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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I learned to be more organized and to come off to others politly.To carefully frase or say what you mean in a respectable tone.Its valuable to me because ive seen my family(parents) struggle and i sometimes wonder where my next meal was coming from.I I dont want to have to worry about financial needs in life.


The college experience has allowed me to learn more about other and most importantly more about myself. I have realized that there is more to life beyond high school. College has opened my eyes up to the big picture and that is to not settle fo less instead go for everything that you believe you can accomplish in life. College has showed me to reached for the stars and go for everything I believe in. College is valuable because at the end of the experiece whether you attend college for two years for years or beyond that you are only getting more education whichwill prove to be valuable in the future. For example attending college will assure you that you will be able to get a better job with much better pay and as it is proven a college graduate will make more money in their lifetime than a non college graduate. Just experiencing the journery of being on my own has allowed me to understand that I am a much stronger and better person than I've ever thought in my life.


What I received from my experience at the University of Phoenix was knowledge, growth and developing additional skills. In addition, the one thing I recieved from this experience was my children were able to see me obtain my degree and this encourages them to strive for a higher education. I feel this made a better role model for my children.


I have gained knowledge of the career feild in which I would like to enter and knowledge of myself. I have become aware of what will be required of me in order to be successful in the criminal justice feild. This has been valuable to me becuase I have been able to grow mentally and emotionally as a person in order to begin my successful career.


I have gained strength and self wealth while determining anything is possible with the self determination and support. The ability to return to school to further my education and knowledge is very much needed with the times and the economy. I have also learned that no matter what the challenge or what one has to tackle at the time that God does not put on one more than he/she can handle. I was indeed tested on this during my bachelors and now with my masters. Even though I had to take 6 months off during both, I did have the discipline and determination to continue and complete my degrees. It has made me a stronger and more determined female to tackle these accomplishments and complete them both no matter what barriers are thrown my direction.


What have I gotten out of my college experience here at the University of Phoenix would be the opportunity to learn for different people from different area around the United States and the World. Why has it been valuable to attend the University of Phoenix it has given me the opportunity to complete my education that I started twenty-nine years ago, and a chance to continue learning though books, resources, networking. Knowing that your education doesn't stop when you have completed all your required courses that its just the beginning of the learning process.


I have gotten to explore religions, travel through the media, make it from past to present films, taste history, and explore the universe. I have gained knowledge about the human body I would have never thought existed, or that anything like our bodies, could be so complex and yet simple. Without college, I wouldn't feel like I knew enough to write a book, or inspire my imagination. Learning new social skills and working not only alone but with others on projects so complex, high schoolers would never see as hard work from where they stand. No, college has brought more to me than the minor essays in english class. It has brought me a challenge in subjects like math, higher educated writing assignments, and the chance to know my work is getting me some where. My college experience has introduced me to a world I wouldn't want to miss out on if given a second chance. I assure you, I would and will do it again. College gives me more then just a general understanding or idea about subjects. It gives me indepth learning and understanding. I do gain greater knowledge from college, I shall treasure it always.


I have gotten out of my college experience thus far from University of Phoenix the knowledge I need to further my career in business.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience so far. I have learned alot about myself and I've really had the chance to live a more independent life. I'm learning what it takes to succeed in life and learning that it doesn't always come easy. I'm motivated to push myself to my ultimate potential in life. Unlike most college students I'm still set on what i want to do, which is to be a nurse. I naturally have that nurturing instinct in me to excel in nursing. It's a passion of mine that I have been working to persue since high school. I work hard for what i have, hence having a full time job while a full time student. I'm very excited for my future and i sort of like that It's not set in stone, and It's up to my discretion where I'll end up. I have only been in college for three semesters, but I have already learned so much. Not just educational either, and I think many people need to learn from both worlds as well to find their calling.


