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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to follow my instincts and major in accounting like I knew Ishould, and start school immediately rather than wait 10 years. Had I done that I would be making real money rather than struggle to feed my kids everyday


I call myself a student who has returned for round two. This is because I failed in round one. I graduated High School in 2003 with a 3.5 GPA. Soon after graduating I attended the University of my choice however, I was not the same 3.5 GPA student I once was. The transition was hard for me and college life or ?party life,? took over. My once 3.5 GPA came crashing down. I have no one to blame but myself. If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would tell myself to take a deep breath in and relax. I would tell myself not to think about the grades and do my best-stress will only do more damage. Moreover, I would assure myself that I am the same hard working student that I was in High School. Furthermore, I would tell myself to keep my head up high and I will succeed. Looking back now I regret having the pressure of being the first one in my family going to college get to me. However, I am back for round two and I will finish this round with a win.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about going to college, I would tell myself to do exactly as I have done. There is no right or wrong time to attend college or obtain a college degree. The bottom line is getting the degree, no matter when you choose to obtain it. I chose to get married and put my husband through college and raise my boys. They are now attending college themselves and it is now my time to focus on my needs and goals. Even though I did not do the typical college campus life, I chose a different path and am very happy that I did. Not all high school seniors are ready for college. It is o.k. to take a hiatus and find your own path that is right for you.


It is time to get serious. Putting forth a half hearted effort is no longer an option. Completing assignments before participating in other activities is your primary responsibility. Doing all that you can do now will pay off in the long run. Exceeding at anything you try will result in a better job and more opportunities in the future. Working hard now will give you the freedom to do what you want as you get older. It will be far easier to go to college immediately after high school that waiting until you are an adult. So, get on the stick and just do what needs to be done and stop fooling around.


College is a blank slate, no reputation or rumors follow you from high school. Be who you want others to see you. You want to be a strong, successful independent woman. These people don?t know you as the shy quiet theatre girl. Act, be, live as a strong, successful independent woman and that is how the new people in college will see you. Do not be afraid, feel the fear and do it anyways. Everyone is afraid of new things and changes, but don?t let that stop you from being who you want to be and doing what you want to do. Take advantage of all the opportunities that are presented to you, you will truly regret sitting home alone each weekend. Enjoy every moment as it comes because as soon as it passes that moment will never return. HAVE FUN!!!!


Transitioning from high school to college life has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in life. If I knew half of the things I know now things would have been so much easier. The best advice I would give to myself is do not procrastinate on anything. When you're in college things are way different. You have a full time job and you go to school full time. You need to find a way to complete your assignments on time and still find time to study and keep up with your paperwork from your day job. Having a set plan of action is the best way to go about your transition from high school to college. That way when a road block comes up you have a set course of action to take to fix the problem.


If I could go back to high school and give myself advice, I would first say, "DO NO PROCRASTINATE!" This is the one thing I unfornately did way too much and even though I made good grade in high school, I definitely think I would have done even better if I hadn't put everything off until the last minute! I also would tell myself to not think about what college you would like attend until your junior or senior year. A lot of high school students think "Well, I have four years until I graduate. I don't need to think about college right now." Unfornutelately, high school comes and goes in the blink of an eye and before you know it, you are having to apply for college. I waited until the last minute before ever considering where I may wanted to attend college and if I would have prepared earlier, I would have been more ready by the time I graduated.


The attitude, decisions, and habits you form now can and will affect the rest of your life. Keep optimisim in your heart even when things aren't going in your favor; others will be drawn to it. You must learn when to be flexible and when to be uncompromising. One the best things you can do for yourself is set both short-term and long-term goals. Know that you are in control of your own life and that no matter what may have happened in the past, it does not predict your future. There are skills of life that will be useful in any field or industry, take the time to learn and practice them. Lastly, by the time you reach the age of 30 you will be amazed at how much you have learned and grown throughout your journey of life. Enjoy and embrace the trip!


