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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would problary tell myself to make sure I stayed out of so much trouble and that those progress reports really mean something. Bring home good grades so that you can succeed later in life. Most important I would say to myself is to maintain a positve attiude and carry myself with intergity. Do not let anyone hold me bck espically myself, making the transition to college is a big step and it takes time to research the information of all of the different programs that are out there. Spend time wisely.


Do not wait to have children before going back to school. It is much easier to write a paper without children running around you :).


College is critical to your future career success. It is nearly impossible to succeed in the professional world today without an undergraduate degree, and many positions are now requiring a graduate degree. Plan your academic path carefully, study hard, become and stay well organized, and focus on your education.


I would definitely tell myself to be more focused and to study more. In high school I really didin't have to study but now I really do. I would also tell myself not to be influenced by any classmates in a negative way whether its not going to class or anything that would hinder me from learning.


I would definitely hammer the thought and option I have of getting money to help me pay for schooling.into my head over and over. I do believe that I would still allow myself to attend an online school, just because it is so much more convenient for me and my life with my hectic schedule. I like working full time but yet still being able to go to school and further my education in order to guarantee a better life and future for not only me, but for a family also. Mainly, I know I would spend much more time finding money for schooling, because that is my main problem right now. There is so much money out there available for people to go back to school on, and I just did not know where to even begin to look, so now that is coming back to haunt me because I am having problems finding money to continue on this path.


If I could go in time and talk to myself with, I was a high school senior with the knowledge and understanding of what it is like trying to make it in this world. I would have told myself that it is one of the most important things could do for myself. If I had known that would be a single mother and financially struggling. I would have gotten my schooling done before I ever did anything else in like. That way no matter what happens, weather I had to work or not I would always have a degree that would qualify me for a good paying job. This way I wouldn?t have ever ended up stressing out about how I was going to pay the bills and raise my daughter on my own. Getting a degree as soon as possible is the smartest thing a person could ever do. ?Get it done and get it done fast, don?t waist time?


If given the chance to talk to myself as a high school senior I would have a world of information to share with myself. I would first and foremost tell myself not to be afraid to ask questions of those in position to help me. There are a number of options out there to explore and I would not want to put any restrictions upon my decision simply because I am afraid of my own abilities or concerns. I would tell myself to start enjoying school and everything involved in the learning, planning and social environment. I would tell myself not to worry so much about things that are not as important in life and to remember what means the most to myself personally and never to give up on myself or my dreams. Most importantly I would remind myself that life is a journey and the ride is more than half the adventure so it is best to make the most out of every situation and every day rather than spend too much time worrying about something that will not matter within a few years. What can I do to help better my world and others?


I would tell myself that i needed to stay in high school and not drop out and that college life is AWESOME. College is nothing like the high school scene. It is a lot of fun and definately easier.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to focus more on my studies and not worry about the extras. I would prepare myself for the future by practicing good study habits, paying attention in class, and work harder to make better grades. I would let myself know that life is about getting what you want out of life. I would convince myself to examine myself and personality a little more to learn what kind of person I am and what I expect to get out of my life. I would let myself know that even though I planned on marrying the military, I could still start pursuing my dream as a college student to become a teacher. I would get myself to understand the importance of good grades and what they could do for my future. I would tell myself to start looking for a college to attend and begin filling out scholarships. It is never to early to start your life, your future.


I would tell myself that just because Im in college and away from home does not maen that life is going to be all fun and games. There is more responsibility and reasons to do things right. When I get to college I need to remember that I am now going to have to feed myself, wake up by myself and make sure that I get places on time. There wont be anyone there to look after what i forget. Also I would say that going to school for a while then stopping is one of the stupidest things in the world to do because looking abck I would have been done years ago if i had just finished what i started.


The advice I would give myself knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior would be to believe that I could survive as a part-time employee and a part-time student rather than choosing making money over my education. I would say that as a high school senior I should ask more questions about funding a college education from school counselors. If these individuals seem unwilling to help, ask questions of my peers and their parents. I would say the transition is not the abyss I believe it be. More opportunities for college exist than I believe are possible. Look for the people who could help make the transition easier. Even as a senior with no scholarships lined up, it is not too late to find funding for higher education. If the prospect of attending a four-year college seemed overwhelming, distance learning did exist at that time. In addition, I would have been able to adapt to the environment given my love of computer based programs and existing computer skills.


Hello, Janet Argueta: Transitioning from high school into college may seem difficult, but I would like to offer some important tips to lessen the stress. Follow these tips for a successful journey in transitioning from high school into college. College is a great personal experience, a place where one can grow in all areas of life, learning how to succeed in the business world. As a high school student, I advice you to get all the college information available and do not procrastinate. Another tip I would like to share with you is to start applying for FASFA and scholarships, along with save money for college. Also, seek an academic advisor for advice on what degree to pursue. Have an open mind and get ready to fly in new horizons. Once in college, look for a map of the campus and look for all the locations of your classes before the first day of school. Knowing exactly where your classrooms are located will help you be on time, and reduce the stress of not finding the classrooms. My last advice to you is to relax and enjoy the experience and new college environment. Best Wishes, Janet Argueta