College is a learning experience. After high school we all have dreams of a big tomorrow. We can do anything we want but I never finished out that dream. I ended up raising six beautiful children for the next 31 years. Now I have deceided it is time for me again, so I just recently enrolled back into college. I always enjoyed learning, and have had a lot of wonderful experiences, while raising my children. Being a single mother is not easy. In fact sometimes it is down right hard. But through it all I would not exchange that reward for anything. As a single mother I worked for a major airline, life was good, until they deceided it was time to lay off. So during that lay off time I deceided that the better paying jobs all want a degree, it does not matter how much experience you have the piece of paper means a lot. So I enrolled back into college. I just completed my first week and am so excited by the things I will be learning. The job market is difficult. College is a way to open up my dreams.


I have learned that you are never too old to learn. I also have learned that your dreams do matter. Even when your older and are fighting health challenges and are put into a wheelchair its important to dream and do everything you can to make them come true. I have also learned helping others is what makes life truly blessed. I have enjoyed doing all I can to inspire others to make the best of their lives and to show that disabled does not mean unable. Its my new motto and I try to inspire all I can, I have gone from being a normal adult to suddenly being disabled. And I believe its so that I can help others now and in the future.


I have learned so much throught this school and am working my way towards my doctorate in psychology. This school helps me to better my life for me and my child.


I have learned so many inportant things about life, since I have been enrolled in college. The most important thing I have learned is not to give up, and to continue my education untill I graduate as a registered nurse. It is very valuable to attend college everyday, so one will not miss any assignments or miss any informtion the teacher gives out. I love learning new things everyday. I will continue learning for the rest of my life, as long as I will become a nurse.


My college experience has given me a look of what higher standards of education looks like. I attended UOP because of so many people who felt this is a great college to attend. UOP College experience has given me information I can use for years to come. Wisdom about how dedicated the professor and adminstration is to the students. Why go somewhere else and feel like your just a number. Feel like students don't matter or opinions don't count. UOP is a family atmosphere, experience, and journey, that each and every student old and new needs to take and take to the heart. What a ride to another education level? I would not enjoy UOP if the staff did not take the time, have patience, and make you fell good about yourself. Being an older student makes me feel confident, I owe that to UOP. I can honestly say I am a Phoenix and feel proud.


My college experience has taught me how to become an idependent self-relied individual. I have learned to be more opened minded to the different virtues out there for me. I am loving every moment of college, and find learning fun, interesting, and blessful. I look at going to college not as a mandatory thing, but a have to for myself indulgence, i figure why stop learning and limit yourself just to a high school diploma when you have a brain and can always keep learning. College has made me realize all of this, and i am very thankful to the low income opportunities that are offered to us minorities in the United States. I plan on continuing to a 4year university and further my degree with getting a PH.D. in pyschology. College will always be a part of my life as long as i can function, it has made me realize what a wonderful environment it is, and how blessed we are in the United States to have the opportunity to attend. I value college for every moment i attend, and it has been very valuable to me. Thank you :)


I have gotten so much out of my college experience, even though I attend online. Just having the opportunity to receive a college education is a privelege and should be regarded as such. I only realize that now, that I am in college, the first ever to attend in my family. Not only have I gained a heightened sense of accomplishment every time I pass a course, I have gained knowledge about a subject that I knew relatively nothing about beforehand. I am actively learning on a daily basis about a major that interest me, this is what I want to do with my life. I have also gained confidence in myself that I can receive a higher education and become whatever I desire to be in life. I am creating and living my own destiny everyday that I am in school. College has been valuable to attend because I am working towards a better future for me and my family. I want to be able to show my kids one day my degree and tell them that for all of the hardwork they put in, the rewards are far greater.


By attending college, I have been able to show my children the importance of higher learning and that it is never to late to follow your dreams! I have increased my self esteem, self worth, and self importance. I have just received my Associates Degree ( the first in my family to do so!) and I plan on attending a four year college to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Psychology in the fall of 2010. After my bachelor's, I plan on going for a Masters in psychology. I dropped out of high school as a sophmore and received my GED in 1997. After working and supporting my son and myself, I decided it was time to go back to school. The experience at Rock Valley College has shown me that I am capable of pursuing my dreams, and willing! This has been valuable to me in more ways than I can express. The professors, students, clubs, and classes, have empowered me to live my life to the fullest and to appreciate and learn from each and every experience that I have.