If I could go back in time to talk to myself the first most important thing I would make clear to myself is never stop studying. Even the things you say you will never use in life when you get older. Study those things even more. Don?t try to fit in with your fellow students always set your goals higher and never stop or settle for less then what you can achieve. When you think you have accomplished what you need take it a few steps further because you?re not quite there yet. Participate in as many activities as you can in school and NEVER diminish. Pinpoint what your heart wants the most and study it hard. Take in all the information you can and never stop asking questions even if it makes you fell dumb because the truth is only the smartest and strongest have questions. Start looking for a college that offers everything you want and need then compare it to the rest. Get a part time job right away to help with expenses and apply for at least 1 scholarship a day. Your accomplishments in the future will outweigh anything you can do now.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not worry about what people think of me or how many friends I have. Because since I have graduated I have made so many more friends and I havent spoken to no more than ten people since graduating. It does not matter if i was not the homecoming queen or in the popular crowd. I would tell myself to be more disciplined in studying because college is nothing like high school. I finally would take my counselors advice and research every scholarship there is and applied for it so I would not have the financial struggle that I do now to attend college. I would tell myself not to worry or wish I was older because I would reach adulthood sooner than I realize. I know if I could go back knowing what I know now I would do things so differently, but I do not regret anything that has happened since graduation.


Honestly? " Focus more on the goal that you want. Don't let yourself get distracted by life and the things that it throws you...which there will be many. There will be many opportunities and many dissappointmets. Life isn't discriminatory. There will also be many challenges. Take each of them and learn from them. And remember, you don't have to do it alone. There are many people out there, some you know and some you don't yet know, that want to help you. To better yourself and those around you, remember that you really shouldn't do it alone. Also, encourage that lifestyle with everyone you come into contact with. Help those whom you touch...and help those strangers that come into your path, as well. Yes, some will take advantage of you but that's a reflection of them, not you. Be the best that you can be in everything, so that when you're done, you can enter the work force knowing how to carry these attributes with you. And carry it into every new step of life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior there are many things that I would advise. The biggest thing that I would stress is the importance of time management. As a high schooler it was easy to put things off until the last minute and still get a good grade on an assignment. There is a huge difference in study habits as you attend college if you want to be successful. Looking at the course syllabus regularly is important to understanding which tasks need to be done in a timely manner. Time is needed every day to stay up to date on reading and course materials. By learning effective time management skills a student will set themselves up for success, and still have time to have a personal life. Balance is important in staying sane throughout the college experience. This is the advice I would give myself if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior.


If I could go back as a senoir and give myself advice. I would tell myself that I can do it. I would tell myself that there is so much opportunity for college. I would tell myself about the grants, loans, scholarships, and etc. I would tell my self to not be scared and to just start applying for everything.


I know it was a challenge to finish high school with a baby but you did it! Now the hard part is college. Please remeber to follow your passion to be a nurse. You will get fustrated and tired. You will find times you will even want to give up or even switch majores. Don't! You will find no matter what you do, you will have a burning desire to return to the nurses field. Nursing is what you were meant to do. You will also find giving up, letting homework slide because it was to hard or you had what you though was more important things to do will cause you to fail the class. It is critical you go to class, get your homework, take notes and turn your homework in on time if not early. Your professors are there to help you. Utilize them and fellow classmates, you will learn more from them than you will in your text books. Most importantly never give up. If you do fail keep going, it getting back up that makes your stronger. Last but not least college is expensive, apply for as many scholorships as you can!




If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give tell myself to be prepared for college before graduation. I would also offer financial advice, as college is a time where money management is critical.


Study! You might be laughing now, but when your in college this is no laughing matter. Do not go out with your friends as much as you do now but focus more on your studies and what you want to do with your future. Your not getting any younger, your getting older! Fun is over reality is here!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would tell myself not to waste time and continue on with school. Working full time and attending school full time is a difficult thing to do, not to mention family obligations. Transitioning from high school to college life is much easier in the long run. At that point study skills are still fresh and financial responsibilites are lower than they are as an adult.


