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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my high school self dont be stupid apply yourself more. If you take advantage of the high school opportunities it will help you later in life. College is the place where you are gonna make a difference in your life and make it better for you and your family. Dont be afraid to challenge yourself.


Good Afternoon Seniors, First I would like to congratulate you on your commitment to your education and graduating. What I am going to tell you next will be very important so pay close attention. Today we have to make the most important decision of our lives. We have to identify who we are right now, who we want to be in the future and how are we going to get there. Furthering our education may not seem important right now but in 20 years it will be critical in our success. The world will change at the speed of light and what we know today will only take us so far. It will be important for us to evolve with the world and quitting now will not enable us to do so. We must set goals today, after turning our tassels. Tomorrow we must start to outline the plan that will get us there. The following day we must implement the plan and the next start date we must attend the first day of reaching our goals. Set high goals, no dream is too big, and noting can hold us back, except ourselves. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ANF YOUR DREAMS!


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself about the importance of having a college degree to be successful in life and to get a good paying job. I would also tell myself to study hard and do well in school because hard work and determination are two disciplines that you need in life to become successful at anything you do. And you can be anything you like by working hard and focusing on what you want to accomplish. Last, I would tell myself that it is much easier to finish school while you are young and do not have the responsibilities of having a family and bills that make school much more challenging to complete.


In the understanding that I currently have about transition into further education, the first thing I would tell my high school self is "Hello Edith!, do not be afraid of what I am here to tell you. I have been given one chance to help you change our destiny. Your struggles through high school have been many, and you will continue to have ups and downs, but going to college now will change the successes we will share with our children. The choice to better our future is in your hands. There is great respect and positive people in our future. If you take this road, your journey will provide a strength that will set the foundations of a solid life. This life will be what we as a child had visioned. Edith, take a deep breath and jump! I know you can do this; after all, I am you. I will be watching over you."


Apply, Apply, Apply for as many scholarships as you can get your hands on. Do not leave it up to your high school counselor to find scholarships for you! Make the extra effort and search yourself. There are thousands of available scholarships out there. As a student, paying back loans is no fun...especially when interest starts accruing. The more scholarships you apply for earlier on in high school the better chances you have of recieving ample amounts of money that will save you stress over worrying about paying back and concentrating on your studies.


My life has been a journey and being able to inform high school senior about the importance of educating themselves is the best advise I could give been a college student in my adult age. Life events plays a major factor in life and the opportunities that will await you in your future. Often time as ateenager we get I don't have to do it syndrome, meaning we don't want to do it our parents way because they are to old and don't know what they are talking about. However, I would recommend that as a senior in high school headed to college that you choose wisely understanding that your parents only want what's best for you. Being able to have a parent to drive you to do better in life will only help you to achieve your dream in goals for a better future.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would advise myself to take everything more seriously. In high school studying is a must but the reading and studying that is required in college is very different. I would tell myself to make sure that I pick a major that will make me happy in the long run and that money is not always the only reason to do something.


As young adolescents get in to high school they will have already formed some kind of habits when it comes to school work. My habits were not bad but not great. I would have told my high school senior self to pay more attention to what is being taught in class. I would have liked to form better studding habits, and reading skills as well as note taking skills. The transition was not bad because the University of Phoenix online campus offered so many different resources to help if needed. There was always someone you could call if you had a question or needed tech support.


If I could go back and talk to my high school senior self I would probally tell myself that there is no rush. Take your time to figure out what you want to do with your future, try different things even if it means taking some time off before you start school. If you choose to go to school right away try a community college where you can take different classes and see what you like. If you are not getting the answers you want from your guidence councilor find someone that will answer your questions. College is a big step and you are responsible for the choices that you make not anyone else so take your time.


