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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My first few semesters as a college student have helped me discover some of who I am. Discovered some great friends, had some amazing social and educational experiences, and found what kind of impact I want to have in my life. Although I focused more on myself than my studies, it’s prepared me for the drive I need to finish. Now that I’ve started my family, that drive is fully intact, and I’m excited to finish. I want to create a life I can truly enjoy, with both my career and domestic aspects. I am determined to become a thriving architect. So far, I have taken basic core classes and a few basic art classes. Core is a bore, but the courses that are more focused on my major are a blast. My arts have helped focus inward on myself, to bring myself into my work more than ever before. And it has forever changed my efforts for the better.


I have gotten a few things out of my college experience so far. I have made some great friends, both with fellow students and with my professors. Both of whom have taught me some key things to moving on and having a better future. I have gained a sense of brotherhood with my newly aquired friends from the cross country team, they have given me reason to keep coming back to school, and even more reason to try my best in school as well as sports. Probably the biggest thing I have gained from my college experience, is the thing everyone comes to college for; an education. I have put so much information into myself in the past three years, and I have learned so much from everyone I have met, things I could not learn out in the real world, things I could only learn and experience through the college experience.


the experience of college or just about any college to anyone thats trying to better there self or just trying to make a. differents in his or her own personal day to day life. this will be a journy please hear me. i know how hard it is to be a quiter. and thats not me


I have gotten a better understanding of the social services field in the aspect of the aging population. This college experience has allowed me to learn from experienced professors that are actively working with the aged population in different aspects and have been able to provide me with insight as to what I will be looking forward to when I complete my Masters in Gerontology.


I have gained many things both personally and professionally throughout my college experience. My college experience has afforded me the personal opportunity to expand my friendship base via my academic network. My college experience has also challenged me personally to view things much more reflectively than I had done previously. My college experience has afforded me professional experiences to expand my ability to gain accurate research information to stay informed within my chosen field of study or other related professional fields. It has been valuable for me to attend college to gain invaluable knowlege to share with others to better their lives and futures in addition to my own.


So far out of my college experience I have learned exactly what I have set out to learn and met some very interesting people along the way. I have learned various new study habits and have learned what it is like to communicate with others online rather than face to face. I have learned to discipline myself and have aquired great study habits. I have learned a great deal about diversity and what the IT field may consist of once I land that dream job Im after. This school has been valuable to attend because not only are the hours flexable for my schedule but I am learning exactly what it is I want and need to learn to become successful in the field of employment in which I am currently seeking. Information Technology is constantly growing and this school happens to keep me up to date with the technology I need to be aware of as I get closer and closer to graduation. My success at school will reflect my work ethics and so far they are proven to be wonderful thanks to the University of Phoenix!


I have gotten the most of my college experience, I say this because I've learned that college is nothing at all like high school. I feel as though with college it's not really going to school like you were used to when you went to grade school or high school. College is more like a business where you are to follow the rules with seriousness and be as diligent as possible. Otherwise you will recieve a failing grade and you will have to pay for that class yet again because you screwed up on your end. So far I have been fortunate enough to pass all my classes and not recieve a failing grade. But with college you are going into the adult world and there is no time for fun and games, that's what I've gotten out of my college experience and why it's very valuable to attend as much as you possibly can.


Knowledge is power. Attending college is one of the crucial steps I must go through in my life so that in the future I will be able to not only support myself, but also help others in need. I am currently a second year student at Clark College and aiming for one of the most exciting major on the planet: Electrical Engineering! Of my college experience, I have gotten out not only the knowledge of my field, but also social skills. Learning to interact with people is another essential type of knowledge that everyone has to learn. The more I learn about it, the better person I become. Yet, I will never graduate from the school of social skills. Just like writing, one can become a great writer, but will never be a perfect writer. Although it might sound unfortunate to some others, it sounds great to me because I know that I will never stop growing. College is an extremely wonderful place to be in. Next fall, I plan to transfer to University of Washington to pursue my dream career as an electrical engineer!


My experience at University of Pheonix has allowed me to research and refocus my career aspirations while keeping me motivated towards my degree. The completion of each class is a success as well as a learning experience. The on-line class participation and dicussions have given me access to the opinions, experience, and knowledge of people already in the field of my studies. The on-line venu of learning is not without it's challenges, but allows students to manage their studies while managing other demands in their lives. This experience via the computer has also taught me as a student value and choose words that appropriately express my thoughts and make my points in an academic environment. I feel this has helped me grow as a communicator and a person. My experience at University of Pheonix has increased my quality of life and those who I come in contact with.


