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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Stay in school and get it over with now. It is much harder trying to get it done with a wife and kids. You may not feel that school is that important but believe me that opinion will change soon. The Military is a great way to put yourself threw school and you should look into this more. Think about what you want your kids to think about you when the time comes. How can you expect them to take you seriously when you are telling them to study hard and get good grades when you didn't even finish school yourself? The best way to teach them is by example...not with words!


Making school a priority will aid in your success in your future education. Think carefully about your future field you are considering as a carreer. When considering your future college degree, examine the reasons why you have choosen this path. Is the degree you are considering for yourself or are you trying to please someone else? Take time to learn time management skills that work for you and apply them now so they become second nature. Time management will play a key role in your success in college when the workload becomes overwhelming. Have fun, but make doing well in school your priority don't let negitive influences get in the way of your success in college and future career path. Never be afraid to ask for help, clearly understanding newly learned concepts is key to your success now and in the future.


The only advice I would give myself is leave the females alone and focus.


I would let myself know that taking long leaves from college only prolongs the completion of my degree. I would be better informed of scholarship opportunities and applied to as many as possible to avoind having so many loans. I would stay more focused throughout my college carreer to get better grades. I would join more events and organizations to learn more about what they have to offer and what I can offer to them as well and seek out more opportunities to learn beyond what is in the school curriculum. I would also advise myself to get more knowledge from instructors beyond the classroom.


Many college students only wish that they could go back to their senior year in high school to change a few decisions made. If I could go back, I would have definitely taken better classes my senior year. Instead of the four electives and two pre requisite classes, I wish I would have taken more advanced classes that would have helped me in college. All of the decisions we make in high school affect us later on, whether we realize it or not. Only taking the minimum requirement of classes to graduate high school, results in longer time spent in college taking the exact same classes, only much more difficult and tedious. If I could give one solid piece of advice to a high school senior, it would be to work hard so that he or she can be accepted straight into a Cal State University right out of high school.


I would tell myself that my education is the most valuable asset I'll ever obtain. Don't let money problems stand in your way and do everything you can to achieve your goals. I would also tell myself that going to school online is an option but ideally going to a real college close by would have been a way better choice.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would say that college is important and I should take the time to fill out scholarships and get information about school from my counselor. Because I did not know it at the time, but having a college education gives you more options in life and opens the door to more jobs than just having your high school degree will.


Waiting till you are 33 to attend college is very rough. It's harder to make the transition to get back into a learning routine, takes much longer to get a degree, and has cost me a lot more. When you're an adult, you don't have anyone helping you financially, you still have to work full-time to get by, and it's harder to remember subjects like Algebra and Chemistry. A college education is not always about getting a better job, it's about improving yourself and continuously striving to learn. It's about expanding your knowledge and skills and being able to apply that knowledge to open more doors of opportunity ! The ability to attend college is a great privilege, one I wish I had taken at a much younger age.


Knowing what I know no about college life and making a transition there is a lot I would tell myself. The first thing I would tell myself is to always study and keep my grades up. The second thing I would tell myself would be to look into all college choices whether it be online or on campus because there are different opportunities out there. The last thing I would tell myself would be to look into majors of what you want to do and know what you want to do when applying to colleges.


The advice I would give a high school senior is to enroll in college classes as soon as graduation is complete. I would also recommend selecting a college and filling out applications before graduation. Waiting months or years down the line to attend college makes learning more challenging. I started school four years after graduation and I found it difficult to remember things such as Algebra formulas. Getting into college right after high school allows you to have the high school information fresh in your mind. Filling out college applications before graduation also allows time to get out and explore the campuses on your own. Most students try to slack off after graduation and are rushed to fill out college applications. By filling them out prior to graduation parents can visit different campuses with their kids and let them see first hand what college life is like before choosing a campus. At that time the decision can also be made whether college will be taken online or on school grounds.


Stay focused on the end result and know what that end result should be before starting.


Just keep trying my best to succeed!


Just do it!


College is the most important & valuable thing I could ever do in my life - it isn't just about classes & memorization, it's about figuring out who I am, what I want to do with my life & how to make it happen. The foundation of education, especially right after high school is extremely important. Going straight to university after high school allows you to stay in the mindset of education. Going later only makes it harder to maintain the process of school. College is a 4-5 year networking event. I know many who have their jobs or life mates through someone they know via college. College now has been difficult because I can't have the sports loyalties & fraternity/sorority relationships that bond many college students. School now is what I did not want it to be, memorizing information & writing papers. College should be fun, enlightening & rewarding in every way and is the foundation for success on every level in the future. Delaying it delays growth, development & success.


I would tell myself to just keep going and persue my deams


I would tell myself that college is the doorway to so many opportunities, and that earning a college degree is something that no one can take away. I would tell myself that college takes dedication and determination to be successful. I would tell myself that the struggles and obstacles in college can be overcame, and that the struggles and obstacles make me a stronger person and prepare me for the real world. I would tell myself that earning a college degree is not a dream but a reality that is coming true. I would tell myself to remember that a college degree can be earned with passion and the will to become a better person. I would tell myself that a college degree is best way to ensure a positive, happy, secure life as an adult for family, and myself and to enjoy every second of college because time in college goes by so fast. I would look myself straight in the eye and say ?You can and will earn a college degree?.