Read the books, do the assignment, turn in your homework, and network with the other students. You do not have time to waste. It may seem like a lot of work, but today you are suffering the fact that you didn't create a habit to want to study and learn more. Your little sister is at this time going for her PHD and you are still trying for your Undergrad. Help her out lke you are doing now, but also pay attention to your work. You will make friends later and you will also be better off if your sacrifice now. Business first and pleasure later. Be open minded to everyone's advice and opinion. Actually listen and comprehend what people say to you. Love your family more and spend more time with them. Go to college right off High School and then Join the military as an officer if you prefer, trust me it will make a huge difference in your life. Trust your mom and your family. Lastly, all the money you have Invest in Apple Stock, yes the computer company. Put all your money in there and don't touch it no matter what, trust me.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself That school is imporatnt and will make a difference in my life. I was always just trying to get through a class to graduate. Now that I am older I soak all the knowledge up like a sponge. I want to be the best I can be and work very hard to maintain an "A " in all of my classes. For me it is more than just saying I went to college and obtained a degree, I want to be able to say I succeeded, worked hard, was a honor student, and maintained a GPA over 3.9. My parents never pushed college only graduation of High School. Now that I am a parent I know the importance of having a college degree. Jobs are more available and with higher pay. Attending a college and obtaining a college degree makes the difference of having financial freeddom versus working an hourly wage for the rest of your life and longing for things you can't obtain or buy.


Have no fear of the uknonw! Being able to further my education is going to allow me the opportunity to seek the career that I am passionate about as well as the help me with advancing within that career. Nothing is going to be giving to me freely, I must put forth effort and determination, as well as dedication and responsibility if I am to reach my full potential. The world is full of people that have made the transition to further their education and have set positive examples for those of us that are also considering that, I can do whatever I set my mind, the first step must begin with me!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself everything will turn out perfect. As a senior, I was worried about how I was going to get a good paying job fast to pay all my bills, so I could move out of my mother's house and be on my own. I made the choice to not go to college right away, but instead attend a vocational school. At seventeen years old, if I knew I would be married to a man who serves our country as an apache pilot, moved to and lived in three different states, had a deployed husband, have a three year old and three month old all before I turned twenty-five years old, I probably would have ran in a different direction. There are times I wish I would have gone to college right after high school, but when I look back at everything I have in my life, I smile with pure joy. The transition to college has had challenges, but I would not want to change anything about how my life has led me to where I am today.


If I could tell myself anything back then, I would tell myself to work hard and never lose track of what your goals are. I would tell myself what Steve Jobs told his fans. Don't get trapped by dogma - living with the results of others thinking. Live life for yourself and your dreams. Don't chase a job for money, chase a career for passion. Have pride in everything you do, no matter what it is. Even if you have to dig ditches to support your family, be the best damn ditch digger there ever was. Most of all, I would tell myself to not sell myself short and to follow my gut. We all truly know what we want out of life, we just have to have the courage to follow our intuitions and live life for ourselves before we live it for anyone else.


The advice I would give myself is that when you have a dream you should pursue and never give up. There are moments where it may seem hard and you will not succeed, but in order not to defeat yourself and the destiny that is planned for you, you must push on. Prove to yourself that you can do , continue to move forward, and remember To Much Success Is Given!


Start college as soon as possible once you graduate. If you wait to long it will be like starting over. Enjoy your time at school because once you get in to the real world you will miss it. Study hard and do your best so that you can achieve your dreams instead of just getting by.


To: Self From: Self This is a brief note from your 33 year old self. Since I am the one who knows you best, I believe you need to take heed to this pertinent advice. It will drastically change you! I know that things are hard now due to family hardship. I know that you are considering leaving your honors classes to have time to work to take care of your mother and young brother. I also know that you are experiencing great pain in your body due to a stress related illness. Please do not drop out of school to get a general education diploma. You are very intelligent and have a bright future. You do not have to take on the responsibility of caring for the family. You are a child and need to focus on your education. If you do not, you will not be able to continue your education until you are 33 years old. You will be sorry that you spent this time sacrificing for people that will turn their back on you as soon as you begin to live life for yourself. Focus on your dreams. P.S. Adopt the girls!