I have been educated with more detail on how anyone can attend college and should never discard a dream of doing so. I have experienced the thoroughness and professionalism of staff members through this university with help enrolling, applying for student loans and financial aid, help with navigating through each individual course, keeping open lines of communication on my courses and requirements of myself as a student, and true compassion from every staff member who has entered my life during this experience. I have met people from many enthnic and cultural backgrounds who are very interesting, educated, helpful, and supportive to myself as well as my fellow students. I have become more computer literate, have had a sea of resources provided for my educational needs as well as given directions on how to find resources for future prospective jobs within my field of choice. The course instructors have been from diverse backgrounds with a life time of experiences in the work force as well as in education. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience thus far and would recommend anyone who has a similar situation to get a college education it is never too late.


I decided to attend a community college first because I felt that since I had to help pay for everything, it would be a good idea to save as much money as possible, also because my mother wasn't ready for me to leave yet. I really enjoy attending Danville Community College because I feel that I am really learning a lot and I will be better prepared for a four year college when I transfer. DCC is a really great school and every day I meet new people and experience new things. My teachers are very intelligent and very helpful, and I always feel welcome to ask questions and talk to them about any concerns. I'm happy with my decision to attend DCC and would recommend it to anyone. Community College is definatly the way to go!


This experience started for me in 2004 when I was laid off from my job as a machine operator because the company moved the operation overseas. I recieved my AAS degree in Business Administration in 2007 and when I couldn't find a job decided to continue my education and that is what led me to University of Phoenix. I love internet courses because it allows me to work and continue my education at the same time. University of Phoenix has made that easy with the resources, such as books and other resources available online. UOP has given me the opportunity to get my education as I pursue the career of my dreams all at the same time.


I made a promise to my father and myslef when he was diagnosed with cancer. I promised that I would finish my college education and earn a degree. He died before I could finish. I have earned an AA dregree and I know he would be very proud of me. What I have gotten from this experiecnce is the confidence to continue with my education to become the person I know I can be. The education I have gained is the most valuable to me because I truly believe that education is the road to a sucessful life.


I have not attended yet, I am registered for the fall. Both of my parents do not have college educations. I will be the first on my father's side to go. My father is a skitzophrenic, and my parents are divorced. I work full time, and I live on my own. A college degree will give me the opportunity to excel in my community. My tution is paid but I desperately need money for books, and required supplies. I work but when you live on your own, car insurance, rent, electric and gas add up really quick. With a degree in business I will be able to support myself and lend a hand when needed. College allows you to make several contacts that could help you later in life, it is not just what you know, but who. The expirience is priceless, and I am looking forward to attending.


I have received so many benefits from my college experience. As a stay at home mom for the past 4 years, I have been able to interact with my children at school, attend my own classes on line, and enjoy a bit of extra time with family and friends. It has been a bit of a struggle at times for me, since it has been years from when I attended high school. I have done very well in the courses I have taken and it has given me lots to be proud of. A college education has been a big dream of mine and I am greatful and blessed I am able to enjoy it during this time of my life.


I have received a greater understanding of the environment in which humans evolve, and even greater knowledge of his or her behaviors.


I have received more information on what requirements management members must adhere to; and, have a better understanding for manager's actions and comitments. I can now put myself in their place and wear there shoes in understanding management techniques, purpose and the expected results.


knowledge is first and formost, an opportunity for a better future, and satifaction of following my dream. I am a first generation college student to my parents which is very important to me. I want to break the cycle, showing my kids that college is an important part of their future.


I am 68 years old and this has been a wonderful experience to strengthen my mind and upgrade my nursing knowledge. It has been a valuable opportunity to attend college because the world is rapidly changing in how communication is delivered and received. I am happy I am gaining new skills and knowlege that is enriching my life so I can go forward as I contine to mature.


My college experience has been the ultimate investment in myself. I have learned more about who I am as well as who I want to be. I have also proved to myself that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to, and I am far more intelligent than I ever thought I was. The best investment I have ever made is my education because it is an investment in myself and my future!


My overall college experience has given me the critical thinking skills and diversity to work and learn in many different types of environments. I realize that the skills that I learned can be used in many different positions that may not even be related to what I originally planned using my degree for. At this time I am working as a Marketing Coordinator but use my Accounting Skills in many aspects of my day-to-day work. Being a well-rounded individual and student allows me greater opportunities in the job market. I have learned that businesses do not run by just a couple individuals, but it takes a team of motivated, educated, and positive individuals to grow and be successfull. I have learned that there is so much to learn and that continuing education even when you are no longer a degree seeking student is always beneficial to me as an employee.