Since my teenage years, I always dreamed to become an educator and help people who cannot afford an education. Unfortunately, my life was full of surprises that kept pulling me away from fulfilling my dream. After many years of hard work and after my five children have grown, I took on this journey, back to school, and finish what I started. Knowing what I know now, which is attending school online I would have started after graduating from high school. Anyone has a chance for an education today, which was not the same ?yesterday.? Home bound mothers or people with any type of disabilities could get an education with online schools. In making my transition to college I would probably avoid those who discourage me from pursuing my dream. With my mother close to dying and my father who passed away, I was the only one to look after my two siblings, so the online school would have been a good choice to become an educator. As I always say, never is too late to pursue a dream.


"The best route for you is to attend a junior college first to develop better self-discipline. Once those skills are honed, and you've earned your associate's degree, you can transfer to a 4-year university. This is the best route because 'baby steps' are best for you due to your lack of discipline."


Always do you best do not just try to get the grade to get by. Strive for success do your best to make straight A's, becuase if you do not it will be very hard to get in to college.


I would have told myself that there are no second chances and to take everything seriously the first time.


Assuming the answer to this question should be applicable to many other students other than me, I would have to say to not settle on your dreams. Find out what it takes to make your dream a reality and pursue it and BE PERSISTENT. Being a first-generation college student, I was so easily intimidated by the college protocol and thought "No" really meant "No". Being more specific to my situation, my parents always told me they would take care of my college finances if I made all A's in high school. I did just that, and when it came time to file my FAFSA form, they refused to give their tax forms to me. They said they did not like their information out there for just anyone to see, I tried to pursuade otherwise but it did not do any good. Oddly enough, I skipped school and went straight into the workplace and found the man I would marry and can now file as an Independent and can attend school although this school isn't my first choice. I wish I had been more persistent, but I think things work out for a reason.


I had been out of school for 30 years, before going back to school. I went straight to UNLV from high school, I was too immature to handle college and the area of study I wanted as my career, I spent one year at UNLV and dropped out. I believe every student should take one year of after high school to live on his or her own so they will understand how important a college is, I believe they will appreciate his or her education and realize how important an education is in life and success. I wish I had waited so long to go back to school. However, life happened, I am disabled now, and do not want to live on SSDI, for the rest of my life. That is why I went back to school and proud I have. I am homebound so I hope to teach Special Education to those who will work with our children of special needs. I am no longer able to do so, yet I hope I can pass my passion to those I will teach online. As soon as I complete my Bachelors, I intend to go directly into the Masters Program.


well i would say, STOP PROCRASTNATING! take your SAT's and ACT'S. stick to your goal of getting straight A's. go to a jr. college first. to many people jump right into a university and the next year there going back home because its too much, there home sick, or they just cant hack it. theres no point in rushing to a university exspecially if you have no idea what you want to be. thats wasteing money and to much loan money to pay back. jr. colleges are not that bad. but when you get there stay focused, dont ditch to the mall. =) it'll mess you up in the long run. DO YOUR GENERALS even though your tired of seeing english and math. just get it done. then after your two years or even year in a half TRANSFER TO A UNIVERSITY and KEEP GOING!


The best advice that I could give myself if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior would be to not take all my classes seriously and try to learn as much as possible from all of them. Also, to try and be involve as much as possible in clubs and activities in school in order to be able to communicate better and not be so shy around other people or when speaking in public. The last thing that I would say to myself would be to take advantage of the fact that I could take some college classes while I am a senior that way I won't have that much general classes to take when I transfer to college and this will cut my college time at least by a semester. This is they best advice that I could give to myself.


A college education is important in this generation. Work hard at school work and get good grades. Make priorities and keep them. Ask for help when needed, don't be afraid of asking for help.


Assuming I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition; the advice I would give to myself is take pride and be serious in reference to your future educational opportunities. And to prepare your mind to be a lifelong learner. Learning challenges the mind.


Always do my best!!!


College is the one thing that is worth going into debt for. The risk is not as bad as it seems. Go into health care instead of engineering. Being smart and having good grades isn't enough to make it in the engineering field. Being smart and having good grades counts for much more when starting out in almost any healthcare field. You won't even notice the transition, just the increase in the paycheck.


The advice I would give myself would be to go onto college after graduating high school to get the job I want. I love going to college online and I wish online college was available when I graduated from high school. I would have started college a lot sooner than now. I would tell mystelf that I would have graduated college sooner, and I could have had the dream job that I always wanted. Reaching my goals are very important and I should not have wasted so much time not going to college.


I would tell myself to work harder as a student than I did. To strive to be the best that I could be. I would tell myself that a college education, and the grades you get in high are just the beginning of life. Also that to make it anywhere in life you have to do well in school and go on to college.