What I have gotten out of my college experience so far is my health back. We have 3 children and a grand child on the way and we are so behind on all our bills. If I don't get any scholorships I won't be able to finish school. The time it takes me to do my homework and care for my son and other kids it helps keep my mind off of the terrible roller coaster we have been living for the last 2 years. I am a realtor and I am also use to working 14 hour days. Once the money went down my husband took over the business and I had to let the sitter go. I am not the type of person who can sit home all day with no purpose. I need to keep busy and t was't until I decided to enroll in school that I found a piece of me that had been missing. I raised my oldest daughter for 6 year by myself and took care of everything myself. So once I met my husband who is a partner it took so many pressures off of me.


I have learned alot about many different things. I am working towardss finishing up my associates in psychology. I think online colleges are great and it really fits into my schedule if it was not for this school I would not be able to find time to attend college.


I am learning new ways to think about things and how to think outside the box. I think those who do not attend college is not afforded this type of education.


I have made my kids proud and it is very valuable to me cause i am being a good role model for my children




I have been able to learn more about human services, and many other subjects, through my education. I grew up in Foster Care and have had many jobs in the field. Going to school has helped me to learn things at a deeper and more specific level. The most valuable thing that I have attained in attending college is empowerment. I grew up in a negative enviornment and will be able to use my education to help others. I know it sounds cliche but after growing up in the system it is empowering to use my experiences to empower others. Without a degree I have struggled finding jobs because most positions in the field require at least a BA. It has been a long road but now that I almost have my BA I look back at all I have learned. Getting an education will ensure I can continue to move forward in my life and be an example to other current or former foster youth.


Thus far my vocabulary has significantly expanded. In addition, I have obtained general knowledge allowing me to fluently participate in educated conversations amongst my peers. Prior to attending college this was something I found myself lacking in. My writing skills have developed into one of a college educated individual. This has recently assisted me with composing a resume and cover letter for job applications. Also with composing essays for scholarship applications. Being a college student has also tought me to be well organized. This seems to be half the battle with attending school. For example, if all things have a place it saves me time finding them, remembering assignments, and loyality to being timely for classes. I am proud of my current accomplishments achieved through my collegiate experiences. Attending Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida opened the door for me to meet many individuals, developing lifetime friendships. I treasure the valuable relationships developed. Completing college will provide me with superior employment opportunties versus one that will not further their education. All these values combined have made me a well-rounded individual , and one day I will attain a career in my desired field of interest.


My college experience has been life changing and uplifting at the same time. I was not able to attend school in a long time due to financial reasons and scheduling conflicts. I decided last summer to begin taking classes online to get the education I want and deserve. Finally, I took the first step and contacted the University of Phoenix. I found it convenient to go to school online and be able to travel and attend classes at the same time. Attending the University of Phoenix has allowed me to view the things that are important to me and prioritize my goals. I have made more solid decisions and learned to manage my time more effectively. Also, I have learned to organize my daily tasks in order to meet deadlines with school and work. Overall, I have been productive and have developed a much more positive outlook.


First of all, the best thing you are going to do with your decision of going to college is to take a year off. You are an extremely strong, motivated, and dedicated person so you will definitely go back to school. I cannot really describe to you how it will be living on your own. It is definitely difficult and will be a bit of a rude awakening, but just remember you are going to do just fine. The money that you have saved up now will come in very handy. DO NOT spend it foolishly. There are programs available and scholarships available so make sure you are always on the look out for such things. Once you finish your first A.A.S Degree, try to enjoy the work you do. That will be difficult, but one thing that will change our path that I recommend you do, get back into school immediately for our Bachelor's Degree. Please do not wait too long. You'll see why.


I would tell myself to apply for grants and scholarship well before reaching my senior year. I would also say countinue your education straight from high school and not take a break because it is hard to start back once you become adjusted to not going to school. Don't make the mistake of trying to get a job and starting a family before getting my career and schooling accomplished first. Get your degree!! Don't get distracted, Keep your eye on the prize if you want to be successful!!