If i could go back in time twenty years to when I was a high school senior, I would give myself a few words of advise. First and foremost, I would say that imidiate gratification is just that and only that, immediate. The old saying, "anything worth having is worth waiting for" is very true. Instead of going off and taking a job that payed o.k. but had no real future, I should have gone on to college then, and saved myself two decadres worth of mistakes and missteps. Secondly, I would say, "you really can do anything you dream of doing, IF you work hard for it" . Those two pieces of advice could have saved many years of frustration. And the idea that one can follow thier dreams was really never instilled in me until later in life. Now, that is what i am doing.


Dear Emily DO NOT take a gap year. I know you think it's going to help your depression and anxiety and you want to focus on that, but if you just spend the next two years (and yes, the gap year /will/ turn into 2 years) sitting at home afraid of the world, you're not getting your mental health in order. You're just being a coward. Don't try to follow Caitlin to Palomar or MSJC just because she's safe. You can't cling to her your whole life. You don't want to be a Publicist. You want to be a teacher. You've always wanted to be a teacher and a writer. Just because everyone else wants to be a teacher too doesn't mean you can't be. You are being riddiculous. Also, Avoiding scary things isn't a good way to go through life. Sometimes, growing up is scary. It's okay to not always do the safe thing because sometimes you need to push yourself. You can do more than you think you can and avoiding scary things only makes you think you can't.


When I was in highschool I was not aware that not all colleges are created equal. Everyone told me that higher education is an investment in myself. I continue to agree with this statement, however just like any other investment research must be done. I wish I would have looked at the satisfaction of the current students and what the fauculty is intersted in. I wish I would have asked myself not to work so much on top of a stressful school schedule as well. For my first few classes I wish I would have gotten my money's worth rather than just trying to pass the class. I believe that college and higher education should nurture the student and help them grow rather than try and take on a bigger work load than what the faculty is prepared to work with. As and ending note, I would have told myself that I was way more smarter than I thought I was and needed to be braver academically.


Cathy -- Stay focused and finish college now. Your mental and physical abilities are at their peak and you have no one to worry about except yourself. You have the ability to go to school full time, with grant and scholarship monies paying your entire way. Those funds won't always be there! You have no bills at this point, and this is the only time in your life you will be able to say that. When the opportunity comes to "start your career", don't be so anxious that you throw away your best chance to really make something of yourself. Don't assume that you can always go back to school next year to finish your degree. Next year becomes another year, and life will always seem to get in the way. Once you have a husband and children, it is impossible to put your wants and needs first above theirs. Then, when you finally are able to go back to school, it will not be as easy as it once was and you will be relying on loans to pay your way. Stay strong and hang in there. It will be worth it in the end, I promise!


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior deciding about college I would have a lot of advice to give. First, I would tell myself to take a deep breath and not be scared to begin this journey. Going to college will help you expand how you think by listening and learning not just from your professors, but from your fellow students too. Don't be afraid to raise your hand and ask questions because one question will most likely have many answers. Participate and enjoy working with your team mates because they are part of your support team. There will be times when you will be exhausted, but dont give up. Finish your assignments, earn your grades, because in the end earning and holding your degree will be worth it. Going to college will help you learn not just new subjects, but teach you how to be the person you most want to be. The toughest decision you will ever make will be to take the first step to go to college. It is important to keep your mind open to new ideas, and allow yourself to enjoy this journey.


The first thing you need to know, choosing to further your education is perhaps the single most important choice you can make. It will change everthing for the better, take this chioce seriously and understand that it is the right choice. The future will hold great things for you, so long as you make that choice to care about what happens to you and those you care about. Know what is important, keep that in mind when setting your goals and never lose sight of those goals. You do have the power to change the world, it depends on whether you want to change it for the good or for the worse.


College as a teenager should be the best time of your life. Go to school, get your education, and enjoy your life at this time because the "real" life soon starts. Be dedicated. Build a relationship with your teachers. Ask for help. Join a study group for those classes that offer the greatest challenge. Never give up!