As a returning college student, I would like to go back in time and tell myself to step outside of my comfort zone. I would urge myself to take classes that are not part of my degree requirement so that I could find out more about other degrees. It is only by experiencing something new that we discover our potential. Continue on your degree path, but learn about other options in the process. You might find out that your dream job lies somewhere in the combination of two or more degrees. Find out what the world has to offer, travel, learn. The world truly is at your fingertips at this time. You have so much support and so much freedom at this time, so take advantage of it! Open your eyes. You'll find out that there is more to life than the angle you see right now.


I would tell myself to start college right away! I only completed 9th grade, I then waited until the year I was supposed to graduate and earned my GED. I then waited another 4 years before I started college. Had I made the right choices then, I would be done with school by now and would have even more time to spend with my children. After so much time away from any school environment, it was difficult for me at first to get back into the rythym. If I could go back in time even further, I would tell myself to NOT drop out of school. One good thing about attending college now is that my children are now old enough to observe me while I'm going to school. We sit down together each night and complete our homework at the same table. It is a valuable lesson for the children to see how important education is and I am leading them by my example. Yes, I didn't always make the right choices, but you can always change your ways and can accomplish anything you put your mind to.


If I could go back in time to speak to myself as a high school student I would tell myself to slow down. I had my first child at 17 and missed out on my high school graduation. I have always missed that. I feel like it is an important milestone that a child deserves to have. I would tell myself to focus more on my school work instead of boys. The trasition now at the age of 28 to go back to school is harder than it would have been in high school. You have more time to put towards colleges and the whole experience when you are younger. Once you get to be an adult you have thses other obstacle to overcome to get to take advantage of having a college education. I would tell myself to put my school work first, go own to college and finish. Then have a family.


Wow! If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would definitely tell myself not to get distracted by guys, and never for any reason skip class, or give up on my college education. Going back has an adult with a husband and step-daughter has been difficult, and not something I would ever want to repeat.


I would tell myself that college is not going to be easy but you will make it through. In your classes make sure you are understanding what the teachers are trying to teach you. If you have questions or problems with the homework ask for help. It does not hurt to ask for help. You need to get a basic understanding of the class subjects while you are in high school but you can not dumb down the classwork while you are in college. No one is going to make the homework you get in college easier. You need to push yourself to the limit and get the best high school education that you can get. You need the basic understanding of these classes to help with most aspects of your future. You have to take a chance and stick yourself out there. Do not be shy, just put your best foot forward and you will be rewarded wonderfully. Good Luck.


Life is not easy and without a college degree it will be even harder. You have to focus and study. Being popular is not everything and it will do nothing to guarantee a successful future. I know you want to have fun, but think about how much fun you will have knowing you earned your PhD in Psychology. Take math seriously. It is not easy and will be challenging. Most of all believe in your self and do not let your current situation say that you can not make it. Because you can make it, and you will make it. You can be your biggest hater. Do not hate on yourself. Trust in God with all your heart and let Him be your strength. If I have never told you before today I am telling you now, you can make it, and you will make a difference, you are special and needed in this world, and I believe in you.


Wow. It was just last spring but it feels like years ago that I graduated. I did not start school in the fall, I actually just started DeVry at the beginning of this year. If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior i would tell myself to make sure all of my fafsa was in order and to definitely start school that following fall. Its definitly a change but I'm doing good now. I probably would have also told my self to learn better tim-managment skills.


If I could go back and talk to myself the first thing I would tell myself is to stop goofing around because schoolwork is the most important thing, I then would explain to myself how if I dont change my ways in the year 2009 I am going to be laid off of work because the economy is going to crash and because I didnt take school seriously I would still be laid off starting 2010 and going back to school to take care of what I should of been taking care of back when I was in HS and when I started college the first time around. I then would tell myself no matter how hard it may seem sometimes dont give up, its not worth it, the rough times of college will pay off in the long run as long as I do my best, and if I choose not to listen then hard times will fall on you in the 2009 year.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I'd tell myself that the first thing I need to know, is that it's not going to be easy. I would inform me to start filling out scholarship applications at the beginning of senior year. Register to take the SAT and/or ACT and once I've taken it and recieved my scores take it again, to see if I can do a little better. I would say to me, "Get into a comfortable study habit, find ways that make things seem easier, register to visit college campuses as well as filling out college applications. " Also, "Determine your weaknesses in school now, and work to make them stronger, write down three goals every month, long term and short term and strive to meet them." "Talk to the counselors about continuing your education just to have more support and help. If you have to, talk to other college students and ask them what college is really like, just to get a feel and prepare for the future as a college student. "