As many other students graduating from Norwalk Community College, I was not born in USA. I am from Belarus and unfortunately due to my political views I was forced to leave the country at the age of 21. This is how I came to America. I've been granted a political asylum and got the opportunity to work and continue my education here. In my case, NCC became a place where I found help and advice on where to go in my life. I must admit I was a bit scared, when I first came to NCC. What if it’s going to be too difficult to study in English? What if I fail? Luckily, there was no reason to fear. Professors, counselors, and administrative staff – everybody was very understanding, supportive, and encouraging. Today I can say that I’ve changed my life. I have graduated from NCC in May 2010 with 3.87 GPA and have been admitted to Fashion Institute of Technologies. I am very deeply grateful for everything this country gave me and I am especially thankful to people at Norwalk Community College who taught me that everything is possible. You just have to believe in yourself.


This fall I am starting my first year at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. I have visited and am satisfied. They have a diverse amount of programs. Also, they have a rec room and gym, along with an outdoor spot to eat lunch. The people seem friendly. When I have a question and E-mail a representitive, I always get a clear answer fast. Everyone's extremely helpful and I am excited to start my tech school expierence next month. I want to attend college, because I want to be an Early Childhood teacher. In this economy you need to learn a trade or career. Personally, I'm going to be certified and then go for a degree.


I am learning to work with others in a team format. I am also meeting people from various locations, backgrounds, ages, and careers. I am learning so much about so many things other than just academics.


I have been given the opportunity to continue my education while staying at home with my daughter. It is a great feeling knowing that I am working to give my daughter and myself a better life by going to school to finish my degree in Elementary Education. University of Phoenix online has given me the opportunity to purise my dreams while providing my daughter with all of the love and support she needs in the first few years of her life. I am very lucky to be a part to such a wonderful university and online education program. I have also been given a quality education with a great curriculum. The support from the academic advisors and financial advisors had been extremely helpful as I have advanced throughout my educational pursuit.


I have my own foundation, the Nguyen's Foundation LLC, as a result of my appreciation for learning about inequity social and economic opportunities of the poor people around the world through writting my research papers. My foundation is my tool to give back to the hopeless youths and adults through increasing community events' attendances by providing free Professional Audio Equipment Rentals and Photography. I have learned enough about Corporate Marketing and their sole objective to profit is to exploit the poor and uneducated people. I have learned that the true definitions of Ethics in America are unrealistics and are the matter of perceptions. My education had taught me to submit myself to God and giving out my first purchased 80 bibles to people whom are hopeless as gifts and as a reminder to the true definitions of the words Ethic, Humane, Charitable, Kindness, Sharing, Faith, and Hope. My education also remind me that having HOPE or being hopeful is the only miracle that everybody who is falling down needs to fuel their next move. Competitions often generated losers and relgions often saved some of these loser and motivate them to be resourcesful not winner.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that time needs to be used wisely from personal to business life. How much time someone has will affect how well they can get something accomplished. I have learned how to work together on teams without being able to meet the teammates in person. I have also learned that good communications is greatly needed in order to be able to accomplish tasks within teams. It has been a valuable experience attending college because I have learned new and different things from each class and from all classmates. I have learned to work well with others and how to properly communicate with others in order to get things done.


Most of all, I have achieved a sense of self-worth that I was lacking prior to attending college. I am now commited to earning my degree, which will only further my career in IT and am proud of myself for my ongoing contributions to my own life. Additionally, I am actually learning more than I thought. I was already in my chosen career when I began attending college, but am learning practical and functional tools that further assist in my life and career goals.


I am currently enrolled in Business Management. So far I have gotten a lot of knowlegde that has helped me gain success in the workplace. The college experience is so valuable I think because when you really take advantage of it and us it, your college education can really bring success in your future as it has for me so far. I started as a bank teller 5 years ago. I gradually worked my way up the ladder with the education I have gained from my college experience and the work experience I have gained.


I know that my college degree will be helpful to me in the future and help me to obtain what I want in the criminal justice field. I am learning more now then I ever had before in my life and I am able to learn working with others through classroom group projects.