Although every point counts, you have to understand that nobody is perfect. If you stress yourself out over every single mistake you will make it impossible to pick yourself back up from it and move forward. The best thing to do when you find that you got a lower grade than you wanted to is review the concepts again later. When you do that it helps you to make sure you know what's going on before you continue to build on the ideas in future sessions. Also, don't ever take the feedback your instructors give you on assignments personally. Instead use their remarks to improve the work that follows. When you are working in learning teams, always have a back up plan in case someone does not follow through with their end of the assignment. If you have trouble focusing on your work, get up and do something else for 5 minutes, but always come back to it. But the most important piece of advice I can give you is remember why you are doing this in the first place... Because by focusing on the reasons, you will be able to focus on the work that needs done.


Piece of advice for my high school self- don't take your education for granted. These are the best years of your life, don't let them pass you by. Go to class, do your work, and enjoy the education you are receiving. Go ahead and join the debate team without caring what your friends think of you. Say hello to that girl shrinking in the shadows, afraid of being noticed. You just might make her day. Be yourself. College will be here and gone before you know it, and the real world will be there. Nobody is going to care if you were the head cheerleader or the prom queen. Disipline yourself before college. Professors aren't there to hold your hand. It is all up to you to make something of yourself. You create your own destiny.


I would have given myself a good kick in the butt.I would have told myself the only true person is myself .And to count on myself and no one else to provide for my well being .To have the knowledge that i do now .Not a day goes by that i'm not happy i finally decided to go back .I can now look ahead instead of living day by day.And the bonus is being more of a positive role model for my children.


Don't waste time GO TO COLLEGE!!!


The first advice that I would give myself would be to take advantage of the free education that is given in high school. Even though you have enough high school credits to go home early everyday, you should fill those hours with classes. Stop worrying about the large volumes of homework associated with the advanced math and science classe,s because learning as much as possible before attending college classes will give you a huge advantage. I could not go to college even though I was a good student and had high ACT scores, because I was a student whose parents would not fill out the required financial aid forms. More advice that I would give my high school self is to find another way to make college happen. Talk to your teachers, counselors, and principals. The staff at your high school can help to make college attendence possible even if it seems impossible. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you ask and the answer is still no, you have not lost anything, and you can feel good that you tried everything possible.


The difficult part about this would be getting my younger more stubborn self to listen to me. Assuming of course that I would listen to myself, my message would be to get your head straight and to stop worrying about things that you can not help or even change. I would tell myself to focus more so on my education so as to be able to transition directly from high school to college. I would explain to my self how waiting to continue my education will in the long run make it much more difficult to make the choice of furthering my education. As an individual in both middle and highschool I was a very smart guy and was noticed by many teachers, I however did not take this to mean much and went through a rough few years after my sophmore year in highschool, due to me not understanding the way that my own mind work and without understanding that I was born for greatness. I would tell my self all of this and say that if I can just understand this my future may be a little bit easier and more so set on a track of events.


I wish I could go back to my high school self and stress the importance of going to college and not quiting until I had earned a degree. I would tell myself to worry only about school because friends or boyfriends come and go, however once you have a college education it will stick with you forever. I would tell myself to wait to get married until I was completed with college and wait to have a baby. I would explain how having a baby while trying to go to school is so hard. I would review how much a job with a college degree earns compared to without an education, as well as writing down all of my bills. Applying for every scholarship available and managing loan money in college would be great advice to myself. I would advise not to take out more money than what I needed for school. I wish so badly I could go back and redo things because I realize now the importance of a degree and how hard it is to earn one now with a baby and a family.


Be positive. Things may get a little overwhelming, but your future awaits you. The goals that you have set will come about if you remain focused. It may seem like a long time until you graduate, but time flies, and the sooner you start, the sooner you will finish. Keep your path in front of you, and see the accomplishment, and fullfillment at the end.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would tell myself to take my education seriously. Once you leave high school that is all she wrote. You can do anything you put your mind, just trust yourself and have faith that you are better than your situation. When things get tough don't run and bury your head. Life is all about trial and error. If you do not succeed the first time, try again, and again, and again.