I would most likely tell myself that college life can be a lot more rough than it is sometimes portrayed. Even though you are "free" as a college student to continue your studies and start to truly learn who you are as a person, you still need to make sure that you are putting forth your best effort with your college studies and with work in order to become a successful person.


I did not go to college right after high school. If I had to go back in time I would have went to college right away. I am very excited to be going back to school now.


To make sure to study with subjects that I am not good at!


If I was a senior in high school right now I would make sure that I arranged my life so I could continue on to college. Who knew when I was so young how important college would turn out to be. I was too anxious to be an adult and go out into the real world. Well let me tell you that without the proper education and a degree that you will work much harder than many people you know and earn about half the money they do. I waited and have not attended school for twenty years. I feel this makes it much more difficult because you do not always remember things that you learned so long ago. At the time when I was in high school I did not see a way I could go on to college because of finances, how would I pay for it? Now I realize I could have gotten financial aid or tried to get a scholarship or a grant of some sort. All things said though, it is never too late to complete your college education.


My advice to myself as a high school senior. College is going to be different. It affects each person differently, so be thoughtful in this decision. Ask yourself, Am I ready or is something else pulling at my attention? Seriously consider taking that trip overseas that could open a new world of ideas and dreams that I want to pursue and will allow me to figure out who I want to be before making the investment in an education I am not clear about yet. Also, the person who is going to attend this college that I choose is me and no one else, so listen to what you want regardless of how far from home it may take you. Follow your heart, so that you never have regrets.


"Everyone else says they are taking time off to 'find themselves'. But what if you actually do it? Find yourself Sarah. Get to know who you are on the inside, take time to discover the things about you that make you, you; the things that no one else knows about you. Find out what your real goals are; the goals you're embarassed to say out loud, the goals that you have always hidden deep in the back of your thoughts. Find out how you will accomplish them, and then have the time of your life doing it! Every year you live is truley the best year of your life, and if you can be honest with your inner self for the rest of those years then maybe you can get out of life every bit of love, happiness and comfort you and the rest of the world is alloted. School is a magnificent accomplishent, but your inner self is what makes your learning experience and your career what it is going to be. Everyone just wants to be happy, so spend some time finding out what will make you truly happy, please Sarah."


I am sure I needed work on everything from studing to organization. I have recently learned that my Intelligence is Logical/Mathmatical and my Personality is a thinker. I would go back to tell myself that so I would be able to receive more information from the learning material. As a Logical/Mathmatical Intelligence I do well with graphs and charts and I should put information that I have problems with in that kind of format. Understanding myself could have been the key to making school more interesting and a little bit more fun.


If I were able to go back in time and speak to my 17 year-old self, I would tell myself to focus on what is important; my education. Becoming a mother too young will cause many hardships, and you need to look ahead and see where you may be in 10 years versus two. You will not be satisfied only being a mother and a wife; you need a challenge. Do not let anyone tell you you can not do something. Ignore your parents and their unequal treatment. Strive to be the best and you will succeed. Remember to be true to yourself and always know you are your own best-friend. Life is 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of circumstance, and 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} perception and personal response. Only you can control your actions, no one else. Do not be afraid to pursue your dreams, even if they seem unreachable.