After a ten year absence from school, I decided to return at the commencement of the 2009-2010 school year, and have not stoppped since. I've also chosen to attend summer courses just to keep a steady pace without feeling overwhelmed. My Fall 2010 schedule is 3 times more envolved than what it was this time last year. I've been refreshing my memory along with learning so many different things about life and what I can get out of my contiuned education. My motivation is being able to be in a position where I can help people recooperate from an illness and live a healthier life. My passion for living and loving all living things compells me to aborb and learn everthing I can about them. Returning to school has brought many challenges, but given me a perspective of where and what I want to be in life.


Learn from your mistakes. Even though I am miserable with University of Phoenix and was miserable with the college before, I still have the willpower to attend because of my girls and my fiancee. My fiancee is a high schoo drop out and has some trouble with learning. I just want to make them proud of me. I want to be a good role model for them. I want them to know to never give up and to learn from the mistakes I made, and in turn hope they do not make the same ones that I did. I want to graduate, get a good job and get whatever I can for my girls and fiancee. I want to provide for them as much as I can and this is why I continue my education.


My college experience has been valuable because it is giving me the chance to better my daughters life and my own. I also did an internship which aloud me to recieve practice out in the field. Which was a good eye opener. I have also been able to meet many wonderful people. Before going to college I did not know very many people or places. College makes the world seem not so small after all.


I have gotten a lot of information and careeer based information in my major.


I never thouht I would have the chance to return to school, but through hard work on my part as well as the faculty at UofP, I have the opportunity to learn more about the field of Psychology. I became disabled rather suddenly and found myself lost. Lost in so many ways. But, I felt alone. I decided i did not want others who found themselves disabled to feel that lost. I needed to take that step to return to school, so i can obtain the education needed to help others who find themselves in similar situations to my own, to make sure no one takes this journey alone. I want to fill the gap where no formal support groups are in the lives of disabled people or those with illnesses similiar to my own. I believe i can be a "wounded healer". I know I have been dealt a tough blow in this life, but i want to take my experiences and turn them into a learning experience for others. I can use not only my life experiences but everything i have learned and will learn at the UofP to help others succeed in life.


Due to an increasingly busy work schedule culminating in a period of unemployment, I was able to keep my mind focused toward alternative ideas based on the coursework throughout the workday, I continued to engage myself with meaningful endeavours after being released from employment, and I have set the stage to continue in my educational pursuits that will enable my return to the workforce in a more profitable and palatable position suitable for myself and the needs of my family. I was fortunate to work clerical duties for the senior commander of my local military base upon recovering from surgery due to wounds I endured during my combat tour in Iraq. Despite the heavy workload, I was grateful to be proving my continued usefulness while enhancing my career opportunities through online college course. The courses further piqued my interest to learn more and use that learning toward my daily tasks to generate alternate methods of completing the tasks in an efficient manner. Furthermore, now with my Bachelor's degree in Psychology I can attend graduate school for a Master's in Counseling Psychology, be commissioned as an officer in the United States Army, and serve as a Clinical Pscyhologist.


I have thoroughly enjoyed the time that I have been in college. I have obtained an Associate?s Degree in Networking Security. By getting this degree I was able to leave my job as a diesel mechanic and start my career in the computer technology field. I have learned to balance my career life while studying every day. This has helped me organize my life as well as be a motivation to other colleagues at work to go back and finish their education as well. I am now working on my Bachelors Degree in Information Systems with University of Phoenix. This college has taught me how different life can be with pushing myself to make sure tasks get completed. I have also been able to bond more with my soon to be step-son when we sit together and study. He also now has a passion to complete school and start college. I am ready to finish this degree and start my master?s degree in the next few years. I will continue on to my doctorate as well.


My college experience has prepared me for the roles of nurse educator and teacher, as well as enabled me to advance to the level of a professional in my nursing career. In opening doors of employment that were not available to me before, my education has proved to be both a real economic investment and a challenging adventure. In addition, the friendship of fellow students and the support of excellent and caring teachers have created an atmosphere of encouragement and camaraderie that has inspired me to do my best. In the end, the rewards are more than a degree; they are the realization that I am a better person, broader in my knowledge and blest to have had this opportunity.


My college experience has challenged me to strive for academic excellence and maintain dedication to my goals. It has been valuable to me because it will help cultivate the skills I need to become more knowlegable in my career. Pursuing higher education for me has always been important and I believe it is an important element in achieving personal and business success. As a multimedia professional, it is extremely important for me to be educated in my field and learn about the new technological advances that are being made every day in information technology. I believe that by working for my degree in IT, I will be able to compete well with others in my field and contribute to my business community. I have also learned more about myself through college experience; my hard work and success in my courses has shown me that I am a great student and always willing to learn something new. I believe that my college experience has allowed me to grow as an individual and build skills that are necessary in the business world.