I would tell myself to make myself and my future my top priority. I would encourage myself to take advantage of services for students at my campus and not to be afraid to reach out for help academically and emotionally. I would tell my former self not to be so independent and strong-headed. I would tell myself to try harder and not be afraid of failure, as long as I know that I did the best that I could. I would just hope that I would take my own advice.


The advice I would give myself in the last year as a senior in high school is be ready. I say that because once you walk across that stage ther's no more mommy and daddy over you to make sure your'e getting the job done. Staying on task is the main key in college. it's nothing how you think it is untill you notice ther's no one to walk you through the steps for anything what so ever. Although, being in high school was fun and now it's exciting to get out and check out the real world for yourself to see if you can handle it. Being an adult doesn't make you popular or anything positive, It makes you independent and ready for you to make your own decisions in life. I can only say, Do your best as possible from day one to the last day of it all and never give up because making it this far ain't worth stoping now. I would only add on to my senior year to make me more of a better person than I was in high school. That is what I will change.


I will need to be disciplined. No one is going to be looking over my shoulder and reminding my about the assignments that are due. Being on time for class is a must; it sends a message to the instructor and your fellow classmates, you are serious about your education and there to learn. If late, teacher may lock the door and give bonus points (worth a quiz grade) to those in class for being on time. Teachers hate distractions. Reading the assigned readings and writing notes is a plus in understanding the information being presented in lecture and prepares you to participate in classroom dicussion or ask questions you may have after reading (teachers love when students read). College is not a continuation of hight school. You must now put away childish ways and allow your actions to be thoughs of a responsible young adult. Your actions speak volume.; they are a representation of you. The teachers and staff of a college or university do all they can to help you graduate, but you must want it (have a mind to achieve). The only person keeping you from attaining your goal is you.


I would encourage myself to become more focused in a hurry. It seems that when thinking back in time during my Senior year, that I was completely caught up in sports and enjoying my Senior year, that I really didn't focus enough on academics. This advice to myself would have really helped me lay a platform to build upon for the next level of education. College is not easy an takes a lot of time management that most high school students do not really need to graduate from high school. By focusing on academics during my high school year, I would have given myself more critical thinking advice that would focus more on academics to prepare myself for the my future education.


As a senior in high school, I worked three jobs and went to school full time. Just a few months after high school graduation I got married. Looking back, I would have told myself to focus more on my classes and my grades, as well as saved more money for college and applied for more finanical aid. For me, going to college wasn't the rough part. I loved college and didn't have a hard time transitioning at all. The problem was having enough money to pay for it and the books. Another thing I would say is to not overload yourself with classes. College classes means a lot more work than high school classes - just because you had seven classes in high school and worked three jobs, doesn't mean you can take six college classes and work a full time job.


I would have told myself there are going to be a lot of distractions on a large campus. I need to stay focused and not let those distractions get in the way of my education.


The advice to myself as a senior, knowing what I know is to plan and make an educational and a financial map for the next four years. Prepare by searching out every grant available and make a budget. Make sure before applying for a school to check the schools scholarship opportunities; some applications must be turned in before applying to the school. Attend a regionally accredited community college and then transfer to a university. Attending a community college first a smoother transition into college and cost less, therefore the grant money will cover for more classes. Furthermore, sell the books back immediately upon completing the class and reward yourself with that money by buying the book for the next class or a school sweater. Maintain the best GPA possible; this will help to qualify for more grant money when needed. Keep persistent making college a priority. Only get one credit card. Use it sparingly to build credit and for emergencies. Do not apply for department store credit. Reference and update the educational and financial map to stay focused. This financial map will help you graduate incurring less debt. Most important it will give you direction on your educational journey.


Begin with the end in mind. Find out what you can really be passionate about as early as possible and spend the precious time and fiscal resources on developing that passion into a viable life?s work. We spend far to much time in our careers to do something we do not like and with some preparation, and honest self evaluation , we will better serve our own needs as well as provide better service to our fellows.