I would say to myself, Miranda, now that you are able to go to school it is best that you go ahead and look in to college now instead of waiting until you are 30 years old. I think you should look in to the schools financial options which are just as important as their programs so this way you can afford to pay these loans and grants back while working and supporting your family. You know that today it is very hard to get an education, and since you have children at such a young age you should look in to some online classes, Universities, and look in to long-term plans and goals as well as getting an education now instead of later. If you put off your education, you will not be able to get a job, you will be unhappy, you will work for minimum wage, and there is a possibility you could become depressed with your lifestyle. There is support, funds, and a career for each person who applies themself, and look at what your life will be like once you graduate. You and your family will have the life you deserve.


Talking to yourself is one thing, making yourself listen is something totally different, but if I had the chance to go back in time and tell myself what I know now about school,college, and life in general. I would first tell myself to only worry about yourself. Your friends may be important to you but they are not everything and as they might be your friends now, things change alot. The only thing you can change is you and your life so get on it. Time flies dont let it pass you by. After high school, then comes college. If you can go to school for 14 years preschool(k-12) then what makes college sound so bad 2 years or maybe 4? If you can do that then you can totally do college.The transition is going to be fast paste and different but what is so wrong with different? Different people ,friends, the campus lifestyle. Its going to be great so don't scare yourself or get caught up in your life so much that you don't have time for school, or to busy to better your life, because nothing is more important than bettering yourself.


Knowing what I know now, I would have told myself that the world is hard without a education and degree and I would struggle as an adult, which I am currently, as a single mother of 3. No one ever expects to get laid off but I did and if I knew I needed a good education to have a career I would have went to college right after school instead of waiting till I was 34 and struggling financially. I am determined to finish my degree and further my education into my bachelors so I can give my kids a brighter future. And I have shown them that if I can do it so can they, but it is wisest not to wait until you have hit the bottom. An education is the only thing that will take you successfully through life and give you the tools you need to survive and provide for your family. I will succeed and make it with this degree and will be fortunate that God gave me the opportunity to go back to school and make my children proud of their mother! Thank you.


That do not give up because in the long run it is worth every penny that you spent and it makes you feel better about yourself that you have accomplished somethign so awesome.


Make sure that you are ready for the commitment that it takes to get college done. Make realisitic goals and dreams so that things don't become so overwhelming that you quit. Make sure to take things a step at a time and don't sweat the small stuff. Don't procrastinate and make sure everything is done in a timely manner. This will ensure a successful college life and put you two steps ahead of the others who do things on a whim.


Be patient.Take your time with deciding your occupation.Listen to your heart.What makes your hands sweat now will make you happy in your path to a career.Make sure to wake up with a positive outlook on life no matter what happens.Always ask for help when confused.If you need to take a break after graduating do it in the summer and then go forward full throttle.Do not take any unnessesary breaks from class.Complete your education in steps-finish your AA then go on for the BA immediatly.Go ahead and get that Masters degree it will pay for itself in the long run!


When I was in high school I didn't know a lot about college due to not being raised with education as a value. I would go back and try and install that value into myself, educate myself on what college is and what it can do for me. The main goal would be to get myself into college right out of high school instead of 19 years later. I would convince myself to go ROTC so that my college was paid for, still receive a great education and then I would get to experience other areas of the world, while gaining on hands knowledge through the military. Going this route broadens a person's horizons and enhances the opportunities that are available to them.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior there are a number of things that i would tell myself. The first and most important thing that i would be sure to say would be to decide exactly what i want major in before i begin. I was like many freshman students that didn't know exactly what i wanted to do when i graduated college. I took a number of irrelevant classes and it took me a lot of time to actually focus on a major. I wish i would have chosen a major sooner so that i would be ahead of the game where as now i feel like i still have a lot to accomplish in these next 2 years. Another thing i would tell myself is to push myself to take challenging classes. It keeps things interested and makes you concentrate on school a lot more. Taking easy classes didn't get me far in the long run. Lastly, i would tell myself to enjoy these next few years and make the most of every opportunity presented to me now and in the future.


I would tell myself to work hard and keep my grades up so I could have graduated with a higher gpa. I would have told myself to save up some money for the struggles that will come to face. I would have told myself to go to take online classes instead of going to a college that drowned me in loans. I would tell myself to be smart about my decisions because there are gonna be some tough ones to make in life. I would tell myself make sure you dont get mixed up in the wrong crowd that could cause you to flunk out of school. And last of all I would tell myself that partying isn't everything. As a high school senior I would tell myself to keep my head up always ask for help and there is never a such thing as a stupid question.