Going back to college after taking a few years off has allowed me to gain work experience; however, returning to college has given me more opportunity to advance and succeed as a careerwoman. By earning my Business Communications degree I will be able to proudly say "I did it!" and feel confident that I have increased my chances to become successful in the field of Public Relations. Returning to college has taught me more about myself and the level of commitment I can give when I truly want to accomplish my goals.


Since enrolling into college after a seven year absence, I have gained a tremendous amount of confidence. Being out of school that long made me nervous when I finally decided to go back. But it was not at all what I expected to be. I got so much encouragement from my student counselor and faculty; which made me feel at ease with everything. One of the best experiences is working with other students; getting their point of view on subjects that we talk about. I was able to give my point of view to add to our discussions also. The highlight of my college experience so far was earning my first credits. This made me happy because I never thought I would see the day when I earn a college credit.


I have gotten a lot of rewards from my collage experience. I have learned to take pride in my work and in my grades. I attend school online and it can be challenging at times to find the motivation to log in to class after working all day but I have found that after I do I am proud of myself. It?s also rewarding that my family is proud of me as well. I am the first in my family to attend collage. I was out of school for over five years before I decided to go back and I am happy that I took the steps and enrolled. It has been valuable to me to attend school because I know that I am bettering my life. I know that I will be able to have the career I have always wanted and make a difference by helping others. Going back to school has helped me take pride in myself and is the best decision I have ever made. I would not change a thing about my collage experience or my decision to go back.


I just started in April of this year, but in that short amount of time, I have learned a lot of useful information just in general education. I am very glad that I have decided to go back to school and that I chose the University of Phoenix as my college. I am sure that it will be well worth it to attain my degree and begin a career that I love to do. I am very excited for the opportunity to show people what I have to offer when I graduate.


I really can not say much since I am starting on 6/14.


I have gotten a lot out of it so far. I am only doing one class at a time. I am a busy person and want to do the college thing at a slow pace.


My college experience to date has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The online program has afforded me the priveledge continue my education and still take care of my family. It has allowed me to prove to myself, as well as, my children that no matter what the circumstances, education is important, and it is never too late to get a degree. My family supports me, allowing me the time to study and be successful, and University of Phoenix has given me the opportunity to get my degree in the most convenient way possible. I cannot say enough about this program. In addition, I receive phenomenal support from my Enrollment Counselor and Financial Advisor, and the instructors provide thorough feedback; all tools and resources are available at all times. I cannot say enough good things about what a positive experience this has been. I cannot wait to complete my program successfully and start a new career.


The main thing I have gotten out of college, is the realization that it is alright to be better than you are. Allowing yourself to grow is the hardest thing, because it puts you in a vunerable position to fail. The biggest part is starting, because it can be overwhelming, making you feel out of place. But the joy of success cannot be measured, when you've been tested and excelled, even exceeding your own expectations of self. Life is only given once, so why waste your potential when you know it's there to be used? My desire is to take these college years and like a wild weed in an untamed field, grow. Grow in knowledge, understanding and tolerance. Going to school in Berkeley California has afforded me an education that is not only informative, but also creative. It's my dream to succeed!


I have received my Associates degree and am currently going after my Bachelors degree. Getting my Associates degree was special due to the fact that I have never completed anything like that before! I am really excited about my future and look forward to going to an onground school to receive my Masters. I am hoping to keep my GPA up, a 3.5, so that I can receive further scholarships to a good onground school.


I have realized that I am smarter than I ever thought I was. I am getting good grades and it makes me feel good about myself. I have learned how to communicate online using correct tones. It is valuable for me to attend college because I am a single mother and sole provider for my two girls. I need to get a college degree in order to have a career to support my children. I am also setting a good example for my girls. I am showing them that it is necessary to get a college education and get good grades at the same time.


I have enjoyed learning, although it had been several years since I had attended high school. I feel like I am worth more now that I have some college education under my belt. In a couple months I will have my associates degree and begin working on my bachelors and that feeling is not something that can be duplicated. I feel that I will be someone my children can look up to as well as my sister. I enjoy knowing that I am working hard towards something that will benefit myself and my children for the rest of our lives.