Always be prepared. You never know what life puts in front of you.


There will be many activities in college life that can distract an individual. Make sure that you stay focused on the reason that you are there. You will be tempted to skip classes, sleep in, stay out late with your friends to socialize, but remember that you are spending a lot of money to receive a good education. Your college degree will open many job opportunities that are not available to people that do not have a degree. Right now, the country is experiencing a recession that has unemployment rates not seen for decades. Having a college degree greatly increases your odds to find a job and career in these difficult times. Even in the event that you become a business owner, the knowledge you receive with your degree will guide you to make informed decisions, and expand your knowledge base to effectively manage your business.


You have to keep pushing, even though school and college selections may get frustrating, you keep going with the end goal in mind. You can not give up on your future so quickly. Stay focused, and keep a clear head.


I would advise myself to decide what I want to do now before I enter into the college years so I can avoid wasting time making up my mind what I want to be when I grow up. Then I would advise taking classes based on that focus to focus my education.


Do not give up. College will be a challenge, an adventure. At times its going to be hard and you are going to want to walk away, but let me tell you, when you decide to stay it will be the best decision of your life. The hardships you faced through high school will not matter once you get to where we are now. You will have a sense of accomplishment that can not be taken away or be diminished because of where you come from. What you went through during school and even what you are continuing to go through your senior year will only make you stronger and more prepared for college. So, do not give up. Keep pushing forward, because we will graduate college and we will accomplish what everyone said we would not. Being poor growing up does not mean you will not succeed. We do.


There is a saying that goes as follows: "If you think education is expensive...try ignorance". No matter what difficulties lie ahead for you, remember that no one can take your education away from you. It will not be easy, but it will make you blossom into a young adult that will be able to handle anything that comes her way and that is worth more than all the money in the world. Since education defines the person who you become in the future, and the person who you are remembered as, hold on to it and make the best of it while you can.


Knowing more and actively partaking into the college life, I would explain to myself its benefits to mapping out your life journey, educationally, personally, and professionally. Following through with continuing education will be so rewarding psychologically, academically, and professionally. Continue down your educational path as you will reap significant rewards. Life is a continous journey, and with that said and now knowing, never doubt the idea of integrating education to your life journey!!!


Life is too short to focus on what others want. Take life into your own hands and pursue whatever makes you happy. Understand that nothing is worth pursuing if it doesn't make you happy. Certainly don't settle on average because its easier; shoot for excellence without regrets and understand that every experience contributes to who you are.


Get your education now, don't wait. The job can wait but your education will be easier at a younger age without all the responsiblies of an older adult. Enjoy these college years and learn from everyone you can. I choose getting a job and making the money first, now I need that education because I can not re-enter the workforce without it.


I would honestly stick to what I am doing now. Forwarding my education is wonderful and I love! I would refer anyone to doing online college. This is mainly because,


stay in school


The advice I would give myself is to be more responsible financially. Managing the use of credit cards and paying the bill on time would benefit me in the long run.


Do your best in high school. Keep your grades up. Take college courses while in high school in the summer. Stay focused.


As a time-traveling graduate, I would tell myself to hang around with better quality people. I would also tell myself to get myself extremely organized by makeing daily lists and establishing a filing system for all my paperwork, so that I would not become overwhellmed. I would tell myself to eat healthy and excercise or I would gain the infamouse "freshman 15". I would tell myself that when things get really tough to take a break but DO NOT drop out of college in your second year because if I do I will wind up making many more bad decisions that I will regret and will not get my life back until I became pregnant with my son.


To pursue more education throughout life, not stopping for breaks or because I have recieved a degree. To continue learning is to continue living.


It it best to consume your education at young age.


Thinking back to how I was in high school, I would go back and tell myself to be more out going and to ask questions. I was very shy and never asked questions. This caused me to fail geometry and have to take it over. I didn't ask for help when I didn't understand the lessons . If I had asked for help I would have passed the first time and could have not taken math all four years. This advice is also very important for college. In college class participation figures in grades. Your professors are there to answer your questions and your questions and feed back in class makes it more rewarding for you and them.


When one graduates one should go straight to college or an university. Before one goes to a college or university, do some research behind the schools one goes to. Make sure they have credits that transfer and the most important thing is to make sure the school is accredited. Becareful of the other college students because not all college students have good attitudes. Don't just befriend the first person who steps in one's face. Even more important do not slack or fall behind because it is very hard to catch up. It's best to keep good grade through out the year for one's benefit. Also check out online classes as well they really do help. I left one with all this advice, please make me proud.


I will tell my self no matter what you do the first thing that you need to is take care of your education get your degree so when you have a family you will be able to support them. Going to school is your first and formost priority and everything else will fall into place. Make sure you study hard so you have a high GPA then you will have no problems in finding a good job. In addition, If you do on line courses you can work and go to school at the sametime. This way you can live comfortably when you get older and will not have to worry about living pay check to paycheck.


I would tell myself to give myself some time to figure out what I really want to do, instead of just jumping in and taking classes or picking a degree randomly