First of all, I would tell myself not to let my family talk me into taking a year off. That year will easily turn into two or more years. The sooner you start college, the sooner you will graduate and find a good job. I would also tell myself not to have a child before I graduate. It is hard, and tiring, to take care of a child, attend classes, and do homework. Finally, I would tell myself not to get married until after college graduation. Your spouse's income will affect the amount of financial aid you get. It does not matter if he has a good job, especially when he has a lot of student loans to pay back. His money will go towards bills, not towards your tuition. The more financial aid you can get, the less student loans you will have to take out.


Do not discount the value of your education. Nothing is more important - not your job, not your boyfriend, not your car, your house, your pets or your friends. Stop feeling like the world owes you something. Prove to the world that you are strong, capable and intelligent. Be diligent in your studies, and do not expect to skate along because you're brilliant. There are a million people out there just like you - only your effort will differentiate you from them. It may sound contrary to the statements that I just made to you, but above all you must have confidence in your ability to succeed. Do not become bogged down in relationships with people who demean you or want you to fail. Those people will not be there for you when you fall. There is only one person who will be there for you throughout your whole life, and that person is you. Only you.


Get focused and take it seriously. You think you're grown and you know it all but you couldn't be more wrong. It is more than a piece of paper in a nice frame. It's your life and having a degree sure makes a world of difference and will spare you some struggles and hardships. While you're tired of school, trust me it is much harder to do it 20 years from now. There will be time later for relationships, hanging out, etc. but if you don't do this now, it'll be 20 years from now before you find time to do this for yourself after you've raised a child as a single parent. Now it's kind of cool that you're both in college now and will graduate right about the same time in 2013, but doing this in 1989 is cheaper and much more sensible. Really take the time to figure out what you want to do or you're going to work in accounting for 20 years before deciding to follow your interest in criminal justice.


If I could go back in time. I would tell myself to go to college. Life for yourself would be so much better not only for you but your parents. Mom could see you do something with your life before she passes. You think there is no one to help you but there is. There are so many options for you out there that you don't even know about. College life is so much better believe it or not i think college classes are easier. You have counselors to help you with just about everything. Oh and these counselors don't pick your classes you do all of it yourself. The only thing you need is motavation to secede. So Colleen (thats me) what do you say lets go to the University of Phoenix and become someone. Not only for yourself but for your kids.


Well for me growing up college was never a real big topic. My father always said, making money, having a job was more important, instead of going to college. He never went to college , and i guess he thought he had always done ok for himself. At that time i was only seventeen, and i did not know the world to much, and making money sounded good , i thought. But as i got older and a bit wiser i found out that finding a job was not always easy, and having no college degree, you where not finding a good paying job at all, people would not even consider hiring you. So here I was always working for minimum wage jobs, very few of my jobs ever have paid alot. It has been a struggle for me, most of my adult life .Now i am a Mother, with no college degree, that is not the example I will be passing on to my child. I wish I had the guidence of a more educated person in my life growing up. I would never think college was not an option, there are so many resources out there. Get a college degree.


Questioning if I could go back in time to act upon what I know now is comparable to the question ?what is the meaning of life?. I am 53 years old and have often stated ?if only I had the mind I have today in my 17 year old body!? When I was in high school, I couldn?t wait until I turned 18 years of age to move out of my parent?s house and have my own apartment. I graduated from high school 6 months early to do just that. I worked for a major airline for 20 years. This job enabled me to support a family, have benefits, and earn a decent salary. I currently hold an insurance license, a loan originator license in the mortgage industry, which have died with the economy. I have been drawn to a career in the substance abuse field. I have a strong compassion for helping people turn their life around. I have just completed a 15 month online course with the University of Utah (non-credit) and find myself wanting to know more about my chosen field. I want to counsel addiction and help families improve quality of life.