. They genuinely care about our [the students] future. They provide a excellent course of study in order to prepare us for transfering to a four-year institution, as well as, our chosen career. At first, I was hesitant to attend a community college because I was afraid that it would be too easy; a "thirteenth grade"if you will. However, I know that ten years down the road while I'm finishing up my residency to become a doctor, I will look back on my time at Gadsden State Community College as very beneficial to my career goals.


Without my college education, I wouldn't be the person I am today. It has shown me my place in the world and my true potential that I have to offer the public and most of all, myself. I have enhanced my education and thankfully have made life-long friends because of my college career. My intelligence has blossomed due to my decision to further my schooling and lit a fire in my heart to pursue and achieve all my goals. Most importantly I have made a solid foundation for my future and my family. I have been able to make more of a difference in my community and in my life that I wouldn't of been able to make any other way.


University of Phoenix Axia College has provided me with a sense of accomplishment and confidence in knowing that "I can do it". I am a single mother, with a very busy schedule, and financial issues, yet my enrollment counselor pursued and continued to encourage me and remind me that I could go back to school and still be able to take care of home. There were many times I wanted to give up and not bother going back to school, but he helped me through my problems and get through the process of enrollment like it was nothing. I officially started in March 2010, and have been nothing less than satisfied with both the education I have been recieving and the staff. I was extremely nervous about completing online courses thinking I wouldn't have the motivation or self control to complete them, but I feel like I am more focused and learning more than if I was in an actual classroom. Personally, I am shy and will be the type to hide in a corner and not say anything, but online forces you to speak in order to be considered as participation, which I believe is the greatest asset.


Knowledge is immeasurable. I have learned more than I could ever imagine in the last three years in college than I have in a very long time. I enjoy research, reading, debating, writing and of course following directions. The college experience is one that I am very thankful for in my forties. Raising a family, working full time and attending college have been a challenge but I am very thankful for the ability to succeed in all I do.


I have really gained the self-respect that I once had back again by attending the University of Phoenix. I had always thought of myself before as a failure because I did not obtain my degree back when I attended college in the 90's. But now I have the opprotunity to achieve my goal with the help of UOP. I am a stay-at-home mom and having the convience of being able to have my classroom available to me online is the greatest and I am able to do my work on my own pace. So far this college experience has been so much better than my first and I am having the greatest time of my life. It has been valuable to me to attend because it is giving me another opprotunity to get my degree like I wanted to over 18 years ago. Without this great opprotunity I would not be able to fulfill my goal of helping others in the field of Human Services.


I have grown alot, sofarring my college experience, because it has introduced me to a wide range of different personalities, and it has opened my eyes to how people are in the world. If you want to achieve anything and be successful, you must be prepared to do the work. I've learned, you have to know what you want to do, as far as a career, and in selecting a career, you must find out what it is you like to do, and something you can wake up to everyday, and be happy going to do the job. Before entering college, alot of students don't know who they are, as an individual, and I have found that, now that I 'am in college. I've realized what my challenges and strong points are. College is valuable to attend, because it helps to open your world, to expolore different things, such as opportunities, different people. I believe in working for what you want, instead of it being handed to you, and college is like boot camp, where you fight for what you want, and at the end you get your reward, your degree is your reward to your career.


I am current in an engineering college. College is the first step to get into career. The humanity courses help me to understand the world. The science and math courses provide the fundamental knowledge to solve the praticle problem in Engineering. College is more board and complex than high school. I start to be associate with more people and think about my career. The most important thing gotten out of college is not the knowledge, but the communication skills and thinking logic. College is a footstone to get me prepared with basic knowledge and skill for further adventure out of college in life.


For the past 30 plus years, I have been in nursing. Because of certain life situations, I am no longer able to work in the health care industry. I felt like a fish out of water because the only thing I knew was nursing and health care. At the age of 52, I thought I was too old to go back to college. However, I decided to give this Online Learning System a try. I never dreamed that receiving a higher education would enrich my life so much. Today I look forward to each new challenge. Each one is like a hurdle and evertime I overcome one, I become more confident about the next one. My college experience has improved the quality of my life on a daily basis. I have my eye on the goal of becoming a counselor but I make sure not to miss out on all of the rewards that come daily while marching toward that goal. I have come to enjoy that march. I look forward to my second career as a counselor so that I can continue to make a difference in this world.


I have learned lots of information so that I can switch careers. I will be able to succeed in my life from the knowledge I have learned.


I have learned a lot about myself through my college experience and I now know that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind too. I have remained focused and have a drive that is very storng to continue my education and get a job in the career field of my degree so that I can support my daughter the way that I would like too.


I have learned so much in the short year I have been attending school. Everyone of the staff has been there every step of the way, to help me in any way possible. I have decided to continue after I receive my associates degree, and get my bachelors. I know I can succeed, because of all the resources and the great staff!