What you have ahead of you is a very important time in your life. Don't underestimate it, but more importantly, don't underestimate yourself. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it whether it be from your counselors, your teachers or your family and friends, and even God. Now is your time to shine and you can shine, but you must not be afraid to shine. You should not be ashamed that others will not shine with you. You should not be ashamed that others will have to be a shadow, but you must learn wisdom. Wisdom is not accomplished over night, but learned day by day by a daily search, need and want for it. Life stands ahead of you, ready for you to take it. Death stands by your side as a reminder that it can have you at any time. Love is there to make it all worth while from kindred spirit to cherished soul you are the nectar from which they receive thier sustanance. Keep this in mind and you cannot fail.


When I was a high school senior, everyone seemed to think I knew what I wanted in life and declined to offer any feedback, including school counselors. Since I didn't feel that anyone had anything of value to offer regarding academic advice, I followed my own ideas regarding my academic focus and planning. As a result, I floundered and faltered and received only feedback from people who did not support my success. As a result, I ended up dropping out of college and settling for accomplishing expectations that were not my own. If I could give any words of wisdom and advice to myself as a high school senior, they would be to seek and listen to the guidance of academic advisors, along with the dreams of my heart. Since those dreams involved helping others, having the academic guidance to help keep them alive would have enabled me to successfully complete my education and pursue the career of my choice and heart.


In the past while still in high school I goofed off alot and didnt take my grades as serious as I should. I didnt do any scholorships and I didnt take the SAT/ACT. After high school I moved away from home and eventually 4 years later got married and started a family. My best advice I would give myself is to not take the little things for granted. Education is not easy but it is a neccessity to get somewhere in life. I would have done better with my grades, took more time to look and apply for scholorships and most importantly I would have been more serious about education. From a broader perspective I would have started college soon after graduating high school because while all my peers have careers I have nothing at the moment.


Remember that education is the best thing that will help one to have quality of life. Going to a higher institution of learning enables one to take life one step at a time. College can be fun without drinking and partying. Time management is the key to learning. Time management allows for de-stressing of academic challenges. Remember to not put a price tag on education---there is none! If one runs into a challenge, do not take it personal...this is part of the learning process. Remember that going to college is a place where one goes to learn and not to get away from home. Education is a powerful tool if one knows how to use it! Ask for help, when faced with a hurdle you cannot jump---there is no shame.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the most important thing I would tell myself is to be strong and hold on to the dreams that I once had. Although colleges are to be institutions of "higher learning", there are many people there that can and will bring you down if you let them. You have to stay strong and fight for any and everything you believe in. Secondly, I would tell myself to take more care in managing my finances. A big part of becoming an adult is finances and learning how to manage them. It is vital to make good financial decision in college because your decisions there could affect your everyday life after graduation. One word. SAVE.


I would give myself advice on finanical stability. I would make sure I payoff my vechicle and save money. I would also study harder to know how education can be stressing and a hardship at times. I would also probably looked at colleges more closely so I can stay close to my family. I would also looked more closely at jobs to pay for my personal needs and housing. Also, I would have probably told myself to focus more on being a student then looking for a boyfriend because at times a partner can be distracting from school work and class. Basically, if I were to go back in time I would just spend most of the time preparing myself alot more to make sure I dont fail college or drop out. I would have also looked at things more closely like counseling for college or saving money for school or vechicle. But I can say that I dont regret where Im at now. And if I where given the actual chance I wouldnt do it. I love what I have now which is loving boyfriend of 5 years, a job, vechicle, place, and soon to be bachelors degree.


I would tell myself to talk to the counselors at school in my junior and senior year in order to gain a better prospective of what my dreams and career goals are. While I received a Presidential Scholarship, I did not end up using it as I had no idea what I wanted to do in my life. Given another chance, I would now use the scholarship to finish my general classes thus allowing myself more time to decide on a career. I would also tell myself not to give up on college though I may be promoted to supervisor and management positions quickly and easily as in the end it is not want I want to end up doing and as it is not my passion I will never be happy with the choice of leaving school for work. Lastly, I would tell myself had I stayed in college I would be in the profession I have dreamed of and am finally seeking, unfortunately I could already be doing it and not still be in school at the age of 34.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior and knowing what I know today I would tell myself that I need discipline. It is my first step that will affect the rest of my life. I need to discipline myself to make the right choices as to where to study, what is important as far as school is concerned and to make education my first priority. Discipline myself to make the decisions that will have a positive impact in my life. For the first year in college, I think it is important to befriend students who are new to the college atmosphere like myself and that are committed to their educational goals. Communicating with the instructors and being able to express my concerns can make the transition easier. I would tell myself not to give up, even when you think that everything is against you. It is easier to quit than to continue. When in doudt, I would tell myself to think about the future and how important a college education is for your future. A college education can open many doors. Your future depends on which door you open.