Knowing what I now know about college life and making the transition, I would strongly advise my younger high school self to attend college directly after high school while you still have the support of your family, financial or not. Instead of attending college directly after high school, I waited six years, unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. I worked aimlessly from low paying job to job barely making ends meet. Once I finally decided to attend college I had been out on my own for six years and then it became much more challenging to have to work full time and attend school full time as well. I would tell my younger self, it is perfectly okay if you don't know what you want to do with your life yet! No one needs to decide over night, however, still go to school and take your prerequisites while you are deciding. Do things in the proper order and life will be much easier for you later on. I wish I had parents that encouraged me to attend school, but now I know what I will do differently for my future children.


The advice that I would give myself would be to work hard and take those college prep courses. Also to not be afraid to branch out from home and to know what you want to do. Seek the help of those that you inspire to be like and ask them for pointers on how to transition into college. Interact with classmates and get to know your professors.


Take care of yourself. Get more sleep instead of procrastinating on projects. Ask people to study with you. Make your own study groups instead of trying to do it all by yourself. Take risks with asking for help. Be yourself. Stop trying to please everybody. The popular people are normal people too. They will be dancing alongside you at your twenty-year reunion. Apply for scholarships and go to college instead of waiting three years, because college is not the same as high school. Experience life Most of do things that make you happy. Be around positve people and do not have one frivilous relationship with other people. Live life as if today were your last.


start early


If I could go back in time to talk to my high school self, I would have told myself, "Priscila, you are going to work on receiving your Bachelors of Arts in English." In high school, I had plans on becoming a physical therapist, but I should have known that I would not be cut out for that major. I had absoultely no idea about how to get into a college, financial aide, what to expect or how the school systems worked. I would tell myself that college is not as hard as it seems. I would grab my shoulders, look myself in the eye, tell myself to take a breath of air and expect nothing from anyone except from myself. I would tell myself not to be scared and to go for everything I wanted because great things would come my way. I would have told myself to keep going instead of giving up. If I could go back in time to give myself all this advice, everything would be much easier. I would have saved more time and money, but I believe all this time passed for a reason. I needed to become mature and responsible first.


Knowing what Iknow about college life and making the transition into college, I would tell myself to relax and not stress. I would tell myself to go straight into the accounting profession rather than the nursing classes I spent a year taking right out of high school. I would tell myself to spend more time with family and friends because I would later move away and not see them as much. I would tell my high school senior self to work hard and study as hard as I could to learn as much as possible.


I would tell myself to want it and strive better for what I want out of of life. I didnt make it to my senior year I dropped out of school in 11th grade and went back to receive my GED. But if I had the chance to go back I will take the time to say to myself show the teachers that by them telling me that I will be another high school drop out and not amount to anything because of where I come from. I will show them that just because I had my first child at 16 this is my motivation to keep me going and to strive for succes just to make it known just because where I live does not mean that I will not make it in life. If I could go back I would tell my self you showed them now keep pushing for more so that you could be that successful Health Care Administrator that you strived to become.


Colette, Trust me when I say you will continue your education sooner or later. Since that is the case, make sure to take your SAT and apply for colleges and be confident you are more than capable of getting accepted. Just because you don't have support from those around you, doesn't mean you don't deserve a better future. The path to self-discovery is whichever path you choose, but inside you will not be content unless you are exercising your mind and pushing your limits to see what you can truly achieve in life. When you get accepted into the university you choose, appreciate the opportunity and don't take it for granted. You will be surrounded by other intellectual individuals who want to be there and see the worth of an exceptional education. You will befriend these people and have conversations and relationships that are intellectually stimulating. You will learn to support and inspire each other. If you take the many other paths before you decide to continue your education, you will be held down by many people who don't understand you or appreciate your worth.