I have been able to see that people are supportive of my decision in pursuing a higher education. Since graduating high school, I have been discourged and put down by my own family that I will not succeed in anything. The counselors at my college have given me the hope that I need and have helped me believe I can succeed. With their words of encouragement, I am determined to show everyone that I will finish first in my educational career no matter what.


I have gotten the ability to learn from home. I am more focused on my education than I have ever been and I feel that my success in this college is more than a guarantee. Each class is valuable in that besides the "bare facts" of an IT education, I am receiving an education in a well rounded way that enables me to apply it to my daily living. I look forward to being able to build on the first degree I get and staying with the University of Phoenix is what I plan to do. The physical campus is within driving distance of my location so I feel that any kind of advancement will eventually lead me to an onsite campus. My interactions with the faculty and staff is always friendly and helpful and I feel that they truly care about who I am and where I would like to go in life.


I have accomplished something I have wanted to in a long time. Being a Mom of 3 children and getting my Associates degree and now going on for my Bachelors degree has been awesome. Especially because I am 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} disabled after blowing my C5-6, C6-7 out at my last job and having 2 unsuccessful surgeries. School here has made me a better person and taught me not to give up.


I have learned a great amount so far in my education. I have learned many aspects of teaching and laws of teaching. I have learned to schedule my down time accordingly so I can do my schoolwork, in quiet. The interaction with other students through the classroom forums is a great idea in my opinion. We can respond to one another in our own time frame. I have learned through hard work and determination you can achieve very good grades, and get along well with your instructors. I have learned to respect everyones opinions even if I do not fully agree with them. Online learning was the best decision I have ever made, it has changed my life and I know it will continue to change my life when I am teaching.


College provides opportunities that would not be available without a higher education. I have been in the professional field for a little over 10 years and have since learned how much farther I can advance with a higher education. I also want to set a good example for my 6 year old daughter and teach her the value of setting higher goals and being successful.


College has been a great experience so far and it has only begun for me. It is a definate change from high school which is a good thing because i needed changein my life. College has gotten me to be more on top of my game to make sure all aspects of my life are in order. Also college has helped in keeping my priorities straight. College has given me knowledge on many levels, academically, physically, and even emotionally. The stress of college can make a person stronger which it has for me. Without college in my life I would be home on the couch eating all day, doing absolutely nothing with my life. I have college to thank for my current state of mind.


Well, I haven't started yet, but I finally made a decision to turn my life around that seems to have been this downward spiral into nothing. Made a bad choice in 2005 and haven't been able to stabilize my life since then. I believe with a career and a purpose to what I'm doing I can make difference not only in myself but also in other people's lives as a Pharmacy Tech. People need to know why they are taking something, possible side effects... but this also applies to the animal community where my deepest passion lies.


Even though I have only been in college for less than a year, I have learned many important things that with the right determination will take me far in life and I look forward to moving furthure. With the knowledge that I am obtaining from college I know that I can reach my dreams and if I continue absorbing all of the information that my college is projecting, they are not far away. My ultimate goal is to someday own a restaruant, that is why I am majoring in bussiness and by doing my school work everday that goal seems to be getting closer and closer. I am very excited about my future. I have two children and they are the reason why I want to better my education, so that I can give them the best life I can possibly give.


I've gotten many positive things out of college but the most important one would be discipline. I've learned discipline through the amount of studing I've had to do. I learned unless you are discipline, you will not do well in school. The reason for this is because you have to be able to control your actions because the vast amount of freedom that comes with college life. If you are not disciplined then you will have a very hard time going to class, studing and making good grades. The reason college has been very valuable to attend is because I've leanred this rule and many other rules about life. I've also met some great friends and enjoy all the college activities that are available. An example of this would be the football games, this is one of the most exciting and fun activities to do in college because of all the students that are so different from each other, yet they all come together as one to watch and cheer for our school. That is what I've learned from college and that is also why I believe it has been very valuable to attend.


I have learned a lot from my college experience. I was attending actual campus courses before I got married, and now I'm just working around my schedule with my baby daughter. I've learned a lot about my major and am getting better at my college writing. I have learned to manage my time better than I did in high school, and this education is very valuable to me because with a higher education, I can make life better for me and my family.


it been since tree years i finhised my high school, i couldnt go because my family financial are not permited me, but now im my first year in college, i learn a lot things, those it can make me a present and a future man, with more responsabilite, i see the world with a diferrent face, a world with opportunity for everyone no matter your ettenic are your financial situacion...


I have received a valuable education, as well as social experiences and connections which will be pertinent for the rest of my life.


My college experience has given me happiness and a sense of purpose. I have given myself staggering goals to attempt and it is comforting to know I have a purpose in life other than working dead-end jobs for the rest of my life. It is valuable to attend college not just for future earning statements but peace of mind and control of one's life both professionally and personally.