If I was talking to myself senior year of high school, I would say "Dear Nelly, do not worry about college life; chose a career, and do not change that choice until you finish your degree." "Do not listen to people and what they have to say about you and the choices that you make, you are a smart girl, so be confident in yourself." "Don't give up, forget where you came from and look ahead, there might be obsticles, but never give up on your education." "Apply for scholarships as much as you can and get involved in extracurricular activities." "Inform yourself as much as you can on the career you want to pursue, and on the schools that you want to go to." "Do not be decieved by persuasive people, that try to sell you an education, look at all your options and chose a place that will give you the most help and guidance." "Nelly, I know that you are scared, and don't really know what to expect of college but be positive, you'll make it, you are a great girl believe in yourself, I know I do." Sincerely "Your future self."


I would tell myself to apply myself in high school by taking challengin courses. I would tell myself to apply for scholarships and grants so finances would not be a concern. I would also tell myself to not give up and not let anything stand in my way of receiving my degree. Do not let life get in the way.


As an adult returning to school, I would remind myself that as a senior in high school that I do not know everything, or have everything figured out. I would tell myself that I am better than I think, and that I should take more time to find a career path. I would tell myself to look into more scholarship and work study opportunities, because having unbelievable debt is not what I want. I would remind myself to take a deep breath and calm down. I would let myself know that my parents are right most of the time and only have my best interests at heart. I would try and learn to trust myself. I would remind myself that living with your parents isn't as bad as you think and that by staying home I could finish school faster, with a better GPA, and with a better school than I originally attended.


Knowing what I know now I would tell myself to make sure I am doing what I want to do and not living my life for others. If I always do what others want of me I will never be happy and less likely to succeed. I need to slow down and analyze every possibility for college and professions until I know which one best suites who I am and who I want to be. If those around me really love me then they will support whatever decision I make.


I would tell myself that it might not be a bad thing to hold off a few years before having a family. I would have been better able to care for my family had I gone on to college and gotten some education under my belt. It would have been easier to study without the demands I now have on my time. If I could go back, that's just what I would say: relax. You've got time to be married and have kids. Take a couple of years and grow up just a little bit more, then go ahead and jump into the whole grown-up thing. But, knowing myself as I do, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have listened. Experience seems to be my preferred method of learning things, sadly.


Knowing what I know now about college life, if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that there are plently of opportunities for a college education. If I decided not to go the traditional route of attending college (like staying on campus and moving away from home), there are other alternative's like on-line colleges. By enrolling in one of these colleges, I have the option of working a full time job and attending school while still living at home or living on my own. Sometimes high school graduates are not ready to leave home or even attend school right after high school. It is okay to start college later in life especially if you know what it is you are seeking. I would tell myself it is never too late to start college, just do it a little sooner than later so you can reap the benefits of having a college education and degree.


If I were to travel back in time, I would emphasize the importance of what seems to me at the time as useless education. I would explain my current status on education, financial, and family topics due to my past decisions. I would explain that fear of independence is only a henderance. I would tell myself to continue striving to receive a masters degree in mechanical and structure architect weither the field does obligate to move away from family. I would explain that I do not regret all of my decision. I would explain that there is only one decision I regret and that is the feeling of importance to have friends. I would tell myself that friends are not a factor in financial or family stability but instead a henderance. Last, I would tell myself to place happiness above anything else. Life is too short to work at a job that does not bring happiness, have a partner that does not bring happiness, and feel obligated to daily duties that do not bring happiness. Live life to the fullest.