If I were to look back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to give up. I would say that my High School Diploma is a huge accomplishment, and that I deserve to be the first person in my family with a college degree. I would tell myself not to dumb myself down anymore, because I am intelligent, and I WILL achieve, it is simply up to me.


My would to my high school self would be to pay close attention to the syllabus your instrcutctor gives you. Even though your high school teachers already have their lessons planned out each year, every day is mystery. The only way you can be prepared for class is if your teacher tells you what to expect. The syllabus they have printed tells the objective of the course but not what you'll be doing in each course. The college instructors have each day or week planned out so you can follow along. You'll know what chapters to read, what assignments are you'll have to do, and even when your next test is scheduled. Those are some of the best things about knowing before hand. However, because you know before hand the instructors will definitely not take any excuses as to why you are not prepared for the next day or not have your homework. Even if you missed one class, you can look at the syllabus and know what you missed that day. So again, pay attention to the syllabus provided.


So many people will spend years in college focusing on a future career for the money they will make. Some will gain great jobs without education! Do not allow money to drive you to your career destination. Follow your passion! Do not be sidetracked with the dollar signs that will be dangled in front of you by jobs that you have no true interest in. With everything you touch, you are either the best or ranked very high towards the top. Place your energy into what makes you happiest. Your education is the stepping stone to work in the field you are most passionate about. Helping others come natural to you, so do not try to change it. Do not let anyone change your mind about your goals. If you allow your passion to lead you, I promise you will find peace of mind and a joyous life.


Going back to talk to myself, I would have to do so as a junior. I would tell myself not to give, keep going to graduate high school that it is much better to have than just a GED. Going to school is amazing and when you make good grades you should feel proud. Do not worry about what others will think of you, if they call you a nerd then great, that just means you're doing good. Do not fall into peer presure because this will cause you to have to put school off for a few more years. I would tell myself that no matter how bad things may seem right now, they will get better. That the only way to have the life that I want and deserve is to go to school to do what you feel most passionate about.


While it is so much easier to be able to have most of your classes as free periods, taking that extra math class along with your Geometry class really would be beneficial! It may be more difficult to take two math classes but, it truly will help you in the long run. Listen to yourself about knowing that being friends with everyone in your class is not what really matters. Stay true to who you are and remember that college is always different from high school. Remember the time that you spent in the School to Work program, it will be what you base the rest of your life on. Teaching a child to love school will always stay with them and they will always remember how kind you were to spend that extra time with them. Sometimes the smallest things that you do for a person can mean the world to them and change they way they view the world.


I would not wait to go to college. When you get involved too much into life and out of the classroom cycle, it is so hard going back. Struggling is another reason to go to college right away, financially because you may not be in as much debt if you attend right away instead of racking up debt then trying to get student loans as well.


School is not your social network to flutter around making plans for parties. School is your network for making lifelong connections that will assist you in your future success. You need to find what you are passionate about and go at it, full force. This isn't something to be taken lightly! You don't think you make enough at this fast food joint? Then you better go to school. This job wasn't meant for you to work long term. This job will only get you by for so long, so if you want a nice house, a nice car, and money in the bank, you better knuckle down and focus on what's in front of you. The time to be silly and fool around is behind you. You're an adult now, and if you want success you need to earn it. Your friends will still be there when you're done, and if they're the kind of friends you should really have, they'll be encouraging you to better yourself and to study rather than to party and waste your life.


Don't be so anxious to jump into overwhelming obligations. Take your time and do some background research on the choices that you like and the options and/or alternatives that are available to you. The choices you make blindly could loom over you for years! Just because you get an inticing credit card offer does not mean "free money", as a matter of fact, don't even open the envelope until you absolutely feel it is needed. Be in charge of you future now, becasue if you don't you are allowing someone or something to be in charge of you later.


Put down the beer, throw the pills away! You can and will make it, look at yourself now, in a masters level position with no degree. Working with a private practice, and not admitting I was wrong when I was wrong. Seek the help you need, you are not too good for help! Put down the drugs Nick