My college experience has taught me how important it is to apply yourself. Education is something that is vital in the world we live in, without it one could not go very far in many fields. In high school I did not apply myself, and did not get the education that I needed to to the things I want as an adult. Today I try harder and maintain a 4.0 not only to prove to myself that I can, but to reach the goals that will help my family, community, and myself to be better. My education from college will enable me to fulfill my dream of helping US soldiers who went to war to protect our freedom, but came back wounded inside with PTSD. These people deserve the chance to live out thier lives as normally as possible, and if I appy myself, I will be that person who is able to help them through thier tough times!


So far I have gotten so much out of my college experience. Each day that goes by i learn more and more about myself and the things I want to make out of life. Going into college I was young and naive. I had no direction in life or what I was even going to do with myself. Since I have actually started applying myself yo school it is like I am a changed person. I can not wait to finally graduate and start my like and career as a radioloigist.


i have recieved so many life tools that are necessary to everyday life. i cannot start to explain how much i have leared from returning to school. from discipline to dedication, these key points have accelerated my drive and will to be the best student i can be. i have family, as well as other applicants, but the difference between them and me is that i get up for my children and not just to go to work to pay bills and come home and study for hours a day. i actually enjoy being tired for my family and would do it all over again if i had satisfaction is me pulling in my driveway and my daughter waitng at the door for me, waving and exicted, knowing her daddy is home. that is what matters to me. being able to provide so my family does not have to do without is what matters. by going back to school, i greaten those odds by furthering my education and putting myself in a better position for advancement, statistically speaking. that is what i have gotten from my college experience.


I have gained inteligence and a broader perspective on life from my academic experience. It has been valuable for me to attend because I am able to balance raising a family and being a full-time college student, as I am a wife, stay-at-home mother of three, ages 2, 6, and 12, and a volunteer at a local substance abuse coulseling agaency. I believe education is what cultivates an individuals potential for greatness. An education will allow me to attain the job of dreams and become the best version of myself, increasing my potential and ability to have an impact on the world around me. I can make a difference. Education is the key to success and finanial security; however, happiness has to come from one's sense of accomplishment and belongingness. The deep appreciation for the knowledge I have gained is more than I would have ever expected. I only wish I would have had the courage to start sooner.


Attending the University of Phoenix Online has been a very interesting experience. They really have it set up to be pretty slick now, and it's constantly being improved. In some ways online is better than traditional college life. For example, no one can see each other's faces, so prejudice plays no part in student interactions. We are purely motivated by subjects, statements, and arguments made in the online "newsgroup-style" interface. In certain forums we are enouraged to look at and respond to the work of our classmates, while other forums are private - just the student and the teacher. It is clear to me that an online education is just as valuable as traditional methods. In any case, the process of getting an education is far more valuable than any material benefits that may accrue from gaining a degree. The self-discipline, self-sacrifice, and self-motivation required to achieve something as ethereal as an education makes us strong. Setting a long-term goal and actually achieving it gives us the self-confidence to shoot for the stars.


So far ( I began attending classes 09/27/10) we are familiarizing ourselves with the online forum. We are also studying health and wellness in one of the courses. These two preliminary courses of study are designed to help the students gain knowledge and experience of the Online Learning System. I have learned that the amount/intensity of exercise I perform during the day has a direct impact on the amount of and the quality of the class work I submit for the instructors to view and grade for me.


I am the first person in my family to achieve this honor so it is woth showing my children that it can be done.. The experience is the knowldg that i have recieved from the classes and the knowledge that I am able to get a bettr job. It has inspired me to gt more education and make sure that I am able to use it within the realms of the career that I feel that is best for me. Instad of working at places like radio shack or McDonalds I am able to work in places like Rathon or for the govrnment. It has raised my own personal goals from being just a person who works for one to looking at what I can do for my community and my neighbors by looking into programs that can help reduce the gang problems within the realm of my community and possibly in the realm of all communities that have problems. My education has showed me a way to improve not only myself but those around me.


The main thing that I have gained out of this college experience is knowledge, with that there's a lot more understanding within my field. Learning all of the different techniques about writing has helped me to become a more efficient writer and learner that will help me later in my profession, to become a more effiecient, professional person, where I will be able to utilize my skills in the work force. It has been valuable to attend college because learning how to communicate among myself and my peers is the way to life all together. I want to become more than a Certified Nursing Assistant, my goals reach alot higher and if I dont continue and get a degree I'm back at square one. My mind is set to accomplish a goal and that is to become a pharmacy technician. Knowing that I can and will succeed attitude is only going to make me progress further and further in life.


I'm not currently in college at the moment. But i have stayed on TSU campus for the summer in 2009. During that summer i have learned how to adated to the environment. At first i was how sick,but as i continued to make friends and be involved with alot of activities being at home bearly crossed my mind. The food on campus was so great that i started gaining weight and it was it good thing to have a gym on campus. My classes wasn't close so i got a chance to get exercise daily. I was every healthy that summer from all the walking and running i did all over campus trying to get to class on time. Waking up early has always been a hard thing for me because i'm not a morning person, so an alarm clock came in handy and my roommate. I have never wanted to be in school so much like i do now, but the only problem that i have is paying for it. I've learned how to be an independent adult.